Louise Walker runs Footsteps retreats' transformative yoga and meditation across Australia and UK in beautiful hand picked venues.

Testimonials (4)

Daniella Mancuso

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One of the most important things I will take away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat is falling madly in love with myself. I loved the yoga and meditation classes and the sound healing session. I really enjoyed all the coaching workshops which contained excellent content delivered perfectly. The retreat format allowed for open sharing, humility, love and new friendships.

Sarah Kooyman

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The ‘Living from Love’ weekend, literally changed my outlook on Life! The retreat exceeded my expectations in all areas and I have some golden nuggets to take away. . .

After attending the “Living from Love’ retreat, I now know that I am LOVEABLE, that I am not alone in this, everyone struggles with self love. . . I also had a huge breakthrough on ‘Self Love’ in one of the workshops, which has stayed with me. Be brave and come alone . . as the strangers you meet on retreat are so often the most unexpected delight!

Britta Hansen

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The ‘Living from Love’ retreat was a truly special and life changing experience. I learnt that I can BE Love and BE LOVED, and how living from Love will attract a life of Love. I understand that I deserve Love just the way I am. I also believe now that I am on the right path, and my journey continues now stronger than before. The weekend was a constant stream of memorable moments, and I especially loved the sound healing and the closing ceremony.

Rachelle Trotman

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I needed to know how to connect with my heart and Love myself, and I have been given the tools to do that this weekend. The ‘Living from Love’ retreat was a weekend full of love and guidance. I really loved Louise’s giving and intuitive guidance during the workshops – I’ll l take away how to Love myself and view myself as others do.