7 días retiro mágico de SUP y yoga en Ítaca, Grecia

  • Itha108, Agios Ioannis, 28300 Ithaca, Greece

7 días retiro mágico de SUP y yoga en Ítaca, Grecia

  • Itha108, Agios Ioannis, 28300 Ithaca, Greece

Transformative SUP and Yoga Holiday Greece

Join Jessica Bellofatto on a magical yoga and stand up paddleboard (SUP) retreat to the beautiful island of Ithaca, Greece. You will stay at the unbelievably gorgeous Itha108, which boasts organic mattresses, organic cuisine, 360 degree views, and a retreat center which is literally built into the landscape. This spectacular location will be your home for a week of deeply grounding and transformative yoga, SUP lessons, as well as Jessica's signature SUP yoga classes, hiking, spa treatments, and more!

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  • Daily SUP lessons
  • 2 daily yoga practices
  • Daily hiking chanting and philosophy teachings
  • Daily SUP yoga sessions with Jessica Bellofatto
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • 6 nights' accommodation
  • 3 daily organic meals
  • 6 días con clases guiadas
  • Inglés
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Itha108 can accommodate 20 people in various accommodation: 6 luxurious double bedrooms in the main house and 3 Mongolian yurts that are staggered up between rocks, forestry, and winding walkways. All rooms are facilitated with en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, mosquito nets, coco-mat mattresses, wood paneled ceilings, and views across the Ionian sea towards Kefalonia.

Mongolian yurt

The 3 Mongolian yurts are light and airy inside. They can accommodate up to four people. The yurts contain comfortable beds with mosquito nets, coco-mat mattresses, plenty of shelving, and shared outdoor bathrooms carved into the rocks with a sea grass roof. Pathways and steps provide access to the yurt platforms, each with outdoor seating which is positioned high among rocks and trees with beautiful sea views.

India room

Named after the Indian furniture in this room, the ceiling is a carved Jungaal wood stained with cool blues and sunny yellows. There is a large double or twin bedroom at the end of the first floor corridor.

Jungaal room

The room is named after the Jungaal wood used to make the furniture and feature ceiling in this room. Jungaal has a double or twin bedded en-suite room on the first floor, neighboring the sitting room.

Mango room

The room is named after the sustainable mango wood used throughout this room. It is lighted with a sunny yellow hue. Mango has a double or twin-bedded room on the ground floor, just off the entrance hall.

New York room

Named after the New York loft style furniture, the room has a simple combination of teak and metal. New York room is a double or twin bedded en-suite room on the ground floor at the far end of the bedroom corridor. There are shuttered doors which lead onto the veranda which has an Indian Charpoy sun bed with large hand embroidered Rajasthani cushion. Tucked away around the corner, you’ll find an over-sized hammock and hand woven cushions.

White room

The name of the room is derived from the white washed wood used throughout this room - the bed headboards, desk, and wood paneled ceiling. The White room is a twin bedded en-suite room located on the ground floor, between Mango and New York rooms. There are shuttered doors which lead onto the veranda which has an Indian Charpoy sun bed with large hand embroidered Rajasthani cushion.

Raas room

Named after the boutique hotel in the walled city of Jodhpur, Raas inspires most of the Itha108 furniture - a fusion of modern and traditional. Raas is located on the ground floor and it is the only bedroom on the left hand side of the house, separated from the others by the entrance hall. There are shuttered doors which lead onto the polished white veranda which has a cream linen cushioned sun bed with never ending views of the Ionian Sea and Kefalonia.

Chill out spot

There are many social and quiet spaces that allow the guests to enjoy the landscape and relax. The perfect chill out spot is tucked away at the back of the house. You can soak up the sun or relax in the shade on one of two antique Rajasthani swings set with linen cushions. You can choose a view of the Ionian sea or wild oak trees. This area is also used for massage therapy.


