7 jours en retraite de yoga detox de luxe au Pérou

  • KiChic, Máncora, Pérou

7 jours en retraite de yoga detox de luxe au Pérou

  • KiChic, Máncora, Pérou

Luxury Detox Retreat Peru

Rid yourself of that which no longer serves you, then refuel with the most nutrient-dense living foods and botanicals on earth in this luxurious yoga retreat, brought to you by Amaveda. The week long retreat focuses on classical Ayurvedic detox practices, a full digestive system reset, luxurious beauty treatments, functional food and complimentary workshops, a 3-day raw juice fast, powerful Amazonian botanicals and superfoods, yoga, meditation, a wild pacific beach, and plenty of lounging poolside in one of Perus most exquisite hotels.

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  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Daily Ayurvedic detox practices
  • Therapeutic massage and aromatherapy
  • Individual Ayurvedic beauty and detox treatments, and product package
  • 3 days of healing breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Transfer from and to Talara Airport
  • 3 days of raw juice fasting
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 jours de cours
  • Anglais
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KiChic is one of the most stunning and luxurious beach destinations in Peru. The Amaveda Retreat will hold all rooms in the hotel as well as the equally beautiful neighboring private beach house. KiChic Hotel boasts a palatial jungle-style yoga studio, dozens of gorgeous shaded nooks to read, relax, and nap in and some of the most refined styled rooms in South America.

Barro room

A little and welcoming room equipped with a king size bed. The bathroom features an outside private terrace where you can find the shower. As the name indicates, all the walls are made with mud.

Elefante room

It features a king size bed, a welcoming terrace overlooking the sea. In one of the walls there is a mural painted by hand with of an elephant, giving a very special touch to the room.

Hualtaco room

This spacious room is equipped with a king size bed. The bathroom features an outdoor shower so as to enjoy a sensation of freshness and a contact with the nature, and also an access to a common terrace with a garden view.

Ki room

This room features a king size bed, a sea view, a little private terrace covered under the shade of a tree. It also offers an outdoor shower.

Neem room

Suite Neem is an independent bungalow designed for the most demanding guests. Ocean view and a private pool with a deck. The room has a king size bed, a sunroom and a spacious bathroom with a spectacular outdoor shower.

Piedra room

Room with a king size bed. It features a little private terrace inside the room, where you can find an outdoor tub for special nights. As the name indicates, the whole terrace is surrounded by flagstone, natural one in the area.

Suite Balance room

Suite Balance is an independent bungalow designed for the most demanding guests. Ocean view and a private pool with a deck. The room has a king size bed, a sunroom and a spacious bathroom with a spectacular outdoor shower.

Suite Chic room

This Suite is an independent bungalow located directly at the hotel beach. Thought for the most demanding guest, it features a king-size bed, large bathroom with double sinks and outside shower, and a reading patio. Further, the Bungalow offers a private deck terrace with beautiful sea view, as well as a garden with shower and direct private access onto the beach.

Suite Himalaya room

The suite is the only room on the second floor. Thought for the most demanding guest. It features a private terrace with a beautiful sea view, and a queen bed. The bathroom is equipped with an outside shower.

Yoga and meditation

Detox yoga is the effective synthesis of pranayama breath work, restorative postures, meditation, and detox promoting asanas. Detox yoga supports the process by working directly with the lymphatic system; increasing oxygen absorption and gently massaging the internal organs while encouraging deep muscular and cerebral relaxation. Morning yoga and pre-sunset meditation and restorative yoga classes happen every day. The yoga space will always available to you for private practice.

Daily yoga and meditation schedule

  • 05:00 - 08:00 Open meditation
  • 08:00 - 09:15 Detox yoga on all levels
  • 09:15 - 17:00 Open space for private practice
  • 17:00 - 18:00 Guided mediation
  • 20:00 - 21:00 Detox yoga on all levels

The detox practices

Abhyanga: Daily self-massage application with luxurious cold-pressed oils blended with rare and precious essential oils sourced directly from the Amazon.

