21 días profesorado de yoga de 200 horas en Toscana, Italia

  • Agriturismo Fattoria Di Colleoli, Via Cerreto 9, Localita' Colleoli, Palaia (Pisa), Tuscany, Italy

21 días profesorado de yoga de 200 horas en Toscana, Italia

  • Agriturismo Fattoria Di Colleoli, Via Cerreto 9, Localita' Colleoli, Palaia (Pisa), Tuscany, Italy

Yoga Teacher Training Italy

Strengthen and enrich your yoga practice while learning to safely and confidently teach Hatha Yoga in the beautiful Tuscan hills of Italy. Immerse yourself in nature as you gain the core yogic knowledge you need to become an exceptional yoga teacher. Upon completion of this course and evaluation, you will qualify for Yoga Alliance registration, allowing you to teach yoga professionally anywhere in the world.

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  • Yoga history and philosophy
  • Transformational yoga theories
  • Transformational Hatha yoga practice
  • Pisa International Airport (PSA) transfer
  • Class manual and required books
  • Yoga teaching methodology
  • 20 nights accommodation
  • Daily vegetarian meals
  • 21 días con clases guiadas
  • Inglés
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You will be staying at the Agriturismo Fattoria Di Colleoli near Pisa, Italy. It is an ancient estate dating centuries back where the farmers used to live in the old times, stands, surrounded by the luscious vegetation of the Tuscan hills, a stone’s throw from famous artistic cities such as Pisa, Florence, Volterra, San Miniato, Siena, and San Gimignano.

The four properties, named Il Cerretello, Il Sole, Il Fienile and Il Botraccio, scattered around the grounds of the “Colleoli” farm, are surrounded by a green park, with two large swimming pools, offering you a chance to spend their days in utter relaxation. The estate is set in about 200 acres of land, and its main asset are the large olive groves that produce superior extra-virgin olive oil, known since 1865 for its excellent yield as proven by lots of international medals and awards. In the old times, the name Colleoli meant “Colle degli Olivi”, olive hill.

On the background of this uncontaminated area with magnificent views on the valley, just two kilometers from the farm, the guests can visit the old town of Palaia and its ancient castle, half of which belonged to the Bishops of Lucca, and half to a local aristocratic family.

The integrated curriculum offered in Italy is taught by expert teachers with years of experience and Yoga Alliance International certification who will guide you on this yogic journey through the asanas, pranayama, mantras, and meditation. Yoga training class sizes are kept to a maximum of 14 students in order to ensure personal attention. Live, learn, and transform with in this inspirational enviornment and take away much more than a teaching certificate.

Classes will be held from Mondays to Fridays.

Sample dailly schedule

  • 07:00 Breakfast
  • 09:00 Pranayama and Hatha asanas
  • 11:00 Theory
  • 13:00 Lunch and free time
  • 15:00 General yoga theory
  • 17:00 Asana evening practice or workshops
  • 19:00 Dinner


Practice of transformational Hatha yoga asanas

  • Basic preparatory joint movements to warm up and prevent injuries
  • Basic transformational Hatha yoga asana sequence includes about 80 positions
  • Sanskrit names of all positions
  • Surya Namaskar and Chandra namaskar (sun and moon salutations)
  • Techniques of transformational yoga within the asanas

Mantras: Building awareness with vibrations and chanting

  • Five-element mantra
  • Gayatri mantra
  • Invocation technique with mantra
  • Sanskrit training, including chanting mantra, asanas, pranayama, and other yoga vocabulary
  • Seed sounds for chakras: relaxation, purification, and activation

Theory for transformational yoga

  • Energy mechanics of transformational yoga
  • Five bodies and Koshas
  • Functions of seven chakras
  • Impurities of the five bodies, effects, and purification techniques
  • Pranic body and five pranas and their functions

