7 jours en stage de yoga de luxe au printemps à Ibiza, Espagne

  • The Chettinad Wellness Center, Sant Agustí des Vedrà, Ibiza 07839, Spain

7 jours en stage de yoga de luxe au printemps à Ibiza, Espagne

  • The Chettinad Wellness Center, Sant Agustí des Vedrà, Ibiza 07839, Spain

Ibiza Yoga Retreat Spain

Following the success of leading weekend yoga retreats in the UK, and by request, Jayne Becca Yoga is adventuring into Europe with their first-week long yoga retreat in Ibiza. They chose Ibiza as not only has it been on their travel list for years but it is the perfect place for a week long escape to do yoga, relax, and explore this bohemian island. This week is for people who are looking to deepen their practice, try something new, and either totally relax or explore the surrounding area.

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  • Daily fun yoga classes with Jayne
  • Meditation and interactive workshops
  • Free time to explore Ibiza and arrange other activities
  • Beautiful yoga dome with wooden floors and magical views
  • 3 daily delicious home-cooked vegetarian meals
  • 6 nights luxury to mid-range accommodation
  • Suitable for all levels yoga enthusiast
  • 6 jours de cours
  • Anglais
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The venue

You will be staying in a secluded Finca (traditional farmhouse) nestled on 25,000 square meters of private land. It is a peaceful haven in the hills overlooking the rural Sant Agusti valley on the island of Ibiza. The property has been lovingly restored resulting in a delightful blend of classical architecture, modern interior design, and 21st-century conveniences like Wi-Fi and high-speed internet. The views are incredible, and for sure, you will be comfortable and feel pampered.

There are a terraced swimming pool and hammocks dotting the property giving you many perfect places to escape and relax. If you wish to explore, you can find a gorgeous beach which boasts magical sunsets just 10 minutes drive away from the property and cute Ibicencan towns for you to explore that are just a short drive away.

Your yoga classes will take place in the beautiful yoga dome with wooden floors and magical views of the valley below. The yoga dome is fully equipped with yoga mats and props so you can flow through your dynamic practices with ease and then sink into a mountain of props during your yin classes.

The rooms

The rooms are priced from total luxury to mid-range and most of the rooms can be shared. If you are willing to have space for yourself, kindly send Jayne Becca Yoga an inquiry upon your registration.

The Zen suite

Zen suite offers twin or queen bed, separate dressing room, private terrace with hot outdoor shower, direct access to swimming pool, separate access to a small inner courtyard, and en suite bath with additional wardrobe area. This room is perfect for a couple or a couple of friends who want to indulge in pure luxury!

Terra Cottage

Terra Cottage offers a twin or queen bed and a detached room with en-suite bathroom which is perfect for couples or friends who want a little more space and wish to unwind away from the main house. It has a very Ibicencan feel, stands alone, and has its own shaded terrace area.

The Cocoon room

The Cocoon room offers a twin or queen bed, a shared bathroom (with yoga teachers room), and it has direct access to the garden. This room is perfect for a couple or friends sharing.

Yin and Yang room

Yin and Yang rooms offer a queen bed and a lovely pair of detached stone dwellings. The Yin and Yang are cozy with queen-sized beds which share the gorgeous exterior bath house nestled between the two suites. These rooms are really charming, wonderfully private, and typically Ibicencan. They are literally a few steps away from the main house along a quaint lighted pathway. Ideal for a couple or friends who want to share or if you wish to have a room all to yourself.

Nest and Perch rooms

Nest and Perch rooms offer twin beds and an en-suite bath. Perch is a mezzanine of Nest which has a beautiful and very special architecturally with a private rooftop terrace, perfect for a group of friends or friends to be.

The yoga

Each class is designed to energize the body, cultivate a meditative consciousness, and give greater vitality and health. The approaches of each yoga class will be playful sequencing with honesty and humor. The classes are also designed to be suitable for all levels. During this retreat, you will be working with the theme of Yin and Yang so you can expect to see slow, restorative classes alongside the fluid, and dynamic classes.

The yoga class schedule

This yoga class will be super relaxing so if there is a class that you want to skip because you want to sleep in or go exploring then that's okay! Jayne Becca Yoga is a huge believer in listening to what your soul needs, so please do that. This week is for you. These are all the fun classes and workshops Jayne Becca Yoga have planned for you.

Saturday (from 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.) - Welcome circle and feel good flow yoga

Feel good flow yoga is a yoga flow to shake off the travel day

Sunday (from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.) - Powering-up yoga flow

Powering-up yoga flow is a feel good power vinyasa yoga class with a focus on building up core and shoulder strength.

