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8 días retiro de yoga y chamanismo en el oeste de Grecia

  • Ellas Retreat, 25is Martiou, Palairos 30012, Aktio-Vonitsa, Aetolia-Acarnania, West Greece, Greece

8 días retiro de yoga y chamanismo en el oeste de Grecia

  • Ellas Retreat, 25is Martiou, Palairos 30012, Aktio-Vonitsa, Aetolia-Acarnania, West Greece, Greece

Awaken your Goddess of Love Yoga Retreat Greece

Join this eight-day of woman retreat in Greece with Teona and Selva. Woman is by nature a shaman. If woman by nature is a shaman, then woman by nature is a transformer. It is time to heal and transform each other as sisters. It's time to awaken the inner goddess of love that lies within each one of you and it's time to find the way back to your divine ego less essence.

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  • Kriya, Hatha, and Nidra yoga sessions
  • Healing with sacred sounds of Tibetan Bowls
  • Shamanic practices, sacred rituals, and cooking class
  • African drum and Latin dance sessions
  • Breakfast, lunch, and a light dinner
  • 7 nights' accommodation
  • Skilled instructors
  • 7 días con clases guiadas
  • Alemán, Griego, Ruso, Español, Inglés
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Ellas Retreat Paleros is situated at the picturesque port of Paleros. The retreat house has seven rooms with access to a relaxing garden and great views of the Ionian Sea, the island of Lefkada and a spectacular view of the marvelous stone mountain (Serekas) that rises next to Paleros.

All the rooms are homely and tastefully decorated and include en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, kitchenette, a small refrigerator, Wi-Fi, and a hot plate for an emergency lunch or tea. You may relax on the balcony or in the garden during any time of the day and feel completely at home. There is also a yoga deck at the garden and a yoga shala five minutes' away from the location, where you can practice and enjoy the view to the Ionian Sea and Lefkada island.

This program is dedicated to every woman who is willing to explore her inner space and connect to her own shaman as well as to the ones who are willing to be friends with silence, nature, rituals of love, dance, and sacred sounds. Through this connection, you can empower your innermost love. Turn on your light, become love, and make each moment a sacred ritual of awareness, a ceremony dedicated to love, a prayer to life.

The word shaman or saman comes from Russia (the Tungus people) and the word ‘shamanka’ was used to be helpful in describing a female shaman. When you read back through mainstream history, the references to women and their power come mostly from the time of the goddess, but little is written from the eyes of the women in rites of passage and religious doctrines since then.

Women are the natural midwives of the spirit. Your attraction to these pathways is natural. Fear of your own power is something that you are all trying to unlearn. Power does not mean dominance or control.

  • Teona Papadopoulou

    Before practicing yoga and Tantra, Teona was involved with shamanic practices and rituals. After being encountered with the science of Kriya yoga, she realized that yoga was her way for to live the truth she had experienced. In 2013, she began her yoga and Tantric sadhana, and after a year, she took a Hatha yoga teachers training course in Sivananda Yoga. She lived, served, and practiced at the Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Center in Berlin for about a year and in 2017, she was initiated into Kriya yoga by Swami Shankarananda Giri and into Tantra by Guruji Raj Kumar.

  • Sandra Selva

    Selva means jungle, for her divine connection with the jungle and the Amazon where she lived in indigenous communities between Brazil Colombia and Peru. She has been participating in various traditional ceremonies where she received the inspiration to involve herself into shamanic healing. To share to all what she has received from the indigenous women, she uses tools like Tibetan bowls, shamanic instruments, and medicinal plants. She has been initiated into various practices and her intent is to inspire women and their innate capacity to purify and heal through the divine connection to love.

Paleros, where this event will take place, is a village located in the Ionian Sea close to the island of Lefkada. It lies at the base of a spectacular mountain and is surrounded by nice sandy beaches, restaurants, and bars in close proximity. The coastline to the north and south offers dozens of small isolated picturesque gulfs for camping and water activities.

Its location and the mild winds make Paleros a hot spot for sailing and diving. There are many archaeological sites, monasteries, wineries, hot springs, and hiking opportunities in the region. You can experience a back to nature lifestyle by visiting local farms, tasting homemade products, and becoming part of a Greek family.

