9 jours en stage de yoga et aventure écologique pendant le festival de yoga Telluride, Pérou

  • Casa De Campo, Cusco, Peru

9 jours en stage de yoga et aventure écologique pendant le festival de yoga Telluride, Pérou

  • Casa De Campo, Cusco, Peru

Peru Yoga Retreat

Life Force Project together with Telluride Yoga Festival invites you to join them for an epic adventure to the heart of the Sacred Valley in Peru. Practice yoga every day amidst the “apus” - the spirits of the sacred mountains. Trek through magical landscapes and experience the power centers of Incan culture while activating your highest potential. Give back the incredible energy you receive through a very special service project with the Ninos Del Sol Foundation.

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  • Daily asana yoga classes
  • Daily meditation and breath work
  • Experience shamanic sound healing journey
  • Hike to sacred Mount Chicon with local shaman guides
  • Explore the magical ruins of Machu Picchu
  • 3 daily Andean inspired meals
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • 8 jours de cours
  • Anglais
Tout cacher

Casa De Campo is a charming Andean style retreat center at the base of Puma Wonka, a sacred mountain rising to over 15,000 feet. Guest rooms include private and double rooms, each with a unique feel, that include private bathrooms, and are furnished with locally designed and sourced fixtures.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped and include a ceremonial kiva, yoga shala, and a sauna for resting your traveling aches and pains. Just a two-minute walk from the property's stone wall perimeter is a pre-Incan ruin dating back over 1,000 years. The staff, ambiance, and cozy layout of the retreat center makes this distant destination feel like home.

Telluride Yoga Festival

Since 2007, the Telluride Yoga Festival has been working to bring the gift of yoga, in all of its many forms with world-class instructors, philosophers, scholars, artists, and musicians. Their goal is to create an intimate and authentic weekend of workshops, classes, discussions, and gatherings that celebrate yoga.

They believe that yoga including asana, breathing, and meditation is a tangible tool for transforming human consciousness and that there is no better place to celebrate the benefits of yoga than in Telluride. Today, the festival brings over 750 participants to Telluride each year with more than 40 presenters, with over 100 offerings.

The yoga

Longing to feel of service to the world? Join Life Force Project in Peru practicing guided meditation, asana, and journaling to re-spark or redefine your seva soul purpose. Connect with yourself, then leave your mat ready to be the change.

Seva - supporting the children of Ninos del Sol

Niños del Sol is home to a lively family of 23 Peruvian children in a beautiful home on a large lush magical piece of land. These children came to Ninos del Sol alone in the world, orphaned or abandoned. Nearly all of them have been abused and arrived with the trauma of some sort. Viviana and Avishai, the directors and caretakers of Ninos del Sol, are providing these orphans with a home, a family, education, organic food, and a chance at a future.

The work will be with Ninos del Sol on a special, customized project based on the current needs of the organization. Life Force Project plan to maximize our group resources to improve the lives and opportunities for growth of this beautiful family. In the afternoons after school, you will have the chance to connect with the children.


Pago a la Tierra or Despacho

The Incans honor Pachamama or Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) as the divine protector and provider of life. This shamanic ritual invokes Madre Tierra to honor Her for all that She gives. It is a traditional ceremony of gratitude and personal blessing.

Shamanic journey

Experience alchemical transmutation, chakra alignment, the awakening of awareness and intuition and a greater sense of connection as Life Force Project take a shamanic journey with their Peruvian guides.

Musical shamanic healing

You will gather for an evening of music and healing with Peruvian sound healers. This one of a kind experience is a deep meditative journey of healing and visions.


Friday, November 3

  • Today, you will have shuttle pick up from Cusco (time to be determined) followed by a welcome dinner at Casa De Campo, Puma Wanka.

Saturday, November 4

  • Today meals offered include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will hike to Ninos del Sol in the morning
  • and have your lunch there. Later, you will have seva session with Ninos.

Sunday, November 5

Today meals offered include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will trek to the Ruins of Moray in the morning and have your packed lunch there. Later, you will have seva session with Ninos

Monday, November 6

Today, meals offered include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are free to join an optional trip to and have lunch on-site. Later, you will have seva session with Ninos. In the evening, enjoy a musical shamanic healing with Papoq and Christine.

