2 Days Mindfulness & YOU Retreat in UK

  • The Friars, Aylesford Priory, Nr. Maidstone, Kent, UK

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Personal Development Meditation Retreat UK

  • 2 days with instruction
  • Are you “confused” about what your “purpose” is? Do you feel unfulfilled? Have you lost touch of the real YOU? Let me help you reconnect with yourself and discover your life’s purpose. Spend some time with other like-minded ladies, listen, learn, discover, and gain an understanding of the power of Mindfulness, whilst in a friendly, welcoming, supportive, non-judgmental, loving, and caring environment.


    • Meditation sessions
    • All lessons and workbook
    • Private learning and social space
    • Unlimited tea and coffee
    • 1 night accommodation
    • Tea and cake
    • All meals

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Single, twin or family bedrooms are available at the retreat. The medieval priory houses a bedroomed guesthouse set within acres of beautiful grounds. The guesthouse can sleep up to 100 and visitors are welcome to stay from one day up to two weeks. All guests are welcome to join the Carmelite community at any of the daily services.

    Fit2Relax are a mother and daughter team specialising in health, fitness, relaxation, and personal development events to women of all ages.

    They are committed, dedicated and passionate about the mission to empower women to feel in control of their lives by being as healthy, fit and confident as they can be.

    Fit2Relax know, from their vast combined teaching experience, that feeling and looking good is possible for everyone and they will support you on your journey towards this attainable goal. Invest in you, put you first, your health and well-being is your most important asset.

    This is an opportunity to acknowledge the positives in your life and learn to manage the negatives, quiet, peaceful time to reflect. Make new choices and regain control.

    This retreat is for women want to improve the quality of their life. The benefits are to claim back control, understand how awareness and mindfulness can enhance your health and well-being, and learn the principles of how your thoughts, feelings, and actions affect your body.

    Personal development workshops

    • Creating your vision
    • Understanding the power of your thoughts
    • The power of your feelings
    • The power of the words you use and how these words affect you and others around you
    • How the above affects your actions.
    • How your habits and beliefs are formed
    • The law of association
    • Recognising what you don’t want in your life as well as what you do want
    • Recognising your barriers, “excuses”, and identifying a strategy
    • Making an action plan

    • How your thoughts affect your body
    • Understanding the philosophy - “universal theories”
    • How your thoughts affect your cells
    • Energy waves – good and bad vibrations
    • The electrical circuit of your thoughts and body
    • How your thoughts affect your biology and health

    Set in the heart of Kent, England, The Friars, Aylesford Priory, is an ancient religious house of the order of Carmelites dating back to the 13th century. Over the centuries and now today, The Friars has become for thousands of visitors a place of peace, a community of prayer, an experience of God, a centre of welcome

    a venue for gathering, and a work of art.

    The Friars has a well-established conference centre hosting seminars and conferences. The peace garden is divided by upright sleepers into several small themed gardens allowing the visitor to view the garden as a whole, whilst enjoying the different smaller areas of planting.

    The first garden entered takes up the busy stressful mood of many visitors and aims to subtly move this energy to a place of warmth and vibrancy. This then enables the visitor to take onboard the energy reduction of the wind and wave garden.

    Making use of soothing curves and a mauve and pale yellow palette, this is designed to invoke a mood of gentle flowing calm. The central earth and water garden with a blue and white palette encourages tranquillity and stillness. The visitor, supported by the sounds of the water features, is encouraged to rest and 'to be'.

    Incorporated throughout the garden are peace tiles in over 200 different languages acting as a symbol of striving for the peaceful integration of all in society, locally, nationally, and internationally.

    • Shopping
    • Shopping nearby
    • Dining area
    • Garden
    • Kitchen
    • Conference room

    Unlimited tea and coffee, one breakfast, two three-course hot lunch, afternoon tea and cake, and evening supper are included in the price of the retreat. All meals are served in the Pilgrims Hall located in the Great Courtyard.

    There is also a restored seventeenth-century barn at the entrance to The Friars houses that serves as a tearoom. The tearoom and gift shop is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 in summer and offers visitors a good range of home-made cakes and snacks for an additional fee.

    Some stop over on their way to Canterbury, following the ancient pilgrims' way to the cathedral. The Friars was always a traditional stop in medieval times and, in fact, the Pilgrims' hall, the oldest building at The Friars, is so named because it offered hospitality and accommodation for travellers to Canterbury. This custom of hospitality to pilgrims continues today.

    Massage treatments available at very reasonable cost upon request.