Detox drink: The Detox Drink formula contains fresh blended Aloe Vera, Activated charcoal. Zeolite clay and citric acid providing an unparalleled locally sourced cocktail. This is a safe and effective detoxification drink powered with negative ionic charges.

Organic detox herbs: Locally revered and well-studied detox herbs for liver and kidney cleansing, decalcification, blood purifying, and fat burning.

Mild colon purge: Organic Castor oil purge: Pre-Juice fasting colon preparation. (optional)

Raw juice fasting: Participants can partake in the 3-day juice fast on day 4, 5, and 6. The first two days are almost entirely vegetable based cold-pressed juices and provide unparalleled detoxification and reparation of the cells. The 3rd and final day of liquids introduces local fruits, superfoods, and nut milks gently leading the body into the post-detox diet.

Self-administered enemas: Participants will be provided with their own enema kit as well as full instructions for effective, safe, and easy colon cleansing. Organic coffee enemas will also be available to those interested in experiencing this well-researched liver detoxifying method.

The detox diet

Day 1 - Pre detox

  • Mono-diet breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Herbal infusions
  • Coconut kefir

Day 2 - Pre detox

  • Mono-diet breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Herbal infusions
  • Coconut kefir

Day 3 - Purge day

  • Purge day with castor oil
  • Light lunch
  • Dinner

Day 4 - Raw juice fasting

  • Vegetable-based raw cold-pressed juices
  • Herbal infusions
  • Coconut kefir

Day 5 - Raw juice fasting

  • Vegetable-based raw cold-pressed juices
  • Herbal infusions
  • Coconut kefir

Day 6 - Raw juice fasting and functional smoothies

  • Vegetable-based raw cold-pressed juices
  • Introduction of fruits and superfoods

Day 7 - Post detox mono-diet

  • Ayurvedic breakfast and lunch
  • Celebration dinner

Amaveda detox products

All retreat guests receive the Amaveda detox product package of 100% natural products to be used throughout the detox week, and beyond. All products are small batch, hand crafted and formulated from the highest quality botanicals available. Many of the products made for the guests teach invaluable self-care Ayurvedic daily practices that allow the detox week to live on long after its over.

As above so below - Dream activation

The emotional body and physical body cannot be separated and therefore to experience real positive transformation in either, both must be addressed. Dreams can reveal our toxic behaviors and patterns, giving us the opportunity to release them. During the detox retreat participants are invited to a series of informal talks and exercises to open up to the dream realm, and begin to explore this fascinating and expansive practice of self-examination.

This retreat will take place at KiChic, about five kilometeres from Mancora center, on a more private and exclusive beach area called, Las Pocitas or Mancora Chico beach.

Nearby places

  • Los Organos - 30 minutes
  • Mancora - 30 minutes
  • Vichayito, 2 kilometers

Amazon Botanicals

Revered Amazonian tree barks as part of the post-detox and body rejuvenation protocol: maybe the most important phase of the program. Consuming tree bark infusions replenish the clean cells with potent plant energetics. The Amazonian botanicals in the program have collectively been used to alleviate tired mind and body, increase stamina, relive pain, encourage emotional strength and to fortify the libido.

Healing with food

All food is as fresh, local grown, and organic as humanly possible. Because our aim is a complete digestive-system restoration, the food experience focuses on the mono-diet philosophy integrated with the profound benefits of raw-juice fasting. Hand-blended herbal infusions are available 24/7 as well as fresh coconut water to completely flush the system. In this detox there is no starving or suffering involved.

  • Mono-diet

Meals are focused on traditional Ayurvedic healing and simple dishes. Ingredients are vegetarian, organic, local and as seasonal as possible. The Pancha karma detox focuses on easy to digest culinary delights: simple, satisfying and tasty.

  • Juice fasting

Cold-pressed and fresh vegetable-based green juices will be flowing for 3 days.

Coconut water kefir: Fresh from source, served slightly fermented with kefir grains to boost digestive restoration and a full gut-reset. This is a powerful liquid tonic.

