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12 días retiro de yoga, naturaleza y aventura en Ecuador

Retiro de yoga en Ecuador

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Únete a estas increíbles vacaciones de yoga que se enfocara en desarrollo personal, aventura y la tranquila belleza de la naturaleza. Encuentra inspiración en los Andes. Disfruta de los mejores tres destinos de Ecuador, regresarás a casa sintiéndote energizado e inspirado después de vivir una memorable e increíble aventura transformacional.

Destacado del retiro

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Luxurious mineral-rich Hot springs
  • Hiking and Birdwatching in Podocarpus National Park
  • Experience three of Ecuadors foremost Andean travel destinations
  • Gourmet garden to table vegetarian meals
  • Mantra and contemplative movement
  • Tropical andean permaculture
  • 11 nights accommodation

Yoga estilos

11 días con instrucción en Inglés
Idiomas hablados: Inglés
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Copalinga Eco- Reserve

Copalinga Eco-Reserve is a lush and peaceful eco-lodge which offers privacy and comfort in a highly biodiverse natural environment. If you choose shared accommodation you will stay in one of Copalingas ample rustic double occupancy (2 single bed) cabins with one of the other participants with a shared bathroom and shower. If you choose private accommodation, you will stay in one of Copalingas deluxe private cabins with a double bed and private bathroom and shower. All of Copalingas cabins are situated within beautiful garden and forest surroundings, in privacy yet with easy access to the network of trails and dining at the main lodge.

Cancion del Corazon Wholistic Lifepath Center

Cancion del Corazon Wholistic Lifepath Center is located at Vilcabamba, in Ecuador, and has comfortable accommodations within a thriving permaculture landscape. It boasts gorgeous Andean mountain vistas, solar electricity, wastewater bioremediation, and abundant organic gardens and orchards supplying garden to table cuisine.

The Sol-tierra suite

The Sol-tierra suite is a spacious, self-contained suite with a queen size bed, a private bathroom, a fully equipped kitchenette, and an outdoor terrace surrounded by gorgeous tropical gardens; private or couples private accommodation.

El Aguila room

El Aguila room is a cozy and comfortable space with a queen size orthopedic bed; private or couple’s private accommodation.

El Colibri cabin

El Colibri is a shared accommodation cabin with 2 twin sized beds, a shared shower house and open air kitchen.

El Mirador dorm

El Mirador dorm is a nicely appointed shared accommodation space with 2 twin sized beds, and a shared bathroom.

Termas de Papallacta Hot Springs

Termas de Papallacta houses 13 cabins with one or two stories, which are located 100 meters from the main hotel. The cabins are warm and cozy each with a fireplace in the living room. The thermal pools situated beside the cabins are for the exclusive use of cabin guests. For shared accommodation, you will have a comfortable twin sized bed within a 2 storey cabin. For private and couples private accommodation, you will have a private room in the hotel facility.

Papallacta Hot Spring Pools

The hydrothermal value of the hot springs is thanks to Papallacta's location between two volcanoes, Volcano Cayambe and Volcano Antisana. The source temperature of the thermal baths varies between 30 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius. At the pools the temperature ranges from 36 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Papallacta's thermal waters contain sulfates, sodium, calcium, chloride, and traces of magnesium which are odorless, colorless but have a slightly salty taste. Besides improving intestinal function, the baths' curative properties are also anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and anti-rheumatic. The inhalation of vapors helps to moisturize, loosen, and eliminate secretions from the respiratory tract. Bathing in the waters opens the skin's pores, helping to remove toxins and absorb minerals, and one or two cups of warm water may be ingested according to medical prescription helping in various metabolic and pathological functions.

Cancion del Corazon Wholistic Lifepath Center Yoga Retreat Ecuador Program

During this yoga retreat, you will spend 12 inspiring days of transformative practice, delicious nutrition, experiencing nature's healing beauty and tranquility, and you will travel to three exotic destinations in Ecuador. The program includes hiking and bird watching in spectacular tropical forests, daily yoga, mantra, and movement practices, and deep relaxation in natural hot springs. You will begin this 12-day adventure with two days of hiking, birding, and communing with tropical forests in Podocarpus National Park at Zamora and enjoying the comfort of Copalinga Eco-Reserves accommodations and dining room delicacies.

The next week will be in Vilcabamba at Cancion del Corazon Wholistic Lifepath Center with daily yoga practice, mantra, contemplative movement, permaculture, feasting on pure mountain water and air and delicious garden fresh meals in Ecuador's Sacred Valley of Longevity. The final two days will be in full relaxation, basking in the thermal pools at Papallacta Hot Springs. You will integrate and celebrate, sharing reflections and libations in the warmth of the fireplace in the cozy cabin, and luxuriate in the private thermal pool just outside the door. You will soak up the goodness of the hydrotherapy spa, enjoying its five hot thermal pools and the cold plunge, and then head off to the thermoludique zone to experience a variety of hydro-massages, and dine like the deities at Papallactas gourmet restaurant, savoring delicious international cuisine with a daily fresh harvest from onsite organic gardens.

