Peaceful Yoga Retreat Belgium

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The Vedic Care invites you to this yoga retreat in Durbuy, Belgium. Here, you will not only experience peace and improve your health but also learn new skills as well as modify your perspective while enjoying wonderful places. You will be hosted by many teachers and instructors, who are the experts in their fields, through various workshops as well as seminars. Join and experience a peaceful journey to a better life.


  • Intriguing Kirtan (spiritual music) sessions
  • Yoga, asana, Qi Gong, meditation, and pranayama classes
  • Seminars and workshops (certificates) with wonderful teachers
  • Vegetarian and vegan cooking courses
  • 1 free Gurudas’ book and tote bag
  • 2 vegetarian or vegan meals
  • 4 nights' accommodation


4 días con instrucción en Inglés
Idiomas hablados: Alemán, Español, Inglés
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The retreat center is situated on the Radhadesh property in the scenic beauty of the Belgian Ardennes. It offers comfortable accommodation, a fully equipped conference room, and friendly service. The 15-room building is an excellent base for spiritual retreats, yoga weekends, seminars, and gatherings. Moreover, the parking lots in Radhadesh are available for handicapped are available for free and there is also a space for busses.


The Ashram accommodation is divided between men and women. Both options offer single beds, shared bathrooms, and Internet access.

Small suite standard

The small suite standard rooms have a private bathroom with towels and panoramic view of the garden or green fields. The rooms are new and have comfortable single beds (some can have bunk beds). Desk, chair, and internet access are available for these rooms.

Suite standard

The suite standard rooms have a private bathroom with towels and panoramic view of the garden or green fields. The rooms are new and have comfortable single beds (there could be bunk beds). Desk, chair, and internet access are available for these rooms.

Big suite standard

The big suite standard rooms have a private bathroom with towels and panoramic view of the garden or green fields. The rooms are new and have comfortable single beds. Desk, chair, and internet access are available for these rooms.

The Vedic Care Yoga Retreat Program

Hosting and giving seminar

  • Gurudas: "Shamanic Experiences and Guided Meditation", "We are the Healers", and "Introduction to Bhakti Yoga"
  • Chaitanya Swarup Das: "Ayurveda - Self Management of Health" seminar
  • Dr. Carolle Chapman (Chaitanya Priya dd): Asana and pranayama yoga classes, "The Healing Power of Herbs - Our Friends and Supporters in Life, Health, and Healing" and "Introduction to Bhakti Yoga"
  • Sri-Kama Devi Dasi: "The Art of Real Listening - Communication Course"
  • Radha Krsna Das: "Micro Farming and the ‘Vedic Compost’ Revolutionary Method"
  • Aradhana Devi Dasi: "Introduction to Bhakti Yoga - Mantra Meditation"
  • Matthew Joseph Morreale: "Cinema and the Psyche" workshop
  • TBC teachers: Vegetarian and vegan cooking courses
  • TBC leaders: Kirtan (spiritual music)

Seminars and workshops descriptions

"We are the Healers" with Gurudas

In this seminar, you will learn how to be spiritual and survive in the modern world. This is a course designed to unblock your creativity and spiritual potential within in order to heal yourself and give to others. You will also learn how to apply anciently sacred arts into present practical practices in order to survive and flourish in the fast-paced world. The included topics are:

  • The inner journey / alternative states of consciousness
  • Karma
  • Transmigration of the soul
  • Mind / body / soul dynamics
  • Vision / dream time
  • Unblocking the creativity and spiritual potential
  • How to apply storytelling and myths to life
  • The archetypal selves
  • Transparent via mediums
  • Worldwide healing methods
  • Ritual / puja
  • Power spots / sacred places / festival
  • Medicinal herbology
  • Creativity and expression
  • The conscious and subconscious
  • Affectionate detachment
  • Dream healing
  • Survival skills
  • How to apply these ideas to the present fast-paced world

"Shamanic Experiences and Guided Meditation" with Gurudas

In this seminar, Gurudas will also give "Hypnosis Demystified: An Overview and Experience" workshop that will teach you techniques of hypnotherapy and relaxation methods with induction experience. The included topics are:

  • An introduction
  • History of hypnosis and overview including shamanism
  • Imagination / myth / your subconscious
  • Affirmation and suggestion techniques
  • Ideomotor response
  • Suggestibility testing
  • Dream time and the subconscious
  • Meditation techniques and the trance states
  • Affirmation (language, write your own affirmations)
  • Mythic image
  • Archetypes and the collective unconscious
  • Regression or past life
  • Abreaction
  • Healing arts
  • Uses and application of hypnosis (self hypnosis / self-empowering applications; identifying and healing early life traumas; the seeds of habit and how to change; how to increase your confidence and determination; spiritual and inner guidance; releasing self-limiting beliefs, doubts and attitudes; reducing stress; taping into your creativity; success strategies; memory enhancement)
  • Induction techniques (various methods, language)
  • Induction experience
  • Make your own tape
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Practice induction session with partners
  • Self hypnosis techniques
  • How to conduct a hypnotherapy session with a client

"The Healing Power of Herbs - Our Friends and Supporters in Life, Health, and Healing" with Dr. Carolle Chapman

This seminar is a brief introduction to the ancient use of herbs in all cultures to heal. The included topics are:

  • All plants are a manifestation of life: Plants are givers of light and love to all other life forms. Herbs through photosynthesis give light, the power of the sun, air, water, and minerals from the Earth.
  • Let your food be your medicine: Herbs are food. They nourish and heal you. They give information to body, mind, and spirit to grow and to repair itself.
  • All like forms have a unified consciousness that maintains and direct the life force in its manifestations: You will learn about the consciousness of plants and how to communicate with each herb to reveal their value, uses, and gifts.
  • Therapeutic uses of herbs: You will learn herbs based in affinity of a herb for a particular body system or mental-emotional ailment. For examples, digestive herbs, bitter tonic herbs, nervines for the care of the nervous system, alternatives to clean the blood, and expectorants to clear mucus from the respiratory system.
  • Types of herbs: Culinary and medicinal provide the building blocks for structure, growth, and regulation of all life processes. You will also learn about herbal preparations including teas, tinctures, bathe, salves, lotions, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, essential oils, aerial effusions, etc.

Note: Time needed for this seminar is 45 to 60 minutes.

"Ayurveda - Self Management of Health" seminar with Chaitanya Swarup Das

Self-management of health seminars are designed to focus on yourself from day one. You will learn Ayurvedic popular and practical themes, and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, know nothing, or you already did some Ayurvedic training before. Chaitanya's objective is to simplify the art of living and presented it to you as he had realized it in a practical yet effective way and no matter what is your profession, you will be able to implement positive changes in your life.

You will learn a mixture of popular interest and advanced Ayurvedic concepts. Ayurveda is a vast field of knowledge so it can feel like a never-ending learning process, but in this course, you’ll get a basic but deep understanding of the true multidimensional Ayurveda in a personalized way and the importance of following a healthy lifestyle along with an Integral yoga and meditation practices. Chaitanya’s seminars are usually a mixture of information that is given in the regular Ayurvedic studies program and additional information that is not found anywhere in the West. The topics will vary depending on students' capabilities and commitment.

"Introduction to Bhakti Yoga" workshops

You will learn about nectar of devotion which is the essence of Bhakti yoga with Kirtan (spiritual sounds). These sessions will include the Vedic Care team and their Kirtaneers (musicians) including Dr. Caitania Priya (Dr. Carolle Chapman), Gurudas (Roger Siegel), Aradhana dd (Ana Lucia Alves), and Chaitanya Swarup Das (Alfredo Llorente Marcos).

"The Art of Real Listening - Communication Course" with Sri-Kama Devi Dasi

If you want to improve your relations, become more aware and conscious of yourself and others, as well as offering real care to others, then this workshop is for you. This workshop is a useful refresher for good listeners. Here, you will experience:

  • Lively and interactive learning
  • Learning through experiential and hands-on practice
  • Fun ways to discover roadblocks to listening
  • Becoming more aware of empathic connections
  • Becoming aware of what is really going on for others emotionally
  • Take away the most important basis for communication and relationship

Note: The total duration of this workshop is four hours.

