Adi Yogpeeth est l'une des écoles de yoga enregistrées les plus importantes et les plus prometteuses de Rishikesh. Elle propose des cours certifiés à Rishikesh.

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Mariana Manteiga

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Thank you for all the love you gave me during these past weeks. Great teachers, great place, fantastic energy!! Clearly you guys love what you to do. I recommend this school at 500%, because now I know what being a whole-hearted person means and thanks to you

a traveller Indonésie

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This was a really amazing experience. I mean I've practised just like normal yoga for quite some time in Indonesia as well as when I was studying in India. Just the basic suryanamaskar and breathing exercises. Just as a lifestyle choice and remain slightly more flexible. Got recommend here by a friend. The experience was something really really worth the time. The hospitality as well as the ambience was just nothing less than amazing. Yoga will never be the same for me. Totally recommend for yoga lovers.

Vera Moreira

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An amazing experience! Great energy, super friendly and helpful staff and very knowledgeable teachers! The perfect place to do a Yoga course. Thank you so much for all the love and learnings!

Marion Bayle

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After taking up the 200 hours teaching training course in Rishikesh, I have come to understand the very essence of yoga. It’s roots, the true meaning, philosophy, the anatomy of how the body works - everything was very well explained.

Layla Oliveira

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I just completed my 200 hours teacher training course in Rishikesh. From ashtanga to hatha and philosophy, the course content was quite comprehensive. It’s helped me advance my yogic practice and teaching. All in all, a valuable experience.