The food served is homemade vegan or vegetarian and macrobiotic. It is provided by Ellas Retreat's partner Foodpath.gr, as products they use are fresh and local, mostly organic, and often from their own garden. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in the package.

Fusion of Ayurvedic massage, hot stones, healing and shamanic sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls

The hot stones have a sedative effect that relieves chronic pain, reduce stress, and increase the blood circulation and metabolism. Hot stone therapy combined with Ayurvedic abhyanga massage is a full body healing and effective experience. The direct heat of the hot stones together with medicinal oils release tension, resulting in a deep relaxation.

During the session, you can feel the divinity of the sound of the Tibetan bowls manifested through their deep vibrations that bring spontaneous healing and mystical states by raising your vibrational frequency. The Tibetan bowls sound creates a profound opportunity to connect with your heart, being a wonderful tool to balance the chakras and transform altered states of anxiety and stress into states of peace, serenity, and divinity.

During treatment, it is also used techniques of shamanic healing therapy based on the energy of sacred instruments of Amazon and various tools of spiritual power as rattles, feathers, bells, shamanic chants, mantras, herbs, and oils that help cleanse, heal, and harmonize the body and its energy.

Tibetan bowls and shamanic instruments

During the session, you can feel the divinity of the sound of the Tibetan Bowls manifested through their deep vibrations that bring spontaneous healing and mystical states by raising your vibrational frequency. With his divine energy balances your ability to vibrate, awakening, harmonize, or revitalize your physical body, your spirit, and your mind into a state of relaxation creating a magical link between the heart and the soul.

In the sound therapist also are used sound and shamanic instruments with different tools of spiritual power as rattles, feathers, bells, mantras, herbs, and oils they help cleanse, heal, and harmonize the body and energy. The therapy is combined with Ayurvedic head massage, Reiki, and shamanic healing, an energy-based therapy rooted in the truth that everything has an energy and that, sometimes, work needs to be done to bring it back into balance.

Other treatments

  • Acupressure massage
  • Anti cellulite massage
  • Electro acupuncture

Other activities

  • Boat tours
  • Cooking classes
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking, diving, and sailing
  • Kite surf classes
  • Photography classes
  • Wildlife observation
  • 7 nights' accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, and a light dinner
  • Cooking class
  • Nidra yoga
  • Shamanic practices and Kriya Hatha yoga
  • Sound healing
  • Airfare and transportation

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) or Aktion National Airport (PVK). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request. You have the options to either take a bus or hire a taxi through Ellas Retreat Paleros.

Arrival by bus

From the airport, take the X93 city bus or a taxi to KTEL Athens Long Distance Bus Terminal in which cost is 6 EUR per person. Fare should be about 6 EUR to the long distance bus terminal from where buses depart for Paleros.

From the bus terminal, it is advantageous to take the more frequent bus to Lefkada. With this bus, you make a stop in Vonitsa (19 kilometers' away from Paleros) and Ellas Retreat will pick you up. Bus trip duration is around five hours and 30 minutes.

Arrival by taxi

Ellas Retreat can hire a taxi for you that will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the area of Palairos. Taxi trip duration is around four hours and it costs 80 EUR per person. Please note that your flight must come earlier than 3 p.m. If you come to Aktion National Airport (PVK), the pickup service will be 25 EUR and in 30 minutes, you are in Palairos.

  • Una reserva requiere de un depósito del 20% del precio total.
  • El depósito será reembolsado en su totalidad si cancelas hasta 20 días antes de la fecha de llegada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado a tu llegada.

Reseñas verificadas de BookYogaRetreats.com

  • N
    Reseña de Nicola Kew de Reino Unido

    Truly Healing

    PROS Me gustó: My perfect retreat, I met the most amazing people and such a warming environment. I've been drawn to shamanism for many years, coming to this retreat has made me realise why. We also had the option for yoga and meditation on the platform which for me was just perfect. Also learning a lot from Teona such a beautiful soul

    2017-Sep-21 13:25:48

  • C
    Reseña de Chloe Synajko de Francia

    CONS No me gustó: 4 people in a little room, impossible to really relax. The changes in the schedule.

