7 jours en retraite de yoga, spiritualité transcendantale et guérison ancestrale à Hortunas, Espagne

7 jours en retraite de yoga, spiritualité transcendantale et guérison ancestrale à Hortunas, Espagne

  • AtelTrainer Center, Hortunas de Arriba, 46357, Requena-Valencia, Spain

Spiritual Meditation Yoga Retreat Spain

This reduced spiritual group retreat (4 people maximum) is based on ancient knowledge transmission. The “master” and “disciples” share together the dojo/ashram, practicing the ego and mind liberation through a fusion of universal techniques. Participants will only have nature and the universe as external references to get away from every mundane distraction in order to connect with their essence to leave worries, fears, and maybe sicknesses behind.

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  • Energetical diagnosing on arrival
  • Taoist meditation walking sessions
  • Transcendental meditation practice
  • Awakening and morning techniques for waking up
  • Deep techniques of healing yoga, chi kung, and tai chi
  • "Zen" breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • 6 nights' accommodation
  • 7 jours de cours
  • Anglais, Français, Espagnol
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You will be staying in a free ancestral basic lodging, sharing a Dojo or Ashram. External lodging comes with an additional cost.

There will be an optional energetic diagnosis upon arrival. Each day, participants will be taught awakening and morning techniques for waking up and cleansing the body and the mind. There will also be preparation and training for meditation, as well as transcendental meditation by AtelTrainer. AtelTrainer training includes a fusion of oriental and occidental styles, such as healing yoga, tai chi, and chi kung.

Participants will have an initiation to meditative tai chi, as well as specific stretches. They can partake in free activities such as painting, drawing, and gardening as well. There will be conversations, or talking meditation, where spontaneous, sincere words will be given to each participant. They are also expected to help out in the dojo or ashram as part of their task or duty, fostering cooperation.

AtelTrainer's Method books:

  • Book 1 “Psycho-Fitness Holistic” - In this day and age life is hectic, full of uncertainties and fears. The use of tranquilisers in developed countries has worryingly shot up in the last few years.
  • Book 2 “Zen Sport” - It’s so difficult and complicated to describe how simple and easy it is to keep in shape with hardly any effort.
  • Book 3 “Transcendental Training” - Your gym is the world .Your trainer is your essence. Your training plan is your lifestyle. Your challenge is to live in peace. You house is the Universe. Your energy is love.
  • Alain Tello Robledo

    (Karate, Yoga, Fitness Instructor, Meditation)

    ANEF, Spain (Personal Trainer)

    As Alain Tello Robledo passed 55, he left back lots of distractions. He now lives according to his soul and his worldwide executive profile is a forgotten past. He has changed the search for the promised happiness, to find profound peace of mind in direct connection with the universe. Alain devotes himself to teaching transcendental training and universal energy diagnosis and treatment to help people recover their self-healing power. His job and mission in life are to help people meet their essence and to live in deep harmony with oneself and with all.

The center is located in Spain, between Madrid and Valencia, 80 kilometers away from Valencia.

Zen breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks, and dinners will be provided. The meals will be according to the transcendental alimentation philosophy of tolerant and secular vegetarianism.

  • Attend free optional activities such as painting, drawing, and gardening
  • Energetic channeling treatment - 10 EUR / session of about 35 minutes
  • Play non competitive inter-generational volleyball in the court of the venue
  • Shiatsu massage - 25 EUR / session of about 50 minutes
  • Transpersonal transcendental coaching (individual) - 20 EUR / session of about 60 minutes
  • 3 daily meals
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Awakening and morning techniques for waking up, cleansing the body and the mind
  • Energetical diagnosing at arrival (optional)
  • Free activities: painting, drawing, gardening, organic orchard care, zen archery, or treks
  • Free resting in silence
  • Healing yoga, tai chi, chi kung training sessions
  • Initiation to meditative Tai chi sessions
  • Preparation and training for meditation (tratakka)
  • Specifical stretches
  • Taoist walks - walking meditation
  • Transcendental meditation by AtelTrainer (guided or not)
  • Energetic channeling treatment
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Transpersonal transcendental coaching (individual)

Driving directions from Madrid

Take A3 Madrid-Valencia Highway, Requena exit, Almansa direction, pass El Pontón, La Portera and Hortunas.

Arrival by airplane

Please arrive at Valencia Airport (VLC). You can ask the coach to pick you up in a roundtrip from Hortunas to the airport, worth 60 EUR.

Arrival by train

Take the train on Requena station. If you choose a high-speed train, take the San Antonio de Requena AVE train station, Madrid-Valencia line. You can ask the coach to pick you up in a roundtrip from Hortunas to the station, worth 20 EUR.

  • Pour réserver, un dépôt de garantie correspondant à 50% du prix total est requis.
  • Vous pouvez obtenir le remboursement de votre dépôt de garantie dans sa totalité si vous annulez 15 jours avant la date d'arrivée prévue.
  • Le reste du paiement est dû 10 jours avant votre arrivée.

Valencia, Spain

AtelTrainer, centre de formation en transcendance humanitaire, holistique et séculaire propose des stages dans la petite vallée de Hortunas de Arriba en Espagne.

  • Disponibilité: Les Stages de yoga de cet organisateur sont disponibles 93% du temps.
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