For almost 45 years, Feathered Pipe Foundation has been hosting yoga, health, and wellness programs at the Feathered Pipe Ranch located outside Helena, Montana.

Yoga Retreats (8)

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Instructors (13)

Judith Hanson Lasater

Bexter Bell

Melina Meza

Amir Tahami

Zane Williams

Anne Jablonski

Lizzie Lasater

Carie Garrett

J. Brown

Marla Apt

Matthew Marsolek

Annie Moyer

Lauren Walker

Reviews (1)

Charlene Mcarthur

from United States, September 2018

"A family experience "

We treated our family to the Serenity Yoga Retreat for our summer vacation. The staff was so wonderful to accommodate our wide range of needs and experience. We truly felt at home. Gernot was an amazing guide and instructor who was so in tune with every individual. The ranch is a true outdoor paradise. We were lucky enough to get to experience the last sweat lodge of the year...amazing. We would highly recommend Gernot and the Feathered Pipe Ranch for a very refined and focused yoga experience.

Testimonials (5)

a traveler

Feathered Pipe Foundation website

After teaching yoga for close to 15 years — and having had the privilege of studying with scores of master teachers — this week at the Ranch with Gernot was by far the single most potent, information-packed, and insight-rich workshop experience to give me what I’ve needed as a teacher. While I savor my own practice, I am always looking for fresh, simple ways to convey the essence of yoga to my students – and this week with Gernot was pure gold on that front.

a traveler

Feathered Pipe Foundation website

Gernot’s attention to healthy and mindful yoga details within a practice go beyond those of any previous teacher. The benefits of Gernot’s teaching are accessible to all levels and should be experienced by anyone who wants to dramatically increase their understanding of their own personal relationship to yoga.

Rebecca California

TripAdvisor website

I stayed at Feathered Pipe Ranch this summer resetting during a week long yoga retreat. We woke every morning to a calming meditation practice. Our simple and delicious breakfasts consisted of oatmeal, fruit, coffee, and juices. Our daily morning yoga practice focused on both the physical and mental components of yoga. We were also treated to several well-thought out and engaging sessions on Ayurveda. Each day after a delicious lunch we had the afternoon to relax, hike, kayak, swim, read, or do what we needed to recharge. After an early evening yoga practice, we were treated to more amazing home cooked food from the kitchen. Feathered Pipe Ranch will always be a special place in my heart. What an amazing experience!

Angie S. Texas

TripAdvisor website

Magical place. Crystal lake. Fairytale blue dragonflies flying at its surface. Clean air and the purest water. Gourmet food, healthy organic, nutritious and delicious; this includes pampering deserts. The most helpful, friendly and wonderful staff one can dream of! Everything inviting to rest, relax and let go. If perfection exists - this is where it can be found.

Virginia Ray Arlington

TripAdvisor website

I just returned from a wonderful weeklong yoga retreat led by Carie Garret at Feathered Pipe Ranch near Helena, Montana. It was a wonderful experience and I have already signed up for 2018 when she returns August 18-25. She is taking over the slot for a freedom-style yoga retreat at the ranch that was long led by Erich Schiffmann until he retired last year.

For those who don’t know her yet, Carie with the long-red hair was a long-time assistant of Erich’s freedom yoga style. To say she is filling his shoes would be trite because while she remains loyal to the principles of freedom yoga, she is going steps further by adapting freedom-style yoga to a unique and refreshing style that is all her own. In contrast to the more cerebral emphasis of Schiffmann, Garret seems more focused on the heart and emotional aspects of yoga. For example, she is a devotee to Bhakti yoga, a branch of yoga more oriented to expression through singing, dancing, and other artistic forms. Most yoga studios don’t offer Bhakti classes so yogis have few opportunities to sample the Bhakti experience.

Carie is also emphasizing a freedom form of hatha yoga that gets away from some of the old techniques that other yogis drone on about that actually create stress rather than bring peace. She has created some of her own poses and sequences. For example, I remember “pigeonish” which is a way for people with tight hips to get the benefit of pigeon without the strain. Another pose is “running dog” that is an interesting variation of down dog. I have a tough time with balance poses but she did a sequence that brought me to a brief instance of dancer’s pose.

In addition to the mediation, some discussion and standard asana of the morning, each afternoon we had a session of freeform. This involves turning on music for about an hour in which you do any poses—existing or self-created--in any way that the spirit and music moves you. During one free-form session, interested yogis even had a change to draw mandelas which was a popular group activity. Although I lack any artistic skill, I found the mandela a very cathartic activity. Don’t worry about the day being too busy to relax. There is ample time between the morning and late afternoon sessions to hike, boat on the lake, get massages, or my favorite activity take a nap. Some group members even led a yoga nidra session after class one day.

A highlight of the week for me was the way Carie blended in story-telling with a dramatic flair. One tale in particular was the fascinating legend of the monkey god, Hanuman. These are some stories only some teacher trainees learn, but after that enthralling tale I now understand why splits are called the Hanumasana.

Carie was very much a part of our group activities. Sometimes after dinner she led many of us to hike up to a scenic overlook over the ranch that also has a view of the continental divide. The sunsets there are spectacular. Often a group of us yogis line up on the ridge and have a picture of us in sundry poses.

Of course, this whole week had the lovely Feathered Pipe Ranch as a backdrop. The accommodations can suit all tastes from lodge, to yurt, to tipi, to tents. As usual the food was scrumptious and varied. There were many options for vegans and those with restricted diets, but the carnivores had their shot. We circled the world on our bellies with Thai, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, etc.