    PROS Me gustó: The place to do the yoga, the garden to relax together

    2017-Sep-20 05:49:15

  • V
    Reseña de Veronika Pechová de Estados Unidos

    Little bit of India in Greece

    CONS No me gustó: Nothing

    PROS Me gustó: I had very special time in Greece with Teona, Basu and all other amazing people I met during this retreat. Yoga practice was nothing I expected but during all course I felt like it was designed for me. I must admit that I feel like I found very natural way of doing yoga and learnt so much every single day. We did yoga in the morning on a deck with a view over the sea and if we were early enough we could meditate during the sun rise. Brunch with Teona was always delicious. I couldn't believe the variety of meals. Every day we tried something new and different, everything vegetarian and mostly plant based. The place itself is situated in a village, with few restaurants and shops where we could find everything we needed. It is not a very touristy place so lying on a beach was very relaxing and calm. The retreat is a great way to spend your vacation as a solo traveler as there are always very friendly people. Also you can always choose to spend time alone or resting and talking with others on a garden. Overall I feel very grateful to spend my vacation in this special place. Love first.

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Veronica Shine bright beautiful star! Thank you for your Love and Understanding. You are more than welcome to join us at any time and we would be very happy to share with you. Words cant describe how grateful I am for your beingness. Thank you Love First Teona

    2017-Sep-12 18:10:14

  • M
    Reseña de Mathilde Mercinier de Francia

    2017-Sep-10 15:09:15

  • A
    Reseña de Anastasia Vainshtein de Israel

    Such a nice and deep experience

    PROS Me gustó: That was my first trip to this magical place. It was so amazing! Our teachers (Basu and Ann) are great people! I could feel their positive energy and unconditional love sharing with us all the time. The program was intensive and after 7 days retreat I could really noticed a lot of changes in my mind and my body. A very special gratitude to Teona, she is a very nice person. Her food is very tasty, she takes care a lot about people are staying there. I'm looking forward to come to Ellas retreat again and spend as much time as I can! Thank you my dear friends, it was a special period in my life!

    Respuesta del organizador: Thank you for your beauty and free spirit, thank you for your depth and acceptance, thank you for everything you are. Looking forward to share with you again! Love First Teona and Basu

    2017-Sep-07 13:29:11

  • P
    Reseña de Pam Wood de Reino Unido

    Love Your Way!

    CONS No me gustó: The location was not quiet at a few times in the day but even this was a moment of yoga meditation practice 'to go inside and name what is'!

    PROS Me gustó: The intelligent and informational inspiration of Teona & Basil's guidance enabled in me in a deep way to reconnect to the core of me. I liked what I saw.

    Respuesta del organizador: Thank you dear Pam! It was beautiful to share with you! Love First Teona and Basu

    2017-Aug-25 06:23:54

  • H
    Reseña de Hannah Peaty de Reino Unido

    Respuesta del organizador: Thank you dear Hannah, it was a pleasure to meet you and share yoga together! Come back! Love First Teona and Basu

    2017-Aug-21 00:05:46

  • S
    Reseña de Sisi Yang de Reino Unido

    The experience purifies my life! It's more than a holiday!

    CONS No me gustó: nothing

    PROS Me gustó: If you're looking for modern (California) yoga and learn challenging yoga poses, this is not the place for you. But there is so much more than just the yoga technique. Yoga is about love, life, happiness and living at present. You'll experience these while here. We had 3 hours meditation, hatha yoga and nidyi yoga early morning, then a heart warming breakfast and sharing session with the fellow yogi. During the day, there's plenty of choices for leisure, beach and food to keep us occupied. The most significant though for me is the support and love from Teona, Basu, Emil, Julian and from every other people I meet during this trip. The yoga/meditation session, the instructors and the small town environment just purify me completely. Wish I can stay longer!!

    Respuesta del organizador: Thank you dear Sisi! Love First Teona

    2017-Aug-11 07:47:29

  • K
    Reseña de Kashmir Rai de Reino Unido

    Exhilarating experience!

    PROS Me gustó: I came to the retreat with my mother and we did not know what to expect as this was our first yoga retreat. Upon arrival, we knew we choose the best place. Teona and Basu were extremely welcoming and truly magnificent teachers. The daily brunch was delicious and there was always something different cooked with a variety to choose from. The location of the morning yoga/meditation really allows you to immerse yourself into the practice. The surrounding village is quiet and everyone we met was very friendly. The close proximity to the beach allowed us to try a new restaurant every day with an incredible view. Lefkada was only a drive away where we tried kayaking and saw some beautiful sea caves. Another short car journey away is Vathiavali beach - my personal favourite, as it had a great atmosphere and was not over crowded. The food and drink in the small bar/cafe were also great. The time really flies at Ellas Retreat so embrace and learn from every moment.