History and philosophy

  • Comparison and brief history of main branches of yoga
  • History of Hatha yoga
  • Introduction to yoga sutras, vedas, upanishads, bhagavad gita, and the yoga tradition
  • Patanjalis yogic philosophy and the eight limbs of yoga
  • The wheel of yoga

Pranayama: Control of the prana

  • Bhramari (humming bee breath)
  • Breathing techniques for five prana activation
  • Conscious breathing techniques
  • Discussion on bad breathing habits and correction techniques
  • Kapalabhati (cleansing breaths)
  • Kewal Kumbhanka (peaceful pause)
  • Nadi shodana (alternate nostril breathing)
  • Science of Swara yoga introduction
  • Shitali and Sitkari (cooling breath)
  • Ujjayi (victorious breath)


  • Granthis
  • Jalandhara bandha (throat lock)
  • Maha bandha (the great lock)
  • Moola bandha
  • Mudras
  • Uddiyana bandha

Meditation techniques

  • Five body meditation
  • Meditations from the tantras
  • Observation and awareness techniques
  • Various Osho meditations (Kundalini, chakra, Vipassana, and Dynamic)
  • Walking meditation
  • Yoga Nidra relaxation techniques
  • Zen meditation

Teaching methodology

  • Assisting, modifications, correcting, and instructing
  • Classroom safety
  • Ethical guidelines for yoga teachers
  • Finding your own teaching style
  • Lesson planning
  • Principles of demonstration and observation

Anatomy and physiology

  • Endocrine system and the chakras
  • Health benefits of yoga techniques, contraindications, and therapeutic use
  • Introduction to Ayurveda: body types and diet
  • Kundalini theory
  • Nadis and the nervous system
  • Physical anatomy and physiology -basic knowledge of body systems including respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous, musculoskeletal, and endocrine systems
  • Psychic physiology of yoga (Ida, pingala, and shushumna)

Yoga teaching methodology

  • Assisting in classes taught by others
  • Basic healthy yogic lifestyle
  • Student teaching and observing
  • Michelle Kaminski

    Michelle Kaminski finished her Masters in Clinical Psychology in California, and then followed her passion for yoga by taking an Ashtanga teachers training course in Italy. Studying directly under Swami Vidyanand, the founder of Yoga Alliance International, she received the Grand Master level certification in Transformational Hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation. She also studied prenatal yoga with Uma Dinsmore- Tuli in London, children’s yoga with Rainbow Kids, Yin yoga with Bernie Clark and Therapeutic yoga with Joseph Le Page. She blends psychology and spirituality in her own yoga way!

This retreat will be held in Turscany, Italy.

Nearby places

  • Old Palaia town - 2 kilometers
  • Boating nearby
  • Swimming
  • Swimming pool
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Balcony
  • Café
  • Dining area
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Lobby
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Tour assistance

You will be served three delicious and healthy vegetarian meals a day.

Very close to the property, a few nature trails offer lovely walks to enjoy the fine sights that surround the area. Optionally, the farm can arrange wine tastings a few miles from the farm, as well as horse riding, and Vespa tours. In the summer, you can enjoy an evening tour of the beautiful old city of Palaia, taking in its art, culture, sights, villas, and castles, completed by a tasting of local produce, as well as food festivals, or village feasts. During winter, do not miss the Truffle Festival in San Miniato.

  • 3 vegetarian meals a day
  • 20 nights accommodation
  • Class manual and required books
  • Full yoga program
  • Pisa International Airport (PSA) transfer
  • Yoga Alliance International certificate
  • Airfare
  • Extra activities

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Pisa International Airport (PSA). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Transformational Hatha Yoga will pick you up from the airport.

  • El depósito será reembolsado en su totalidad si cancelas hasta 30 días antes de la fecha de llegada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado a tu llegada.

