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4 días de bienestar y retiro de yoga en Korcula, Croacia

Retiro de yoga en Croacia

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Únete a Joy of the Mediterranean en un fin de semana de yoga y bienestar, relajación y rejuvenecimiento en la isla de Korcula. Es la oportunidad perfecta para restaurar tu energía bajo el sol del mediterráneo, mientras practicas yoga, meditación y ejercicios de respiración. Limpia tu cuerpo con comida orgánica, vegetariana, vegana, jugos detox, explora la naturaleza de Korcula, visita playas vírgenes y disfruta de una tratamiento de bienestar.

Destacado del retiro

  • Daily morning yoga classes
  • Meditation and breathing excercises
  • Calm and restorative evening yoga sessions
  • Yoga session in the middle of a beautiful organic olive grove
  • Ecological olive grove visit with a workshop about Mediterranean wild herbs
  • Boat visit to a secluded beach with fish lunch on the boat
  • 60-minutes Ayurvedic massage in a five-star spa
  • Personal care to each and every participant
  • Nutritious daily meals prepared by the chef
  • Detox juices and herbal teas
  • 3 nights accommodation

Nivel de experiencia

  • Principiante
  • Intermedio
  • Avanzado

estilos de Yoga

4 días con instrucción en Inglés
Idiomas hablados: Holandés, Inglés
El máximo de participantes por grupo es de 8
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During this retreat, you will stay in a lovely old stone house located in the outskirts of medieval Korcula. It is right in front of the sea and it overlooks the blue Mediterranean Sea. Each room has a bathroom and there is also a large living room and a terrace with a view for all the participants to enjoy.


Experience all the joys of this rejuvenating yoga weekend on the gorgeous and unspoilt Korcula Island in Croatia. This yoga wellness weekend is a short training that will help you get started on a balanced, healthy path and it is also a great way to relax, meet new people, and just have a joyful and restorative weekend and holiday.

During this retreat, you will be able to restore your energy under the Mediterranean sun, surrounded by crystal blue sea, and bring your body and mind into balance with daily yoga classes, as well as meditation and breathing exercises.

You will also enjoy the detox with fresh seasonal organic juices, balanced meals, and a rejuvenating massage therapy. Each evening, your next day schedule will be brought to your room or will be given to you during tea time. You do not have to take care of anything, you can just relax and get everything taken care of for you.

At the evening tea time, you can discuss and reflect on the experience that you had throughout the day. Joy of the Mediterranean only hosts small groups consisting of four to eight participants, so they can fully devote themselves to making this yoga holiday an enriching, enchanting, and delightfully charming experience. This group of people will be encouraged to open up to each other and to themselves.

Retreat with island aficionados

The experienced team will provide you with personal services to ensure that your stay is comfortable, pleasurable, and effortless. The staff's extensive local knowledge ensures that you will enjoy the best authentic sights, flavors, and experiences.

On top of it, you will be indulged by the private chef, who has a true love and deep knowledge of healthy foods and its exceptional nutritional values, with the most love and care for your needs. He always loves to share his knowledge with you.

Yoga classes

You will able to attend morning yoga classes every day and, while strengthening your body, you will be balancing your mind. The morning session will be an energizing, dynamic practice of one hour and 30 minutes to start your day, including surya namaskar (sun salutations).

The one-hour evening yoga session, is designed with a more restorative, calmer approach to end your day and to reflect on it. This sessions may include pranayama, restorative yoga, and yoga Nidra.

Yoga styles

The available yoga and meditation classes are suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced yogis. They consist of the fusion of various yoga styles, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, and elements of Kundalini, and they use breathing techniques, such as pranayama.

Yoga teacher

A professional yoga teacher will always lead the sessions and help you improve. Each session has time devoted to meditation, self-awareness, and consciousness. You will be able to learn more about yoga, meditation, and other techniques during the week. Moreover, the teacher will be there to answer all your questions at any time.