    Respuesta del organizador: Thank you so much for your wonderful review, it really made my heart sing from your softness. Love First Teona

    2017-Aug-06 10:11:54

  • E
    Reseña de Emma Mak de Reino Unido

    PROS Me gustó: The whole experience was beautiful! It was a perfect retreat to disconnect and to just 'be'. Teona was amazing, and her food is a massive bonus. Would highly recommend

    Respuesta del organizador: Thank you dear Emma! We would love you to come back and make all the nice questions :P Love First Teona and Basu

    2017-Aug-03 11:42:45

  • L
    Reseña de Lisa Boddenberg de Estados Unidos

    Ellas retreat

    CONS No me gustó: Nothing

    PROS Me gustó: Teona was very kind, accommodating and made the experience much better. She answered my questions promptly before I arrived and also made sure that there were plenty of selections for breakfast for my vegan diet.

    Respuesta del organizador: Thank you dear Lisa! A beautiful chance to meet you and share lovely moments. Grateful for the feedback you have given me all these days :) Love First Teona

    2017-Aug-01 20:43:05

  • M
    Reseña de Marika Ristanovska de Reino Unido

    PROS Me gustó: Beautiful place and beautiful people

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Marika It was such a pleasure to have you here, your serene nature and you light full personality. Looking forward to share with you again in the future! Love First Teona & Basu

    2017-Jul-27 09:34:27

  • E
    Reseña de Elizabeth Lewis de Reino Unido

    A grddd

    CONS No me gustó: no negatives

    PROS Me gustó: The area is great - the outlook from deck on which we did the meditation/yoga is so beautiful. I loved the accomodation - comfy beds, good quality bed linen, great shower, balcony. I loved the brunches after the yoga sessions, preparing the food together and eating on a big table in the shade. There is a fabulous beach nearby. The area is reasonable its not touristy. At first I found the yoga part of the sessions to slow and not dynamic enough - but that wasn't too important - the meditation was relaxing and holding the poses for several mins was the yoga / asana challenge. I met an interesting bunch of people. Last but not least Teona is a lovely person and very endearing. Thanks Teona for a great week I hope to see you again. I found BookYogaRetreats website clunky to use and I needed to phone a few times to check on the booking, but each time I spoke to a really charming person who sorted my query immediately.

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Liz Thank you for sharing and being here with us, I am looking forward to have you again here, it was such a pleasure to share and practice together with you and Idi. All the Best in anything you do! Love First Teona

    2017-Jul-24 16:38:27

  • K
    Reseña de Kerry Dixon de Reino Unido

    Perfect place to reset and reconnect

    CONS No me gustó: Could be a little tidier. It is a bit shabby in places and it would be great to have a well kept garden to relax in as outside space is limited. Breakfast table too small to accommodate everyone comfortably and chairs need replacing.

    PROS Me gustó: The guided sunrise yoga and meditation was excellent. Teona's lyrical, relaxing voice settled the mind. Post breakfast discussions led by Besu and Teona were so interesting Relaxed atmosphere Yoga deck is an amazing place to have the learning.

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Kerry Thank you for your lovely impressions :) Funny enough that after your departure we arranged the table in the garden where we normally eat breakfast :) Now there is a shade there and it looks lovely! I take your feedback with love in my heart! Thank you and see you again soon! Love First! Teona

    2017-Jul-20 20:38:52

  • M
    Reseña de Monica Ruiz de Reino Unido

    Perfect spot to switch off and connect with yourself

    CONS No me gustó: Only thing I could say is that, as a personal preference, brunches were mainly sweet dishes - and I am a savoury person!

