Emmanuelle Brown

With an experience of over 12 years, Emmanuelle has taught meditation, Pilates, and Yoga classes in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Bali, France, and India. Her aim is to bring people closer together.

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Sharne Hanrahan

Emmanuelle Brown website

I was looking to start Pilates and I came across Emmanulle Brown. By the end of my first class I was completely hooked. After experiencing her Pilates class, I was very interested in trying her yoga classes. Emmanuelle spoke with such a great passion and love for yoga that I knew her classes would be amazing. I walked away feeling like these classes could potentially change my life. And how right I was. Emmanuelle's yoga classes are an experience in themselves, where you leave all inhibitions at the door, and your totally, and utterly immersed in yoga. They leave you feeling liberated, lighter, and like your walking on air. Not only has she improved my strength and overall well being, but also my ability to deal with life's little challenges too. I find her yoga classes inspirational and empowering, my week would no longer be complete without them.

Robyn Stewart

Emmanuelle Brown website

My interest in Pilates stems back a few years. I didn't look into it further until recently when my daughter mentioned that she would like to go together to try and sort out our 'less than perfect' backs, Emmanuelle was mentioned by a friend who said she was amazing. I have exercised my whole life and worked with a variety of trainers and instructors, with varying results; then there's Emmanuelle. What a refreshing change it has been experiencing a true professional who implements a Pilates class where all are totally engaged. Emmanuelle's ability to clearly articulate every movement is extraordinary, allowing you to take control and gain as much as possible from every instruction. Emmanuelle's extensive knowledge of the human body and how it moves inspires confidence to attempt new challenges and with her individual support improve overall practice. Emmanuelle's classes are instructive, physically challenging but most importantly they work. My daughter and I enjoy every week and the future benefits I know will prevail.

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