Hatha and Restorative yoga sessions

During these yoga sessions, you will expand your capacity for full presence, inner joy, and grace of being. Through a fusion of yoga practices you will be supported to unify your energies and emerge in your wholeness.

Bhakti asana flow

The bhakti asana flow class consists of nine mantras and nine asana sequences, each oriented to harmonize an energy center, beginning with the heart of pachamama, moving up through your own internal chakras, and culminating in the cosmic source. While engendering all the beneficial qualities of Hatha yoga, bhakti asana flow also invokes a transcendence of physicality and personality, taking the practice into the refined energetics of soul devotion.

Jnana yoga

Jnana yoga will guide you to invoke your greater truth and higher potentials, expanding awareness, and refining your perception.

Wholistic permaculture

Wholistic permaculture is the bhakti way to steward the earth and commune with the natural habitat. Learn about the intelligent design of nature and sustainable ways of living. You will expand your awareness of the subtle aspects of nature's design, such as the cycling of life energies and the consciousness of plants.

Excursiones (incluidas)

During this retreat, you will enjoy two days of hiking and birdwatching at Copalinga Eco-reserve and in Podocarpus National Park, various excursions to inspiring locations in Vilcabamba, in the Sacred valley of Longevity, and a final excursion to Papallacta Hot Springs for two days and nights, where you will be able to hike the trails in the lush andean forests surrounding the facility. All the excurions are included in this retreat.

Destino del retiro

This retreat will be held at three spectacular travel destinations in Ecuador.

Copalinga reserve

The Copalinga Eco-Reserve is located at Zamora, bordering the amazon side of the pristine Podocarpus National Park. The pioneering owners of Copalinga have regenerated former pasture land with tropical forests, native grasses, and lush understory plantings. The native forests of Podocarpus National park are adjacent to the reserve, as is the spectacular Rio Bombuscaro river. Copalinga Eco-Reserve is a lush paradise and international destination for birders, photographers, and lovers of nature. Dozens of species of exotic hummingbirds and colorful tropical songbirds reside on the 100 hectare forest sanctuary and natural reserve.


Vilcabamba rests at 5000 feet elevation in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, about five degrees south of the equator. The climate is as good as it gets and is commonly referred to as eternal spring. It is known as the Valley of Longevity and the playground of the Incas, where Incan royalty would go for rejuvenating retreats. This theme carries forward to present times, it is a healthy environment that energetically supports self-development, spiritual awakening, and permaculture values.


Papallacta is a small village in Ecuador located at an altitude of 3,300 meters in the Andes, just off the Eastern Cordilleras on the highway that connects Quito to the Amazon jungle. Termas de Papallacta hot springs is a world class travel destination, elegantly designed to accentuate the impressive vitas and take full advantage of the abundant natural thermal waters. Miles of hiking trails connect the facility to the lush surrounding forests, including a trail to the pristine Lagiuna Papallacta lake.

Nearby places

  • Cave with oilbirds - 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Chicaa waterfalls - 1 hour
  • Orchid greenhouse - 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Podocarpus National Park, 2.5 kilometers


During your seven days stay at Canción del Corazón Wholistic Lifepath Center, you will be served daily gourmet garden to table vegetarian meals, replete with fresh pressed juices, coffee and teas grown and harvested on the property, probiotic beverages and superfoods, and ethnic vegetarian dinner feasts.

Copalinga restaurant

The Copalinga restaurant serves fresh and healthy food, light but delicious home-style dishes with an exotic touch, using local product and fruits. The restaurant also has a bar available for guests.

Papallacta Restaurant

The Papallacta restaurant serves national and international cuisine. The local fresh trout is the specialty. Many of the ingredients used in the dishes are fresh from an onsite organic vegetable garden. A variety of snacks and drinks can be purchased at the hot spring kiosk.


Participants will pay for their own restaurant meals at Copalinga Ecolodge in Zamora and at Papallacta Hot Springs.

Actividades opcionales

Bird watching and photography

Copalinga reserve is a lush paradise and international destination for birders, photographers, and lovers of nature. The bird activity varies throughout the year, from just a few birds to a continuous coming and going all day long. The best months for bird activity on the feeders are usually January to March and from August to October, although this can change from year to year.

Hiking trails

Copalinga and the nearby Podocarpus National Park offers great opportunities for hiking. The Copalinga self-guided trail loop system, covering most of the property, spans an altitudinal range of 500 meters and totals about eight kilometers. These trails lead you into the interior of the tropical sub montane humid forest, a precious world full of orchids, bromeliads, ferns, and forest birds. The trails are narrow because of the fragility of the soils on the slopes. This makes them unsuitable for large birding groups, but very pleasant for individuals up to small groups from three to four people. Some sections are quite steep, however no rock climbing is required. Some sections are excellent for birding and not for orchid exploration and vice versa.

