14 días profesorado de yoga 200 horas en Bali, Indonesia

  • Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

14 días profesorado de yoga 200 horas en Bali, Indonesia

  • Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Amazing Bali Yoga Teacher Training

Have you ever wanted to take a journey of exploring yoga from the inside and learn how to teach the science and art of yoga? Bodhi Yoga’s teacher training program offers you an empowering opportunity if you wish to transform your own life and help to transform others. Join Marcus Julian Felicetti for an in-depth training experience that will empower you to teach yoga.

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  • Daily yoga classes
  • Learn yoga techniques
  • Pranayama and meditation techniques
  • Lessons on yoga history and philosophies
  • Lessons on anatomy and physiology
  • Learn teaching methodologies
  • 13 nights accommodation
  • Daily delicious meals
  • 14 días con clases guiadas
  • Inglés
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During this training, you will be staying at a villa with the option of single room, shared twin room, or shared triple room.

The upcoming Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training in Bali will begin on April 7, 2018. It is a full-time intensive course that runs over a 14-day period. Each day will begin at 6 a.m. and finishes at 10 p.m.

This format of fourteen full days of classes allows students to accelerate the learning, giving you an opportunity to take a break from the demands of everyday life and commit yourselves to the experience of immersing yourselves in a blissful yoga teacher training program.

The course aims to facilitate transformations in each students’ personal yoga practice, integrate that personal journey with the skills that will allow you to share yoga as a highly qualified teacher. The Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training is based on the teachings of yoga that come from the tradition and lineage of Hatha yoga.The Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training is based on the teachings of yoga that come from the tradition and lineage of Hatha and Tantra yoga.

This course is particularly well suited to those who are interested in exploring yoga as a healing and therapeutic practice rather than exercise. The course will particularly teach trainees how to use yogic breathwork, postures, meditation to heal themselves, and others. It is led by Marcus Julian Felicetti who is internationally recognized as a senior and skillful certified senior yoga teacher.

Areas of study

Yoga history, philosophy, ethics, and lifestyle

  • Overview of the history and development of yoga throughout the ages
  • Study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, ancient teachings considered to be the “heart of yoga”
  • The application of these ancient teachings for modern living
  • Introduction to other classical teachings of yoga

Yoga anatomy, physiology, and subtle energy systems

  • Applied western anatomy and physiology
  • Subtle yogic physiology and energy systems of prana, nadis, kundalini, chakras

Yoga techniques and integrated yoga practice

  • Asana or yoga postures
  • Pranayama or breathing techniques
  • Meditation
  • Mantra, sound, and visualization
  • Principles of yoga practice
  • Attendance at general yoga classes
  • Development of a guided personal yoga practice
  • Professional mentoring

Teaching methodologies and integrated teaching practice

  • Yoga practice planning and development
  • Teaching group classes
  • Teaching private classes
  • Assisting teaching and supervised teaching practicum
  • Communication skills for yoga teachers

Daily schedule

Please note that each day has a different topic, theme, and focus.

  • 06:00 First session: Intensive practice
  • Breakfast
  • 10:00 Second session: Teaching the asanas (methodology)
  • Lunch
  • 14:00 Third session: Exploration and yoga teaching games
  • Dinner
  • 19:00 Fourth session: Yoga teaching methodology and teaching

Day 1

  • Practice: Forward bends
  • Teaching: Superficial back line fascial meridian
  • Playing, exploration, improvisation of creating asanas
  • Theory: What is yoga? Yama and niyama (yoga ethics)
  • Finish with guided meditation

Day 2

  • Practice: Forward bends
  • Teaching: Superficial back Line fascial meridian
  • Theory: Yogic nutrition for flexibility and longevity
  • Finish with introduction to kirtan and mantra meditation

Day 3

  • Practice: Side bends
  • Teaching: The lateral line fascial meridian
  • AcroYoga
  • Theory: Levity
  • Finish with mantra meditation and basic pranayama

Day 4

  • Practice: Twists
  • Teaching: The spiral line fascial meridian
  • Crawl patterns
  • Theory: Panajali’s yoga sutras
  • Finish with mantra meditation and intermediate pranayama

Day 5

  • Practice: Thoracic, chest, and arm openers
  • Teaching: The arm line fascial meridian
  • Theory: Brahma Chakra (yoga cosmology)
  • Finish with mantra meditation and advanced pranayama

Day 6

  • Practice: Hand balancing
  • Teaching: The functional lines of the fascial meridian
  • Theory: Subtle yogic physiology and energy systems of nadis, kundalini, chakras
  • Finish with nauli, pranayama, and meditation

