6 días retiro de yoga en Hawái

  • Hawaii Island Retreat, 54-250 Lokahi Road, Kapaau, Hawái, EUA

Retiro de yoga en Hawái

Este retiro de yoga está diseñado especialmente para personas y parejas que buscan empezar, expandir y pulir su práctica de yoga. Cultiva tu experiencia en más de uno de los estilos que los maestros ofrecen. Relajación, equilibrio interno y tranquilidad es el principal objetivo de este retiro. Disfruta de un programa de masajes junto a la costa, practica yoga y diviértete en una pacífica tierra de la que no querrás irte.

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  • 3 yoga classes
  • 3 meditation classes
  • One hour massage or spa treatment
  • Explore ancient valleys and gardens during free time
  • Relax and enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian beach
  • Daily farm to table breakfast and lunch
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • 5 días con clases guiadas
  • Inglés
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Elegant suites

Each suite has a spacious bathroom with a large soaking tub and separate shower, fresh flowers, compact disc player with iPod deck, personal water bottle, laundry and maid service for individual guests, lush organic bamboo robes for use during your stay, organic shampoo, conditioner, lotion for use during your stay, green living card with additional recommendations for living in harmony with the land, and luxurious bedding. These spacious suites are 375 by 450 square feet and decorated with turn of the century Hawaii furniture. The suites are color matched and named for the large, antique Saxon prints of tropical flowers. All suites have private balconies and chairs, overlooking the fragrant garden as well as ocean.

Hawaiian yurt village

Hawaiian yurts offer a unique alternative to the elegant boutique hotel for individuals and groups seeking greater simplicity and economy. Nestled within a needled ironwood grove, the yurt village is adjacent to the Hawaiian eco spa complex and features seven spacious yurt bungalows, perfect for couples or shared living during private retreats. Yurt village guests have easy access to the spa's massage bungalows, movement room, sauna, and infinity pool. Meals are served in the main hotel, where guests can also enjoy the fragrant gardens. The yurts have two single beds or one king size bed, and a private toilet and sink. The indoor and outdoor shower options and the spa locker rooms are nearby for showers. All yurts include personal water bottle, organic shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion for use during your stay, as well as stunning valley or garden views.

Private or semi-private yoga and meditation class will be scheduled to fit your schedule. A healthy and organic breakfast selected directly from the local farm will be available so you can be fully energized to enjoy your free time activities like taking a walk at the private beach, visiting historic sites, swimming in the salty water infinity pool, enjoying full access to the library, or hiking in one of the many legendary trails of the island. After the afternoon adventures, you may want to enjoy of a relaxing spa treatment like a massage, a body wrap, or a refreshing facial. Full time adventure, luxurious spa treatments, and organic food are the signature of this awesome retreat.

Hawaii Island Retreat is located near the small county village of Hawi in the historic district of North Kohala on Hawaii's Big Island. It is a 50-acre off the grid eco-boutique with an oceanfront retreat sanctuary organic farm and a spa located within a sacred valley of healing. Hawaii Island Retreat is a leader in green design engineering and sustainable practices. It is located off the grid and runs on solar and wind power. All the yoga rooms are designed to overlook the ocean and bluffs, and the walls slide open to welcome the outside in.

It is a place of intentional peacefulness set among towering evergreens and ocean breezes along the north Kohala island. When you visit Hawaii Island Retreat, you quickly realize the wonder of the sacred land. Here, you can relax and unwind in the gardens, wild groves, and ancient valley trails along with the elegant accommodations that are in complete harmony with nature.

Breakfast and lunch are served daily. The organic gardens and orchards of the big island in Hawaii are a living tribute to the bounty of exotic vegetables and fruits. The food used in the hotel kitchen is completely grown in these organic gardens, from salad greens to lychee and sunrise papaya.

The garden side dining room opens onto fragrant plantings where you will enjoy organic farm to table cuisine, as well as seafood fresh from Hawaiian waters. You will find the Hawaiian spa cuisine menu rich with local accents, whole grain breads, pacific rim dishes, and international menus.

The chefs are brilliant in the kitchen. When they are not out gathering herbs for an appetizer dish, they are about the region sampling local dishes for new menu ideas. Join them for a spa cooking class or afternoon in the gardens.


Hawaii adventure learning path takes you into the big island's wilder side, where you will master new skills for a lifetime of outdoor adventure. You can be lead or arranged for a variety of outdoor activities like, yoga on the beach, mountain workouts, light or challenging hike, ocean kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, mountain biking, outdoor navigation, and survival skills training.

Aquacise therapy

Enjoy the buoyancy and resistance of water in the beautiful salt purified swimming pool for an aerobic and resistance training workout that is fun, cool, and appropriate for all fitness levels.

Chakra meditation

Based on a 3000 year old tradition, embark on a guided journey to stimulate and open the chakra system to optimally align the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the chakra energy centers.