"Micro Farming and the ‘Vedic Compost’" with Radha Krsna Das

This three-day seminar of one hour sessions will be parted as follows:

  • Day 1: Why and how to utilize waste and cow dung for a maximum benefit for both the cows and the devotees
  • Day 2: How to survey your land for a management site, repair drainage and crop pests and diseases, improve human health (the foundation of Ayurveda)
  • Day 3: Purchase the equipment and selling on the system to the world with a commission

"Cinema and the Psyche" workshop with Matthew J. Morreale

"Cinema and the Psyche" is an exploration of the nature of cinema, the psyche, and how they interrelate.


Ana Lucia "Aradhana dd" Alves
Ana left Brazil at nineteen to explore the world and seek spiritual enlightenment. As the great-granddaughter of a native Brazilian shaman, she never could accept mainstream spiritual paths that were so limiting to her sensibilities. Ana first saw the "Hare Krishnas" in Munich in 1988 and years later she was introduced to the yogic philosophy of Krishna consciousness. She finally joined the movement in Manhattan after receiving Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad Gita in 2002. She accepted a Guru and became Aradhana Devi Dasi.
Alfredo Llorente "Chaitanya Swarup Das" Marcos
Alfredo is also known as Chaitanya Swarup das. With over 40 years experience in professional care, he’s skilled at helping people maintain and improve their health and overall physical and spiritual well-being, based on complementary Ayurvedic yoga systems of medicine and healing. He is trained in Jyotish and medical Vidya, have done much research and worked to unify the foundations of Tao and Dharma in healing, also using Tai Chi and Chikung. Chaitanya Swarup is fluent in multiple languages with extensive knowledge of other cultures and societies.
Dr. Carolle "Chaitanya Priya dd" Chapman
Dr. Carolle Chapman also known as Caitanya Priya Devi Dasi was born and raised in Jamaica by her grandparents who lived a simple life. Her grandmother, an entrepreneur and local herbalist, taught her to appreciate and use the gifts of plants to cure ailments and maintain health. In 1996, Caitanya Priya met Bhakti Tirtha Swami and was initiated in February of 1999 at Gita Nagari Farm, Pennsylvania. This was followed by Brahman initiation in 2004. Bhakti Tirtha Swami engaged her in the care of devotees’ body, mind, emotions, and soul.
Matthew Joseph Morreale
Matthew was born in Mississippi and raised in England. He spent many years living and traveling in Europe, soaking up the culture, playing music, and writing poetry. Then, with the gravitational pull of a black hole, cinema devoured him. His ‘Cinema and the Psyche’ podcast and workshops are a vehicle for sharing his process and realizations about cinema, the filmmaker and the audience, and their effect on each other.
Roger "Gurudas" Siegel
Following his heart, Roger Siegel also known as Gurudas protested injustice by joining the civil rights struggle, becoming a staff member of the Northern Student Movement’s Harlem education project. He was beaten and arrested many times for his beliefs. He was also on the staff of The Henry Street Settlement and other community centers. He also worked with visually impaired, mentally challenged, and homeless populations.
Radha Krsna Das
Radha Krsna Das is one of the Vedic Care's workshop speaker / teacher.
Sri-Kama Devi Dasi
Sri-Kama Devi Dasi is one of the Vedic Care's workshop speaker / teacher.


The retreat will take place at Radhadesh in Luxembourg, Belgium. The earliest record found about the castle dates back to the 11th century. It is said that in 1065, the owner of the castle, Gozelon de Montaigu, plundered the property of the Abbey of Saint Hubert. When he died, his widow, feeling guilty about her husband’s misbehavior, offered the castle, the church, and her subjects to the Abbey of Saint-Hubert. As a result, the area then belonged to the bishop of Liege. Later in the same century, the castle became part of a defensive territory.