Tuesday, November 7

Today, meals offered include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the morning, you will hike to Apu Chicon (base of Glacier) and have a picnic there. Later in the evening, you will have shamanic journey and Despacho with Viviana.

Wednesday, November 8

At 11:00 a.m., you will depart Casa de Campo for Ollantaytambo. Later, at 3:00 p.m., you will depart for Machu Picchu via Ollantaytambo. Overnight will be in Aguas Calientes (at the base of Machu Pichu).

Thursday, November 9

In the morning you will have meditation and sun salutation at Sun Gate, Machu Picchu. At 2:00 p.m., you will depart for Cusco and you are expected to arrive at Cusco at 6:00 p.m. You will have a walk through San Blas in Cusco in the evening.

Friday, November 10

Today is your free day. You will have closing dinner party and ceremony in the evening.

Saturday, November 11

Today you will have sunrise meditation. Group departure will be after breakfast.

Apu Chicon hike

Apu Chicon is a sacred mountain that sits at the top of the Chicon River Valley. It is one of the tallest in the valley reaching nearly 16,000 feet. This spectacular display of nature is capped with glaciated peaks and underlying native Keuena Forest filled with ancient trees. You will trek through this enchanted forest with views of the glacier. It is a perfect place to explore, rest, meditate, and reflect.

Moray and the salt mines

Visit one of Peru’s most well-preserved ruins sitting on a high plateau of over 11,000 feet. This area is home to a highly sophisticated Incan agricultural system with stunning views of the Sacred Valley. From here, you will hike on to the Mineras de Sal, a spectacular natural wonder. Your journey will take us along an age-old crossroad where time stands still and the scenery is epic. This passage is still the preferred route for local indigenous Quechua.

Machu Picchu

The journey to Machu Picchu, one of the eight wonders of the world, is a life changing experience for all those who are fortunate enough to visit this lost city. Nestled between two sacred peaks, Wanu Picchu and Machu Picchu, these ancient Incan ruins are a fascinating and mystical treasure. Your journey to this sacred city will begin at sunrise with a two-hour trek, where each step builds in anticipation as you draw closer to the gates of Machu Picchu. Once inside, you will honor this powerful vortex through a ceremony, meditation, and the simple experience of being.

  • David Bernstein

    David is the founder of Life Force Project. Through travel and experience, he began to feel connected to the life force, which is the universal energy that binds every human, animal, plant, wave, mountain, and cloud. He discovered an inner strength and peace that he had never truly known. He opened his heart to the many lessons of the universe. He listened to the life force, and the world became a magical place full of possibility. It became a world that gives you exactly what you need, when you need it, a world that is always conspiring to support you.

  • Alex Smith

    Alex lives in Denver where she teaches yoga (Vinyasa and Yin), meditation, cycling, and HIIT classes and is dedicated to what she hopes is a lifelong equilibrium of work and rest, strength, and ease. She also works on a variety of humanitarian projects at the intersections of innovation, health, clean water, and refugee safety. Yoga, meditation, a variety of energy healing modality training, and stacks of books on exploring the inner self-are the recipe she thanks for helping her finally strike a balance between doing and being. She has taught yoga since 2007.

This retreat will take place in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Avishai of Ninos del Sol is an artisan chef and avid organic gardener and will be providing you with nourishing food at the retreat center. The meals are delicious and healthy cuisine and include a mix of local Andean ingredients, with Peruvian and Middle Eastern fusion. All meals are mostly organic, vegan, and vegetarian based.

  • 8 nights accommodation
  • All ground transportation once you reach Cusco
  • Daily asana yoga classes
  • Daily meditation and breath work
  • Experience shamanic sound healing journey
  • Explore the magical ruins of Machu Picchu
  • Hike to sacred Mount Chicon with local shaman guides
  • Live demonstration of artisan textile work
  • Seva project with Ninos Del Sol
  • Thrice daily Andean inspired meals
  • Traditional shamanic purification ceremony
  • Train ride through the Andes to Machu Picchu
  • Trek to ancient ruins of Moray
  • Welcome Despacho ceremony

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM). Then after that, please book a domestic flight to Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ). Life Force Project will pick you up from Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ). The pick-up is included in the price.

