FlyHighYoga is a fun, unique, and popular style of yoga which allows students to experience Aerial yoga postures in a way they never have before.

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Jose L. Jimenez

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Mui Kunn Tan

from Malaysia, November 2018

"Best Training Course"

Teachers, Team, crew are so nice and friendly ! I feel like in a big family and Teachers Jose is the best teacher I met. Recommend for those who wanna try something new in yoga !


from United States, October 2018

"Too many people on course, Jose excellent but I left course "

Jose and his assistant were very good


from Canada, October 2018

Jose had a great sense of humour and passion for teaching. I felt confident in the alignment and safety training. He knows his stuff.

The Ubud Yoga Center is a great facility with a cute cafe, friendly staff and an adorable little dog running around.

Srikanya Yathip

from Thailand, September 2018

The teacher, mr.jose

Maureen Dharmawan

from Indonesia, September 2018

"Jose is a wonderful and adept teacher"

I like how he managed the classes, building up our skill so we have good foundation to lead the class.

His humor and intellect combination is what make this experiene perfect


from Great Britain, September 2018

"Wonderful experience "

Jose was an amazing teacher, knowledgeable, inspiring and full of fun and humour which made this an intensely valuable and enjoyable learning experience.

Areta Hadi

from Indonesia, August 2018

Jose is amazing! So funny, I feel a little overwhelmed with all of the information but the session is designed to be fully communicative, will definitely try the Teacher Training next time.


from Indonesia, August 2018

"Exceeding my expectations"

i like how the team hold up the entire session professionally and addressing every issue with care.

gantaro printing

from Indonesia, August 2018

Alexander Dias Tan: I did not expect UBUD can be quite chilly in the morning but I survive, the session is designed very well and the teacher partner named Sasya was amazing. She makes the course very easy for any beginner like me

수정 홍

from Indonesia, August 2018


The location is amazing place to do the workshop and it is right near the riverbed. Beautiful scenery, very chill weather and pretty quiet...

The trainer team is very professional and the session is full of useful knowledge. The participants from all over the world, the amazing classes led by Jose and the so passionate atmosphere he created were fabulous! Jose is an amazing teacher!! The assistant teacher Sasya was also very good, too.

The earthquake was a little bit scary but I am glad we are all safe.

The course was quite challenging but really interesting. I had to put all myself grasp the most of it but it is totally worth it.

I would love to participate in this yoga retreat again in the near future.

I love Fly high yoga.

Thank you.

Lucia Alexandra

from Indonesia, July 2018

"Great atmosphere"

The training was thorough and professional. The atmosphere is none other than amazing! good place, good moments, good training.

Will definitely try to join the upcoming training in August.

Sheryl Sharaswhaty

from Indonesia, June 2018

"Amazing experience "

A wonderful experience and unique program for anyone who's interested in aerial yoga, experienced or not. From the very beginning Jose and his team were welcoming, very knowledgable and professional. The location was wonderful and I highly recommend any course or training with FlyHighYoga - you won't be disappointed!

Buu Luu

from Vietnam, June 2018

"An incredible change in my physical and mental abilities."

I truly enjoyed Jose' teaching style and dedication to his craft. He is meticulously caring for his students' safety and while ensuring the knowledge is passed on. He does things with passion and dedication. Thank you, Jose.

Alexander Dias

from Indonesia, June 2018

"Amazing Yoga Experience"

The session was amazing, the possibility to perform the movement is endless. it was not easy at first but the instructor did a really great job to get me through the obstacles. Recommended for anyone who enjoy yoga and nature all together.

Gianluca Iacopini

from Indonesia, June 2018

"Such a great experience"

It was really great training and learning with the Fly High Yoga team.

Doing aerial yoga with the Fly High Yoga belt is such a fun and safe experience that not only made the aerial yoga extremely fun but i also noticed a significant improvement in my regular yoga practice.

The instructors are very knowleadgeable and skilled also in regards of anatomy and biomechanic.

I have learned everything that i was hoping to learn and had an overall great time.

Highly recommend everyone to to join this and defy gravity! Flying is fun!

Kinuko Hashibe

from Indonesia, June 2018

"Amazing experience "

I really enjoyed 2 days FlyHighYoga workshop in canggu. The team made a effort to make us feel comfortable during the course and most importantly I learned a lot from this course. They privided us quality workshop including authentic knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. Not only that there is a community aspect as well. So we had lots of fun ! I highly recommend to try out Flyhighyoga course to dive deep into a whole new yoga experience!

Dilyana Krasimirova

from Bulgaria, June 2018

"The most amazing yoga experience I ever have"

The training was like a dream come true. Bali is amazing and practice FlyHigh yoga there with the founder was more than amazing. I learned so much about teaching, anatomy, how to structure my practice, how to use the belt. When you try FlyHigh yoga you never go back to the other styles of aerial yoga. I recommend the training to all people who are open minded, want add new style to there practice and have fun.

Jose Luis

from Indonesia, June 2018

"I had such a great time!!"

