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7 días de retiro de yoga, meditación y naturopatía cerca de Auroville, en Tamil Nadu

Sri Ananthi Nature Cure & Yoga Ashram, no 1, Thendral Nagar, Sadayandikuppam road, Pallithennal, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, India

Healthy Meditation and Yoga Retreat India

Seven days of heavenly yoga retreat which opens your mind into a meditative level, a different retreat concentrating upon controlling the mind.

Conoce a los instructores

Yoga siromani & Dr.Sunder
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  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily panchakarma therapies
  • Lectures and correction of lifestyle
  • Visits of sacred and holy places and Pondicherry
  • Daily evening Bajans and hydrotherapy
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Daily meals and fruits

Nivel de experiencia

  • Principiante
  • Intermedio

Estilos de Yoga

7 días con instrucción en Inglés
El organizador también habla: Tamil
Tamaño del grupo: máximo 20 participantes
Traslados a aeropuerto disponibles:
Chennai International Airport (US$41 por persona)
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  • Gimnasio
  • Jacuzzi
  • Baño turco
  • Piscina interior
  • Comedor
  • Amigable con el medio ambiente
  • Jardín
  • Cocina
  • Jardín de meditación
  • Establecimiento libre de humo
  • Plataforma de yoga
  • Cajero automático / banco
  • Renta de bicicletas
  • Alquiler de teléfonos móviles
  • Estacionamiento gratis
  • Wi-Fi gratis
  • Acceso a Internet
  • Plancha / tabla de planchar
  • Lavandería
  • Biblioteca
  • Asistencia médica
  • Sala de juntas
  • Periódicos
  • Estacionamiento
  • Asistencia turística
  • Internet inalámbrico
  • Ducha al aire libre


This naturopathy, dhyana yoga retreat will definitely provide the basic theory and practical knowledge of meditation in yoga. This 7 days can bring you peace and gives the way to handle the stress, problem, and all other disorders. SANCYA is maintaining the schedule for the retreat activities.

  • Basic panchakarma techniques
  • Deep knowledge in yoga and yogic philosophy
  • Basic knowledge of human body and its major systems and diseases
  • Way of oil less cooking
  • To know more about lifestyle modifications and our ancient techniques to cure diseases
  • Basic knowledge about Hinduism
  • Basic naturopathy and yoga therapies treatments
  • Home remedies for some diseases
  • Specific yoga asanas for specific diseases in cases our guest have
  • Know about Karma yoga, Raja yoga, Kriya yoga, Bhakti yoga, Hatha yoga, meditation
  • Indian traditions and its scientific importance


They are giving both theory and practical knowledge for the participants in this retreat.

Basic yoga

This retreat is designed for first time and basic yogis. It is the right class for you if you want to learn the fundamentals of yoga in a group where everyone is new. The teacher will give you some background on yoga while you are seated, but come prepared to move. You will walk out feeling embodied, empowered, and energized. Meditation in the yoga tradition is a systematic and logical approach to understanding, calming, and bringing some control to the mind and thoughts leading to the realization of who we truly are.

On this course, you learn the meditation, breathing, and relaxation techniques of Raja yoga to calm and control thoughts, emotions, and outer sensations. Through regular practice of meditation techniques, anyone can become attained to their innermost self and live an effective, balanced, and peaceful life regardless of outer circumstances. These extremely accessible classes are perfect for anyone looking to develop a practice of conscious, mindful movement with some support.

Theory classes

SANCYA will give the theory class on basic yoga includes yama, niyama, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi.


Basic asanas

List of postures or asana in supine position

  • Uttanpadasana with both legs (leg raised pose)
  • Uttanpadasana with one leg
  • Vipritakarani (inverted pose)
  • Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)
  • Ashwini Mudra (horse gesture in shoulder stand)
  • Matsyasana (fish pose)
  • Halasana (plough pose)
  • Noukasana (boat pose)
  • Shavasana (corpse pose)
  • Tadagasana (pond pose)
  • Pavanamuktasana two legs (gas release pose)
  • Pavanamuktasana one leg
  • Ardhachakrasana one (half wheel pose)
  • Ardhachakrasana two
  • Anantasana one
  • Anantasana two

List of postures or asana in prone position

  • Saral Hasta Bhujangasana (cobra pose with straight hands)
  • Vakra Hasta Bhujangasana (cobra pose with curved hands)
  • Shalabhasana half (locust pose)
  • Shalabhasana (locust pose)
  • Dhanurasana (bow pose)
  • Noukasana (boat pose)
  • Makarasana (crocodile pose)
  • Adhvasana

List of postures or asana in sitting position

  • Dhyan Mudra (meditation gesture)
  • Swastikasana (auspicious pose)
  • Samasana (balance pose)
  • Padmasana (lotus pose)
  • Padmasana (Baddha - tied lotus)
  • Padmasana (Utthit - lifted lotus)
  • Parvatasana (mountain pose)
  • Akarna Dhanurasana (type one - bow pose in sitting)
  • Akarna Dhanurasana (type two - bow pose in sitting)
  • Padmasana Yogamudra (type one)
  • Padmasana Yogamudra (type two)
  • Vakrasana (type one - twisted pose)
  • Vakrasana (type two - twisted pose)
  • Ardhamatsyendrasana (half spinal twist)
  • Sharanagata Mudra (forward bending)
  • Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)
  • Vajrasana Yogamudra (type one)
  • Vajrasana Yogamudra (type two)
  • Paschimottanasana (half - half forward bend)
  • Paschimottanasana (full - forward bend)
  • Januhastasana
  • Hastashirasana
  • Ekpadsahajhasta Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
  • Dwipadsahajhasta Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
  • Dattamudra