Day 1 - Thursday

  • 14:00 Arrival time until 17:00 (you will be welcomed with herbal teas and cleansing juices)
  • 18:30 Meditation and breathing exercises
  • 20:00 Dinner

Day 2 - Friday

  • 07:00 Detox herbal teas and juices
  • 08:00 Morning meditation and yoga class
  • 09:45 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Boat trip to secluded beaches
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 Spa treatment in a five-star spa
  • 18:00 Restorative yoga
  • 19:30 Dinner

Day 3 - Saturday

  • 07:00 Detox herbal teas and juices
  • 08:00 Morning meditation and yoga class
  • 09:45 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Hiking trip through Korcula gorgeous unspoiled nature, visit to natural park
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 15:30 Visit to an ecological olive grove and take a workshop about Mediterranean wild herbs
  • 17:45 Restorative yoga class in the beautiful surrounding of olive grove
  • 19:00 Dinner at olive grove farm
  • 20:00 Tea and reflection time

Day 4 - Sunday

  • 07:00 Detox herbal teas and juices
  • 08:00 Morning meditation and yoga class
  • 09:45 Brunch and free time for swimming or walking around the medieval town of Korcula
  • 13:00 Departures until 15:00

Excursiones (incluidas)

The program will include daily trips and hiking tours around the Korcula Island. You will also enjoy visits to Korcula town, boat trips to islets, secluded beaches, and bays, hiking trips through the unspoilt, wild Mediterranean nature, a culinary tour to a family run restaurant in a picturesque village, and a visit to an ecological olive grove.

Please be advised that the boat trip to secluded beaches is not included on the April 26-29, 2018 retreat. During this weekend instead of the boat tour there will be a hike in beautiful neighboring Peljesac Peninsula with amazing views of Korcula island and Korcula archipelago and a fish lunch at a local restaurant.


Mojca Bajt
Mojca Bajt is an experienced and passionate yoga teacher. She has a unique ability to naturally inspire a deeper understanding of the flow of breath, movement, and mindful connections in yoga. In her classes, she teaches her students to be in the present moment, to explore themselves, and to empower themselves. She challenges you to increase your physical flexibility and strength, in order to transform them into inner strength, balance, harmony, and joy. Her yoga and meditation classes are suitable for everyone, from beginner to experienced yogi.

Destino del retiro

Korcula is an enchanting Mediterranean island belonging to the central Dalmatian archipelago. Korcula island is renowned for its crystal blue sea, lush Mediterranean vegetation of pine wood, wild herbs, orange, lemon, mandarin, and pomegranate trees, secluded little bays, and endless wild fields.

Here, you will also find olive groves, vineyards, picturesque villages, and the captivating beauty of the ancient stone town of Korcula . Many charming and breathtaking islets are surrounding the island. The natural beauty of the environment will provide a feast for your senses.

Korcula has a long, rich history. According to the legend, it was founded by the Trojan hero, Antenor, in the 12th century BC. The island was first settled by Mesolithic and Neolithic people 20,000 years ago and is well-known for its archeological finds from that era. The name of the island comes from ancient Greek times, when the Greek colonists from Corfu (Corcyra) founded a small colony on the island in the 6th century BC.

The Greeks named it Melaina Korkyra (Black Corfu) after their homeland and the dense pine wood forests that Korcula is covered with. The island became part of the Roman province of Illyricum after the Illyrian Wars (220 BC to 219 BC). Roman migration followed and Roman citizens arrived on the island.

The Great Migrations of the 6th and 7th centuries brought Slavic invasions into this region. In the 12th century, Korcula was conquered by the Venetians, incorporated briefly into the Venetian Republic, and rechristened Curzola.

The statute of Korcula was first drafted in 1214, largely guaranteeing the autonomy of the island. The town's statute also prohibited slavery, making Korcula one of the first places in the world to outlaw the practice. Today, Korcula is often called Marco Polo Island, since the town is revered for being the possible birthplace and residence of one of the greatest travelers in world's history.

Este retiro de yoga es apto para vegetarianos

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You will be enjoying three meals every day. Each meal consists of healthy, seasonal, organic, vegetarian, vegan, or raw food, along with freshly prepared homemade raw snack delights, detox juices, and evening herbal tea.

The experienced chef has a true love and deep knowledge of healthy food. He is exceptional and he always loves to share his knowledge with the participants. He will concentrate on the nutritional, healthy value of the locally grown, fresh mediterranean food and will be spoiling you with delicious, nutritious meals, with a Mediterranean touch. Please note that on this retreat, there will be no sugar used in foods, as well as no meat and alcohol.

Fresh local produce

Fruit and vegetables served during your stay will be locally-grown, seasonal, organic foods from small local ecological farms and gardens, which will be combined with freshly picked Mediterranean herbs. Additionally, since the retreat location is on the Mediterranean coast, fish and seafood can be occasionally served upon request or during the culinary tour.