I found the whole experience beyond expectations. Jose is such a knowledgeable teacher, and humble. He knows how to deliver the information in such a way that the students learn so much in a short time and at the same time they feel challenged. Super fun time and at the same time very transcendental, I particularly loved the mystic healing sessions.... I was able to transcend mind and dive in bliss.

I could feel as I practiced how my body was reshaping, how deep my postural habits were creating tension in the body and, with Jose's alignment tips, I was able to realign my body and gain much more range of motion in all the joints and release tension. That made me reach stages of poses I could never imagined I was able to achieve!

Life changing, I definitely recommend Jose's workshops and trainings to everyone who wants to get the most from their practice.

I feel so greatfull

Johan Foray

from Brunei, June 2018

"Fun and intense training "

Instructors and the team




Jennifer Lewis

from Indonesia, June 2018

"Beyond expectation!!!"

I especially enjoy Jose's knowledge about anatomy and his way of delivering the information with fun and ease. Loved the wide range of possibilities enabled by the program, from playful challenges for advanced practitioners, great transition to awesome poses that intermediates always love to achieve, and easy going start for beginners. Intense program but very doable, a great way to expand your practice into something more playful and yet challenging. As we practiced you could really see the endless opportunities to do preparation work for more advanced poses like inversions, core strength, hip openers and arm balances. It works also fantastic as a supportive practice for beginners. A great complementary practice to any physical activity or sport. Loved it

Thu Dao

from Vietnam, April 2018

"Wonderful time in Flyhighyoga centre"

I really love all teachers and mentors. They are such amazing, caring and kind people. The course is intensive and gives me a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. Food in the yoga center is so yummy and healthy. I would love to come back again.

Emma Chiotaki

from Greece, April 2018

"Just try that!"

Very good vibes.we made a nice team helping each other and I learned a lot in 5 days

Cory Manka

from United States, December 2017

"Beyond Amazing YTT!"

Amazing place, the energy was so positive and uplifting. The instructors were helpful and caring for all students. The variety of people brought into the course have much perspectives which I throughly enjoyed. The surprise guests and food. I can’t say enough about how amazing this course was put together, way beyond my expectations!

Amanda Grech

from Malta, November 2017

"An amazing journey, enriching experience, well taught! "

The teaching, the material, the supporting environment, the friendliness and most of all the bonding with the rest of the group.

Jenny Cheung

from Hong Kong, August 2017

"Great Experience and Learning"

The two-day FlyHighYoga Program is def transforming me physically and even somehow mentally. I gained more knowledge of yoga, got more alignment of my body, met great instructors and many other great people in the program. Highly recommended!

Par Amp

from China, July 2017

"Great way to get your YTT while on your holiday"

Jose made this course fun and full of laughs. The course itself was full of challenges and it can be intimidating at first as i am not a yoga teacher, however Jose and his team made sure we felt safe and emphasised on the safely first. I have learnt a lot not just about yoga but other aspect that comes with it such as anatomy, mediations and teaching techniques which also useful even you do not plan to be a teacher. All in all by the end of this course you made a lot of new interesting people from different walks of life and you will learn so much more than just yoga.

Maxine Hamilton

from Indonesia, June 2017

"Do it"

Jose and his team are amazing teachers and mentors. Jose not only know his stuff he has so much passion for yoga and his yoga nidras are heaven from his heart ??

Maria Elisa Jimenez

from Spain, August 2018

"GRACIAS 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 FlyHigh Yoga... Una Experiencia INOLVIDABLE!!!"

Ubud, Bali es un lugar Maravilloso 😍... ha sido una gran experiencia de la mano de todo el equipo de FlyHigh Yoga,... la práctica, la comida, la estancia...ENHORABUENA!!! 👏🏼👏🏼 espero volver pronto. Un fuerte abrazo.

Testimonials (3)

Buu Luu

FlyHighYoga website

Jose and the Flying team provides a safe, fun and exhilarating training in Fly High.

You can expect endless support and knowledge that you can add to your tool box or just a fun time exploring your body suspended in the air. I wish the training was longer to further experience the tremendous love and joy.

Gina Netherlands

FlyHighYoga website

Hello guys, I just finished my Fly High Yoga training with Jose and it was awesome. I really enjoyed the classes and the tips on alignment (Iyengar style).

This training is really good to complete your regular practice and it is really fun. It is another way to approach yoga and will for sure fulfill all your expectations. Just go for it!

Amy Liu

FlyHighYoga website

The five-day FlyHighYoga training exceeded my expectations (as an aerial yoga teacher myself). Jose’s depth of knowledge in human biomechanics and proper alignment ensured safe yet effective stretches and asanas.

He encompasses an infectious energy that motivates you to improve in your practice and teaching. Above all, he truly cares about his students. The assisting mentors were also there to offer constant support and guidance. I highly recommend this fun-filled course to anyone looking for better posture and overall still digesting what had happened just now… So, it was hard for me to thank you in the words i could best describe my gratitude. I was bitten by a monkey on my cheek this afternoon and it still hurt when i came for your class.