The library houses Indian artifacts, family photographs and paintings, board games, and music. A comfortable sofa and two armchairs are arranged around a stone fireplace. Sea views and a gentle breeze through shuttered French windows lead on to a cool minimalist first floor terrace with views of Fiskardo, Kefalonia, and the setting sun.

Dining area and kitchen

Beneath an expansive pergola, there are traditional Rajasthani sofas and coffee tables, carved spice boxes, and Eastern lanterns. Help yourself to have breakfast and snacks from the outdoor kitchen - a curved Kourasanit counter beneath the bamboo pergola - completed with an inbuilt BBQ and a sunken drinks fridge. Handmade African wood doors will lead you to the al fresco dining area with far-reaching views of the Ionian sea and the hills of Kefalonia.

Yoga shala

The indoor shala is connected with a sculpted white staircase spirals down to this earthy 70 square meter space with an African wood floor and under floor heating. Natural light cascades in from a large picture window that showcases the hewn rock from which Itha108 was carved. Shower and loo facilities are on the same level.

The outdoor shala is an 80 square meter wooden platform built around wild oak trees and rock. You can practice beneath a canopy of dappled shade and soften your gaze on the sea. There’s an outdoor bathroom nearby, carved into rocks with a sea grass roof.


The yoga practice will be a Vinyasa based practice borrowing the breath inspired movement of the Ashtanga system and blended with the precision and intelligence of alignment based systems such as Iyengar, Anusara, and Ashaya. Students can expect a strong physical practice with mindful and creative sequencing, transformative hands on adjustments, music to fit the mood, and sprinkled with some chanting and philosophy to educate and inspire. The practice is open to all levels of student, since Jessica, who has over 22 years of teaching experience, is able to cater to all bodies and physical abilities.

SUP yoga

You will feel completely supported as Jessica Bellofatto Yoga teaches you the basics of SUP and SUP yoga, how to get on and off the board, how to paddle on your knees, and perhaps how to stand up. Then, you will drop your anchor or attach to the floating yoga studio to be guided through a basic yoga sequence. The postures chosen for this class are stable, symmetrical, and typically lower to the ground / water / board for maximum stability and comfort.

There will be a chance to go hiking with Jessica.

  • Jessica Bellofatto

    Jivamukti Yoga School (Jivamukti Yoga)

    Jessica has been practicing yoga for 24 years. She started at the original Jivamukti Yoga Studio in East Village, New York. She completed her 500-hour training in 1997 at the Jivamukti Yoga School under the guidance of Sharon Gannon and David Life. She spent many hours studying the Anusara, Iyengar, and Ashtanga styles and is currently pursuing certification in Ashaya yoga, which sprouted from Anusara, with Todd Norian. Jessica is also a triathlete, an avid surfer, and the owner of KamaDeva Yoga.

Ithaca, home of Itha108, is one of the smallest island in the Ionian island constellation that is radiating with Grecian authenticity. Its shores play host to a long Homeric and mythical history whose many mysteries are sensed amongst animated panorama and secretive coves. Itha108 overlooks the sea and the eastern coastline of neighboring Kefalonia from an elevated wilderness of olive trees and exposed rocks that provide the elements around which it is built, allowing its natural beauty to speak for itself. An emphasis on indoor-outdoor living ensures the full use of the land and its treasures that extend to hidden beaches below it.

Food at Itha108 is fresh, sumptuous, and made up of local produce. All vegetables are organic and sourced from the best of what Ithaca and Kefalonia has to offer. Plentiful home-cooked menus blend traditional Greek cuisine with a contemporary style.

Thai yoga massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing system that uses a combination of passive yoga stretches, stimulation, and manipulation along energy lines, compression, and acupressure. The treatment is carried out on a mat on the floor with the client fully dressed and the body is compressed, pulled, stretched, and rocked in order to clear energy blockages and relieve tension. The practitioner uses not only hands, but also forearms, elbows, knees, and feet to work the client's body. In this process, the elements and the flow of energy throughout the body are balanced, muscles are released and stretched, joints are opened, and internal organs are toned, inducing an overall feeling of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, as well as physical and mental well being.