This facility started with one room that would work with a local doctor and the regional palliative care team. The ISKCON Radhadesh Chateau complex is also a place for learning ancient Hindu Vedic literature. It houses a college where higher studies are imparted to students who come from across Europe. Traditional Hindu culture is also evident from the nice pure vegetarian food served at the restaurant, traditional clothes, and other cultural artifacts available for sale in this community.



  • Cafetería
  • Jardín
  • Restaurante


  • Estacionamiento gratis
  • Acceso a Internet
  • Estacionamiento
  • Asistencia turística


During this retreat, you will be served with two meals. You will get breakfast while you can choose between lunch or dinner. The dinner can be had at Govinda's which is an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Septon-Durbuy (Ardennes). The restaurant only serves vegetarian dishes (some vegan dishes) and is located next to the beautiful castle of Petite Somme which is also open for guided tours. Govinda's offers high-quality snacks and meals at great value for money. Even vegan and gluten-free dishes can be prepared on request.

This spacious restaurant makes a stunning location for a light lunch, afternoon tea, or evening meal. When the weather is fine you can sit outside on the terrace and enjoy the view of the château and its gardens. Govinda’s Restaurant offers you delicious homemade food, alfresco dining on the terrace, a selection of soft drinks and teas, snacks, as well as amazing homemade Italian ice cream.

Los siguientes alimentos están incluidos:

  • Desayuno
  • Almuerzo

Tipos de alimentación disponibles:

  • Vegetariana
  • Veganos
  • Libre de gluten
Si tienes necesidades dietéticas especiales, te sugerimos comunicarlas al organizador cuando hagas la reserva.

Actividades opcionales

The Vedic Care also has a ‘Vedic Carer Course’ for anyone interested in the care of another.

El paquete incluye

  • Yoga, asana, and pranayama classes
  • Kirtan (spiritual music) sessions
  • "Introduction to Bhakti Yoga" workshops
  • "Introduction to Bhakti Yoga - Mantra Meditation" workshop
  • "Shamanic Experiences and Guided Meditation" seminar
  • "We are the Healers" seminar
  • "Ayurveda - Self Management of Health" seminar
  • "The Healing Power of Herbs - Our Friends and Supporters in Life, Health, and Healing" seminar
  • "The Art of Real Listening - Communication Course" workshop
  • "Micro Farming and the ‘Vedic Compost’ Revolutionary Method" workshop
  • "Cinema and the Psyche Workshop - ‘Cinema and the Psyche’"
  • Vegetarian and vegan cooking courses
  • Seminars and workshops' certificates
  • 2 meals
  • 4 nights' accommodation
  • One of Gurudas’ books (signed)
  • A ‘Vedic Care’ tote bag

No incluye

  • Flights
  • Pickup / drop-off at the train station of Barvaux (will cost roughly 10 EUR per person each way)

¿Cómo llegar?

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Brussels Airport (BRU), Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL), or Luxembourg Airport (LUX).

Brussels Airport (BRU) is located in Zaventem (north of Brussels) while Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL) is located in Charleroi (south of Brussels) and the Luxembourg Airport (LUX) is located in Luxembourg, Belgium.

Arrival by train

You can arrive at several train stations including Barvaux (closest to Radhadesh and preferred option), Marloie, Namur, and Liege. Please be careful with your belongings while on any of the train stations. There have been several reports of theft, especially from the train station Bruxelles Nord, so please take caution.

Política de cancelación

  • El depósito no será reembolsado si la reserva es cancelada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado 20 días antes de tu llegada.
5 días / 4 noches
desde --


Llegada: miércoles 30 mayo, 2018
Salida: domingo 3 junio, 2018

Special discount

You can have special discounts for this retreat with the following conditions:

  • 5% off for bookings paid in full
  • 5% off for designed yoga instructors (not valid for single and double rooms)
  • 10% off for kids up to 14 years of age

Discounts for triple rooms are limited to March 1, 2018. Please send an inquiry to the Vedic Care for more information.


Pricing information

If you would like to book a certain type of room, The Vedic Care provides other room options with various price ranges.

There is also a day-rate for the retreat which doesn’t include accommodation. Please send an inquiry to The Vedic Care for more information about this option if you live nearby.

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