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An Easy Yoga Sequence for Weight Loss & Fitness

by Elaine Clara Mah

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Summer is well on its way! With warm weather heading our way, most of us are starting to plan our trips to the beach for a much-needed date with Vitamin Sea.

But if you, like me, tend to dive into that jar of cookies while sitting by the heater on colder days, then you are probably no stranger to that uncomfortable weight gain many of us suffer from during the colder months of the year.

As summer approaches, and with no more excuses to hide behind baggy clothes, we start frantically searching the net for the next quick and easy weight loss solution. Many of us then turn to yoga to help tone our body and get rid of unwanted weight.



Unfortunately, weight loss is usually neither quick nor easy. But with perseverance and consistency, it can be achieved! In this video, I’ll be sharing with you a yoga sequence that I frequently use to tone my body and lose some weight in the process. The beauty of this sequence is that while it is a whole-body workout, it also specifically targets the stubborn weight around the lower abdominals, the arms, and the thighs.

It is important to remember that this workout is not a miracle cure. It doesn’t work as a once-off workout. You will need to repeat this sequence a few times over a few days in order to start seeing results.

That said, if you pair this sequence with healthy and sensible eating on a regular basis, you will experience positive changes to your body!


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