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Fluid Fusion with Laura Guarnera

Fluid Fusion is a unique, gentle and fluid style, aimed to challenge and invigorate body and mind.

Instructors 1

Laura Guarnera

Laura`s work is informed by a lifetime of exploration in movement. She is a versatile and knowledgeable teacher. Her background combines dance, Pilates, yoga, Franklin method, and Garuda. Laura is a Pilates foundation teacher as well as a Yoga and dance teacher. Laura's style is a unique, gentle and fluid style, aimed to challenge and invigorates body and mind. Blending her passions for yoga, dance and Pilates, in a creative a fluid way where magic and imagination are waved together.

Testimonials 2

Leslie B

Fluid Fusion with Laura Guarnera's website

A very phisical company! Their work stands out from the Run of the mill high energy groups by the unnervingly obsessive quality of what they do. The piece exists on two levels: the sharp, fast, explosive side and a contrasting calm, slow, pedestrian one! Astonishing to watch!

The Guardian

Fluid Fusion with Laura Guarnera's website

Escapes from the limited vocabulary are the Italian Laura Guarnera and her partner Danal Guy. They offer attractive muscularity and a theatrical tension. Guarnera and Guy`s choreography is about couples, but is great to see a work that doesn't concentrate on how heterosexual relation can be.

Julia Pascal, Reviewing Bagnolet Choreographing Competition.

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