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7 Days Raw Foods and Luxury Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay

Raw Food & Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay

Leisa Wheeler, founder of Embracing Health, is proud to announce the creation of a fresh, innovative style of luxury health retreat. Departing from the rigid ways of right and wrong which have pervaded the older mind-sets of healing, Leisa has brought to life a new approach to the concept of a healing retreat by designing a program that empowers participants with knowledge that opens them to a higher awareness of what healing really means.

Health retreat in Byron Bay

This is the health retreat experience you have been looking for. A chance to escape from the world; to rest and relax. To take time out; to learn about good food and what it means for your health. To connect with like-minded people and be inspired with new knowledge. And most importantly, to get back a sense of peace, a true sense of self, that can be lost in a busy life. This program focuses on health and yoga as a way to healing the self.

Retreat highlights

  • Daily gentle yoga
  • Daily health lectures and workshops
  • Food preparation classes with our raw food chef
  • Sound healing, transformational breathing
  • 1 colonics hydrotherapy session
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Gourmet raw meals

Skill level

  • Beginner

Yoga styles

6 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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Our retreats are held at Tallow Beach Houses. Set in a private 30-acre nature sanctuary, Tallow enjoys 630 meters of amazing beachfront, with cycling tracks, tennis court, sauna, and that refreshing dip in the ocean only steps away!

Accommodation will be in either newly renovated private rooms with ensuite for couples, and for singles, the older style two bedroom – one (shared) bathroom cottages with large outdoor decks, some overlooking a lake and all with the soothing sounds of the surf to fall to sleep by.

Tallow enjoys one of the most relaxed atmospheres of any of our retreats, being situated in the most beautiful natural setting. Please note that there is no swimming pool or spa at Tallows – swimming is in the magnificent ocean.

Embracing Health Yoga Detox Australia Program

Daily program overview

You will start off each day with some movement, either a gentle yoga class with our experienced instructor, or a brisk walk in nature or on the beach. After our bodies are awake, we will all enjoy breakfast, and then move straight into the first lecture of the day.

Interwoven between lectures, food prep classes, meals and evening gatherings, will be free time for swimming in the pool, soaking up the sun, detoxing in the sauna, receiving your massage, sleeping, resting or reading, writing in your journal, meditating or enjoying a discussion with your fellow participants.

Our evening get-togethers will feature either a meditation, a group discussion or we will watch a DVD on an interesting aspect of health. The focus is on rest and rejuvenation, so no heavy exercise classes or vigorous activities are planned, but there is enough in the schedule to keep you from ever being bored!

Daily health lectures

Daily lectures on a range of health subjects cut through the confusion; yoga and meditative walks centre the mind; healing massage soothes the body; discussions on the role of emotional healing provides sustenance for the soul; and plenty of personal time gives you the space to really rest.

There will either be two lectures each day, or one lecture and one food preparation class, and we will cover subjects ranging from: food as medicine, stress and fatigue, thyroid, adrenal and hormonal issues, weight loss, the role of detoxification, orthodox versus alternative medicine, superfoods and antifoods, exercise, the emotional aspects of healing, healing philosophy, abundant vitality, non-toxic personal care and cleaning products, and much, much more.

Comprehensive notes and workbooks will accompany each lecture, with references, website links and further reading to encourage your own exploration of these areas. There will no doubt be discussions on a wide range of subjects outside of the lectures, and a lot of learning and knowledge will be shared during these times as well.

Detox and superfoods

Not bound by any one strict doctrine, Leisa has woven together the best of the natural medicine world, blending the fields of detoxification, the secrets of superfoods, the art of raw vegan gourmet cuisine, and the healing power of whole foods, into a delightful week-long or more, living experience of food as medicine. Healing with whole food is only one part of the Embracing Life! Retreat, where as much emphasis is placed on feeding the mind, understanding the emotions, and nurturing the soul, as in supporting the body.

Food preparation classes

Not only will you be sitting down to these imaginative and appetizing meals, but you will be participating in gourmet raw food preparation classes with Australia’s Leading Raw Food Chef - Cat Cannizzaro from WildRaw. These classes will take you step by step through the process of creating these simple, tasty dishes. You will be shown the ingredients, you will receive the recipes, and will be able to watch the process of putting the meals together and what kitchen tools are used.

This is an invaluable part of the program that equips you with a good knowledge of how to incorporate fresh whole foods into a variety of uncomplicated recipes that the whole family will enjoy. Along with the food preparation classes will be hand-outs of the recipes, information on sourcing the ingredients and the kitchen tools, and a pantry list to help you in preparing a healthy kitchen.

During the week Leisa will be presenting a lecture on Superfoods – those foods with powerful healing properties that can make an impressive impact on your health when included as a part of your daily diet. You will get to sample some of these foods, and learn about their individual benefits and qualities for both healing and enhancing your health.

We will also discuss food as medicine and different dietary healing regimes. We will discuss why people heal on a variety of diets – from macrobiotic to Ayurvedic, to Weston A. Price to raw vegan, and we will see what elements they have in common and what type of program has the most powerful healing benefits. Rather than laying down a doctrine for you to live by for life, we will explore our own body’s wisdom when it comes to food, we will look at the social, ritual, pleasure and nurturing aspects of food in our lives and what the marketing of food as a commodity rather than as life-giving sustenance, has done to the quality of our health.