    PROS Me gustó: This is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever been in the Mediterranean. Small lovely fishing village with all amenities you need (ATM, restaurants, supermarket and souvenir shop) all at walking distance. A quiet place to enjoy the beautiful and clear waters, the blissful sun and rejuvenating yoga practise. You can always rent a moped / car and explore the area in case you want to see more, but for me it was just what I needed. Teona and Basu and the team were amazing and I will definitely recommend the retreat - be aware the practise is mainly focused on breathing, meditation and traditional Hatha - which for me was perfect as I have been lately used to do a more dynamic type of yoga, so complemented wonderfully. Until next time Teona, thanks again for having me xx

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Monica Words cant express my gratitude for you being with us here. Thank you for every moment. Looking forward to meet you again soon! Love First! Teona

    2017-Jul-20 16:46:18

  • K
    Reseña de Kathrine Maceratta de Reino Unido

    Great location and accommodation. Great holiday experience!

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Kathrine, thank you very much for your review, we look forward to welcome you again to our upcoming retreats, and remember you have a 10% off from now on and forever!! Love First Teona

    2017-Jul-13 16:56:57

  • G
    Reseña de Gemma Lindsay de Israel

    Out of this world yoga retreat!

    PROS Me gustó: Deciding to do the yoga retreat in Palairos with Teona was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Everything was brilliant! The accommodation was lovely - comfy bed and big room with ensuite shower/bath. The garden was beautiful and the location was great - only a 5 minute walk down into town where there were all the shops that you could need - supermarket, bakery, pharmacy etc. The restaurants in town were all delightful with delicious Greek food - Anna's was my absolute favourite - cheap and delicious with impeccable service overlooking the sea. The 'private beach' is about a 15 minute walk away - the nicest beach that iIhave ever been to. The beach in town is also nice - and you can get food and drinks bought to you there from the restaurants. The yoga retreat itself was great - on a deck overlooking the sea every morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga - I felt myself improving every day especially with the deep breathing and meditation. Doing yoga in the morning sets you up for a great day, especially with the brunch afterwards. Teona's cooking was wonderful - I had no idea that vegetarian food could taste that amazing! I had a fantastic stay and met some lovely people - I even extended my stay there! Thank you for everything Teona, I will definitely be back!

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Gemma Thank you very much dearest. Glad to meet you and beautiful to practice together! May we meet again! Love First! Teona

    2017-Jul-10 14:52:35

  • F
    Reseña de Farah Rahman de Países Bajos

    CONS No me gustó: It was too short! Im counting down days until i can visit again!

    PROS Me gustó: Teona was a great teacher, guide and cook. She really cares about you and does her best to make it a personal and comfortable experience for all. I loved the quaint little seaside village with just enough entertainment and warm people. Most of all i loved the community spirit that grew almost naturally as we did many activities together ; even cooking together. Overall it was a great experience that encouraged me to grow.

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Farah You have captured my heart forever with your smile and purity! Love to you and thank you for being here! Love First Teona Papadopoulou

    2017-Jun-30 07:05:21

  • G
    Reseña de Grace Flavin de Estados Unidos

    Stop what you're doing and go to this retreat

    PROS Me gustó: I loved everything about this retreat. Teona is a great instructor and leader for the retreat. I loved walking every morning to the yoga deck and being able practice in such a beautiful area! You have the rest of the day to do whatever you like in the village or elsewhere. Many beaches close by and cabs are easy to find. The food is amazing! Teona cooked for us two nights and we went out in the village the other nights. The water is clean to drink, but everywhere offers free bottled water and bread :) I traveled by myself and stayed in the 1 bedroom 1 bath. Everything was clean, fresh, organic and you can feel the love of having an authentic experience in Greece.

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Grace Thank you so much for your lovely review! May we unite again soon! Looking forward to meet you again really, you are wonderful! Love First Teona

    2017-Jun-28 18:12:39

  • C
    Reseña de Anónimo

    Retreat full of peace, perfect for relaxing and reflecting

    CONS No me gustó: The village was very small so be prepared for that. The yoga wasn't exactly what I was expected or used to.

    PROS Me gustó: The little village has pristine rocky beaches and crystal water. Everyone was very friendly, the accommodations are basic but nice and comfortable. It's a great retreat to go to alone. You can make friends or spend time alone if you like. The breakfast was delicious and I'm glad I got a chance to deepen my meditation practice.

    Respuesta del organizador: Thank you dear Christy for your review! In Ellas Retreat we are offering authentic yogic practices that are based on the sutra of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali : Chitta Vritti Nirodha, that means: Yoga is the silencing of modifications of the mind. Love First! Teona

    2017-Jun-23 05:46:23

  • I
    Reseña de Ilze Kiers de Países Bajos

    Best place in the world!