    • 1 night accommodation
    • 1 workbook
    • 1 breakfast
    • 2 three-course hot lunch
    • Afternoon tea and cake
    • Evening supper
    • Personal development lessons
    • Private Fit2Relax learning and social space
    • Unlimited tea and coffee

    Driving directions from Eccles

    • M20 Junction 6 then follow signs to Eccles and The Friars.
    • M2 Junction 3 then follow signs (towards Maidstone A229) to Eccles and The Friars.

    Arrival by train

    Please take a train from London Victoria to Maidstone East then take a taxi or a 155 bus to The Friars. You can also take a train from London Victoria to West Malling and then take a taxi.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Fit2Relax an inquiry.


    • Review by Amanda H.

      "I feel rejuvenated for many reasons after this weekend. I went without knowing anyone and have returned home with some lovely memories and re-energised."

      2016. Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Wendy J.

      "Good morning my lovely friend. I keep hearing your relaxing voice, talking to us during our quiet time. So I wanted to give you a compliment and tell you that you have a lovely calm voice and a very friendly communication style ... perfect for your calling to heal people. Have a lovely day."

      2016. Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Kelly from Kent

      "After having counselling before, I wanted to experience a different perspective of things and see if it could help me find me! During the course I understood things in more depth, Especially the Law of Attraction and the Meaning of Words. It was lovely meeting all the lovely ladies. It helps to understand how the mind works & how everything & everyone around us can affect us."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Clare from Erith

      "I joined the course because I wanted to find my voice again, to get heard and understood. Boost my self-esteem and confidence. I wanted to be more positive (alternative therapy to being referred by GP to CBT and being in a group of chronically ill people, I needed more positivity. I enjoyed finding out more information on how I can improve and help myself and those around me. Meeting lovely ladies. Being around positive, like-minded people, even though we all had our own issues. It would help others to know that the group is friendly and confidential. It is a relaxed environment and you share as much or as little as you wish."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Carol from Sidcup

      "I joined the course because I was just really interested to learn more about the mind and how we react to things as I love this kind of stuff. I enjoyed being part of a small team of like-minded ladies. The sharing of hard decisions and feelings. The benefits are that you become more open minded, less worried. Become more centerd in yourself to enjoy life with more focus"

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Anon

      "Before the course I struggled with anxiety in various situations. I really enjoyed the group chats discussing with like-minded people. These sessions are very beneficial. It makes you re-assess how you look at life and what you can achieve. It can make a difference to your future!"

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Lauren from Bexleyheath

      "My reason for joining the course was because I was uncertain of what I wanted in my life, and how I would affect any change. Especially because of the impact on others around me. I wanted to learn how to cope with everyday situations better. Also to develop an understanding of the mind and our environment. To help me cope with my anxiety, lack of patience and worry. After finishing the course its already helping me become a lot more aware of how my environment and other people can affect me, along with the power of your thoughts. How would it benefit others? Just do it! It will open your mind to life and influences around you."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Michelle from Blackfen

      "After attending Mandy’s Mind Set one day workshop, it triggered a huge interest of mine and I wanted to learn more! I enjoyed seeing Mandy and being with other nice ladies. I looked forward to every session. All the topics were so interesting and beneficial. Not only has it made me appreciate more of the simple things in life it’s also made me realize where I have been going wrong! I am generally a negative person and once something goes wrong I seem to focus on the bad. I now have the ability to flip that around and focus on the good. I loved the paradigms topic and what makes us who we are. I have realized I need to focus on myself a lot more and have now become more aware of the influence people have on us. Focus on the good and the bad would not have such an impact on us. Who would not benefit from having that?"

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Elinor from Crayford

      "My journey started out because I was stuck in a rut, my head was all over the place, no focus and just existing and starting to dread my job. I needed to find some direction. I attended Mandy’s one day Mind Set workshop which helped me look at my life and what I wanted to achieve from it. Three months on, I’m in a much better place at home and work! I’m due to attend a Leader in Running Fitness course so I can help people with their running which is my passion. After my training I will be starting my own running group with my daughter. Mandy has given me the confidence to believe in myself and to follow my dream. A massive thank you to a lovely lovely lady."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Julie from Dartford

      "I came to attend the mind set course as I was struggling with low self esteem, negative thoughts, depression, I am not good enough, not great with challenges. The conversation in my head was what is life all about!? I am not good enough, I cannot do this, how can I change this, I need a different job."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Michelle from Sidcup

      "Thank you for the trouble you went through last night, the set-up, lighting, heat, etc. it was very nice I thought your talking and the gaps of quietness were timed very well and I liked that. It was nice to have a story in there too, so all was very nice, a good idea moving forward because we just do not take the time to relax! Thank you for making us feel so welcome."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Margarita from Sidcup

