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5 días retiro de yoga radiante en Aljezur, Portugal

  • Arrifana Pines, 778c Vales, 8670 158 Aljezur, Portugal

5 días retiro de yoga radiante en Aljezur, Portugal

  • Arrifana Pines, 778c Vales, 8670 158 Aljezur, Portugal

Whole & Happy Radiance Yoga Retreat Portugal

Whole & Happy Retreat is thrilled to announce that they're expanding to Europe this September. They teamed up with Arrifana Pines; an eco-conscious surf lodge in the south of Portugal that boasts sustainable living, homemade kombucha, and a gang of very happy, chatty chickens. Experience some of the most breathtaking beaches in the Algarve area, feast on home-grown farm-to-table cuisine, try your hand at a surf lesson, and discover why every step of your unique journey deserves to be recognized and well-celebrated!

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  • Twice daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • Hiking through the breathtaking coastal trails
  • Taste the delicious homemade wood fire pizza with local wine
  • Experience a night out in a local Portuguese tavern with tapas and wine
  • Daily hearty brunch and dinner
  • Welcome W&H goodie bag
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • 5 días con clases guiadas
  • Inglés
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During this retreat, you will be staying at Arrifana Pines. Previously a pine tree plantation, Arrifana Pines Surf Accommodation is being transformed into a food forest and a self sustaining bed and breakfast. It is located in close proximity to some of the most breathtaking beaches the West Algarve has to offer.

With solar powered hot water and a pizza cob oven fuelled by wood grown on site, Arrifana Pines aim to be a low impact holiday choice for anyone to come and learn, or advise on ways to reduce their impact on mother earth, and to have fun and full bellies while doing so!

What if it were possible to combine the simplicity of Asian living with the indulgences of European cuisine? Maybe add a rich, local wine pairing to the wholesome, home-grown meals? What if you peeled the layers away and encouraged your inner radiance to shine through by trying something new?

Practice yoga with the sunrise and the sunset. Ride waves in one of the best surf locations in the world. Dance like nobody’s watching. Breathe in the fresh sea air from hiking trails along rugged coastal cliffs.

It makes no difference whether you’ve had a yoga practice for years, or never heard of a downward dog in your life - if you are a human-being with the desire for growth, connection, and inspiration to live your happiest life, then this retreat is for you!

Sample daily schedule

  • Morning silence
  • 07:00 Rise and shine yoga practice, meditation, and journal writing
  • 10:00 Buffet brunch with local fruit, assorted cheeses, homemade yogurt, freshly-baked bread, and farm fresh eggs from happy chickens.
  • 12:00 Afternoon at Arrifana Beach - surf or SUP
  • 17:00 Candlelit yoga, pranayama, and meditation
  • 19:00 Homemade wood fire sourdough pizza paired with local Portuguese wine

There will be one night out in a local Portuguese tavern with tapas and wine, and you will also go hiking through the coastal trails. In the afternoon, you will visit Arrifana Beach for surfing or SUP.

This retreat will take place in Aljezur, Portugal.

Nearby places

  • Aljezur, 4 kilometers

You will be served fresh farm-to-table organic meals with local specialties. Daily hearty brunch and dinner with a glass of local wine are included. There will be also one barbecue night and you will be able to taste the delicious homemade sourdough pizza.

Try surfing or SUP in Arrifana Beach. Board rental is also available. Pamper yourself with Thai massage which is available at an additional cost.

  • 2 daily yoga and meditation classes
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Daily hearty brunch and dinner with a glass of local wine
  • Daily journal prompts to dig deeper into your yoga practice
  • Daily smoothie
  • Hillside hike
  • Homemade pizza and barbecue night
  • Night out in a local Portuguese tavern with tapas and wine
  • Whole & Happy welcome goodie bag
  • Alcoholic drinks (beyond included wine and meals)
  • Surf lessons and board hire
  • Thai massage

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Faro Airport (FAO) and take the train from there to Lagos, where Whole & Happy Retreat will meet you with a transfer back to Arrifana Pines. This transfer is included in the price.

  • El depósito no será reembolsado si la reserva es cancelada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado a tu llegada.


  • Reseña de Naomi Jane de Reino Unido

    "Can’t recommend this retreat enough! Rosie and Natasha are such wonderful teachers and their love and passion for yoga and life is totally infectious! A really well designed retreat with a great balance of yoga, self enquiry and local experiences. Thank you ladies for a wonderful and transformative experience! "

    Whole & Happy Retreats website, editado

  • Reseña de Ute Franz de Alemania

    "Too sad that our retreat at TCDF Ecologic with Natasha and Rosie had to come to an end. The week was nothing but extraordinary. Rosie and Natasha are just two lovely people that make you comfortable in your yoga practice and bring the whole yoga thing as a lifestyle closer to you. I am full of gratitude that I have been able to join them on their retreat at Ecologic where we enjoyed vegetarian farm-to-table meals with the nicest and kindest staff that you can imagine. Thank you so much for an uplifting week with you, ladies!"