Day 7

  • Practice: Groin and inner thigh openers
  • Teaching: The deep frontal line fascial meridian
  • Theory: Teaching methodologies and integrated teaching practice
  • Finish with pranayama and meditation

Day 8

  • Practice: Standing balancing poses
  • Teaching: Bandhas and drishti
  • Theory: Yoga therapy
  • Finish with chanting and meditation

Day 9

  • Practice: Surya Namaskar
  • Teaching: Sun salutations
  • Theory: Energy flows - blood, shukra, prana, ojas, tejas
  • Finish with chanting and meditation

Day 10

  • Practice: Yoga strength conditioning
  • Teaching: Adjustments and strong assists and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
  • Theory: Building power and strength into the practice, mind, and body
  • Finish with chanting and meditation

Day 11

  • Practice: Inversions
  • Teaching: Sequencing
  • Theory: Understanding the organs and glands
  • Finish with chanting and meditation

Day 12

  • Practice: Mudras
  • Teaching: Sequencing
  • Theory: Understanding our own intentions for yoga practice
  • Finish with chanting and meditation

Day 13

  • Practice: General practice
  • Teaching: Self-massage and Thai massage
  • Theory: Understanding our own intentions for yoga practice
  • Finish with chanting and meditation

Day 14

  • Practice: General practice
  • Teaching: Review and revision
  • Theory: Understanding the students' intentions for their yoga practice
  • Finish with chanting and meditation

Day 15

  • Practice: Ashtanga primary series
  • Teaching: Ashtanga primary series
  • Finish with chanting and meditation

Day 16 to 20

Each student teaches a one-hour class with time for feedback from the other students and teachers.

Required reading material

  • Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists by Thomas W. Myers
  • Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  • Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar
  • Yoga Adjustments: Philosophy, Principles, and Techniques by Mark Stephens
  • Yoga Mala: The Original Teachings of Ashtanga Yoga Master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
  • Marcus Felicetti

    Marcus has been teaching yoga for 16 years. He trained intensively first in Australia and then in India. He is a Hatha Flow alignment based teacher. His yoga practice is about healing. Marcus does this by encouraging each student to connect their spirit and their body together. In this way, you will learn to feel the energy flowing through your body and clear out any blocks. Marcus has taught and lead eight yoga teacher training courses over the last four years. He has developed a steady, progressive, and highly effective method for training teachers.

This training will take place in Ubud, Bali.

During this training, you will be provided with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner vegan meals.

  • 13 nights accommodation
  • All yoga tuition classes
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Teacher training manual
  • Activities, excursions, and services
  • Additional meals and drinks
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal expenses
  • Textbooks

Arrival by airplane

Please book your ticket to fly to Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS).

Arrival by taxi

You can a taxi to Ubud as the airport transfers are not included in the price.

  • El depósito no será reembolsado si la reserva es cancelada.
  • El resto del pago deberá ser completado 30 días antes de tu llegada.


  • Reseña de Lauren Anning

    "The Bodhi 50hr Yin yoga TT was a very comprehensive and well structured course. With a good balance of practical and theory. Marcus created a comfortable learning environment, where we felt at ease to share our ideas and ask questions. His knowledge and experience was astounding and his passion for yoga was inspiring."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Steff Trumbull

    "Dear Marcus, Thank you for so generously sharing your passion. Thank you for sharing your energy and time. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge and understanding of Yin Yoga. And most of all thank you for sharing your wisdom of life in general with me and these beautiful, gifted participants over the last four weekends. I have learned many new things: about myself, about other people, about this beautiful gentle style – Yin Yoga. I hope to continue on this journey of learning and my dearest wish is to share what I have learned. With heartfelt thanks and gratitude."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Michelle Rose

    "After recently completing my Yoga teacher training with Marcus Felicetti, owner of Bodhi Yoga, I can confidently recommend his yoga teacher training courses to anyone wanting to improve their personal practice as well as internal and external state of wellbeing. Marcus has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of yoga teaching and nutrition and he is an exceptional trainer of yoga teachers. He is very detailed but insists on his teachers being themselves and not imitating him. His teaching method is not mechanical, it is organic and personal and produces yoga teachers with a solid foundation who use their own essence in their classes. Since completing his course I started teaching in a city gym which has transformed my business and opened up countless opportunitiesfor me through 1 on 1 teaching and workshops. It is a beautiful t be on the receiving endof someone who under promises and over delivers as Marcus has done. Thank you"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Alexis Hannagan