List of postures or asana in standing position

  • Tadasana (mountain pose)
  • Vrksasana (tree pose)
  • Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (extended hand-to-big-toe pose)
  • Natarajasana (dancer pose)
  • Virabhadrasana III (warrior III)
  • Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose)

Naturopathy activities

SANCYA will give the basic naturopathy syllabus both in theory and practicals such as acupuncture, acupressure, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, massage, and yoga as therapy.

Model timetable

  • 05:30 Wake up with herbal drinks
  • 06:30 Meditation class
  • 08:00 Natural diet
  • 09:00 Theory class 1
  • 11:00 Naturopathy treatments
  • 12:00 Raw diet
  • 13:00 Karma yoga
  • 14:00 Rest
  • 15:00 Theory class 2
  • 16:00 Meditation class
  • 17:00 Yoga class
  • 18:00 Bajans
  • 19:00 Discussion
  • 20:00 Natural diet
  • 21:00 Sleep

SANCYA will provide fruit diet for every two hours till 8:00 a.m. in this timetable. The theory class can be used for other activities such as visiting temples or for other naturopathy treatments.

Excursiones incluidas

Excursions will be in and around Pondicherry.

  • Pondicherry beach
  • Silver beach
  • Mahabalipuram
  • Boathouse
  • Hindhu traditional marriage
  • Hindhu temples like Manakula Vinayagar, Pancha mugam hanuman, and Kali temple
  • Botanical garden
  • Auroville


Yoga siromani Maheshwaranandha

Dr.Sunder raman

Destino del retiro

SANCYA is one of the most renowned and largest yoga and naturopathy hospital in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu. the premier institute is located in 5 acres of lusty green, pollution-free, with bamboo and herbs surrounding environment.

It is located in between Villupuram and Pondicherry. ashram will be 12 kilometers away from the Pondicherry bus stand and 24 kilometers away from the Villupuram bus stand. SANCYA is situated in Pallithennal village, Sadayandikuppam road, in Thendral Nagar's entrance.


Los siguientes alimentos están incluidos:

  • Desayuno
  • Almuerzo
  • Cena

Las siguientes bebidas están incluidas:

  • Agua
  • Café
  • Zumos/Jugos detox

Tipos de alimentación disponibles:

  • Frugívoros
Si tienes necesidades dietéticas especiales, te sugerimos comunicarlas al organizador cuando hagas la reserva.

Actividades opcionales



Seashore visits

Steam bath

Plantain leaf bath


Facial massage and facial steam

Full body oil massage with therapeutical knowledge


The following spa treatments are provided:

  • Head massage
  • Facial massage
  • Neck massage
  • Chest and abdomen massage
  • Back massage
  • Arms and leg massage
  • Acu massage
  • Full body massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Special massages according to the persons needed

El paquete incluye

  • Daily two yoga classes
  • Daily lectures
  • Correction of lifestyle
  • Daily evening Bajans
  • Free visits to sacred and holy places
  • Free tourism in and around Pondicherry
  • Seashore visits
  • Steam bath
  • Plantain leaf bath
  • Mud bat
  • Wi-Fi

No incluye

  • Flights
  • Transport from and to the airport
  • Airfare
  • Insurances
  • Vaccines

¿Cómo llegar?

Aeropuertos recomendados

Our guests have to come to the Chennai Airport. Transfers from Chennai International Airport is available for Rs. 3,000 per person). However, you can come to the ashram by:

Arrival by taxi

Through taxi, guests can come to the ashram with the traveling of 140 km and duration of 3.30 hours. For taxi, they will charge 3000 rupees. Once guests reached in Pondicherry. Through Villupuram road, they can reach ashram in 12th km from Pondicherry bus stand.

Arrival by bus

Through public bus also guests can come to the ashram for that they will charge 350 rupees. Once guests reached in Pondicherry. Through Villupuram road, they can reach ashram in 12th km from Pondicherry bus stand.

Arrival by train

By train, guests have to check the train timetable. for a train, you have to pay 250 rupees [approx.].Guests have to get down in villain railway station, from there we can pick up you to the ashram. The ashram is just 2 km from Villainur railway station and 13 km away from Pondicherry railway station.

Airport: Chennai International Airport Traslados a aeropuerto disponibles: Chennai International Airport (US$41 por persona) Pueden aplicar cargos adicionales. Puedes solicitarlo en el próximo paso.

Política de cancelación

  • Una reserva requiere de un depósito del 15% del precio total.
  • El depósito no será reembolsado si la reserva es cancelada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado a tu llegada.

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Comparte esta experiencia

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7 días / 6 noches
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