3 días de meditación y yoga Nidra en Nepal

  • Shanti Yoga Ashram, Machchegaun 5, outside Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

3 días de meditación y yoga Nidra en Nepal

  • Shanti Yoga Ashram, Machchegaun 5, outside Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat Nepal

Experience life in the East that flows with the rhythms of nature. Enter into a deep state of relaxation of body and mind and restore entrenched energy. Yoga Nidra is a gateway to the subconscious mind where you gain the power to reprogram your thought patterns. This ancient tantric practice called Nyasa, where mantras are placed within specific parts of the body, is a powerful tool that relieves rooted tensions for a blissful feeling. Getaway to relax and rejuvenate in Nepal.

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  • 90 minutes morning Tantra yoga daily
  • 60 minutes afternoon and meditation daily
  • 6-step yoga Nidra practice for mind and body reprogramming and healing
  • 3 organic home-cooked meals daily with welcome dinner
  • 60 minutes session for lecture
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 2 días con clases guiadas
  • Inglés
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At Shanti Yoga Ashram, there are private and shared rooms available with unattached bath. You will enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the Himalayas with refreshing green scenery and fresh air. Relax in an ashram environment with a homestay setting, surrounded by the splendor of nature.

Guests are welcome into the family kitchen and living space. The kitchen is a cozy, family-sized room with a welcoming atmosphere reflective of the generosity of the family who runs the Ashram. This affords a cozy environment conducive to spiritual practice where those who stay at the Ashram can get a taste of authentic yogic lifestyle along with traditional Nepalese culture. There is warm running water for bathing, powered by solar and unlimited fresh drinking water.

This yoga retreat will also practice in details the six steps of yoga Nidra:

  • Kaya Sthairayam or steadiness of the body
  • Rotation of consciousness
  • Visualization
  • Sankalpa or reprogramming the subconscious mind
  • Chakra awareness
  • Healing through sound or bija mantra meditation

Sample daily schedule

  • 06:30 Yoga class
  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 09:30 Karma yoga
  • 11:00 Lecture or workshop depending on current program
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Tea
  • 16:00 Yoga or practice session
  • 17:30 Dinner
  • 18:30 Kirtan and satsang
  • 20:00 Practice of silence
  • Gopika

    Since Yogini Gopika was a young girl she was in love with the deep beauty and peace found in Nature. For her life was always full of magic and mystery. Upon getting her first real job after college, she can remember thinking with a feeling of longing for something greater that here must be more to life than this. Upon discovering yoga, everything transformed and she made a swift exit from mainstream society in search of life’s true meaning. After teaching yoga in New York City for about a year she journeyed to India.

  • Prakash

    Prakash is the founder and chairman of Shanti Yoga Ashram. He has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years both at home and abroad. He has a great capacity to transmit the spiritual essence of Tantra yoga to his students with full joy and love. His personal attention and care for every student make everyone feel at home. His deep love for yoga is reflected in his classes. The way he totally imbibes yoga allows him to transport his students to a complete state of tranquility and bliss.

  • Rama


    Rama is the co-founder of Shanti Yoga Ashram and has been teaching yoga for 14 years. She studied at Bihar School of ​Yoga in India. In Nepal, she practiced under the guidance of Swami Shivalingam and Guru Yogi Prakash. Her teaching style is meditative and precise, encouraging students to fully blossom in their practice. She is also a certified naturopathic doctor and has taught in hospitals and schools in the Kathmandu region. The ashram would not be where it is today without her dedicated energy over the years.

This retreat will take place in Shanti Yoga Ashram, Kathmandu, Nepal. Located in the village of Machchhegaun, the ashram is a cluster of bungalows that provides a peaceful setting. It is a small, informal environment, reminiscent of the ancient yogic guru-disciple tradition.

During your stay, three organic home-cooked meals will be served daily. Shanti Yoga Ashram provides its guests with traditional Nepalese food. This includes Nepal’s famous dal bhat made of rice and legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade yogurt, pickle dish, and traditional roti or home-made flat bread. The diet is strictly vegetarian.

Much of the produce used for meals comes from the organic garden grown in the backyard. Some of the produce include cauliflower, cabbage, a variety of greens, persimmons, oranges, plums, kiwis, spices and herbs, chilies, radish, and more.