  • Functional smoothies

Unparalleled Superfoods from source, blended into the most tantalizing, satisfying and cellular rebuilding fruit and nut milks for the powerful rebuilding process.

Hydration station

The Hydration station will be available to you all day as a serve-yourself bar with Electrolyte-rich mineral waters and dynamic herbal infusions.

  • Celebration dinner

Your victorious week ends with a post-detox gourmet feast. Those who desire to reintroduce animal protein at this stage can have fresh caught local fish or fish broths.

  • Secondary nutrition

You can be fed in so many ways and feeling satiated is not dependent strictly on food. During the retreat you will be playing with the fun expansion into the awareness of feeling satiated via all 5 senses.

Raw juice fasting

Providing the body with only raw vegetable juice is one of the best ways to assist the body to break down fat reserves and encourage the body to detoxify. When the body is flooded with liquid nutrients the digestive system can finally rest and redistribute excess energy for cellular rejuvenation and repair. The body needs to be correctly prepared for a juice fast in order for the multiple benefits to be received. This program fully addresses this often-neglected juice-fast fundamental.

Super-foods from source

Utilizing raw ingredients from the Peru draws from one of earths most potent sources of natural healing botanicals, not to mention home to some of the most nutrient dense food on earth. Many of Perus revered Amazonian botanicals and famous superfoods appear in the retreat products, treatments and of course diet: directly from source.

Included in the retreat are individual Ayurvedic beauty and detox treatments, as well as therapeutic massage and aromatherapy. Pancha Karma heavily incorporates the use of therapeutic oils both internally and externally. All body treatments are ramped up with the use of cold-pressed organic rare Amazonian fruit and nut oils for extra luxury and deep nourishment. All treatments are included in the retreat price unless otherwise specified.

  • 3 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • A 3-day raw juice fast
  • A full digestive system reset
  • All yoga and meditation sessions
  • Classical Ayurvedic detox practices
  • Individual Amaveda detox product package
  • Luxurious beauty treatments
  • Powerful Amazonian botanicals
  • Transfer from and to Talara Airport
  • Super-foods

Arrival by airplane

  • Book your flight to Cap. FAP Vctor Montes Arias International Airport (TYL) in Talara, from where you will be picked up and transferred to the venue. The pick-up is included in the price.
  • Coming from South America
  • All flights must come through Lima. There are daily flights (approximately one hour) to Talara from Lima. This is the closest airport.
  • Coming from Lima
  • Daily flights from Lima to Talara are offered through Lan.
  • Pour réserver, un dépôt de garantie correspondant à 100% du prix total est requis.
  • Vous pouvez obtenir le remboursement de votre dépôt de garantie dans sa totalité si vous annulez 2 jours avant la date d'arrivée prévue.


  • Avis de B. Boner, Royaume-Uni

    "Your experience and enthusiasm for what you do and believe in is seriously contagious. I’m on my way to a healthy lifestyle thanks to you. I have wanted to do this for so long I just wish I had met you years ago"

    Amaveda website, édité

  • Avis de K. Soto

    "I am truly amazed because my body now refuses processed food and is starving for natural things. I used to find it hard to listen to my body’s needs but now I am so much more aware of what it really wants and craves."

    Amaveda website, édité

  • Avis de G. Remington

    "I am extraordinarily grateful to have had the chance to spend a week getting to know myself again. This process forced me to rethink how I’ve been treating myself both physically and emotionally. I have a whole new appreciation of what I am capable of. I finished the program feeling more in control, energetic, optimistic, centred and refreshed, and my skin looks better too. I feel equipped with the tools to make smart decisions about my body and about my life. Thank you!"

    Amaveda website, édité

Brighton, East sussex, United Kingdom

Amaveda organise des programme de detox guidés, des retraites et des programmes à suivre à domicile. Nos programmes sont inspirés par l'ayurveda et viennent de l'Amazonie.

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vendredi 10 novembre 2017
vendredi 10 novembre 2017
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