Reseñas verificadas de BookYogaRetreats.com

  • J
    Reseña de Anónimo

    A wonderful holiday

    2017-Jul-30 06:03:23

  • M
    Reseña de Malou Fenger de Dinamarca

    Knowledge for life

    CONS No me gustó: I would have preferred more time for the alignment analysis and adjustment classes

    PROS Me gustó: The deep spiritual theory which you do not get on other yoga courses. I especially liked the chakra sequences during asana classes and all the mantras and the pranayama techniques!

    2017-May-31 18:03:06

  • A
    Reseña de Alexandra Mandache de Rumanía

    PROS Me gustó: Great & experienced teachers, various classes, amazing locations, incredibly good vegetarian food

    2017-May-20 05:19:18

  • E
    Reseña de Elin Bergdahl de Suecia


    PROS Me gustó: I had an amazing time and a great experience. I learned so much about yoga but most of all I got a real taste and experience of what yoga can actually bring and do for one. I am forever grateful to Michelle, Marita and Becca for great teaching. Thank you for sharing knowledge and wisdom. And thank you Leonardo for amazing food and good healt every day. It's a great program and I got out what I wanted and more of it than I thought. I would recommend it to someone who wants a yoga experience and who wants a

    2017-May-13 02:57:34


  • Reseña de Sanda de Suiza
    10 de 10

    "I want to thank Michelle and my entire Yoga family for this breathtaking experience. I can't even wrap my head around it. The past 3 weeks were magical. Good vibes only all day every day. The food was amazing. The people in our group were just wow! We were talking about wanting to stay and live there all together as a community. Thank you for making me laugh and cry! The teachings were very structured and clear. I definitely learned a lot but I still feel like I could learn more when it comes to setting up a class. The food was so good. It was very detoxifying. I enjoyed the daily meals with the group. We were like a family. I am very sad that it's over but now I know why I came to this particular course. It's because I had to find out how I want to live for the rest of my life with the people around me. and of course to learn about yoga. Thanks again! One last tip: bring some dark chocolate along or any other treat as there are no sweets served at the house (except for fruits of course)."

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Octavia
    8 de 10

    "I would give this course an 8 out of 10 - it was really fabulous. The instruction was thorough, we were able to get a good grounding in both the physical aspects and the more traditional side of yoga. The living conditions are very comfortable, the beach only a short walk and Leo's veggie cooking is amazing. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who is curious to take their yoga further!"

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Jindra de República Checa
    10 de 10

    "I really enjoyed the course very much! It gave me more than I expected - very good way of teaching, practice, and homework. I can see I have learned a lot with no stress, all perfectly explained, logical and very inspiring. This course is definitely one of my best decisions in my life."

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Maria de Chipre
    10 de 10

    "It was a great experience. I enjoyed all the parts of the teaching. The teacher was excellent. She was very patient with all of us, our needs, our questions and always willing to solve our problems. I feel very confident and prepared to go back home and have the experience of pregnant women."

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Zoe de Grecia
    10 de 10

    "I really enjoyed this course. I believe that I learned a lot of things, understood better things. I learned in the past and it also helped me to organize the knowledge about yoga I have gained until today. The course gave me a holistic view of yoga as I was practicing mainly just Asana before."

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Anna de Grecia
    10 de 10

    "This course was really transformational for me. My body feels stronger and I lost weight. I learned many interesting things that I can apply in my daily practice. They gave me a good example of how one should teach with ease and patience. The explanations were clear and understandable."

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Elisa de Malta
    10 de 10

    "This was an overall good experience for me! This training gave me the ability to begin my own cleansing process and become more self aware so I can take my experience and share it with others. It really taught me what yoga is all about. The environment was homely and peaceful. I enjoyed everything including the hospitality and the food. Thank you for this wonderful experience!"

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Emily de Canadá
    10 de 10

    "I really enjoyed this course! The teachers were kind-hearted and genuine. They are good role models for a yogic lifestyle. Thank you so much for your knowledge and kindness, I will always remember this experience."