    "Training with Marcus has been life changing. My confidence has sky rocketed, my health dramatically improved and my body so much more relaxed and calm. The Bodhi Yoga teacher training is so much more than simply learning how to teach yoga. Marcus provides a solid foundation from which to teach allowing you to graduate with the confidence and expertise required to grow into your own version of a yoga teacher in our modern world. He teaches you the importance of mastering a solid, professional teaching framework. You thoroughly learn how to teach all of the main postures, and the framework for sequencing a powerful Yoga class. I have finished feeling confident, committed, more passionate than ever and am extremely eager to teach. The standard of teaching at Bodhi Yoga is very high. You receive the benefit of being trained in small intimate groups. Marcus offers a great deal of 1:1 attention, honing in on your technique and ensuring you are 100% certain in everything required. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to the very end so I could step up, make the leap and graduate knowing I can teach at a superb level from day one. I have always struggled confidence, assertiveness, and directness and never saw myself as a leader. After completing the course I can honestly say I have embraced and OWN all of these qualities and much more. Thinking back, the course encapsulates so much more than simply teaching yoga. You learnt how to become a healer and the significance of yogas influence on the mental, physical and emotional levels of our being. Marcus’ dedication, passion, persistence and technical knowledge is outstanding. He lives and breathes yoga as a way of life. I am eternally grateful for being trained through Bodhi Yoga, it has been a true blessing for me on my journey to becoming even more free, peaceful, expressive and happy. I truly recommend Bodhi Yoga for anyone wanting to become an inspiring teacher in our modern world."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Rosanna Lauria

    "Since meeting Marcus Felicetti, one of Sydney’s most senior yoga teachers, in one of his group yoga classes in North Bondi, my health has improved significantly and I’m feeling more confident and inspired than ever. After suffering chronic fatigue, I was desperately searching for a way to heal my body and incorporate some gentle physical activity into my week that would allow me to bring strength and mobility back into my body. I wasn’t expecting to find myself healing so quickly and developing such a passion for practicing and teaching yoga. Feeling firsthand the amazing healing benefits of yoga on my body and mind, I decided to study with the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training to continue to develop my own practice, as well as to learn how to heal others going through similar journeys. I am still amazed at how much knowledge I gained from this course. Far more detailed than a standard yoga teacher training course, the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training has taught me how to create fun and meaningful yoga sequences; how to heal various injuries and ailments with specific combinations of yoga and meditation; what nutrition you should be eating for optimal health; the relationship between yoga postures and our anatomy (muscle groups, fascia, etc); how to create optimal energy flow through the body and how the chakras play a part in this; how to bring mindfulness and understand what your body is telling you; and how to live in the moment, being completely present and enjoying ‘the now’ – something that many people in today’s society have unfortunately lost. Marcus has been an inspiring mentor and teacher. Marcus doesn’t hold back on providing all the knowledge and helpful tips that he can to help us on our journey to being successful yoga teachers. Beyond being a supportive teacher, Marcus genuinely wants to see each of us shine and be as healthy and happy as we can be, guiding us on our own health journeys. I recommend the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training course for anyone who is looking to be inspired, to improve their own health and wellbeing, and to learn how to heal others with yoga."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Lee Holmes

    "If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into becoming a yoga teacher, I can highly recommend training with Marcus Felicetti. Marcus’s passion for teaching is truly inspirational and his leadership made the class not only enjoyable but memorable too, giving me the confidence and experience to move forward as a teacher in my own right. Marcus’s attentive approach to teaching and the quality of his instruction and methodology ensured that he was getting the best out of every student in the class. He encouraged mindfulness and focus and has a unique ability to read a students mind like a Jedi mind trip, making communication easy and flowing in a way that is engaging and fun but educational at the same time. This is a rare quality in a person and something that I really admire in Marcus. I used to think that I was a quirky nutrition dork until I met Marcus. Marcus is an inspiring teacher trainer with not only skills in the field of yoga and anatomy but also with vast knowledge in integrative nutrition and healing modalities. He has a wonderful way of approaching teaching that is masterful and inspirational and his passion and warmth and amazing energy is infectious. Every aspect of Marcus’s teacher training is meticulously planned and delivered and during the teacher training he created a learning platform and environment that was boot-camp free and unexpectedly meaningful and absorbing. Marcus has a unique ability to deliver highly complex technical, anatomical and physiological information in a digestible way and the combinations of his talents ensures that he creates diverse teachers that can go forth and deliver their own imaginative and creatively inspiring classes. I would most definitely recommend Marcus’s teacher training to anyone who is interested in becoming a first class yoga teacher."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Faye Schindler

