29 días de autodesarrollo, meditación y retiro de yoga en Ko Pha Ngan, Tailandia

Empowering Yoga Retreat Thailand

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Find serenity and love in Thailand's paradise! Running throughout the year, this program has been created for people who are called to learn to live a happier, more fulfilled and enriched life, based on principles of self-development, acceptance, and celebration. After you are able to love yourself, you will also learn to love others. Become more present and discover that being happy is a personal choice!


  • Twice daily yoga classes
  • Music circles and compassionate sharing
  • Osho Dynamic, active, and celebration meditation
  • One on one interview and insightful guidance from a senior teacher
  • Lifetime access to all activities in the program
  • Complimentary bag and introduction booklet
  • 28 nights accommodation
  • Transfer service

Nivel de experiencia

  • Principiante
  • Intermedio
  • Avanzado

estilos de Yoga

28 días con instrucción en Inglés
Idiomas hablados: Español, Inglés
El máximo de participantes por grupo es de 30
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  • Sauna
  • Áreas comunes con aire acondicionado
  • Cafetería
  • Jardín
  • Salón / Sala de estar
  • Restaurante
  • Yoga shala
  • Renta de bicicletas
  • Wi-Fi gratis
  • Estacionamiento

You will be accommodated at the Samma Karuna school in Koh Phangan, in a shared dorm room with air conditioning and a shared toilet. The school has three huge Wi-Fi areas available 24 hours a day. All of the rooms have their own private bathrooms.


This is the deep journey to yourself that you have been looking for. The yoga retreat program is the most complete, non-dogmatic self-development program in the world. The retreat includes social active and still meditation, daily yoga, expressive techniques based on consciousness and music, cathartic techniques, Pranayama, insight to Tantra, non-dogmatic lectures on self-development, compassionate sharing and mindfulness practice.

Angel’s walk

The angel's walk is the most famous social meditation of Samma Karuna. In this love meditation, you will explore the art of seeing light in each other and within yourself as a true path for a more thankful and happy life.

AUM meditation

This type of meditation comprises of 15 stages of intense cathartic meditation inspired on Humaniversity AUM meditation and Osho’s AUM Marathon. It will be a three and a half hours journey of opening up to your emotions, reconnecting with your body, and celebrating life.

Awakening class

Samma Karuna's main concern is for you to find an authentic and long-lasting happiness and to help you develop your own light and wisdom. Understanding that true wisdom comes from within, through your own personal experiences, rather than second-hand wisdom found in books or lectures. The awakening lectures are based on experiential exercises, time for reflection, sharing, music, and meditation.

Compassionate sharing

Based on non-violent communication, you will learn how to share from your heart, share your vulnerabilities with the group, and have the courage to just be yourself. In this process, you are taking responsibility for your emotions and balance whilst you understand that what makes you vulnerable actually makes you beautiful.

Conscious cinema

It is a free weekly event offering an uplifting conscious movie to bring more awareness and understanding to your life.

Dance meditation

It is an active meditation in which you will use rhythm, awareness, and an intuitive state which are typical qualities of many types of meditation within dancing, to reconnect with yourself and celebrate life.


Qigong is a practice of mastering qi in the body (life force energy) through rhythmic breathing, slow and sometimes rapid movement, static poses which are held for a period of time, and deep focus. It has its roots in Chinese medicine and martial arts, dating back around 4,000 years ago.

Rebirthing breathwork

Rebirthing is a gentle, yet powerful conscious breathing technique. It brings into awareness your unconsciously held beliefs, emotions, and the relationships you have with your body and yourself. By birthing with awareness, you make possible to resolve, integrate, and heal previously unresolved issues in your life.

Sudarshan Kriya or Samma Karuna Aurora Soham

Breathing is the first act of life. Within the breath is the unexplored secret of life. Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful, yet simple rhythmic breathing technique that incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath, harmonizing the body, mind, and emotions. This technique eliminates stress, fatigue, and negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and depression, leaving the mind calm and focused so that the body can be energized and feel completely relaxed.

Tantra practice

Tantra helps you to realize the divine beauty you have within. In this special event, you will use the power of breath, movement, and touch to connect with yourself and to others in a fun, loving, and playful way.

Tree of harmony

When you hug someone, your hearts connect and you realize that people are not separate beings. Hugging with mindfulness and concentration can bring reconciliation, healing, understanding, joy, and great happiness to your life.

