Etna Retreat

Etna Retreat is a company that deals with yoga, tourism and well-being, bringing you to discover various places and to understand what it means to be in Sicily.

Instructors 11

Rosella Guidotto

Rossella will be the Italian - English interpreter throughout the whole retreat.

Aurora Romano

Aurora is the creator of energy training, holding a Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Science. She is also a senior massage therapist and Thai massage teacher. Aurora is passionate about the practice of traditional Oriental medicine and has traveled to Asia to acquire professional qualifications in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM).

Sergio Treglia

Sergio is an artist and painter; he will be your guide throughout the retreat.

Koncerto dell'anno dopo

They are a group of musicians, songwriters, and poets.

Paolo Vagliasindi

He is a farmer, craftsmen and mason. He specializes in restoring old family properties and has created a wonderful farm specializing in “Regenerative Organic Agricolture”.

Daniele Anzalone

He is a Restaurateur and master pizza chef. He will be preparing homemade pizzas before your eyes and cooked in a wood oven, along with explaining the secrets of this ancient craft and culinary form of Art.

Salvatore Caggegi

Salvatore is a master pastry chef. He will prepare before your eyes two of the most famous Sicilian delis "Arancini e Cannoli".

Marianna Trovato

Marianna is a homemade pasta chef, an artist and expert in medieval art and tradition. She will delight you with exquisite dishes.

Ciccio Virgillito

He is a medieval musician and professional juggler. During the retreat he will entertain you and also perform with his band of medieval musicians.

Giuseppe Severini

He is a lutist, artisan, musician, and scholar of early music from prehistory to baroque music. You will be host by him to visit the House of Music, it is a wonderful music museum created by him. In the museum, you will be exposed to an original experience focused on medieval culture through art, music and poetry.

Ezio Scandurra

He is an artist, and a puppet player. He will be performing his fantastic puppets that he built and piloted in the theatrical exhibition of Ezio.

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