Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat promueve y ofrece clases de yoga y tratamientos Ayurveda, usando un enfoque holístico para purificar cuerpo y mente.

Instructores 4


Jayesh cuenta con una maestría en yoga que lo avala como instructor calificado en las tradiciones de Hatha y Ashtanga. Durante los últimos cinco años, ha viajado a diferentes partes del mundo para compartir su pasión por la enseñanza del yoga y la espiritualidad. Jayesh trabaja en varios centros de yoga en la India, donde enseña Hatha, asanas, pranayama, Nidra, kriyas, meditación y técnicas de relajación para manejar el estrés. También se especializa en terapia para diabéticos y yoga profesional.

Saji Ramaswami

Saji Ramaswami es un entrenador profesional y maestro espiritual con experiencia particular en el estilo clásico de yoga, meditación y filosofía Vedanta. Ha practicado yoga por más de 20 años en varios ashrams y escuelas de la India. Trabaja como instructor en Hinterland desde 2015, encabezando sus retiros de yoga y talleres de profesorados, Sus técnicas especiales, combinadas con sus modos gentiles, pacíficos y amables, ayudan por igual a principiantes y a practicantes avanzados. Muchos aspirantes se han beneficiado de sus charlas y enseñanzas inspiradoras.

Dr. Dinesh Manayattil

Dr. Dinesh ha sido doctor profesional de Ayurveda durante 20 años, como médico de consulta. También se ha dedicado a la enseñanza, organiza seminarios y talleres. hace investigación en Ayurveda y otras medicinas alternativas. Tiene 20 años de experiencia como maestro de medicina ayurvédica. Experto en consulta, diagnóstico, comida ayurvédica y natural, así como en el sistema orgánico.


Rajeesh es un experimentado maestro de yoga, tiene experiencia no sólo en yoga sino también en neuropatía, ciencia del yoga y medicina alternativa.

Comentarios 102

Patricia Mallay

de Reino de España, agosto 2017


i just had had a terrible experience at a previous retreat, yoga vighya school at sea rock kovalam...the worst holidays of my life...and just didn t want to stay in india anylonger after this....but this experience has been just the opposite...the whole place is magic.i ve learned a lot...all the staff has been fantastic Uni and his wife have managed to run this familiar retreat where one feels totally at home surrounded by nature..i just didn t want to experience of a lifetime that i higly recommend.the food was too good though..i ve put on

Veronik Girault

de Francia, febrero 2018

"Hinterland paradise"

Even if I tried,I would not anything negative about. This magic place.

I arrived physically injured, could barely walk and. Was so worried about

not being able to practice yoga, But the moment I arrived all was put in place,healing oils,intense massages and yoga challenges to healing.

Within days I was on my feet, felt so good that extended my stay.

It was difficult to leave...planning to go back very soon for at least one month. Everyone, every animals on site are devoted to make you feel better and happy. You will not leave the same..

Already counting the days to et back!

Ella Chinnery

de Reino Unido, febrero 2018

"Wonderful place with amazing staff and a great atmosphere "

The team who work here are like a big family, you can tell everyone is genuinely happy to work there. Unni the owner ensures you feel welcome as soon as you arrive and the day is planned so you can do as many or as few activities as you like. There is plenty of free time to socialise and meet new people or to take yourself off alone if that's your thing. The food was amazing and you will never go hungry with regular meals, juices and snacks all included. Most of the food is grown on site and freshly cooked. The yoga is a little different to a class at home, there is more focus on breathing and meditation rather than just how many asanas can you fit in an hour. I feel so much stronger and more flexible and could see daily progress for practicing 4 hours a day. The teaching is excellent and personal.

Erik Benjamin Meskanen

de Finlandia, enero 2018

"Cosy and great in every aspect."

