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Want to share your passion for yoga with our community? You can get published on’s blog, On & Beyond The Yoga Mat

On & Beyond the Yoga Mat is a blog where we share posts and articles on various yoga and yoga travel relevant topics. Our readers are yogis passionate not only about their practice on the mat, but they also like exploring the world, living a healthier life and deepening their spirituality.

We’re continuously looking for ways to contribute to the growth and development of the yoga community. Would you like to be part of this movement? You’re more than welcome to join us!

Share your ideas with us via email ([email protected]) and we’ll be happy to have you as our guest author. Just follow these 6 easy steps and perhaps soon your name will be on our blog!

1. Choose a category for your article/blog post

  • Yoga Destinations

The Best Yoga Destinations in Europe, The Best-Kept Secret in Bali, The Most Relaxing Spots in Spain, Yoga Retreats on the Beach, etc.

  • Yoga Styles

What is Kundalini Yoga?, What Yoga Style is Better Suited for You,? Can you do Hot Yoga?, How to Choose Your Yoga Style, etc.

  • Yoga Travel Tips

Tips for a First Yoga Retreat, How Does a Yoga Holiday Look Like?, Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat, What to Pack for Your Yoga Retreat, etc.

  • Yoga Training

5 Yoga Poses When You Are Stressed, Tips to Have Proper Alignment in Downward Dog, Breathing Techniques for a Better Sleep, What is Pranayama? etc.

  • Lifestyle, Health, Wellness & Spirituality

How a Vegetarian Diet Can Improve Your Life, Habits to Gain Mindfulness, Tips to Develop Healthy Habits, Foods that Will Boost Your Energy, etc.

  • Personal Stories

How Yoga Changed My life, My First Teacher Training Experience, My First Yoga Retreat, How Yoga Taught Me to Forgive, etc.

2. Pitch 3-5 ideas to our editorial team

Contact our Editorial team ([email protected]) and let us hear your ideas. We highly encourage you to check our blog to make sure we haven’t published a similar post.

Pitch a minimum of 3 suggestions, but feel free to include more. You’ll hear back from us within 2-3 days after you send your email.

3. Time to write

Once your topic has been approved, it’s time to write. Please stick to the following guidelines:


  • Use standard American English. Make sure your ideas flow naturally and that the article is easy to read. Try to avoid long words or flowery vocabulary. The intention is to send a message that everyone can understand. Keep in mind that some of your readers may not be native English speakers.
  • Use correct punctuation, spelling and grammar. Articles containing grammar errors will not be considered for publication.


Keep your article between 1,000 and 1500 words (including image captions and title). Anything shorter will not be considered for publication. 

Note: We’ll edit your submission as needed. If you don’t agree with some of the changes, let us know and we’ll gladly discuss to find a solution that works for both parties.


  • Provide at least 5 clear, hi-resolution pictures related to topics discussed in the article itself. If you don’t have your own photos, you can use royalty free images online.
  • Format: JPEG/JPG/PNG.
  • Size: minimum width of 800 px.
  • Horizontal format preferred.
  • List all image sources to avoid copyright infringement.


  • You can include a maximum of 2 links to your own website or a specific page or blog post within.
  • If you cite a source, research or quote, please include a link to an external website to support it. As much as possible, please make sure that the claims and arguments within the article are backed up by accredited sources and link to the scientific studies/evidence accordingly.
  • The links should always add value to our readers and fit in the context of the article.
  • Links to websites that directly compete with BookYogaRetreats or any other Tripaneer themed travel site are not allowed.
  • Links to websites promoting products or services that don’t align with Tripaneer’s philosophy are not allowed. This includes but is not restricted to links that relate to gambling, drugs, sexual services, hunting, etc.

4. Sign your work and include your bio and headshot

  • Before you send through your submission, please be sure to also include a brief bio/boilerplate about the author. This excerpt will be posted at the bottom of the published post.

E.g. Miriam Cihodariu is a former anthropology scholar and fiction writer turned marketing and content strategist. She’s in love with teas and reading fiction books. When she’s not doing marketing stuff, she enjoying feeding the alley cats of her neighborhood and exploring the surroundings. She is currently the editor of the On & Beyond The Yoga Mat blog and relishing every minute of it.

  • Send your headshot to go along with your bio. Any picture where our readers can see your face will work.

5. Send your submission

Once you’re satisfied with your content, send it directly to our editor in charge who approved your topic or to [email protected]. Our team will review it and, if approved, will schedule it for publication within 2-3 weeks.

6. Share your own post and spread the word about Tripaneer

  • Show that you’re proud of your work! Share the article on social media. We’ll also share your blog post across all our platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Newsletter & Instagram).

  • Feel free to contribute with another post. You can also submit an article to any of our other themed travel blogs under (Surf, Safaris, Motorcycles, Martial Arts, Culinary, Meditation, Detox, Yoga Teacher Training).



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