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Based in London, UK, Evolve’s vision is to create an environment that supports people to live healthy balanced lives and nurtures the soul through yoga retreat.

Instructors 1

Maren Lander

Maren is a KRI certified Level I and Level II Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher who trained in the UK and France. She also works with sound through the healing vibrations of the chiron gong and holds shamanic ceremonies, such as cacao and fire ceremonies. Over the last five years, Maren has taught at well-known yoga studios and wellness centers in London such as Tri Yoga, Evolve Wellness Centre, and the Breath of Life Clinic. She is a heart-centered teacher who guides her students in a gentle but powerful way, always reminding them to find love and forgiveness for themselves.

Testimonials 5

Anna Hanchar


Great centre - welcoming, warm, relaxing, convenient and professional.



This experience exceeded by far my expectations.



I came the week it opened and I’ve been coming ever since. I like everything it stands for, I love the teachers, I love the variety of classes … it’s brilliant.



The benefit was several-fold, I mean really on mental and physical levels. Physically I could almost see my body changing and getting fitter and toned, it was just fabulous, and mentally I learned how to relax, which I did not know before I did yoga here. So it’s benefits were pretty huge … The instructors are very experienced, very open and welcoming, and I never had the feeling that I was being pushed in the wrong way.



It’s very relaxing, and I am getting more flexible slowly, it’s really helped me in a lot of ways. And Evolve is a beautiful space to do it in, with wonderful teachers. Really, really good, and they really take the time to listen to you and work on your individual body and needs.

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