    Whole & Happy Retreat website, editado

  • Reseña de Kelly Offner de Estados Unidos

    "I can't say enough good things about the Whole & Happy Retreat, Faasai Resort and Spa, and fearless leaders Rosie and Tasha! I signed on for the retreat without having much yoga experience, but in great need of mental clarity, a physical challenge and true relaxation. Whole and Happy delivered all of that and more! I went to bed each night of the retreat with a calm and centered mind, belly full of delicious food and a heart brimming with love and joy. Oh...and the occasional sore muscle :) Rosie and Tasha are compassionate and thoughtful teachers who will help you advance your practice and find peace in every moment. The staff at Faasai are delightful and attentive, and the resort grounds are impeccably kept! The surrounding town and beaches are perfect in every way. I'll be returning as soon as I can!"

    Whole & Happy Retreat website, editado

  • Reseña de Gracie Grant de Reino Unido

    "This retreat showed me there is more to yoga than just physical practice. Over the course of the retreat Rosie and Natasha opened my eyes to the power of meditation, self awareness and self love. The retreat brings together amazing people (of all abilities yoga-wise) who continually inspire and assist you in reaching your personal goals. The location was beautiful with the kindest staff you'll ever meet! If you are ever thinking about going on a yoga retreat with incredible teachers and people, make sure it is this one - I'm sure this retreat wont be my last with Whole and Happy."

    Whole & Happy Retreat website, editado

  • Reseña de Sheena Williams de Estados Unidos

    "The retreat, from start to finish, was amazing and Natasha and Rosie are extremely wonderful instructors. I learned new ways of practicing yoga and how to improve my own practice, enjoyed so many delicious Thai dishes and connected with some of the most marvelous souls I've ever met. The staff at Faasai are lovely and welcoming and the culture, food and overall environment of the resort, the retreat and Thailand made it even harder to leave. I already can not wait to have my next Whole and Happy Retreat experience."

    Whole & Happy Retreat website, editado

  • Reseña de Jeff Schu de Estados Unidos

    "I feel much more whole and wholly more happy after attending the Whole & Happy Yoga Retreat at the FaaSai Resort in Chanthaburi, Thailand. I found Natasha and Rosie's instruction very easy to follow. Rather than being intimidated by these yoga masters, I felt safe moving from an awkward first-timer to one who found the strength to complete 108 sun-salutations on the fourth morning. That practice will stick with me. I am definitely looking to continue yoga in my private life. The lessons I learned will greatly benefit my future journey in yoga. Keep breathing. As long as you try you are doing it right."

    Whole & Happy Retreat website, editado

  • Reseña de Sarah Schu de Estados Unidos

    "I thought there was a perfect flow to the days themselves and the week as a whole. The sight tour on the first full day was a great introduction to the space. The Thai market visit also helped to orient us within the town as a larger community and potentially something that most people wouldn't experience on a quick thai vacation. All the chances we had to watch the sunrise and sunset together was magical. Bike rides to beaches, ahhhhh. The spring roll cooking class was sweet especially because it gave us more of a chance to interact with the Thai staff.. beach picnic was so amazing... afternoon smoothies.. okay okay now I'm naming everything.. I had such a great time!"

    "To sum up this retreat in three words: blissful, dreamy, playful."

    Whole & Happy Retreat website, editado

  • Reseña de Maria de Alemania

    "Natasha and Rosie are wonderful teachers. You can feel that they do everything with love and passion. I enjoyed a lot spending a week in a beautiful resort with these beautiful people, thank you! "

    Whole & Happy Retreat website, editado

  • Reseña de Patrick DeJong de Nueva Zelanda

    "I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural Whole and Happy Retreat in November 2016. Overall I thought the retreat was excellent. The location and accommodation were perfect, the food was fantastic and the yoga was great. I felt that even though I hadn't done much yoga it was still very accessible. However without a doubt the people on the retreat were the highlight. It was a really good group and some of them have become life long friends. I also really liked how it was not too hardcore healthy and we could still relax with some beers. Rosie and Natasha - these guys are a great team: enthusiastic, professional, excellent yoga teachers and very friendly. Thank you!"

    Whole & Happy Retreat website, editado

  • Reseña de Kariina Rand
    10 de 10

    "I had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks at a retreat center being taught by both Natasha and Rosie. They are not only incredible teachers but they both have beautiful souls. I loved the bits of inspiration and poetry they mixed into their class, I kept wanting to preserve those words as they resonated so much with me and my practice. The energy of these two women is incredible. Natasha is truly one of the smiliest person I have ever met. I instantly knew that the retreat would be amazing knowing someone with that energy was present. Rosie is wise beyond her years and was always keeping us laughing. Thank you both for helping improve my practice, bringing me deeper into this beautiful world of mindfulness, and providing memories that I cherish. I would highly recommend any retreat with these two ladies, I wish I could make it out to this one! Lots of love and light to you all!"