Homemade bread and local cheese

Bread will be homemade, using ecological flour, and the cheese will be supplied by local goat farmers. The cold pressed extra virgin ecological olive oil from Korcula will be used as well to supplement the meals.

Special dietary requests

Many times, participants have special dietary requests or allergies, and the chef has to prepare an additional menu just for that person on top of regular meals. Therefore, special dietary requests can be communicated up front or can be accommodated for additional fees. Please send an inquiry to Joy of the Mediterranean for more information.

Los siguientes alimentos están incluidos:

  • Desayuno
  • Almuerzo
  • Cena

Tipos de alimentación disponibles:

  • Vegetariana
  • Veganos
  • Orgánicos
  • Alimentos crudos
  • Otros requerimientos dietéticos, bajo previa solicitud
Si tienes necesidades dietéticas especiales, te sugerimos comunicarlas al organizador cuando hagas la reserva.

Actividades opcionales

  • Explore secluded beaches
  • Hike through beautiful nature of Korcula Island
  • Swimming in crystal clear blue sea
  • Explore the medieval town of Korcula and its beautiful architecture
  • Visit the town museum, which has a rich and unique collection of cultural history of Korcula

Tratamientos de spa

During this retreat, one 60-minute Ayurvedic massage is included. It will be performed by an Ayurvedic masseuse in a five-star spa. Considered as one of the most complete massage techniques available, Ayurvedic yoga massage combines traditional Indian massage (Abhyanga) with yoga postures. It uses slow, rhythmic, and deep touches, using natural oil and calamus powder.

Ayurveda yoga massage works all the muscles and joints, improving breathing and blood circulation, as well as boosting vital energy, promoting the individual's balance. Because of its complexity, sophistication, and depth, Ayurveda yoga massage brings benefits at every level: physical, mental, and energetic.

El paquete incluye

  • 1 60-minute traditional Ayurvedic yoga massage by an Ayurvedic masseuse in a five-star spa
  • 1 yoga session in the middle of the organic olive grove
  • 2 yoga classes daily
  • 3 healthy vegetarian, vegan, or raw food meals per day
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • 4 days of guidance with the retreat leader
  • Boat trip to secluded beaches with fish picnic lunch or dinner on the boat (except on the April 26-29, 2018 retreat, during which a hike in beautiful neighboring Peljesac Peninsula with amazing views of Korcula island and Korcula archipelago and a fish lunch at a local restaurant, will take a place instead
  • Detox juices and herbal teas
  • Hiking tours around the Korcula Island
  • Personal care to each and every participant
  • Visit to a beautiful wild ecological olive grove combined with lunch
  • Welcome gift containing Mediterranean essential oils
  • Workshop about Mediterranean wild herbs and its medical and culinary usage

No incluye

  • Accident and travel insurance
  • Door to door shuttle transfer service from Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) to Korcula
  • Ferry tickets from and to Split or Dubrovnik Sea Port to and from Korcula Port
  • Your flights to Dubrovnik or Split Airport

¿Cómo llegar?

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Split Airport (SPU) or Dubrovnik Airport (DBV). Transfer from and to Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) is available upon request.

If you decide to fly to Split, you will be taking a bus from Split Airport (SPU) to Split Port, which takes about 30 minutes. From Split port to Korcula, you have to take a ferry. The journey takes about two hours and 30 minutes and the ferry leaves to Korcula only once a day; therefore, your flight should arrive no later than 14:00 in order to be on time for the boat transfer to the Island Korcula.

If you decide to fly to Dubrovnik, you will be taking a bus from Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) to Dubrovnik Port. From the port to Korcula you have to take a ferry. The journey takes about two hours and 30 minutes and the ferry leaves to Korcula only once a day; therefore, your flight should arrive no later than 14:00 in order to be on time for the boat transfer to the Island Korcula.

If you want Joy of the Mediterranean to provide the transfer, a shuttle will be sent to pick you up from the airport and to take you all the way to your accommodation on Korcula Island. The entire journey from Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) takes about two hours, including a short ferry transfer. The shuttle journey from Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) is not included in the price of your yoga holiday and it is more expensive than taking a ferry.

Política de cancelación

  • Una reserva requiere de un depósito del 50% del precio total.
  • El depósito será reembolsado en su totalidad si cancelas hasta 30 días antes de la fecha de llegada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado 30 días antes de tu llegada.
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