Erinbell Fanore

Based in Berlin, Erinbell Fanore offers a varied program of yoga such as yoga weekend, yoga and workshops, yoga holiday, and family yoga weekend.

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Erinbell Fanore

Erinbell has been practicing yoga since 1997, teaching full time since 2006 and is an endorsed Insight Yoga Teacher since 2016. Her teaching is one of inclusiveness and compassionate acceptance. Mindfulness and self-inquiry are the base of her teaching as are laughter and openness. She encourages her students to bravely feel for themselves what’s going on and to meet what’s there with tenderness and kindness. She is very grateful to her teachers, Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley. Erinbell has a keen interest in neural science and psychology. Erinbell is a zesty woman with a huge curiosity and passion for life.

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Sylvia Wong

from Great Britain, April 2017

"A gem of an experience"

This was my first retreat and intro to meditation, which i booked as part of a visit to Berlin on holiday. And boy am i glad that i did! Erinbell has to be my favourite instructor to date, she radiates so much kindness and beautiful messages about how yoga and meditation is a not one size fits all practice, and about authenticity. She made sure that everyone could feel comfortable not only during the stay but in the sessions as well given we were a varied mix (all women this time that I went). The food was delicious, the agenda spot-on, and the environment was perfect as an escape. I had a chance to do a run while I was there and I would highly recommend that on a good day out to clear the mind as well. Had wonderful conversations with all the people over the days as well. Definitely motivated to take up more retreats in the future and to incorporate those lovely takeaways from this experience into my practice.

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