    "As a long time Yoga practitioner, taking it to the next level and becoming a Yoga teacher has been a wonderful life altering experience. The course took me on a personal journey that I never expected, which made me dig deeper into self-discovery. Marcus provided me with the inspiration and the belief that I can and will be the best Yoga teacher that I can be. He is extremely well researched in both Yoga and in nutrition and his approach to teaching is concise and informed. The quality of instruction and course material lend themselves well to this powerful, comprehensive training. I am happy to have received my certification through Bodhi Yoga, and proudly display my certificate in my class room. Thank you so much for everything"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Melissa Ambrosini

    "Marcus is a great teacher and a wealth of knowledge. Learning with Marcus you don’t just learn asanas you learn how to incorporate and encompass yoga in all areas of your life"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Nikki Ayres

    "All of my expectations of becoming a yoga teacher, flew out the door on my first day of yoga teacher training with Marcus. With a world of knowledge and a nurturing nature Marcus took me on my own personal journey of movement and deep inner work. Marcus’s supported my journey every step of the way. He gave me the confidence to stand in front of a class and teach authentically from the heart. From learning asanas and adjustments to dietary advice I cannot recommend Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training enough. Hands on support, and unconditional love every step of the way."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Nigel Mitchell

    "Marcus has a wealth of knowledge and experience in yoga and teaches a practical teacher training course that had me teaching from the first week. He teaches a solid foundation for anyone wishing to create a career as a yoga teacher or those wishing delve deeper into their practice and understanding. The depth in which we explored the asanas and physiology has given me the confidence to give alignment cues and adjustments knowing that I am teaching with a safe and correct understanding of the postures. I had a clear intention starting the course and am now realising those goals, Bodhi Yoga teacher training is a great springboard for anyone wishing to start their journey as a yoga teacher"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Carrera Jones

    "Becoming a yoga teacher was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve learnt how to heal both physically and mentally, being able to connect with myself and others on this level is phenomenal. Marcus taught me how to do wonderful adjustments to my students to take their yoga practice to a whole other level. Yoga is a gift. Thank you Marcus!"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Katrina Loop

    "I had been encouraged on many occasions to obtain my certification to teach, but it had been put in the ‘too hard’ basket, until I found Bodhi Yoga teacher training. So what was different about Bodhi Yoga training that moved it from the ‘too hard’ to the ‘I can do it’ basket? I learned valuable information, not only about teaching, but also about thepracticality of running a successful yoga business. I have now started my own business in yoga and nutrition, and I would not be in this place without Bodhi Yoga, and Marcus’s dedication to my growth as a yoga student and teacher."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Ryan Mannix

    "I was lucky enough to travel to Bali for the Bodhi Yoga teacher training, conducted by Marcus Julian Felicetti. From the onset, the course totally surpassed any expectationsI had. The course was extremely interactive: not only was I teaching asanas from day one, but also learning about the lines of the body, pranayama, chakras, sequencing, adjusting and how to become the best yoga teacher I can be. Marcus’s knowledge and understanding of the practice was extraordinary. His experience in teaching teachers shone through. He was able to provide the clarity, confidence and skills necessary to teach at a high level. I am so excited, inspired and confident to start teaching and am truly grateful to have experienced such an amazing three week journey with such amazing people. Truly blessed and will remember it forever. Thank you so much Marcus"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Martin Renaud

    "For me taking the Bodhi Yoga Teaching Training was the next level for my health and my yoga practice. I wanted to be able to share my joy and wellness in moving myself through the world, with my body, but also with my emotions and my soul. Through this Yoga Teacher Training with Marcus, the way I move and communicate has transformed!"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Mariam Nour

    "With deep gratitude I’d like to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Your training has really changed my life, my relationship to my body and my whole understanding of my world. I knew this course would be life changing but I didn’t know just how quickly or how deeply I would feel this transformation. From learning how to stand in my power, project with confidence and authenticity to learning to be acutely attuned to the sensitive flow of energy in my body and around me. I stand, walk, interact and even think differently. I really enjoyed learning about the meridians, chakras, nadis of the body, yogic nutrition and some of the more hidden gems that not everyone gets to learn about in YTT. It was a real privilege! I can’t wait to share all that I have learnt and my love for yoga with my students! I am so excited to teach and feel like I have such an edge as a Bodhi Yoga Teacher.. I think of where I am from and the classes I have taken before and since my training and smile to think of the uniquely, powerful, healing yoga that I am so privileged to have received and am now honoured to share with others! It was really good that we had the opportunity to teach those 5 minute, 20 minute, and 60 minute classes, they really have given me the confidence to be an exceptional teacher! So once again, thank you!"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Natalia Pelz

    "I want to say thank you: for being patient with me as a teacher and sharing with me your knowledge. Since I’m back I realize how much I’ve grown. I see and feel how my relationships are changing, but even more how strong, focused and balanced I am."