I had none expectations for my first yoga retreat and the experience in Hinterland Village was much more than just brilliant, educative and eye-opening yoga, meditation, philosophy and Ayurvedic treatments - the village has a cosy, warm and communal atmosphere as the staff and the visitors spread authentic caring for one another. I built long-lasting friendships here. It always was sad to say goodbye to travellers with interesting lives and stories but an eager excitement grew as new travellers arrived. Individuals' schedules change daily. I learned much about myself and the surrounding world here. My habits and behaviour have changed for the better with a more stable mind. The meditation sessions, and especially one yoga nidra session halfway through my retreat sharpened my awareness and planted healthy behavioural actions into my subconscious. My behaviour and daily habits changed by the yoga, meditation and philosophy sessions. Thank you Jayesh and Swami! The nourishing and the delicately presented food was absolutely spectacular. A cookbook by the chef with all of the recipes served in Hinterland Village will be released in 2018. An immense thank you to the chef! Unni has created a genuine gem paradise with beautiful natural wonders and an authentic and caring community. I felt like being at home. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Unni, the complete staff and the visitors for making the experience in Hinterland Village life-changing and unforgettable.

Gianna Reccavallo

de Suiza, enero 2018


Excellent location, delicious food, friendly staff, amazing yoga-teacher

Robert Durnin

de Estados Unidos, diciembre 2017

"A great and highly recommend experience"

From start to finish the staff treated us well and warmly, and the food and service they provided was fantastic. The instruction was apt, and I feel refreshed and strengthened from the yoga and meditation program.

Zosia Rutkowska

de Estados Unidos, diciembre 2017

It's hard to put into words how wonderful my experience was. Perhaps if I tell you that I cancelled all my travelling plans one by one to stay longer at the Village, it will tell you how I felt there. I achieved so much physically and mentally: the massages helped me with a very old injury - I am almost cured! The Dr prescribed me some oils which I am going to use to continue my improvement. Yoga classes are so nicely structured and the the teachers make it highly spiritual ensuring your breath is right. I very clearly progressed within the days I was there. I have no words to describe Swuami and Jayesh. Both very different and both quite simply WONDERFUL. I felt they can read my mind to address my personal issues which I never voiced. Unni is a wonderful man who cares so much about his guests. It's so clear in his actions and how he speaks and organises everything. His staff are a credit to him - they are so lovely! I learnt so much during my stay. THANK YOU! Last but not least, thank you to Bianka who is one of the kindest people I met and helped me so much. I can't wait to be back and I will be recommending this retreat to everyone!!

Manmohan Munde

de Reino Unido, diciembre 2017

"Hinterland Village Kochi"

Yoga instructor Swami, Jayesh meditation yoga, Bianca Dance therapy the massages were awesome, food so yummy all the staff and Unni so hospital. The lush green surroundings incredible

Kelly Connaghan

de Reino Unido, diciembre 2017

"Great times"

This is a gem of a place, the food, Yoga and staff are excellent. It is also an enterprise that benefits the local area and they are starting to grow their own fruit and vegetables so pretty soon it’ll be very eco friendly. I was made to feel very welcome and I also enjoyed the chance to go on trips to the backwaters and a nearby waterfall. All in all it’s a very nice place to go to relax and improve your health and fitness

Martial Boisseau

de Francia, diciembre 2017

"Ideal place "


Melanie Summer

de Australia, noviembre 2017

"Absolute Bliss"

I just had the most amazing holiday at Hinterland Village. I felt so relaxed and healthy when I left. The owners, Unni and Sridevi, have done an amazing job in creating a place that feels homely. They truly care about the experience. Nothing is too much trouble to organise and a lot of things like massages, laundry, etc are included in the price. And as a result, their staff are truly wonderful. Super caring, friendly and attentive.

I loved it that we had never more than 12 people in the camp (I think their absolute max is 20) which has kept the time their very intimate and personal.

The daily program was much more than I expected. I thought I would have a lot of time to read and take time out but in fact, there was always something on. 4 hours yoga a day, 1-hour meditation, yoga philosophy, massages, nature walks, cooking demonstrations and the list goes on. That said there were people who skipped classes or didn't participate, so that was fine too.

The yoga was great. Very different to what I am used to from home but I loved it. The classes easily accommodated all levels of yoga from beginner to more advanced. There was a lot of focus on flexibility, stillness and breathing which I thought was perfect to recover from a stressful life or someone who wants to recover from burnout.

The vegetarian and Indian food was amazing. We had three meals plus snacks in between. Plenty of good healthy food with a lot of their vegetables homegrown.

Christophe Bacher

de Francia, noviembre 2017

"Merci encore à toi Saji pour l'ouverture ??"