  • Enjoy nature walks in the neighboring forest
  • Experience Nepali culture
  • Explore nearby sites
  • Practice the art of Karma yoga
  • Read in the Yoga Library
  • Relax and enjoy the stunning view of the Himalayas
  • Visit Machchhgaun village
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 3 organic home-cooked meals daily
  • 24-hour Wi-Fi service
  • Daily afternoon yoga and meditation
  • Daily yoga morning class
  • Daily yoga lecture
  • Kirtan practice, also known as chanting or satsang
  • Solar-powered hot water
  • Activities not mentioned in the program
  • Airfares
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal items

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM). Transfer from and to this airport is available by public transportation via taxi or bus from Kathmandu. You may contact Shanti Yoga Ashram for exact directions once you boarded a taxi.

  • Una reserva requiere de un depósito del 14% del precio total.
  • El depósito no será reembolsado si la reserva es cancelada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado a tu llegada.

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  • D
    Reseña de Derya Akgun de Turquía

    2017-Sep-24 15:56:41

  • V
    Reseña de Anónimo

    Short visit to tantra yoga ashram during my trip to Nepal

    CONS No me gustó: I didn't like the 'Mr. I know everything' Guillame's attitude and guru Prakash' small sneakiness when he was selling his book to the other participant for 3000 NPR (with a 'special discount' for 2500 and in the bookshop in Kathmandu it sells for 1500 NPR..I understand that people want and need to make money but I very much dislike when people are greedy or wanna rip you off etc... I like being generous, I like giving presents and tips for extra service BUT I close off when I feel being taken for granted or for idiot. I work hard and I play fair, I expect to be treated the same from the others, I am not a milky cow! That is the reason I am very sceptical about these 'yogi guru business', when I was in Rishikesh I've also learnt the story of guru Maharishi, who briefly met with Beatles' members in 60ties, who made his big fortune emporium selling out for thousands celebrity favorite transcendental mediatation and expensive ayurvedic products, which costs a small fragment in Kerala (mekka of ayurveda) or should be for free (meditation teaching). I believe it's not correct to have this business oriented attitude in this area, OK to charge fair money for the spiritual services or/and medicinal & cosmetic products but not overcharging as in the above mentioned cases.

    PROS Me gustó: I like the participants who were undertaking the teacher's course

    2017-Sep-11 19:54:53

  • M
    Reseña de Michael Roots de Estados Unidos

    Awesome experience

    PROS Me gustó: I enjoyed the teaching, classes and friendliness of the Yogi and his family, as well as the other students. It was a great place to learn and I plan to return for teachers training next year.

    2017-Jul-04 10:09:19

  • J
    Reseña de Anónimo

    2017-May-17 03:54:25


  • Reseña de Robyn Davis de Australia
    10 de 10

    "Home-style guest rooms with simple, clean facilities in a very calm and relaxing environment supporting your journey. Yoga classes are optional. Set in a small village in the Kathmandu mountains with fabulous views and spiritual energy everywhere! The yoga classes are led by world-class teachers with many years of traditional yoga experience and vast knowledge of the science of yoga, the human body, and nutrition."

    TripAdvisor website, editado

  • Reseña de Amrit
    10 de 10

    "Traditional yoga teacher training with a focus not only in the spirituality but also in the science behind yoga. This training will not only deepen your own personal journey but also expand your inner self and mind to a new level. All teachers have combined years of experience and have taught globally in USA, Bali, India, and Nepal. This teacher training will enhance your knowledge of energies and the expression of Tantra yoga. The location is near the jungle in Kathmandu Valley with natural, organic food with world class knowledge that can lead your awakening and expansion of your mind, body, and spirit for a deeper knowledge of self and your practice. Unlike others, this guru has self-enlightened practice with a gentle, non-judgmental environment."

    TripAdvisor website, editado

  • Reseña de Laura Tees de Reino Unido

    "After only a few days, I can already feel the positive rewards of the teachings and practice. There is a wonderful atmosphere of peace here. I would highly recommend Yogi Prakash as a teacher; his family has been a delight to be around."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Jokob de Dinamarca

    "After a week here in the ashram, I really feel healthier, both physically and mentally. Now, I have the tools that I need and a new perspective on spirituality, for which I am grateful."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Becca Dewitt de Estados Unidos

    "Our teacher Prakash knew a lot about the yogic lifestyle, the philosophy of yoga, and how it scientifically works. After a year of heavy and stressful education, I came here and really found the rest I was searching for. I found the answers to my life's questions."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Linda Krielacet de Holanda