    YogaTrail website, editado

  • Reseña de Nelly Habib
    10 de 10

    "Natasha and Rosie are the most amazing yoga teachers I have ever met, and I have met a lot, travelling Asia. They both have a refreshing way of instructing a class that is both well explained and fun! They are a joy to be around and you feel there contagious love and energy as soon as you meet them! I wish I could put you both in my pockets and take you everywhere with me. I would highly recommend any retreat that these two have put together. Peace & love to you all!"

    YogaTrail website, editado

  • Reseña de John ML
    10 de 10

    "Rosie is the best instructor I have had and I have been travelling for almost 8 months now. Rest assured if you are a beginner or experienced yogi, Rosie will be able to enhance your postures really bring out the best from you. Natasha also a great teacher brings with her a great energy and love to the spiritual side of the retreat making this retreat an epic and amazing combination. I recommend these two teachers emphatically and wish them the very best!"

    YogaTrail website, editado

  • Reseña de Madi Simmons
    10 de 10

    "Rosie teaches from the heart with a wonderful freshness. She connects with her students in a way that keeps her yoga real and relevant. Rosie is entirely present with us, her students, and teaches us with conscientious attention and loving kindness. Rosie’s classes are enjoyable but challenging enough to leave us feeling like we’ve had a top to toe stretch, and the savasana is awesome. Our time with Rosie at Hariharalaya, Cambodia was really special and I look forward to going on another retreat with her."

    Yoga Trail website, editado

  • Reseña de Sylvie Le
    10 de 10

    "If you are looking for a yoga retreat that will help you to connect to yourself and others in a meaningful and loving way, then you would really appreciate learning and practicing yoga and meditation under the guidance of Rosie. Rosie is a lovely, experienced and skilled yoga teacher and retreat leader. She has a graceful way of authentically connecting with students on and off the mat to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and open. Naturally, her warmth and genuinity in caring for others brings forth a sense of community. Rosie is able to provide inspirational yoga classes, educational workshops, and community-building activities in a fun and playful way that will surely make you feel alive and free!"

    Yoga Trail website, editado

  • Reseña de Debbie Van Norel de Holanda
    10 de 10

    "A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of joining a retreat where Rosie and Natasha were sharing their love for yoga. This week was the perfect way for me to learn a lot more about yoga and how to make it a way of life. Rosie and Natasha have this passion and knowledge of yoga that makes you love it even more. Besides the fact that I enjoyed their way of teaching, these two girls are a great time outside of the yoga studio as well. We had so much fun! I would definitely join a retreat with them again!"

    Yoga Trail website, editado

  • Reseña de Robert Kent
    10 de 10

    "I had the pleasure of attending an outstanding yoga and meditation retreat in Cambodia with Rosie and Natasha. This team is truly magical. The space they hold is clear, positive, friendly yet sacred and educational all at the same time. I would highly encourage signing up for any offering that they put their love and intention into."

    Yoga Trail website, editado

  • Reseña de Ashleigh McGuire de Australia
    10 de 10

    "I was Rosie's student at a retreat in Cambodia that I went to early this year. I had a few different classes with Rosie but my favourite was her yin/restorative class! It was what first got me into slower, longer holding and stretching yoga. I had never done this style before and I love it. The few basic poses we did are poses that I still do daily. As I've only being doing yoga for a year now Rosie's teaching was clear and her adjustments were accurate! Great teacher loved her classes!"

    Yoga Trail website, editado

  • Reseña de Jonathan Pritchard de Australia
    10 de 10

    "I have experienced Natasha and Rosie on separate occasions for class. They are both caring and loving souls that create a safe space for union between mind and body. The kindness and thought put into their instruction is clear with good intent. I thoroughly enjoyed their classes and would love to spend more time with them on the mat."

    Yoga Trail website, editado

  • Reseña de Sarah Austin de Australia
    10 de 10

    "I cannot afford Rosie higher praise and will forever recommend her teachings. Rosie was one of my teachers in Cambodia who introduced me to yoga and mediation. As a rookie to both of these things I was very nervous that I would not be able to do ‘the moves’ or flexible enough to participate in the class. Instantaneously I could relate to Rosie- she is warm, accommodating, encouraging, inspiring and pushes you to be the best version of you. Rosie teaches you not to compare yourself to others, but grow and learn for yourself and for your own practice. Rosie made me feel comfortable and confident. She is a truly magnificent teacher, made an effort to befriend me and I will forever be following her around Asia to experience a little more of the Rosie magic."

    Yoga Trail website, editado