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Sobre y más allá de la estera de yoga

Explora fascinantes destinos de yoga, mejora tu práctica con consejos y trucos de los mejores instructores de yoga de alrededor del mundo. Estira tu cuerpo y tu mente para liberar tu verdadero potencial.

The Basics of Ayurveda and Yoga in India

Ayurveda has been developed over 4000+ years and is the oldest system of natural medicine in the world. In combination with yoga, Ayurveda is a powerful remedy. 

How Yoga Helped Me with Postpartum Depression (PPD)

After I gave birth to my son, I started to feel very depressed. I wasn’t sure why - I’d waited 9 months for him to get here, I was so excited! I shouldn’t be sad at all! This was when I learned about postpartum depression and, honestly, after that, I wasn’t sure what to do. 

8 Lifestyle Changes That Help Prevent Lower Back Pain

About 70% of us at some point in our lives experience lower back pain, and because of this, a great percentage of patients seek back pain relief. To most people, this is a recurring condition. 

The Most Common Yoga Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Are you looking for a workout that can provide both mental and physical benefits? Do you want harmony between your mind and body? If your answer to these questions is yes, yoga is the type of workout that you are looking for. 

Science Experiment: How 7 Days of Yoga Will Change You

What is yoga to you?

That’s a pretty difficult question, isn’t it? No matter how hard you try to explain, it’s hard to find the exact words that express how you feel about this practice. 

6 Benefits the Elderly Can Gain from Doing Yoga

Movement is essential to keeping the body strong and functioning well, far into old age. This can be a bit tricky when our bodies decide to go against us as we age, causing stiffness, soreness, and loss of mobility. 

6 Awesome Ways Yoga Can Benefit Men

Most men enjoy typical “manly” sports like football, hockey, basketball, and weightlifting. While men in general benefit greatly from strength training and cardiovascular exercise, yoga offers several distinct benefits men should look into. 

5 Surprising Benefits of Cork Yoga Mats

The majority of the worlds yoga mats are made from mass-produced throw-away plastics like PVC, that end up being incinerated or buried in landfill. This leads to the release of harmful toxins or their breakdown into micro plastics that leach into our oceans. Sadly there is no safe way to dispose of plastic yoga mats. 

The Wonderful Benefits of Mindfulness in the Modern World (According to Science)

Today’s modern people are always rushing. Due to the high-paced lifestyle that the majority of us have, the stress factor is always present in our lives. And when there’s stress, problems will follow. 

How Yoga Helped Me Improve My Relationship with Food

It is said that our eating style is a reflection of our internal state – if you are stressed out, it's likely that your eating style will be affected by it. Eating was once a joy to me, and I remember how I would eat until I was full, without a care in the world. 

An Easy Yoga Sequence for Weight Loss & Fitness

Summer is well on its way! With warm weather heading our way, most of us are starting to plan our trips to the beach for a much-needed date with Vitamin Sea.

5 Benefits of Practicing Yoga During & After Addiction Recovery

Addiction can be one of the hardest things one could deal with in life, but it doesn’t have to become an impossible giant to beat. While attending recovery, there are many things we can learn about dealing with all the difficulties that come with the process, in a better way. From finding new hobbies to working on our social sphere, most of the actions we can take to improve ourselves and our lifestyle come along once our mind is ready and starts gaining the strength it needs to push through the whole program.

Quit Stressing and Start Stretching: How Yoga Combats Anxiety (According to Science)

It seems that there is never enough time within a day to get anything done anymore. Everything seems to be thrown at us, without more than a moment’s notice, from work to family obligations to having to rush to the vet because Tinkerbelle decided to go and dig for things she shouldn’t in the garden (We need to get better with our dog names).

7 Amazing Ways Yoga Helps You Stay Fit While Traveling

Traveling is food for the soul. Not just for the quintessential ‘wanderers’, but for every living soul on this planet. It keeps us yearning for more and eager to explore this beautiful planet called Earth. However, the journey towards the destination is not always as comfortable as we’d expect. 

4 Fitness Exercises that Will Make a Great Difference in the Way You Practice Yoga

The results from practicing yoga are truly beneficial so there’s really nothing strange about the fact that this Eastern body-mind tradition is nowadays becoming a real trend among many fitness enthusiasts. The practice of yoga might seem complicated and even overwhelming at first, but once you learn enough about it, you are able to understand the ins and outs it a lot better.

8 Effective yet Practical Ways to Develop Healthy Fitness Habits

It is very easy for anyone to say “I will eat right and work out more”. However, sticking to a healthy fitness plan is hard. If it were simple, we would all be in shape. The fact is that you are not lazy, and forming new habits can be challenging but not impossible, so you just have to suck it up and make it work.

4 Amazing Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Laughter itself keeps the heart alive and those who laugh more tend to stay happier. There is no doubt that it is no less than a medicine and when it is combined with yoga, it cures all the diseases of body and mind altogether. The more you laugh, the happier you are. It happens because of the chemicals that the brain releases which promote the health and happiness of a person.

Yoga and Rock Climbing (A Personal Story)

My heart is pounding as I’m fighting for the next move. I’m getting close to that difficult sequence I was unable to pull off the last time. Will I make it? Am I strong enough? These thoughts have no business being here, so I chase them away. I try to control my breath and focus on my position. It has to be perfect, otherwise it won’t work. I must clear my head. One move at a time, one more move…

15 Health Benefits of Almonds (According to Science)

Almonds have an amazing profile of antioxidant and nutritional benefits, making them a great candidate for fighting disease. They can improve brain function, hinder the onset of cancer, and much, much more.

Ayurveda - Vedic Medical Science

Vedas are the books of knowledge compiled by the Guru Veda Vyasa born in Damauli Nepal in the previous eons. The 4 Vedas (Rig-Veda, Samveda, Ajurveda and Atharvaveda) are the father of all the religious texts, literatures and scientific discoveries.  And, Ayurveda is one of the chapter of Atharvaveda that studies herbal medicines and over-all longevity / well-being of human-beings. The word Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit language of Nepal meaning Ayur (life) and Veda (Knowledge). Obviously, the origin of Ayurveda is the pious land of Nepal.

The Science of Silence

Silence is golden. Practicing silence is a powerful way to see ourselves more clearly and to observe the relationship between our inner and outer worlds with greater understanding. Time spent in intentional silence can go a long way toward revealing the architecture of our hearts and unfolding a life full of fulfillment and purpose.

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