Sunday (from 5:30 p.m to 7 p.m) - Aromatherapy and blindfold slow flow yoga

Through aromatherapy and closing down the sense of sight, you will be able to truly allow your gaze to drift inwards, focusing on what feels good rather than what you think a pose should look like. This class draws on natural movement and ends in a guided meditation.

Monday (from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.) - Heart opening Vinyasa-Power flow yoga

In this class, you will work through backbends to open up your heart, invigorate your body and your mind while resting your attention calmly on your breath. You will leave feeling awake, energized, and super creative.

Monday (from 5:30 p.m to 7 p.m) - Hip opening slow flow yoga

This class is a deep hip opening slow flow class which will leave you feeling good.

Tuesday (from 7 a.m to 9 a.m.) - Arm balance workshop volume one

%This is a super fun workshop style class where you will spend two hours exploring, learning, and playing. You will get the core fired up, open up the shoulders, and learn to approach flying with a 'yes I can!' attitude. You will explore headstand, crow pose, flying pigeon, side crow, fallen angel, and more.

Tuesday (from 5:30 p.m to 7 p.m.) - Restorative Yin yoga practice

This is a perfect class to slow down at the end of the day. You will be sinking into a deep stretch through the use of props.

Wednesday (from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.) - Arm balance workshop volume two

Building on from volume one, you will explore fun transitions between arm balances, forearm stand, and handstand.

Wednesday (from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.) - Twist It out slow flow yoga

This is a slow flow yoga class with an emphasis on twists and balance.

Thursday (from 7 a,m to 9 a.m.) - All the things Vinyasa yoga flow

In this class, you will put into practice everything you have learned during the week and this will be also a powerful creative Vinyasa flow involving all of the things.

Thursday (from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.) - Restorative Yin yoga and yoga Nidra meditation

%As you will be leaving the venue, this final yoga class is the perfect time to unwind, relax, and reflect on the week gone by. You will end with a guided yoga Nidra meditation.

Typical daily schedule

  • 07:00 Dynamic yoga (see above)
  • 10:00 Brunch
  • 11:00 Free time
  • 14:00 Buffet-style lunch
  • 15:00 Free time
  • 17:30 Slow flow or Restorative yoga (see above)
  • 20:00 Dinner
  • Jayne Squires

    Yeotown Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

    Jayne is a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher and Strala yoga guide. Her classes are a mixture of dynamic Vinyasa Flow and Strala yoga, integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing. Each class is designed to energize the body, cultivate a meditative consciousness, and give greater vitality and health. She likes to create classes with playful sequencing and approach each class session with honesty and humor. The classes are for all levels.

This yoga retreat takes place at The Chettinad Wellness Center, a luxury private hillside property featuring a centuries old Finca (traditional farmhouse), one adobe cottage, two detached stone dwellings, a pool, and a yoga dome, in the beautiful Ibiza, Spain.

During the retreat, Jayne Becca Yoga will be serving you delicious vegetarian dishes with a few treats. All your meals are included and they will be serving you up daily breakfast, a buffet style lunch, and dinner. All ingredients will be organic and locally-sourced where possible. Tea, water, and fresh fruit will be available throughout the day. If you have any additional dietary requirements, please let Jayne Becca Yoga know when you make your booking, they will be happy to accommodate your needs.

During your free time, you can relax by the pool, take the private yoga class with Jayne, explore the beautiful beaches, towns, and walks nearby, or you can book an ayurvedic massage upon request and at an additional cost.

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 11 yoga classes, workshops, and meditation practices
  • All delicious home cooked vegetarian meals
  • A welcome gift bag
  • Airfares
  • Airport transfers
  • Travel insurance

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Ibiza Airport (IBZ). Transfer from and to the airport is available upon request.

Arrival by taxi

From Ibiza Airport (IBZ), you can take a taxi that approximately costs you for around 35 EUR.

  • Ce dépôt de garantie est non-remboursable si vous annulez votre réservation.
  • Le reste du paiement est dû 84 jours avant votre arrivée.

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    Avis de Helen Scott, Espagne


    CONS Je n'ai pas aimé: N/A

    PROS J'ai aimé: Jayne is an amazing yoga teacher.

    2017-Apr-03 07:07:39


  • Avis de Jen, Royaume-Uni

    "I just wanted to write and say thank you again so much for the wonderful yoga retreat, I feel very calm and serene after it. Lovely venue and fellow yogis, and Tracys cooking was amazing and so creative. I was amazed to hear you had only been teaching for a year, you are a real natural to it, lovely style and I really enjoyed every minute."