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Joanna de Canadá
    10 de 10

    "It has been a wonderful course very comprehensive, theory application helped greatly with knowledge retention. I felt I was able to apply most of the theory taught in practice. I feel a transformation in action and feel wonderful. Wonderful teachers, very motivational. I will continue on with what I have learned here and I will pass on the wonderful knowledge. Thank you for such experience!"

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Nancy de Grecia
    10 de 10

    "It was an amazing experience. Professional but also warmth and give a sense of being at home with the beautiful location. The course was laid out in a consistent manner, amazing teachers. Words cannot really express how lucky I feel to have been part of this great course, of this lovely group of people. I'm sad it is over but happy because I feel more alive, have a better perspective of yoga with this integral holistic approach that gave me peace and in just 3 weeks it did work on me on all levels. Thank you! It is truly unforgettable. P.S.: they have amazing food!"

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Cecilia de Italia
    10 de 10

    "I write to you with so much gratitude in my heart for the transformational experience you gave us all over the past weeks. For me it has been the most important experience of my life, something I do not say lightly, I had no idea what progress I would make!"

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Georgina de England
    10 de 10

    "Massive thanks to you Michelle for your wonderful teaching and modeling, your patience, understanding and genuine love and care. I have enjoyed every moment of all your classes and feel very blessed to have met you as you have truly inspired a new forthcoming journey in my life! Thank you."

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Elizabeth de Noruega
    10 de 10

    "I enjoyed the yoga sessions, all theory sessions, and each Asana session thoroughly though with adjustments. They had a good teacher, good company and beautiful surrounding. Good way to gradually learn how to teach the whole session!"

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Emma de UAE
    10 de 10

    "I really enjoyed the course. All of the course was great, I learnt a lot! I enjoyed the Asana the most but found the theory really interesting also. The teachers were great, the location was perfect for the course. They would really do anything you need to improve. It was great. Thank you so much!"

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Nadia de Grecia
    10 de 10

    "I really enjoyed the training course and I'm glad I did it. It has been a great experience and it has opened my horizons in yoga teaching and also my personal practice. It sets high standards and also respects each one of us as an individual in a very discreet way with genuine approaches. What I enjoyed most was the variety of meditation techniques and yoga Nidra."

    Transformational Hatha Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Leigh de Reino Unido
    10 de 10

    "The structure of the course for Transformational Hatha Yoga was very well put together in terms of content, pace and materials used for study. I believe that our teacher Michelle, in particular, helped even further to ensure our learnings were both concise and enjoyable. I can honestly say that for most of the time I didn't even realize I was learning everything, so naturally... it just seemed to filter in with her gradual way of introducing facts and subjects and then gently but consistently referring to them so they became so familiar. The transformational hatha yoga way of both teaching and presenting its own special form of an overall yoga lifestyle has been inspirational to me personally, as well as teaching me to teach!"

    Transformational HathaYoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Ireen de Sudáfrica
    10 de 10

    "For me Transformational Yoga is ideally practiced in the morning before taking up daily routine. It is a gentle, low impact form of yoga, but very complete and the most pure form of yoga! After a session of Transformational Yoga both the student and the teacher feel energized and at peace. The energy level is maintained during the entire day and if practiced on a regularly basis the benefits such as a higher level of energy, happiness, healing on different levels, will become permanent. The practitioner will start experiencing more clarity and peace of mind in daily life, being able to reduce stress and confront problems in life and work, experience full awareness and intuition. Transformational Yoga is a non-restrictive form of yoga and can be practiced and taught by and to all generations and fitness levels. The beauty of this yoga is that every student feels welcome, no matter what his/her background, age or fitness level is. It is never too late to start practicing or teaching this unique form of yoga!"

    Transformational HathaYoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Liudmyla de Francia
    10 de 10

    "The most I enjoyed your openness and kindness as well as your patience. Thank you a lot for that. Very well composed and presented working materials, systemized and really ready to use. I really enjoyed all the process."

    Transformational HathaYoga website, editado

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