Other activities at Copalinga

Other activities include visits to the Chicaa waterfalls and caves, the Nangaritza River and Cordillera Del Condor, the orchid greenhouse in El Pangui, and shuar communities. Boat trips through cannons or waterfalls, table mountains, old coral formations, and cave with oilbirds.

Tour to the hydropower system

The hydropower system tour includes explanation about all elements that constitute the hydro system and takes you to the dam site where the water is captured, at about one kilometer from the cabin area. On the way, the guide will also talk about the local ecosystem in general and reforestation more specifically.

Visit Rancho Del Caon at Papallacta

Rancho Del Can is a protected area extending 250 hectares located at the entrance of the Cayambe-Coca ecological reserve. Trekking along the ecological footpaths is an exciting way to appreciate and learn about the local flora and fauna which boasts a number of species endemic to the area, including more than 160 bird species, tapirs, and anteater bears.

Visit the orchid garden

The orchid garden contains only orchid species found on the trails in the property. The orchid garden contains about 150 different species, only half of which are identified at species level, despite the help of several experts.

Visiting Podocarpus National Park

The main attractions in the Podocarpus National Park are the Cascada la Podorosa, an impressive 50 meter high waterfall, the beautiful views of the Bombuscaro river, the Higuerones trail, which takes you along the Bombuscaro river, and which is well maintained up to a suspension bridge about two kilometers from the administrative center, the Mirador trail, and a steep trail climbing for two hours, up to a viewpoint from where you can see Zamora and its surroundings.

Walking trips at Papallacta River

The Papallacta River crosses both the Rancho and the high area of the valley. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Antisana volcano of six meters high. Walks with native guides are offered as well as self-guided ones through ecological footpaths, and horseback riding, allowing nature lovers to appreciate the unique endemic species of flora and fauna. The area provides an ideal place for ornithologists who would be able to watch more than 160 species of birds, including hummingbirds, tangaras, and occasionally the great Andean condor.

Tratamientos de spa

During this retreat, spa services will be available at Papallacta Hot Springs for an additional cost.

Spa Treatments available at Cancion del Corazon

  • Aromatherapy Raindrop Massage
  • Arun Conscious Touch Massage
  • Biomat Sound Healing Journey
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Deep Tissue Bodywork
  • Hypnotherapy Session
  • Thai Yoga Massage

Spa Treatments Available at Papallacta

  • Back and legs massage
  • Basic facial
  • Body exfoliation
  • Body relaxing massage
  • Body wrap with Andean mud
  • Chocolate body wrap
  • Contracture back massage
  • Herbal pindas massage
  • Hot stones massage therapy
  • Indian head and neck massage
  • Individual thermal hydro massage
  • Manual lymphatic drainage massage
  • Neck and back massage
  • Oriental massage
  • Pressurized thermal jet massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Turkish bath
  • Waxing
  • Wine therapy

El paquete incluye

  • 11 nights accommodation at 3 destinations
  • 2 days hiking and birding in Zamora
  • 3 gourmet meals per day during the seven day stay at Vilcabamba
  • 7 days yoga and permaculture in Vilcabamba
  • All the activities listed on the program
  • Ground transportation from Loja Airport (LOH) to Zamora
  • Ground transportation from Zamora to Vilcabamba
  • Ground transportation from Vilcabamba to Loja Airport
  • Ground transportation from Quito airport to Papallacta
  • Hot spring usage at Papallacta

No incluye

  • Airfare to and within Ecuador are not included in this retreat. Participants will be required to book their international flights to and from Quito airport timed to synchronize with the retreat schedule. Participants will be required to book a regional round trip flight with TAME airlines Quito to Loja, and return Loja to Quito to synchronize with the retreat schedule.
  • Restaurant meals at Copalinga eco-reserve in Zamora and at Papallacta Hot Springs

¿Cómo llegar?

Arrival by airplane

For this retreat you will need to book your international flight to the Quito, Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO), and then you will then be required to book a regional flight to Loja Domestic Airport (LOH) to meet up with the group. You will be advised of the specific round-trip flight to book. After the Vilcabamba segment, you will fly on your return regional flight tickets from Loja Domestic Airport (LOH) back to Quito, Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO). Papallacta is near the Quito, Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO), where you will take an inexpensive bus or taxi to catch your return international flight.

Política de cancelación

  • Una reserva requiere de un depósito del 50% del precio total.
  • El depósito será reembolsado en su totalidad si cancelas hasta 30 días antes de la fecha de llegada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado a tu llegada.
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