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Fit & Fly Girl offers fitness and wellness retreats for women in luxury locales around the world aiming to introduce women to new locations, new experiences, and new people.

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  • Traveler Australia

    Fit & Fly Girl website

    I recently returned from one of the best travel experiences I have ever had! (Not) dealing with a recent zero birthday and ready to just get away from reality for a bit, but not wanting to travel solo for a change, I was thrilled to come across Fit & Fly Girl in a Google search that encompassed food, wine, dance and Buenos Aires! And that was such a lucky find. From my first apprehensive enquiry (nervous about travelling with a bunch of strangers) I returned with friends for life and sore stomach muscles from more belly laughs than I’d had in a long time (oh and tango lessons and learning to play polo with a mallet in one hand and a malbec in the other also had something to do with it). Rebecca made the week seamless and incredible fun and was the perfect hostess. It was a perfect balance between seeing the sights, a fabulous hotel, experiencing all the city had to offer from two wheels to horseback, enjoying plenty of the finer things (especially the great dining experiences) and keeping the kilos at bay in the best way possible with Jennifer’s fabulous dance classes, cycling, yoga and of course, tango! Thank you Rebecca for making that zero birthday so fabulous and for a week I’ll always treasure. Your attention to detail, personal responses to every question and sunny disposition were perfect and you were a great travel buddy too. As were the rest of the great group of girls we had. I look forward to the next one somewhere just as fabulous as Buenos Aires.

  • Traveler United States

    Fit & Fly Girl website

    Fit & Fly Girl Tulum was amazing! I came back feeling centred and extremely relaxed which is not an easy feat for me to achieve! Rebecca is a gifted leader and host; she has a way of making everyone feel taken care of and always has a warm, welcoming smile on her face. There is something magical about living right on the beach with a group of extraordinary women.

  • Bonnie Nevada, USA

    Fit & Fly Girl website

    Fit & Fly Girl Buenos Aires was the perfect gift for myself and I got much more out of it than I ever expected. I had a better than amazing time of yoga, tango, biking, shopping, new friends, and new scene. I even managed to squeeze in a night out dancing. I thought I would benefit from taking a break from my normal day, but mostly I was reminded of the importance of self-care, how much I love yoga, spoiling myself, and being open to make new friends. Not only do I feel refreshed from all the lovely me-time, it has re-ignited my passion for movement and travel!

  • Linda Texas, USA

    Fit & Fly Girl website

    Making a vacation come together seamlessly in a country where I don't speak the language seems like a daunting and time-consuming task. Fit & Fly Girl came to my rescue with their incredible Costa Rica adventure! They planned and coordinated everything. All I had to do was show up, relax, and enjoy. I had a blast meeting new friends, learning to surf, horseback riding, hiking, and kick-starting my summer workout plan all in one week. I will absolutely be traveling with Fit & Fly Girl again soon.

  • Deane DC, USA

    Fit & Fly Girl website

    Before traveling with Fit & Fly Girl, I’d never attended a women's retreat and admittedly had my apprehensions. Rebecca anticipated my questions, providing all the information I would need to feel comfortable traveling to a foreign country with a group of women I'd never met. Once on the retreat, I was able to relax as everything had been carefully planned for me. The activities and schedule allowed me to do as much or as little as I liked. The villa was beautiful and it was obvious that Fit & Fly Girl has an eye for putting together a vacation that appeals to the luxury traveler. I'm already planning my next retreat!

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