Depending on the arrival time of your international flight into Lima, you may have to spend the night in Lima. You may contact Life Force Project for hotel options if you arrive early at Lima. You will have to take a domestic flight from Lima to Cusco.

Please allow at least two to three hours in between your international and domestic flights in case of delays. Flight time from Lima to Cusco is one hour. It is recommended to book these domestic flights in the morning as the weather is typically better and there is less chance of flight delay or cancellation.

  • Ce dépôt de garantie est non-remboursable si vous annulez votre réservation.
  • Le reste du paiement est dû à votre arrivée.


  • Avis de Maggie

    "I truly feel so grateful that everything lined up for me to go! It was such a unique experience that could never be recreated again. I loved the location, the food, and having such experienced and knowledgeable teachers (both John and Sarah). The packets of information were a great aid to the learning and getting an aloe plant to work with definitely heightened the experience. Overall, I came back with a stronger connection to nature, myself, and the community around me. I definitely felt like I was on a higher vibration. Oh, and I love the air plant necklace."

    Life Force Project website, édité

  • Avis de Joy

    "The entire weekend was inspiring and insightful. The retreat house was magnificent with beautiful views of the water, and a great layout to allow for group intimacy and separateness[ if desired].Jon was a compelling teacher who invited the group to embrace difficult concepts which he made accessible and understandable. He was always available for individual discussions if questions arose. I appreciated his passion and the depth of knowledge about the subject. The food was beautifully prepared and delicious. Paige, went out of her way to respond to each individual 's dietary needs and incorporate them into her menu. The attention to detail in that regard was extraordinary. The paddle boarding and kayaking made for a welcome break, and allowed members a great opportunity to metabolize the complex concepts they were integrating.The weekend flowed beautifully. It was restorative and uplifting."

    Life Force Project website, édité

  • Avis de Gladdie Funke

    "Purpose elevates everything we do, makes it a more meaningful place to live. Thank you for uniting us to meditate, activate and create."

    Life Force Project website, édité

  • Avis de Marty Herzog

    "I knew David when he was in his corporate role, when he was known as the bulldog. His persistence and go get ‘em attitude served him to lead a successful real estate career. He was the guy you wanted to have a cigar and a scotch with after a long day’s work. I also had the pleasure of traveling with him through Colombia after he decided to break away from the daily grind to embark on his transformational journey. Not only was David an amazing, highly competent and engaging host, but the perseverance I saw behind the office desk transformed seamlessly into a truly inspirational soul searching guide. He’s still the guy I would like to have a cigar and a scotch with - right after a nice long yoga or meditation session."

    Life Force Project website, édité

  • Avis de Halli McQuillan

    "During his stay with us at the Peace Retreat, David was always enthusiastic and engaging. He was both serious about his yoga practice yet light-hearted and fun to be around. I look forward to working with David again in the near future."

    Life Force Project website, édité

  • Avis de Robert Wood

    "I began working with David as a healer and mentor. Over the years I have seen David’s unshakable commitment to working on healing himself and mastering the techniques that would serve him in passing his passion and his skills onto others. David has always been willing to dig deep within himself to get to ever greater levels of self-realization. What has emerged is an authentic, grounded and wholly compassionate individual with a true love of his life and his work and the skills and techniques to guide others through their own transformational journeys. Now I have the pleasure of working side by side with David to help him turn his dream and his work into a reality."

    Life Force Project website, édité

  • Avis de Trevor Traynor

    "Kudos David! The Ranch in Carbondale is beautiful, calming, and an amazing place to open your heart and feel alive. From meditative hikes to group workshops, organic and local foods to soaking in the Jacuzzi under the stars the retreat left me feeling rejuvenated, aware, and with a higher understanding on bringing my aspirations and goals to fruition. David is a great soul and the Life Force Project will certainly bring you one step closer towards enlightenment."

    Life Force Project website, édité

Denver, United States

Life Force Project créé des retraites authentiques et transformationnelles dans les destinations les plus captivantes du monde. Ils ont pour but de vous connecter et de vous permettre évoluer.

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