    PROS Me gustó: I loved everything about this retreat. The hostel had a great vibe and I loved staying there, also a lot of room! The yogadeck at the sea was a wonderfull place to start the practice in the morning. Teona is a great teacher and lovely person. Would recommend to everybody!!

    Respuesta del organizador: Thank you dear Ilze, it was amazing to have you here! I wish we meet again soon! Love First Teona

    2017-Jun-21 14:51:14

  • I
    Reseña de Iuliia Kryvenok de Ucrania

    The best yoga retreat ever

    CONS No me gustó: I liked everything

    PROS Me gustó: Whole days were full of yoga, great meals, understanding, support and love

    Respuesta del organizador: Dear Iulia, thank you very much for the review! Looking forward to meet you again. You re a beautiful soul and a true mother :p. It was lovely to have you here! All the sweetest and the kindest! Teona

    2017-Jun-15 04:29:15

  • M
    Reseña de Anónimo

    Great experience, absolute beginner as well as advanced levels are we

    CONS No me gustó: /

    PROS Me gustó: Everything about it. The nature, the environment, the teachers, the schedule, the facilities and last but not least THE FOOD!

    2017-May-16 15:22:42

  • T
    Reseña de Tanya Collins de Reino Unido

    Total Bliss

    CONS No me gustó: mosquitoes :)

    PROS Me gustó: everything! the teachers were amazing full of information, love and understanding. the course structure was perfect and managed very well. the food was just amazing with vegetarian and vegan and gluten free and dairy free. the location was perfect quiet and serene. accommodation was amazing also. the whole retreat was just the best if ever been on and hope to join again many times in the years to come.

    2017-May-15 06:59:10

  • Reseña de Josefin Arnell de Amsterdam
    10 de 10

    "I did my first Vipassana, 14 days silent retreat at Antonios Guesthouse. The place is magic, the mountains around, the view over the bay, misty mornings and rainbows. The houses are simple and clean and the beds comfortable. It was not always easy going through the retreat itself but Antonio and his girlfriend are making sure your stay will be for your best comfort. The food is amazing, like amazing for real. A mixture between microbiologic, vegan and raw. As being intolerant they also prepared special things for me, which I really appreciate. They make you feel very welcome and at home. It is far the best retreat I have experienced. I will definitely go back very soon! Thank you!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, editado


  • Reseña de Georgios Zolotas
    10 de 10

    "I have completed two Vipassana retreats with very good results there with the invaluable encouragement and guidance of Martin Pack. Food was very good and nature around the house very beautiful. There you can find the ideal conditions for that kind of deep inner purification in harmony and peace."

    Ellas Retreat Facebook page, editado

  • Reseña de Marin Markuze de Letonia
    10 de 10

    "Amazing place Beautiful people Great super healthy food Wise teachers Life changing practice THANK YOU!!! "

    Ellas Retreat Facebook page, editado

  • Reseña de a traveler
    10 de 10

    "It has been a wonderful and life-changing experience. Everyday the food was a gift of love from the organizers! I would absolutely recommend this retreat! It was a great experience and I wish to everybody to have a similar one, especially in a difficult time of their lives. I would not change anything, for fear that the output would not be equally good."

    Antonio's Guest House website, editado

  • Reseña de a traveler
    10 de 10

    "Highest quality Vipassana practice and teaching. Health beyond expectations and lots of variation. If you look for a retreat that can open you to yourself this retreat will do it."

    Antonio's Guest House website, editado

  • Reseña de a traveler
    10 de 10

    "Well organised. beautiful setting, well cared for and very well fed. Too eat this type of healthy food, i would normally be a little skeptical. But i can honestly say that all the hard work that the organisers put in to create this type of was more than worth it. I was recovering from a sickness when i arrived am i am convinced that the food had a major part to play in my recovery. The benefits one gets from these types of retreat are vital for our spiritual growth. I know sometimes it can bring up difficulties but i also know this is what i need to work with. I know this is deep practice where they say no pain no gain. For me the gain was having the difficulties, seeing them and working with them. I think this vipassana practice is a must for all those who want to learn about themselves. I would have stayed longer. The meditation space for me was a little too dark, I think i would have liked this space somewhere else if possible. "

    Antonio's Guest House website, editado

  • Reseña de a traveler
    10 de 10

    "Left a piece of my heart in Lefkada. Truly wonderful workshops, and we were very spoilt and well taken care of. One of the best part of the retreat is the food! Delicious and cleansing, I came back from the retreat glowing and few pounds lighter! I would absolutely recommend this retreat to other people!"