Thai massage therapy sessions with Adriane Klumpp are always tailored to individual requirements with varying degrees of intensity to the massage. Sessions can include more dynamic elements such as rocking and shaking as well as more deep static compression on specific acupressure points. She also uses herbal compresses, liniments, and balms, and incorporates cupping therapy. This treatment is available at an extra cost.

  • Full-body session: 90 - 120 minutes
  • Half-body session: 60 minutes

Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage)

Chi Nei Tsang is a very effective and unique form of bodywork which works directly on the abdomen, organs, and their associated emotions. The abdomen houses not only your internal organs but is also the place where you ‘store’ all of your unresolved emotional issues, so the importance of this area to your overall health and well-being cannot be overstated. Your 75-minute session will include an initial consultation and will be tailored to your personal needs by Adriane Klumpp.

An accumulation of toxins, repressed feelings, knots and tangles or a general tightness in this area can affect your health and eventually show up as digestive dysfunction, such as aches and pains, lack of energy, and backache, or manifest as feelings, such as worry, stress, or anxiety. Chi Nei Tsang helps to unwind tensions, releases negative emotions, relaxes, detoxifies, and restores a balanced energy flow to the abdominal area. This treatment is available at an extra cost.

Full body massage

The full body massage, given by Mersini Taliouri, is a combination of tranquil therapeutic massage that combines Thai, Ayurveda, deep tissue massage, sport massage, trigger points, and Swedish, with the purpose of relieving the body of negative stress, lack of exercise, and intense lifestyle. This treatment uses different techniques, with the fingers, elbows, knuckles, forearms, and fists unblock your muscles, joints, and blood flow that have been blocked. This treatment is available at an extra cost.

  • 2 daily yoga practices
  • 3 daily organic, locally-sourced meals
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Chanting and philosophy teachings
  • Daily hiking
  • Daily SUP and SUP yoga sessions
  • Transfer from and to Kefalonia Airport (EFL)
  • Flights

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Kefalonia Airport (EFL). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Jessica Bellofatto Yoga will pick you up from the airport.

  • El depósito no será reembolsado si la reserva es cancelada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado 56 días antes de tu llegada.


  • Reseña de Deborah Spera

    "A yoga practice exists to anchor you in the here and now while reminding you of your greatest potential spiritually. As a result of that reminder, the body gives way to incremental moments (inches really) that provide enormous pathways of possibility. When I met Jess I hadn’t done a handstand in 22 years, i hadn’t contemplated the splits in even more. I had given up what I thought my numerical age allowed. Jess reminded me that who we are and what we are are defined by practice and faith and belief in possibility. As I remembered what it was to do a backbend and a headstand, so I also remembered and discovered not only who I am, but who I am meant to be. Only a great teacher can provide a light to that path. And Jess is and has always been for me a great teacher. A reminder of my spiritual being and a true beacon of joy."

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Christy Turlington Burns

    "I have known Jessica Bellofatto since she became certified from Jivamukti many years ago. She has always been a gifted teacher and an inspiring spirit. She was always the epitome of a yogini, which is why I chose her to represent my Nuala yoga inspired clothing line for our first catalogue. She is a beautiful soul inside and out. I continue to learn from her every time I am in her presence and I am grateful for the opportunity always."

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Giulio Martini

    "In a sky full of yoga stars, Jessica’s shines most brightly. She is a natural teacher of yoga in all its aspects and her classes are rare, perfectly formed gems. Afterwards, I always feel satisfied and I am always hungry for more."