Saji pendant les cours de philosophie ma ouvert des portes, que du bonheur ?. J'espère te revoir bientôt Christophe

Catherine Kosmala

de Francia, noviembre 2017

"lieu delieu"

l'accueil, le lieu, les gens, les cours de yoga et méditation, la cuisine, la disponibilité du staff, la gentillesse, le respect, le service

Barbara Beach

de Nueva Zelanda, septiembre 2017


Great location

Monsoon season is the best time

Fabulous instructors

Amazing satvik food and juices

Annette Søvik Palmer

de Noruega, septiembre 2017

"Perfect stay"

Classes, food and animals roaming free. Very friendly and helpful staff

Kimberley Williamson

de Omán, agosto 2017

"Wonderful place to spend 10 days doing yoga. "

Thoughtful owners & staff. The grounds, the emu & roosters, but mostly I enjoyed the care that went into every aspect of my stay. Ty❤️

Kirsty Hector Duncan

de Francia, agosto 2017

"A wonderful experience "

A great place to take some time out

Lucas Deloffre

de India, julio 2017

"Hinterland July 2017"

Everything about the place was wonderful. The owners are a delightful couple, genuinely warm and caring. The yoga classes were excellent, and the philosophy of Yoga was very well explained. Location beautiful and food excellent. The staff was super friendly and their work impeccable. Absolutely nothing was off. A perfect experience.

Michelle Doobeh

de Emiratos Árabes Unidos, julio 2017

"Incredible Hinterland"

Best 10 days of my life spent at Hinterland yoga retreat. I loved everyminute of my stay, made some wonderful friends and worth every penny. Unni and all his staff have created a real family environment and give so much of themselves in making sure you feel welcomed and relaxed. I will definitely recommend this yoga retreat to anyone and can't wait to plan my next trip 2018 to Hinderland, Kerala.

Belinda Vandezande

de Estados Unidos, abril 2017

"Great holiday!"

I have spent ten days at Hinterland and had a wonderful time. Heartly welcomed by Unni and his amazing team. Everything has been taken care of. My room was clean and comfortable, the common space is very nice; hammocks to relax, a pool to cool down and a beautiful garden with a funny Emu :-) Two yoga classes a day and a massage every other day plus some philosophy, ayurveda and naturopathy classes. The food is delicious, fresh and healthy. And if you like to go out for a visit (backwaters, tea fields) Unni organizes everything for you at a very low fare. Overall, I had a beautiful time, met some friendly people from all over the world and I left India feeling super Happy! Thank you so much for everything! Belinda, Belgium

Alexandra Benz

de Reino de España, febrero 2018

Ell ambiente, la gente, los instructores, la comida en general todo.

Lee Watt

de Reino Unido, febrero 2018


Beautiful vibe. Super chilled. Unni and the team were so attentive. Food was incredible. Treatments and yoga sessions were good. Well organised operation.

Inger Syltøy

de Suecia, febrero 2018

The atmosphere and the propellen was very nice.

Françoise Kahane

de Francia, febrero 2018


Attention, care, benevolence, respect of life, plants, animals, people, ecosystem, desire to behave usufully, lovingly

Erin Fleming

de Estados Unidos, enero 2018

"The best vacation "

Everything! But I loved the staff the most; they were all kind and super attentive. The food was amazing and the yoga classes were the best. You will not regret going to Hinterland! I learned so much about myself and I feel like I grew as a person. Truly lucky and grateful for the experience.

Rosalia Munoz

de Reino Unido, enero 2018

"Will repeat! "

I loved my stay in Hinterland Village.

My friend and I spent 6 days in a shared room.

From the beginning we felt very comfortable. The facilities are basic but at the same time every detail is looked after. The staff was incredibly attentive and kind.

Unni, who runs the place is such an inspiring human being.

Daily, we were waking up at 6am, starting yoga practice,

(including asanas, pranayama and meditation), followed by delicious Indian breakfast (don’t expect croissants or porridge!). Free time, philosophy, dance therapy, massages, depending on the day (Unni adjusts the schedule for individuals based on their needs/likes) lunch, free time, more yoga, some other activities like meditation or relaxation and dinner.