Chi gong meditation

This 2000 year old series of body movements and breathing calms the spirit and the mind. It has also been shown to strengthen the immune system, to reduce stress, and to improve balance and posture.


The mind-body approach to lifelong fitness includes cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and nutrition. Choose from among the menu of fitness options, fitness room, personal training, Pilates, chi gung, dance, and creative movement training in core conditioning.

Inner balance

A true relaxation and clarity begin when you turn inward, with time tested techniques such as yoga, meditation, chi gung, breathing, and creative visualization. At the Hawaii Island Retreat spa, the inner balance path includes an array of classes, in addition to outdoor contemplative walking paths and meditation gardens.

Inspired cuisine classes

At Hawaii Island Retreat, your journey to natural eating begins in the organic orchard and vegetable gardens, and then takes you delightfully into creative cooking styles that include Hawaiian, Asia, and international and whole foods cuisine. Cuisine classes includes, organic food gardening and harvesting, storing and preparing a variety of vegetables, fruits cooking styles, vegetarian cooking, and creation of healthy menus.

Ke alaula meditation

Immerse into deep relaxation through a mindfulness meditation based on the Hawaiian principle of being enlightened. This half hour guided meditation can be added before or after yoga or on its own.

Kohala legends and lore

Walk over one of the many trails in the 50 acres of private coastal lands. Step back in time and explore the herbal tradition of Kohala on an easygoing walk. Learn to identify traditional plant medicine, learn about native customs, hear stories of the area while basking in the tranquility of the valley, listen to the songs of the birds, and among resident Pohaku or sacred stones reconnect with your place in the greater web of life.

Living on the land experience

Experience life as the ancestors did in deep connection with the land and with the other creatures who share it. Guests can join the staff to visit the goat herd with baby goats being born in January and February. Enjoy luscious fruit picked and eaten right off the tree. Help the gardener harvest vegetables from the organic gardens and traverse the 50 acres of land observing and assisting with other gardens, orchards, and animals. This is a unique experience in sustainable living to help strengthen your relationship with the living world.

Relationship therapy

Openness, commitment, and shared values lay the groundwork for the process of growth and transformation called relationships. Classes, talks, special seminars in relationship, and couples training are offered.

Whale watching season

This retreat is specially planned to take place during the peak of the humpback whale season in Hawaii, when thousands of whales surround the islands to calve and socialize. Whales begin arriving in Hawaii in November and migrate back to Alaska in late May, but their numbers peak during February. Whale watching from land is one of the best ways to experience the whales.

Applied kinesiology massage

After using muscle testing to determine imbalances within specific organs, muscles, and joints, the applied kinesiology massage corrects, rebalances, and renews the body. The cost of this massage is 65 USD for 30 minutes or 130 USD for 60 minutes.

Aromatherapy massages

These massages are designed to use specific aromatic oils that soothe both skin and all your senses. The cost of this massage is 135 USD for 60 minutes or 195 USD for 90 minutes.

Body and soul bath rituals

Nurture body and soul with one or more of this luxurious, deeply soothing baths. Milk and honey that purify and heal, aromatherapy baths that soothe your senses, flower baths with unique tropical flowers that brings you into harmony, dosha baths that are drawn with bath salts selected for your body type, seaweed and sea salt baths remineralize, purify, and stimulate metabolism. The cost of this massage is 55 USD for 30 minutes.

Chakra massages

This is a lighter pressure energy massage that relaxes and revitalizes as it balances your chakras or energy centers. The cost of this massage is 130 USD for 60 minutes or 195 USD for 90 minutes.

Couples loving luxury

Three hours of bliss begins with a flower foot bath for two, then a signature raw Hawaiian sugar body scrub followed by a body wrap in either butter or spice and yogurt. Then you will enjoy a couple massage, enhanced with candlelight aromatherapy. This luxurious treatment culminates with a flower soak in an oversized tub ideal for those celebrating their honeymoon or seeking reconnection. The cost of this massage is 360 USD for 180 minutes per person or 700 USD for 180 minutes per couple.

Couples loving retreat

This is a couple massage with aromatherapy massage oil, followed by a candlelight aromatherapy bath for two. The cost of this massage is 195 USD for 90 minutes per person or 1390 USD for 90 minutes per couple.

Deep tissues massage

This massage focuses on releasing the pent up muscle and joint tension of the whole body. The cost of this massage is 130 USD for 90 minutes or 195 USD for 90 minutes.

Foot focus treatment

This focused treatment includes a foot soak and Hawaiian salt scrub, followed by a foot and leg massage that stimulates reflexology points to release weariness. The cost of this massage is 65 USD for 30 minutes.

Harmony facial massage

The harmony facial is a results-oriented treatment that is customized for your skin type. Essential oils and botanicals clean, tone, exfoliate, massage, and treat, ultimately balancing and renewing your skin. The cost of this massage is 70 USD for 60 minutes or 140 USD for 60 minutes.

