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The Meghan Markle Yoga Routine: How to Achieve Her Glow


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Last week, the Royal Wedding of the British Royal Family made the headlines of all the major magazines and media outlets of the world. We, on the Tripaneer team, also got emotional, alongside millions of fans and admirers worldwide, seeing the beautiful photos of the wedding party and of the parade. 

In the midst of all the sparkle, the beautiful and smart Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex, stole the show. 

meghan and harry wedding photo

Picture source: Harper’s Bazaar.

But, of course, we were fans of Meghan long before she became known as the fiancée of Prince Harry. She was already famous as an amazing actress, especially for her role in Suits, but that’s not why. Not many of her fans know that Meghan Markle has always been a dedicated yogi and a promoter of the yoga lifestyle.

Here, you’ll find an overview of every little yoga secret Meghan Markle gave away over the years in her interviews, put together into a yoga routine.

We already know that she looks amazing, and every time she is asked about her beauty secrets, she says she owes it all to the anti-aging power of yoga. What more reason do we need to try to follow in her footsteps?

What Meghan Revealed about Her Yoga Practice

meghan markle yoga workout routine collage

Picture source: Cosmopolitan.

Her mother is also a yoga instructor and she first introduced her daughter to the amazing benefits of yoga. In an interview, Meghan Markle recounted doing yoga with her mom from as early as when she was 7 years old. It’s never too early to start doing yoga with your kids, and we know there are plenty of benefits to it.

At first, Meghan recounts that it wasn’t very easy for her to follow her mom’s moves and struggled to find her calling towards yoga.

To this, her mother just said ‘Flower, you will find your practice – just give it time.’ (Yes, Meghan’s mom calls her Flower, since ever. How adorable is that?). According to the same interview, later on, in college, the young Meghan finally started easing up into yoga exercises. Her routine to stay in shape included jogging and hot yoga.

As she got older (not that she looks anywhere near old), she said her knees started feeling sore if she ran for too long, so she quit the jogging and dedicated even more time to yoga.

Regardless of what exactly led her to be a yoga practitioner, the point is that Meghan is a happy yogi. Her dedication to doing yoga regularly shows in her positive vibes and in her beautiful glow.

The Meghan Markle Yoga Routine for the Face

meghan markle face close-up

Picture source: IHeartRadio.

Besides the hot yoga practice that helps her stay in that amazing shape, Meghan Markle attributed her incredible sculpted features to doing face yoga exercises every couple of days.

She even said she can tell the difference right away and can notice how her features are much more sculpted on the days she does the face yoga exercises.

You can create your own face yoga routine like this:

Alternatively, you can also try doing these 8 facial exercises in the morning or in the evening, after cleaning your face and before applying your usual skincare products.

The results of face yoga are reputed to be even more spectacular than botox, not to mention that they’re natural and more in tune with the body positivity philosophy.

Besides keeping pace with the exercises and practicing them regularly, you can also sign up for yoga and spa retreat package. Pampering yourself will be taken to a whole new level.

The Meghan Markle Yoga Routine for the Body

meghan markle yoga body

Image source: Best Health Mag.

There are many generic yoga exercises that make their way into Meghan Markle’s yoga routine, whenever she just needs to exercise a bit in order to clear her head and feel more focused. If you want to emulate that, and also if you’re a beginner at yoga, you can start with some light exercises from this list.

However, as we mentioned above, the real cornerstone of Meghan Markle’s amazing shape is her commitment to hot yoga.

Sometimes confused for Bikram yoga, though they aren’t really the same thing, hot yoga gets its name because you move and sweat a lot during practice. It’s a challenging but fun workout combining yoga moves with a cardio pace.

If you want to try doing hot yoga, don’t be afraid that you’re not up for it yet. Most beginners just join a class and repeat the exercises done by the trainer only for as much as they can, even if it means they’re sitting one out more often than the other participants.

Interested in trying a bit of hot yoga at home first? Here is a lovely video from trainer Rebecca Louise to kickstart your practice, and it only takes 12 minutes of your time. Put on your yoga pants, grab a bottle of water to have close by, and try to follow the moves as much as you can:

It has been reported, also, that Meghan Markle is a fan of the online training videos of yoga teacher Tracy Anderson. Here’s a glimpse of these online training sessions:

More Lifestyle Advice from Meghan

meghan markle blue jeans lifestyle photo

Image source: The Chalkboard Mag.

In addition to her practicing many kinds of yoga to stay energized and in shape, Meghan Markle also gave us glimpses of other key aspects of her lifestyle. She loves focusing on a positive way of taking care of herself, and she even founded a lifestyle blog (which is not online anymore) focusing on exercise, healthy eating, and mindfulness.

Clean eating and not taking in toxins, as much as possible, have always been a priority for Meghan Markle.

It’s been reported that her healthy ways are starting to rub off on Prince Harry as well, who’s quit smoking and is trying to eat more nourishing meals, thanks to her positive influence.

She also puts a lot of focus on drinking enough water and admits to having always been fascinated with cooking. Another great thing about the advice she’s been sharing on social media (before she turned off all of her accounts once the engagement was announced) is how positive she was keeping it.

Unlike many other sources of advice for healthy eating, Meghan doesn’t believe in restrictions. For her, healthy eating means making sure the foods you eat are clean and nutritious, but not limiting your food intake. Her focus is on exercising, and she believes your diet should be generous enough to support an intense training lifestyle. Now, that sounds both positive, and fun, right?

Also, Meghan always liked to cook, mainly because while she was growing up, her dad took her to the set of a TV show he was working on as the lighting director. Once she got there, every day after school, she would help out the team in charge of preparing food and nibbles. She claims this is what planted the seed for her appreciation of plating and presenting food with the purpose of bringing joy to others.

Besides her days on the set as a child, Meghan credits the travels she made with her family as an important part of why she loves food culture so much today. Living in L.A. and Toronto, where the foodie scene is diverse and compelling, also played a major role. Her status as a foodie is uncontested: she even served as a culinary critic on a children’s cooking show.

Meghan is so much into cooking, that she shared some very heart-warming details about her and Prince Harry’s dating: much of their initial dates and time spent together included cooking. They even had their engagement moment in the kitchen.

There are fascinating foodie destinations to explore if you share Meghan Markle’s love of cooking, but the takeaway of this story is that putting love into food is one of the great gestures of self-care you can make. It’s much easier to be self-aware and care for your body and your mind if planning out your food and your diet is not a chore, but a reason for joy.

How about wine? Meghan Markle told Best Health Mag that she enjoys a glass or two, occasionally.

As long as you keep it moderate, there’s no reason not to enjoy the things you love. Considering how rich in polyphenols and antioxidants wine can be (if it’s a good wine), we couldn’t agree more.

If you manage to include at least a little bit more yoga or running, or cooking into your daily life, you’ll be doing yourself a major favor, and you will feel and look better with each passing day. We all need a bit of inspiration for reaching our fitness goals sometimes, but who could be more inspiring than Meghan Markle right now?

Would you like to start practicing yoga like Meghan? Sign up for a yoga and running retreat to create a routine like hers or go on a hot yoga retreat to learn the same moves she practices. 

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