The yoga sessions last two hours. Don’t worry if you are not an expert although I would recommend having done a bit of yoga before to enjoy it more.

They provide good yoga mats (which they clean regularly). The teachers are very experienced. The way they teach is fairly different to what we are used in wester countries but it felt to me like real authentic Yoga.

The relaxation and meditation sessions were incredible, perfect way to forget about our busy lives back home.

The food is all vegetarian (can be catered to vegans too), grown at the resort and amazingly cooked.

We had an amazing time, thinking about going back again in the future. Highly recommended.

Stacey Fraser

de Reino Unido, enero 2018

"Superb 6 Days "

Every member of staff is excellent from the moment you arrive, you instantly feel welcome and there are constantly there to assist. The staff ensured that we didn't miss any meals (selection of food and smoothes are great!!). The massages certainly add to the experience, plant tour (absolutely superb and the guide made it for us) animals running free :) yoga class (we are beginner level and they were very manageable) and lastly using the bikes - great trip to the local town to sample the locals cakes and coffees.

Inderjit Singh

de Suecia, enero 2018

"A new home"

Just being there was a privilege. Felt like home with a new family and great minds.

Rosanna Cummins

de Australia, enero 2018

"Yoga/ayurvedic experience at Hinterland"

Two 2 hour sessions of yoga and daily massage and daily philosophical talk all great. Food really tasty and wholesome and lots of really friendly travellers from all over the world and all different ages. Loved lying in the hammock and enjoying the lush scenery. All the staff were very friendly and helpful and Unni speaks to everyone individually everyday with their schedule of activities. Great to see all the animals wandering around like the Emu and the gigantic turkeys!

Karen Rego

de India, enero 2018

"The perfect break!"

My yoga holiday at hinterland village was one of the best experiences I had. To begin with, the rooms are perfectly fine, spacious and clean. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The food was simply amazing. I enjoyed healthy, delicious, vegetarian meals and did not crave for anything else except what was served. The asana, pranayam and meditation techniques taught are appropriate for any level of student and also perfect from a relaxing yoga holiday perspective. The asana's are not strenous but at the same time helps to stretch and strenghten the body, just the right amount you need while on a holiday. And not to forget the beautiful location hinterland village has to offer, truly making up with nature. It serves as the perfect getaway vacation from the routine hustle bustle of city life, to relax and spend some quality time with nature within the resort and even the surronding village, do some yoga, meet lovely like minded people and eat delicious food! Many thanks to Mr. Unni who is an absolutely kind and delightful man. His hospitality made our stay even more memorable. Also a special mention to his team out there.. who are extremely hard working and kind people! Definitely worth a second visit! : )


de Suecia, enero 2018

"A peaceful place for the soul"

Very, very well organized. The management has a good idea about what the guests need and may want. Excellent service, lovely hospitality, clean and neat, great food with a lot of variation, the resort site is very well kept. Genuine!

Stéphane Liziard

de Francia, enero 2018

"belle expérience de yiga"

Retraite très agréable et bien organisée. Tout était parfait.qualite de l'accueil, nourriture excellente, une oasis de detente.les chambres sont simples mais propres


de India, diciembre 2017

"Once in a lifetime"

Visiting Hinterland is something every soul on this planet should do once in their life. Unni has created something very special - a quiet haven of self reflection, learning and fantastic food. What blew me away was the amazing people I met here - many who will remain life long friends. I hope to one day return to Hinterland - it feels like a home away from home.

Corrie De Beer

de Países Bajos, diciembre 2017

"Een ervaring om nooit te vergeten"

Alles, maar vooral de positieve sfeer en levenshouding van de eigenaar Unni en zijn vrouw, hun staf, onze teachers Swami en Jayesh. Mensen als zij dragen bij aan een betere wereld. We leren graag van hen en komen zeker terug!

Iris Reed

de Reino Unido, diciembre 2017

"I shall return"

Everything was so wonderful. The staff, classes, setting, food, pool.