Vipassana meditation

You will enjoy daily meditation sessions. Vipassana, as taught by Satya Narayan Goenka, is a traditional still meditation which is 2,500 years old, and considered to be the meditation that practiced Gautama Buddha to gain enlightenment. All levels are welcome, just bring a respectful and loving energy to the class. If you have not meditated before, you will be introduced to the Anapana meditation technique to get you started.

Yoga practice

Samma Karuna’s yoga is gentle, spiritual, and therapeutic and it is suitable both for beginners and experienced practitioners. It incorporates the basis of Hatha yoga with Vinyasa flow and mindful Ujjayi pranayama, allowing the whole process of practice to become mindful and healing.

Daily sample schedule

  • 07:15 Vipassana meditation or Osho Dynamic meditation
  • 08:30 Yoga practice
  • 11:00 Qigong
  • 12:00 Break for lunch and rest
  • 14:30 Activity of the day (Osho active meditations, BioDevelopment, Dance meditation, bioenergetics, or rebirthing)
  • 16:00 Yoga practice
  • 17:30 Break
  • 18:30 Evening activity (social meditation, awakening class, Atisha’s heart meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, or angel walk)

Destino del retiro

You will be staying at the Samma Karuna school in Koh Phangan, Thailand. The school is nestled amongst the palm trees, beautiful beaches, and jungle landscapes. It is located about five kilometers north of Thong Sala, the commercial center of the island and where the pier is located.

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a 70 percent jungled island with a lot of western and local shops, cafes, and restaurants. The area has good infrastructure and mobile network coverage.

Nearby places

  • Haad Chao Phao Resort, 100 meters
  • Thong Sala, 5 kilometers

El paquete incluye

  • Twice daily yoga classes
  • Introduction to Vipasanna
  • Music circles and compassionate sharing
  • Osho Dynamic, active, and celebration meditation
  • One on one interview and insightful guidance from a senior teacher
  • Lifetime access to all activities in the program
  • Complimentary bag and introduction booklet
  • Insightful lecture and exercises
  • 28 nights accommodation
  • Transfer service

¿Cómo llegar?

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Samui International Airport (USM) or Surat Thani International Airport (URT) if you are flying from Bangkok. Samma Karuna will pick you up from the Thong Sala pier in Koh Phangan.

Arrival by bus

There are many bus services from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. Most of these are sleeper buses. They can be booked from travel agencies in Bangkok or by going to the central bus station (Sia Thai). The journey takes about 10 hours to Donsak, the ferry port for boats going to Koh Phangan. From Donsak, the journey takes around three hours to Koh Phangan. Usually, the ferry is included in the price of the bus.

Arrival by ferry/boat

There are multiple ferries leaving Samui to Koh Phangan. The Seatran ferry leaves Koh Samui at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. The Lomprayah ferry leaves Koh Samui at 8 a.m, 11:15 a.m, 12:30 p.m, and 5 p.m. The Seatran pier is located near the airport, approximately at a 10 minutes drive and the Lompraya pier is located at approximately 50 minutes away from the airport. Ferries arrive in Koh Phangan at Thong Sala pier.

There are also ferries leaving Koh Phangan to Koh Samui. The Seatran ferry leaves at 11 a.m. and at 4:30 p.m. The Lomprayah ferry leaves at 7:15 a.m, 11 a.m, 12 p.m, and 4:20 p.m.

From Samui International Airport (USM), there is a shuttle service going to the ferry ports of Koh Phangan. Please ask for this service when you purchase the ticket for the ferry in the Seatran or Lompraya ferry counter as you exit Samui International Airport (USM).

The transfer from the Surat Thani International Airport (URT) to the Donsak ferry port is by coach or taxi and it takes about one hour and a half. At Donsak, you will transfer the Raja ferry to Koh Phangan which takes about three hours. Whilst the overall journey is longer than flying directly to Koh Samui, it can be cheaper to fly via Surat Thani, depending on the time of year.

Arrival by train

Trains leave Bangkok several times a day, the journey time is about 12 hours. Sleeping booths are available on some services. Leaving the train at Surat Thani, the transfer by coach or taxi from Surat Thani station to Donsak pier takes about one hour and a half. From Donsak, the ferry ride takes three hours to Koh Phangan.

Arrival by taxi

Local taxis are available from the pier. Please inform the taxi to go to Samma Karuna Srithanu. Please print out the instructions in Thai to give the taxi driver, because this will avoid any unnecessary delay and frustration. The ride is approximately 200 to 300 THB per person (7 to 10 USD per person).

Alojamiento e instalaciones
Calidad de la actividad
Impresión general
29 días / 28 noches
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