Forrest Yoga

New South Wales , Australia

Forrest Yoga emphasizes on how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life. The practice is founded on four pillars - breath, strength, integrity, and spirit.

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  • Baron Baptiste

    Forrest Yoga website

    With uncanny skill, Ana helps you zoom into your physical and emotional barriers so that you can heal and go beyond them allowing your authentic strength and potential to blossom forth.

  • Shiva Rea

    Forrest Yoga website

    Ana is a brave pioneer in her exploration of yoga, spirit and healing. As a teacher, she ignites your inner fire with clarity and compassion.

  • John Friend

    Forrest Yoga website

    Ana Forrest has made a big impact on my practice and teaching. One of her key gifts to me has been the transformative experience of playing my edge in every pose and every breath.

  • Sarah Powers

    Forrest Yoga website

    I greatly appreciate the influence Ana Forrest had on me, as she is a devoted and masterful teacher with a keen awareness that can see and assist in opening other's energetic blocks.

  • Bruce Bookman Seattle

    Forrest Yoga website

    I found that the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training Course was an excellent preparation to teach yoga and added depth to my journey of personal growth and development. I would recommend this training to any teacher, regardless of what they teach.

  • Alison Strong Aarhus

    Forrest Yoga website

    The Teacher Training not only assists you being a better and more present teacher, it transforms your life. I have taken two Teacher Training Courses with Ana and the amount of growth I have made as a teacher and as a woman have been remarkable.

  • Toby Levine Boston

    Forrest Yoga website

    Part of the uniqueness of learning Forrest Yoga is observing Ana's expertise in dealing with injuries and illnesses, helping people to uncover their habits and addictions. It comes from a healthy place of understating all popular styles of yoga, takes everything into account and focuses in on the best aspects.

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