Modo Yoga Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Modo Yoga Sydney est une nouvelle expérience de hot yoga à Sydney, en Australie. Ils associent leur passion pour le hot yoga à l'amour de la communauté et à une conscience écologique.

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  • Veronica Morland

    Modo Yoga Sydney Facebook page

    A variety of classes suited to all tastes and levels and an absolutely stunning studio! But the thing that really impresses is the knowledgeable, dedicated, and lovely owners and teachers, who strive for the best experience and practice for their students and to make a positive difference in both individuals and the community. So much love for this place! Check it out and you will not be disappointed!

  • Hazel Loh Australie

    Modo Yoga Sydney Facebook page

    What are you waiting for? Who doesn't want to feel good inside and out? This is an outstanding yoga school beyond doubt. There are a great yoga room, awesome facilities, and no judgment. The Modo Yoga Sydney’s teachers have taught me to find gratitude in the world and to carry it within myself. What they fail to realize is every day I have gratitude from meeting them.

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