Hawaiian body rejuvenation massage

Inspired by the ancient rejuvenation rituals of India, the massage consists of90 minutes of ultimate transcendence with a body mask of exotic herbs and a vigorous exfoliation, followed by a warm herbal infused oil massage and finishes off with a steamed towel compress for the whole body. The whole body is realigned. The cost of this massage is 200 USD for 90 minutes.

Hawaiian time massage

Receive a restorative, 90 minute massage featuring a special jetlag aromatherapy elixir that alleviates the fatigue, tension, and disorientation that often accompanies travel. The cost of this massage is 195 USD for 90 minutes.

Hawaiian bliss face and body treatment

This spa treatment is a luxurious massage and facial using tropical botanicals and flower essences. The cost of this massage is 210 USD for 90 minutes.

Heavenly hair treatment

Thirty minutes of a luxurious, tropical infused oil treatment that repairs damaged or dry hair and also protects it from sun, sea, and water damage. It also includes a relaxing deep scalp massage. The cost of this massage is 75 USD for 30 minutes.


Your trained therapist guides a journey to discover self-limiting beliefs and experiences that hinder health and wellbeing. The cost of this massage is 13 USD for 60 minutes or 195 USD for 90 minutes.

Instant glow facial

The instant glow facial is an illuminating experience that includes deep cleansing, microdermabrasion, and extraction followed by a deep exfoliating mask with lifting benefits. This is ideal for every skin type seeking immediate radiance and glow. The cost of this massage is 70 USD for 30 minutes or 140 USD for 60 minutes.

Lomilomi massage

This is a traditional Hawaiian massage performed in a rhythmic, soothing fashion with hands, arms and elbows. This massage focuses on ones breath and enhancing awareness of presence. The cost of this massage is 130 USD for 60 minutes or 195 USD for 120 minutes.

Reiki massage

Using specific hand placement, the spiritual life force energy said to reside in all living things pours into the body bringing deep peace and healing. The cost of this massage is 65 USD for 30 minutes or 130 USD for 60 minutes.

Shirodhara massage

This is an ancient therapy used for centuries to restore an inner calm and balance to the emotions. A gentle stream of warm oil onto the third eye quiets the mind and soothes the senses. The cost of this massage is 140 USD for 60 minutes.

Spa service for couples

Couples massage of two therapists for 60 or 90 minutes for much needed deep relaxation that only massage can bring. The cost of this massage is 130 USD for 60 minutes or 195 USD for 90 minutes.

Sun therapy

A liberal application of freshly cut aloe vera topped with cooling native leaves will reduce the heat and heal the fieriest sunburn. The cost of this massage is 70 USD for 30 minutes.

Sweet release massages

This exfoliating session uses the raw Hawaiian sugar body scrubs that are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling fresh, enlivened, and silky smooth. The cost of this massage is 60 USD for 30 minutes.

Thai massage

Thai massage incorporates elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching, and rhythmic compression to open muscles and alleviate tension. The cost of this massage is 130 USD for 60 minutes or 195 USD for 90 minutes.

The kukui experience facial

Exfoliate while deeply healing and nurturing the skin with the roasted kukui nut scrub followed by a massage with kukui oil. The cost of this massage is 140 USD for 60 minutes or 200 USD for 90 minutes.

Ultimate unwind massage

Slow down, unwind, and breathe deeply with a re-mineralizing body wrap, combined with a therapeutic sports massage, which is then topped off with a scalp massage. The cost of this massage is 200 USD for 120 minutes.

  • 1 hour massage or spa treatment
  • 3 yoga classes
  • 3 meditation classes
  • 5 nights accommodations
  • Personal concierge service for advice about local activities
  • Sumptuous organic breakfast and lunch
  • Airfare
  • Dinner

Driving directions from Kona International Airport (KOA)

From Kona International Airport (KOA), turn left onto highway 19 and drive north toward Waimea.

After about 30 minutes, turn left at the "T" on Kawaihae Road toward Kawaihae Harbor.

Drive one mile, then turn right at the sign for Hawi on highway 270.

Continue north on highway 270 for 22 miles until you reach Hawi.

Drive through Hawi town and continue for 1.6 miles toward Kapa'au.

Pass the Aloha gas station on the left.

Look for a white vinyl fence on the left side.

Pass the guard rails, turn left at Maluhia Road, it is a gravel road and there will be shoreline public access and Hawaii Island Retreat signs at the turn. Follow these signs.

Turn left at the T through the tunnel of trees and then turn right.

Bear right when the road splits and enter through the main gate.

Arrival by airplane

  • Please book your flight to arrive at Kona International Airport (KOA).

Hawaii, United States

Hawaii Island Retreat es un spa y hotel ecológico, lugar de paz intencionada, ubicado entre imponentes árboles y la brisa del océano en la parte norte de la costa de Kohala en Hawái.

  • Disponibilidad: Los Retiros de yoga de este organizador están disponibles 86% del tiempo.
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