    Jayne Becca Yoga website, édité

  • Avis de Kayleigh, Royaume-Uni

    "I had such a fantastic time at the Jayne Becca Yoga retreat, it couldnt have been better or more relaxing! The yoga classes were brilliant and very well planned I really enjoy Jaynes fun and relaxed style of teaching, she gave me the confidence to try things Id never usually feel able to do in my typical yoga practice. The meditation classes were also excellent and very calming.The location Jayne chose for the retreat was beautiful; the accommodation was clean, stylish and comfortable and we had plenty of time between yoga classes to take walks around the rolling countryside that surrounded us or relax with a book in the comfortable rooms of the lodge. The yurt we used for our yoga classes was also beautifully decorated and made for a fantastic space to practice and meditate. There were also lovely yoga-themed gift bags for each of us to take home, which was such a nice surprise!We were treated to delicious raw food meals during our time at the retreat, provided by the lovely Tracy, who not only made delicious, filling, wholesome foods but also took the time to explain to us how each dish was made and how beneficial the ingredients are for our bodies. The meals went really well with the well-being vibe of the retreat and gave me enough energy to take onto the yoga mat!I left Jaynes retreat feeling very well cared-for, relaxed and with a renewed passion for yoga, which is exactly what I was hoping to get from this weekend. I would definitely recommend Jaynes retreats to my friends - I had such a brilliant time and wish I could return every week!"

    Jayne Becca Yoga website, édité

  • Avis de Kate, Royaume-Uni

    "A belated thank you to Jayne and Tracy for making it feel like Summer.Eat raw: Its rare to genuinely be able to taste original things today without it either costing an arm and a leg, or for it to need some mystical ingredient that can only be harvested on a full moon every fifth year with the wind blowing a certain direction. As a dedicated fruit & vegetable eater who has been thus far been unable to give up meat, I can honestly say that Tracys delightful food preparations surprised me, in a good way, left me satisfied and opened my eyes to a new way of cooking and a new range of tastes. Ill be ordering Tracys cheesecake for my brother-in-law, whos had a full blown dairy allergy since birth. I not much of a dessert person and always happy with ice-cream, but this was mmmmmm. Jaynes yoga: I love Jaynes classes, which can at times be a series of powerful flow movements to work up a nice heat and encourages you to have the confidence to try a little harder, without being pushed. As a previously dedicated Ashtanga yogi, I have found as Ive become a little older (ahem) that practising Ashtanga repeatedly suits my body a little less. I find Jaynes classes a really nice tiny step down from this, but still with a level of quiet discipline and structure that I personally respond to well in my practice.The yurt in Devon is such a beautiful indoors outdoors location to participate, with the floor pleasant underfoot and firm yet giving tiling placed on top of the wood. Nicely spaced for around 14 + Jayne and a lovely vibe.Accommodation: The house has been very nicely converted and it is great to get back to affordable yet comfortable yoga retreat options. I shared a room with 2 others (lovely people) and for 2-3 nights it was more than adequate. Comfortable beds; clean, bright bathrooms and a characterful Devon dwelling. Admittedly, for a stay any longer it may be considered a little cosy if sharing space with people you do not know very well. If considering a stay in colder months, when people need to stay indoors for longer periods, the lounge areas may benefit from a little more relaxing seating, but I am sure this will be gradually improved in due course. The view across the valley is beautiful.Overall, the weekend was superb; superb value, superb yoga and superb people."

    Jayne Becca Yoga website, édité

  • Avis de Austin, Royaume-Uni

    "Jaynes classes are fun with all due seriousness. She has encouraged a respectful and gradual deepening in my once-fragile relationship with my body and its strengths / limitations. Expect to get sweaty and work deeply to the sound of cool vibes and the warmth of Jaynes naturally peaceful ambience."

    Jayne Becca Yoga website, édité

  • Avis de Rachel, Royaume-Uni

    "Of all the yoga classes I have experienced I find Jaynes classes to always have a great mix of familiar flow / sequences mixed up with plenty of new variations each week, so the classes are never stale. Jayne adds in elements of challenge with fun, always offering variations for all levels, offering the opportunity to build your knowledge and exposure to a wide range of postures / asanas but at the same time only at a level you feel you need that day, great for beginners & the more experienced alike. Above all I find Jaynes classes to be heart felt and her passion and love for yoga and balance always genuine and inspiring."

    Jayne Becca Yoga website, édité

  • Avis de Zoe, Royaume-Uni

    "Starting your classes in April has done me so much good and inspired me to do more."

    Jayne Becca Yoga Facebook Page, édité

Bristol , United Kingdom

Jayne Squires est une guide de yoga strala et un professeur de flow yoga vinyasa basée à Bristol. Elle rédige un blog bien-être et yoga et organise des stages de yoga.

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