    "I sometimes sit and observe and enjoy my new me and smile. I just wrote one email to a yoga studio in hamburg and they want me in their team. It’s such a good feeling. I did yoga with my friends yesterday and they loved it. I am looking forward to these happy and calm faces of my students when they leave my class. Again thank you."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Lina Wu

    "I dont think you could find a Master trainer like Marcus who has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and what Yoga really is. Most of the classes out there are missing the spiritual element. He will show you how to marry the spirit and body together. This will enable you to take your teaching to a whole new level."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Dionne Reid

    "Since attending the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training in Bali with my teachers Marcus Julian Felicetti and Martina Vaniglia and making many new friends in the course, I’ve connected with my authentic self. Simply living my truth and not caring about so called ‘competition’. Making decisions that serve my health and values. Saying ‘no’ when I need to, working in a way that suits me, teaching yoga from my heart. It’s amazing because deep down before doing my yoga training I never thought I could make it as a teacher, I had so many blocks. One being I didn’t feel I fitted into the Instagram clique. I never thought I could stand on my own two feet and break out of my corporate golden handcuffs – working in a way that made me sick. I’ve freed myself of that now. Now my partner and I are working together to shape the dream we talked about 8 years ago. The future is bright and life is good. It’s amazing to feel so grounded in myself and my worth – I pretty sure this is the first time ever. To think- I could have died a lost soul"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Pierra Fernet

    "When I came into the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training I had very little experience in yoga. However I felt inspired to learn more about the health benefits. So I decided to take the step to join the course and learn more about how I could heal myself and others. Attending this training was for me a great opportunity to learn skills for my personal practice. During the three weeks course, Marcus shared with us not only the yoga techniques, and how to teach, but also all his wisdom, especially how to marry the spirit and the body together. Now I feel confident enough to go out and teach yoga. I am ready to spread this beautiful practice with others and shine my light. Thank you so much Marcus for being such a dedicated and inspiring teacher."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Sandy McLennan

    "Marcus brings over 16 years of experience to his yoga teacher training. The location, the food and most importantly the content of the course are all some of the best you can find worldwide. In 3 weeks he transformed me and really showed me the path for bringing out the best in myself as a teacher but also in my own life. My own practice improved greatly under his guidance and am now confident to use yoga as a primary healing tool in my life as well as for others. The course was not easy but Marcus guides you every step of the way with clarity and great communication. I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to be a yoga teacher of a very high quality!"

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

  • Reseña de Jennifer Degioanni

    "I guess I can describe my Yoga teacher training as my new birth… I choose this training simply following my intuition… Since I saw the advertisement on Facebook something was calling me… So even if at that point it was a huge sacrifice financially, I decided to step forward and take this chance. My training in Bali with Marcus, was intense and challenging… I remember the first week I thought I would never be able to stand in front of a class and teach, but that I would have the knowledge for my self, for my practice… then something switched on in me… I could really feel the passion with which Marcus was giving us his knowledge. I started to connect with my body, to be able to listen to the messages that for so long had been there… Releasing past emotions that no longer served me… I was finally able to heal my self. I started to feel excitement thinking of my first yoga class as a teacher, I wanted to share what I felt… When I got back to Sydney I was scared at first, but I got the opportunity to teach straight away and believe me, with what I have learned during my training with Marcus, my first class was so natural… I didn’t have to over think… was just flowing as if I have always been teaching… I could just feel the beautiful connection between me and my students and no-one ever suspected was my first class. So if you are thinking to take this beautiful path, I highly recommend you Marcus’s training. Personally I’m really fascinated and passionate of the connection between our mind, body and spirit. And I love how he takes you through this healing journey and I think his great experience will give you all the tools to become a great yoga teacher. I’m so so grateful to have crossed his path and learned from him how to hold the space for others and teach. Since then my life has completely changed, I feel like I was in a deep sleep and suddenly I was awakened. Thank you Marcus. Much love."

    Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website, editado

Sydney, Australia

Bodhi Yoga ofrece profesorados registrados de yoga de 200 horas en lugares paradisíacos.

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