    "My state of mind has changed in a positive way. I feel more relaxed, happy, and satisfied. On the spiritual side, I can now go into deep meditation and really feel the prana or energy movement. I feel that my chakra is opening and I am receiving more power from that. It has been a transformative experience."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Charlie and Kelly Gorsky de Estados Unidos

    "Shanti Yoga Ashram provided us with a much-needed escape from the noisy city of Kathmandu. We were delighted with the peaceful, quiet beauty of ashram. We enjoyed the expert teachings on yoga, chanting, and cleansing. What a perfect way to spend a week! Our hosts were knowledgeable, warm, caring, and friendly. We cannot wait to come back."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Jamie Christian Desplaces de Australia

    "The ashram acts as an intimate homestay, a chance to not only immerse one's self in authentic yogic practice and meditation, but to truly experience local life and Eastern culture in a way that will, without a doubt, change yours."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Karen Geissinger de Estados Unidos

    "Thank you, Yogi Prakash, for building on my previous yoga and meditation classes and teaching me new techniques that I would not have learned in the United States. The postures and techniques are a habit now and I understand their lifelong benefits."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Sasha de Sudáfrica

    "I feel like I have experienced a small piece of paradise. Indeed I think this is an excellent example of how a community should live and work together. I feel mentally and physically revived, refreshed, and inspired."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Heather Renton de Estados Unidos

    "When I came here I had been already practicing yoga for around four years. Now, I realize that I was only practicing postures in no real systematic way. Since being here, I have learned a great deal about the philosophy behind yoga and now feel that I have a solid basis from where I can really begin my yogic and spiritual path."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Gisela de Alemania

    "I had a wonderful and inspiring stay here. The yoga lessons are great. The talks were always relevant to my actual life. I can highly recommend this ashram and hope it will continue to grow with so much heart."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de John Raad de Australia

    "My stay, although short, was filled with love and the vital knowledge I need to carry me through the next part of my journey. Thank you for opening up your heart, mind, family, and home to me."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de Becca de Estados Unidos

    "Staying at this ashram and getting a chance to get to know Yogi Prakash and his wonderful family while learning the benefits of sadhna and the lessons of karma yoga has been immensely transformative for me. I have found that yoga is not just about the postures and the breathing techniques alone; while these things are very important, it is also about karma yoga, which means action from the heart. When I might have otherwise been averse to certain work tasks, being in the setting of Shanti Yoga Ashram and seeing just how devoted this family is to the spiritual advancement and well-being of society has taught me to work hard without an end in sight and to attempt the difficult task of doing it selflessly. A lot of the time we obsess over ascribing value to everything, but my experience here has been immeasurable. I learned when I least expected to learn, sometimes in subtle ways that I could not immediately detect. This place has taught me to take responsibility for myself and for others, to give of myself, and to surrender. I have learned not to judge and to be patient and open. "

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

  • Reseña de a traveler de Estados Unidos

    "In August 2008, my friend and I went to the Shanti Yoga Ashram. This was a big experience for us. I was already interested in yoga but did not know that it would have so many benefits. Our teacher, Prakash, knew a lot about the yogic lifestyle, the philosophy of yoga, and the scientific evidence. After a year of heavy and stressful education, I came here and really found the rest I was searching for. I also found the answers to my life philosophy questions. My state of mind has changed in a positive way. I feel more relaxed and happy and have a more satisfied state of mind. My biggest benefit is that my eczema is curing because of the yoga pranayama and meditation. For me, it is a miracle I could only dream of because I have had eczema for almost twenty years. I am very happy with the results. What I also enjoyed is that we got massage lessons from an experienced teacher. Learning how to give a massage was a lot of fun. My friend is now learning to play tabla and he is enjoying it a lot. On the spiritual way, I also learned a lot, I can now go in deep meditation and really feel the prana, or energy, movement. I feel that my chakras are getting open and I get more power from that. It is a great experience. Also, my concentration is getting better. So now I am really consigned that the Shanti Yoga Ashram can give a lot of benefits. I am really thankful to Yogi Prakash for giving me the possibilities to learn from him, for the experience I got, and for all his help. I am also thankful to his ashram members for the vegetarian food from their own garden. I hope I can come back to Nepal next year to learn more."

    Shanti Yoga Ashram website, editado

Kathmandu, Nepal

Shanti Yoga Ashram es el santuario perfecto para profundizar en la esencia del yoga. Ofrecen programas de yoga variados y flexibles.

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