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Shira Barzilay

    "I had been going on a yearly yoga retreat with Jessica (and Lois the first year) for a few years. Each time, I emerged with a rising feeling of power, a clarity in my heart, and an unmistakable sense that I wished I didn’t have to wait until next year to experience this again. When an email arrived in August of 2012, announcing a teacher training in East Hampton with Jessica and Lois, my first reaction was, “I don’t want to be a teacher, but 10 weekends of instruction and hands-on practice, now that may be even better than a one week retreat!” I knew I wanted to invest in the deepening of my practice, because as anyone who commits to yoga can say—it is the answer. I cannot compare my time spent on my mat to anything else, and now with the knowledge I have gained—bringing it into my daily life—driving the kids around, washing the dishes, and dealing with people—has made all my interactions and life work so much better. If you are considering this teacher training, go with your gut, trust yourself, invest in yourself. Doing so will take you to new heights. Trust Jess and Lois. Don’t underestimate yourself."

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Paula Didonato

    "Dear Jessica and Gina, I am so full of gratitude for this past weekend and for my relationship with each of you. This weekend was incredible. It was so powerful to be in the company of you both. You set an example of what it is possible. You are both such wonderful role models. The experience helped to rekindle my determination to work hard and nurture my practice. I have been on a journey to find my spiritual apex through yoga while creating a sustainable business. This goal often seems like an impossible dream. Watching you both gave me renewed hope and I am very grateful. I think the example that you set in working together is one that the women that attended your conference will benefit greatly from. I can’t imagine what my adult life would have been like if I had spent the weekend with the likes of you both when I was in my 20's and 30's. You should be very proud of yourselves and hopefully you recognize the impact you are having on many many women. I love you both. Thank you for your generosity and inclusivity."

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Robbie Luitjen de México

    "I just spent a week at a yoga retreat lead by Jessica Bellofatto in Tulum, Mexico. Amazing almost sums it up. It was my first of hopefully many more. I went alone and was the oldest. Yet, I never felt it in the best possible ways. The staff at Amansala was spot on and the food was healthy and delicious."

    "Jessica and Iris are extremely experienced. The constant hands on attention was such a plus. Jessica is the best instructor I’ve ever experienced in my 20 years of yoga. Although, I just met them it was as though I’d known them for years."

    "The ocean being feet away and the additional excursions between yoga and eating was a win-win. Did I say I loved it!? What a wonderful way to meet new women of like mindedness of all ages. Thank you Jessica for your devotion and attention to detail. See you next year!"

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Barbara Demetz de México

    "Jessica, You have no idea what kind of positive impact you made on me. I adored your personality and your amazing skills as a yoga teacher, we were very fortunate that we met you and your family and all the nice yogis we got to know in Tulum. My first yoga class here in Boise was almost a shock, I missed your voice and your energy. I will definitely always look into your schedule for your yoga retreats and make sure I will join you again. Thanks again for a fabulous week at Amansala."

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Amanda Jesenof de Puerto Rico

    "The only thing I didn’t like about this trip was that it had to end! Jessica is a fabulous teacher and I loved all of the personalized attention she’s able to give with a group of this size. In four days, I became more confident in my yoga skills than I have in the last few years. The location for the retreat is absolutely unbeatable and the food was delicious; this will definitely not be the last time I go on one of Jessica’s retreats!"

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Megan Toufexis de Puerto Rico

    "This trip gave me the opportunity to focus on myself, my yoga, and find an inner peace I needed. It was fun, full of adventure, sunsets, delicious food and a gifted yoga instructor with a wonderful laugh!"

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

  • Reseña de Rita-Marie Murphy

    "Thank you so very much for such a wonderful Stand up paddle boarding yoga experience! I was so looking forward to the weekend course and it was greater than I anticipated. I was extremely impressed with the level of experience and professionalism that both you and Jessica demonstrated."

    Jessica Bellofatto Yoga website, editado

New York, United States

Jessica Bellofatto es la fundadora y directora de KamaDeva Yoga Studio en East Hampton, Nueva York, EUA. Ofrece retiros de yoga en Estados Unidos y el extranjero.

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