Janine Machet

de Filipinas, noviembre 2017

"Excellent value for money and wonderful generosity of spirit"

Hinterland is a magic gem. A place that gave us very basic accommodation, yet with such love and care. The property and place also has many amazing offerings, especially the variety of fresh, organicly growing food, and medicinal plants, with all their Ayurvedic healing benefits.The welcome and care taken by Unni and his staff is excellent. Beautiful location and amenities. Kitchen staff were always helpful, kind, professional, welcoming, gentle and generous, Thier individual and collective service was absolutely fantastic. The food was always delicious, varied and nourishing. The nature walk was also incredibly interesting. Staff seem so caring and enthusiastic to provide a great experience. Cleaning staff everywhere were very friendly and good. The swimming pool was lovely and clean.

Olivia Hart

de Reino Unido, noviembre 2017

"Lovely start to a holiday"

The food, the location was beautiful, all the staff were incredibly helpful and attentive

James Stock

de Reino Unido, noviembre 2017

"Enlightening yoga in a beautiful location with kind people!"

We liked everything!

The Yoga and Meditation were great, Swarmi is a great teacher and it was good to get to know him over our time there as he was a very interesting person.

One of the highlights was the yoga philosophy as it was something we had not had much exposure to before hand but was very interesting and again Swarmi’s views and teaching made this very interesting.

The food was AMAZING and has been the most enjoyable food we have experienced on our three weeks around India. Different dishes every day and always exciting to try.

Also a special mention to Bianca and her dance therapy and aerobatic yoga classes. The dance therapy was right out of my comfort zone but Bianca was a great teacher and had well planned classes that made you feel at easy and comfortable and were very enjoyable. It’s a shame she will only be there for a limited time.

Thank you also to Unni how perfectly organised everything was,he made sure you were well looked after and didn’t want for anything.

All in all we had a great 6 day at the retreat and left totally relaxed and in a great mind space. We didn’t want to leave and wished we could have stayed longer.

Aine Oconnell

de Irlanda, noviembre 2017

Loved the yoga -great pace, lovely soothing voice, nicely structured classes.

Amazing location-so peaceful.

Wonderful family-run business.

Lots of options to get out for day trips if you wished.

I'll really miss Hinterland and it's wonderful people!

Katarzyna Pawluk

de Reino Unido, octubre 2017

"I would definitely recommend "

Amazing place where you can practice yoga and learn about meditation in idyllic setting. Suitable for both beginners and advanced yogis. Food is to die for and people are kind and friendly. Perfect place to relax. I hope to be back one day :)

Daf Thomas

de Grecia, octubre 2017

Food, location and service were all outstanding

Uttam Kumar Konatham

de India, octubre 2017

"Idle place to learn yoga, relax and be mindful."

Yoga and meditation taught by swamiji and jayesh.

Food was great.

calm, relaxing and mindful experience. Quality time spent for myself.

Unni sir takes great care of people, and schedules the events perfectly.

It is great to see people coming from every corner of the world to experience what the place has to offer.

Wish I could stay for few more days.

Ella Matthews

de Reino Unido, octubre 2017

"Just what I needed"

The yoga routine Mon-Fri was very repetitive, which was exactly what I needed as after a day or so, you could concentrate on the moves and focus, rather than have to pay attention to the routine. The yoga nidra turned out to be very interesting and useful to me. And the retreat is set in a working farm (they grow much of their food onsite) and, as they have planted many different species around the accommodation, it is like staying in a botanical garden, useful, if like me, you relax between yoga by practising watercolour painting.

Liza Bauer

de Alemania, octubre 2017

"Beautiful vacation from the vacation :)"

This is a beautiful place i enjoyed staying there immensely, everything frkm the yoga to meditation, massages and espevially the food was heavenly :) i also learned a lot and i recovered from my more stressful travelling through india.. Thanm you so much for everything and for having me stay at this beautiful place

Ameenah Jeetoo-murugan

de India, octubre 2017

The peaceful and tranquil environment

Amie Maynard

de Reino Unido, septiembre 2017

"Beautiful introduction to this beautiful country"

I liked the environment, food, practices, staff and massage.

Katharine Evans

de India, septiembre 2017

"Great Break!"

I visited Hinterland while on a short break from teaching and had a fantastic stay. They took care of my mind, body, and soul! I would love to return one day.