      "Your enthusiasm is inspirational and very much part of you. Did I find the sessions useful? Well I have spent over 40 years trying to change myself, trying to be a better person and failing. Who would not ? I have done the course with you and realized that there is not anything wrong with me, just with how I see myself. My upbringing created a belief that I had to be perfect and always fell short and that was probably reinforced by my first failed marriage. Well, now, I know that I can change my belief and like myself, credit myself for my achievements (and recognize them!) and learn from my failures and do you know, there have not actually been many of those. So you have made a monumental difference to my life and therefore, by association, to the relationships that I have with everyone else and I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart. I found it really interesting meeting and listening to others, I like to learn and think I have a healthy respect for the opinions of others who are willing to share those with me. I am on the verge of a new and exciting time in my life, photo will follow, and I will enjoy it all the more because of you, so please keep it up, if you just help 1% of your students that will be a major achievement."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Karen from Bexleyheath

      "I started Mandy’s Chi Ball class about one year ago. I remember exactly how I felt when I left that first class, great for the many reasons to follow”. Mandy seems to have a natural ability in making us all feel valued and cared for individually. She remembers all our names and bits about our lives. Besides her wonderful nature, she runs a class involving all levels of ability with ease and not making anyone feel uncomfortable if they can’t manage something. Her eyes are always open to possible dangers and continually checks our safety. She has the patience of a saint and a smile for all of us always."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Ali from Bexleyheath

      "I engaged in 6 sessions with Fit2relax as a different option to starting counselling again. During these session we focused on the way I thought and the words I used, and I cannot believe the progress I have made in such a short space of time and the control I gave back to myself. I have now been able to move forward with my life and be grateful for each and every day. Thank you Fit2relax for giving me the tools to get my life back, I am still using the tools every day to ensure I stay strong and handle what each day throws at me."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Linda from Bexleyheath

      "I started going to Mandy’s chi ball classes about a year after my second hip replacement and soon began to notice a great improvement in my flexibility, core strength, balance and agility. The improvement has continued and I feel that, with Mandy’s encouragement and teaching skills, I am the best I can be. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She challenges us but at the same time is mindful of the need to ensure the safety and well being of everyone in her class and she makes sure everyone has her full attention. I cannot praise her enough!"

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Bexleyheath

      "Thank you Mandy and Rachael ­Ann for today. This has made me realize that I enjoy exercise and that I have to make sure I have time in my day to achieve this goal."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Bexleyheath

      "Fantastic event! Really helped me to focus on healthy eating and fitness goals. I can highly recommend!"

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Bexleyheath

      "Great to be in a friendly environment. Good mixture of exercises which show what Fit2Relax do. Great to talk about nutrition as well as exercise. I really enjoyed myself! Thanks "

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Bexleyheath

      "I enjoyed the warm up session and fun circuit activity. I now feel motivated and have my goals set. The support from Mandy and Rachael­ Ann is amazing!"

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Bexleyheath

      "Being with other people re-­connects your mind for remembrance as to why you want to do something."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "I agreed to go along to a Mindset session with Mandy out of curiosity; I did not know then what positive long lasting effects the following three hours would have on me. I have since attended a number of Mindset classes, which have taught me not just about myself but a better understand of others. I feel more confident to celebrate the positives in my life and move on from the negatives. The groups are confidential, friendly and relaxing. Thank you Mandy you are an inspiration."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Shelia C. from Bexleyheath

      "As an older person I have found body movements which I had forgotten I could still do! My balance has improved, I feel better mentally and physically. I have met new people and friends. Improved my fitness and I’m more aware of my mobility and body image. Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge but all in a positive way."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by Michelle from Sidcup

      "I found it just helped me to focus on what is important to me and took me back to the basics really. To stop and take a good look around & at me and enjoy what I do have in life (health etc.) to realize it is okay to try out something new-give it a go. You do not have to be the best at something, just commit to making a change to build the right identity for you. To recognize friends, people, family, or situations that are helpful to me and the one’s in my life that are not, Its just been really nice and good fun to see how we react or respond to things in our daily lives and how our environments can affect us all. Lastly, how we can choose to make better choices and be encouraged to reach the goals in our life no matter how small."

      Fit2Relax website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Bexleyheath

      "Coming to this Boot Camp event I have learnt lots on exercise and nutrition and feel I was welcomed into a comfortable, relaxed environment. Now feeling fit for 2016."

      Fit2Relax website, edited