    Antonio's Guest House website, editado

  • Reseña de Manouchito de Francia
    10 de 10

    "The room, decently sized is clean and taken care of. The garden is quiet and restful, perfect for an afternoon nap or a book session. The guesthouse is a walkable distance of everything in Palairos; beach, bars, restaurants, and any activities. And the restaurant next to it is amazing as well. A complete review wouldn't be complete without mentioning how helpful is Tony and most of all, friendly. Thanks for making our stay amazingly easy and comfortable."

    TripAdvisor website, editado

  • Reseña de Melinda de Hungría
    10 de 10

    "According to our experience Antonio's Guest House has everything that one would need for a fresh, exciting or in contrary cozy or slow vacation time. There are nice, simple, practical yet comfortable rooms. Here's warm hearted, charismatic, friendly, flexible hospitality awaited with a sheltered garden with plants and shade too. To nourish our body and soul there was possibility to join excellent, creative, authentic variety of fresh food and drinks even workshops, retreats, diving programs. The house is well located in Paleros and is in a short romantic walking distance from the sea to enjoy the sun, shore, and weather. It is the best if you come and check it out yourself! We had a very nice time at Antonis's."

    TripAdvisor website, editado

  • Reseña de Giorgos de Chipre
    10 de 10

    "I have stayed at Antonio's Guest house, at a time when I was participating at a short workshop on meditation. Headline: I have been there for one week, but when I was leaving I had the feeling if I was living there for an entire year. It was the first place I have been to feel so comfortable in a so short amount of time. The people, the place, the food, the village. I dont know but honestly when I was leaving it was hard to realize that I was actually just one week. For this, I am impressed with the place."

    TripAdvisor website, editado

  • Reseña de Adi de Israel
    10 de 10

    "A lovely place to stay! Very relaxing atmosphere, a short walking distance from clean and beautiful swimming spots, great yoga deck, nice and clean rooms and bed sheets, useful small kitchen in the room, and beautiful garden to sit and enjoy your book. Paleros is a great place and Antonios guest house is an excellent choice!"

    TripAdvisor website, editado

  • Reseña de Slavvek de Polonia
    10 de 10

    "Great place, great host, great food! Following good reviews, we booked almost a week to Antonios. That was an excellent choice! Comfortable room, efficient A.C., pleasant surroundings, but above all the great hospitality we have experienced from Antonio, his family and all the staff - attentive but unobtrusive - making us feel like home. The New Mill Tavern, just round the corner, run by Antonios family, offered us a taste of real Greek cuisine; we dined there every day, with great pleasure, hosted as if they were cooking especially for us. The place is located about five minutes from the seaside and the beach. The big advantage is that Paleros is slightly off the tourist track, so if you look for relaxing, slow time, not so far from the crowded Lefkada, Antonios Guesthouse seems to be a perfect choice."

    Antonio's Guest House website, editado

  • Reseña de Lisa H. de Alemania
    10 de 10

    "Yoga paradise. This must be Nirvana. For doing yoga courses, I spent 2014 some weeks in Antonios Guesthouse - a quiet paradise for those who seek for silence and peace in-and outside. I was in constant enjoyment, having a great balanced time under the Greek sun or in my beautiful room, always surrounded by lovely people. Daphne and Antonis, the owners, are two really special, shining souls that spread their warm energy in the whole guesthouse so that everybody can be sure to have a harmonious time there! They were cooking with so much love the most delicious and healthy meals I ever could imagine. Just the food is already a reason enough to come around. Thank you for everything, I hope to come back soon. Om Matangi namaha!"

    Antonio's Guest House website, editado

Palairos, Greece

Ellas Retreat ofrece yoga Kriya, Kundalini y Vipassana, danza, Hatha yoga, Tantra, dieta consciente, meditación y una variedad de cursos.

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