Cassandra Velinos

de Australia, septiembre 2017

"Rejuvenation, Connection and Alignment for the Soul"

If you've stumbled across the reviews for Hinterland, it has found you too; and, is likely exactly what you need. Do it. Go. Embrace. Hinterland Village is an amazing experience, all of emotionally, physically and psychologically. It provides everything needed to reconnect body and mind. The staff and instructors are a wealth of knowledge; and come from all walks of life. They are each happy to share their experiences with you. The Yoga instruction can not be faulted - it is personally tailored for your skill level, in a safe, gentle and inviting environment. Yoga philosophy classes will affirm what you feel or maybe what you have forgotten; and redirect you to your purpose. The meditation classes are incredibly powerful and will assist you into understanding yourself and opening your mind. Ayerveda massage and medicine is the perfect compliment to your experience. The food is incredible - Unni - PLEASE organise a Hinterland Village recipe/cook book and contact me once you do! I guarantee every guest will want a copy. Thank you all for everything. Namaste.

Sarah Chiesa

de India, agosto 2017

"Deeper than a retreat"

The staff is so kind and conscious.

I loved the simplicity of the food. Energy of the place is very serene. The nature guide was a light to see everyday, and his son, beautiful souls. Yoga calm and open to personal adjustments depending on skill level. It was very nice to get physical corrections. Gardens and sustainable situation of the retreat was awe-inspiring.


de Alemania, agosto 2017

"Great Retreat in a very peacfull atmosphere"

I think it is hard to find another place like Hinterlandvillage again. Unni and his wife and all other persons, the Yoga and the Meditation classes, the Massage and especially the food, everything is absolutly great. I enjoyed my week in Hinterlandvillage, took a lot of energy and will hopefully come back! Thanks for everthing!

Renate Kerkhofs

de Países Bajos, agosto 2017

"Gofor itççç"

Everything. The food was amazing, the surroundings were breath taking, the organization absolutely perfect, the meditation intense, the yoga of hight quality. It was a more than wonderful experience.


de Reino Unido, julio 2017

"A short stay in paradise"

Beautiful place, very relaxing environment with many plants, animals. Amazing and varied vegetarian food. Busy programme with yoga (incl. yoga nidra), ayurvedic massages and yoga philosophy. Very warm and welcoming hosts!

Aaron Tugendhaft

de Estados Unidos, julio 2017

"Ideal yoga experience"

Yoga at Hinterland was fantastic. Unni has built a truly remarkable place out of love. The accommodations were all that was needed; the food was delicious and healthy; the garden tour was a delight; and most of all yoga and yoga philosophy with swami was eye-opening.

Rana Khatib

de Qatar, julio 2017

"True joy "

I left Hinterland a few days ago now, and I feel like I was sleeping for 8 days and just woke up from a beautiful dream. I went to Hinterland alone, with no expectations, and I left a happier, simpler and more peaceful person.

Hinterland offers a real yoga retreat, where you practice real Yoga, learn yoga and live yoga.

From the quality of food, to the beautiful people who run the place, this experience truly left me in awe.

I arrived in Hinterland on a rainy day a little after sunset, and as soon as I entered this green, all natural location, I felt the energy, and knew that I made the right choice.

Thank you for taking care of me, and making me feel like I'm part of the Hinterland family. I know I arrived here for a reason, and I cherish every minute spent in Hinterland.

Nathalie Gaste

de Francia, abril 2017

"Inforgettable experience"

Yoga classes with a wonderful view on fields, vegan food, ayurvedic massages, professionalism of professors, environnement of the retreat, birds and animal sounds

Testimoniales 5

Franziska Germany

Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

Thank you Unni, for all and everything. You are a special person. Hinterland is a very special place. I had such magical moments here. Thank you.

Deepti India

Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

Coming up with a place full of peace, tranquility and happiness. I will be returning back for a longer time. Thanks to Unni and all staff for such an amazing experience.

Katerina Bulgaria

Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

I had an amazing week during which I reconnected with my inner self, found inner peace and strength. I would like to thank you Unni and the entire team for the great care.

Kalpana India

Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

It has been wonderful. Very special. Hope to come back again.

Zhu sijing China

Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

A big thank you from deep of my heart to Hinterland, Unni, Swamiji. Your wisdom and charm as a great guru. Jayesh(the peace that you have bought to me). Shreedevi, (your care as a women and a wonderful mom) and every one . Wish to come again.

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