Also on the theme of food, we will be screening the excellent and very relevant DVD “Food Matters” which will continue building on your knowledge of healing through food. By the end of the week, not only will you feel fabulous from your detox, but after separating the truth from the hype, you will also feel very comfortable in being able to make good food choices for yourself and your family, with no stress and confusion.

The detox program

A detox is simply an opportunity to give your body a break from the rigors of day to day life and to give it the space to do what it does best, which is to heal. By eliminating from the diet for a few days, foods that contains toxins, hard to digest elements, fats that overload the liver and removing you from the stresses of your everyday life; we allow the body to move into “repair and rejuvenate” mode.

Supporting this process with dense but easy to digest nutrition, and supporting the pathways of elimination, we need not make detoxification a miserable experience. One very pleasant way of ensuring that toxins are being excreted from the body is through the daily use of a far-infrared sauna. Many toxins and heavy metals can be excreted through the skin, and a far infrared sauna is the ideal way to support the detoxification process. A sauna will increase the core body temperature to induce a deeper sweat than just from the skin surface.

Sunlighten sauna

Sunlighten Sauna is a feature of our detox retreats, providing the very best in far infrared sauna technology for my guests. You will be able to enjoy the advantage of relaxing in one of their saunas during your Embracing Health retreat.

Sunlighten will be setting up a three-person cabin sauna for us to use, and they will also be providing an information pack on the health benefits of the far infrared sauna. During the retreat you will be encouraged to use the sauna daily to support your healing regime.

With all that detoxing, replacing fluid loss becomes a very important consideration. To ensure that you are able to rehydrate healthfully, Grander Water Technology are supplying us with a filter that will enable us all to drink beautiful quality water during the retreat.

You will also be able to learn about the importance of good quality water, and about the options for treating water that contains fluoride – which is a very real issue for those of us in Queensland who have not had to deal with this problem before.

Colon hydrotherapy

A series of two colonics is included as a part of the eight night retreat package. If you would to book extra colonics during the detox, treatments are at a rate of 100 AUD per session. All bookings and payments for colonics are organized through Leisa, so please advise by email as soon as you can, if you would like to book extra sessions.

Retreat location

Byron Bay is a small coastal village in the far north east of New South Wales. The resident population swells by three or four times in the popular summer holidays and some other peak times during the year. Shop around for great deals during off-peak times!

Byron Bay is so popular for a number of reasons: the great surf breaks are some of the best in the world, and the beaches are some of the prettiest and cleanest on the east coast of Australia. Byron Bay is located near some of the best examples of sub-tropical rainforest on the east coast of Australia (parts of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia).

Byron Bay has also gained a reputation for fabulous Australian cuisine in its award-winning cafes and restaurants, and of course, it is well known as a place to buy a fabulous cafe latte!

It has one of the highest number of artists and artisans as residents in Australia, many festivals and events throughout the year, great shopping and entertainment, a thriving health and wellbeing industry with many day spas and healing and alternative health practitioners.

Not only that, the destination sits on the doorstep of the Northern Rivers region with its rainforest, many small towns and villages and picturesque countryside filled with smaller farms growing produce such as macadamia nuts, coffee, blueberries, lychees, stone fruit, dairying and cheese and many other interesting crops.

This Yoga Retreat is vegetarian-friendly

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The food will be magnificent! Yes, we will be doing some juice fasting for the first few days, but don’t be alarmed. We will be using the freshest organic ingredients to make a variety of healing and tasty juices that will be nourishing and surprisingly satisfying.

You will be amazed at how filling the juices can be – and they will be served several times a day to make sure that you are not going hungry! You will also learn about the art of juicing, and which combinations of ingredients can support particular areas and functions of the body – and you will be sampling and enjoying these different recipes and tastes.

On the other days we will be enjoying the finest in gourmet raw food – you won’t believe that raw food can taste so good! Continuing on with the detox and healing process, there will be no animal products, no dairy and the food will also be gluten free. We will also keep fats to a minimum to enhance the rejuvenating powers of the food.

However that doesn’t mean that the food will be without taste or flavor! Following on from a simple but nourishing breakfast and lunch, and a refreshing superfood tonic elixir drink for afternoon tea – we will be providing full three course dinners of an evening to showcase the range of creative dishes you can easily prepare from whole, healthful foods.

Things to do (optional)

There is a wide variety of options for things to do to immerse yourself in Byron Bay - see our tours and activities on offer. Things such as learn to surf, skydiving, micro-lighting or hang-gliding, kayaking with the dolphins, tours of the region, horse riding, golf, fishing, circus skills and art workshops or visiting one of the many attractions.

Spa treatments

Paulie Harrold and Darby Centra, two very talented healers, on staff for the retreats, and they will be treating everyone to Hawaiian Ka 'Huna Massage therapy. They are also available to do a limited number of extra massage of various styles during the week, as listed below. Extra treatments are at a rate of 95 AUD per hour or 125 AUD per hour and a half.

  • Ka'Huna

Ka'Huna is the King of massages, based in the Hawaii'an temple style tradition, a flowing dance of full body. Long strokes that work with the breath and energy of the client for a thoroughly relaxing and relieving experience. Utilising only organic coconut oil, these sessions can be tailored to work with the needs of your body and spirit.

  • Bone and joint massage

Great for deep relaxation, old injuries, blood regeneration.

  • Polynesion floor massage

Excellent for a deep stretch, reinvigoration and alleviation of pain and energy blockages.

  • Ch'i net Tsiang and deep stomach massage

Superb for deep emotional and physical release - an extremely effective cleansing massage that complements a strong raw food-based cleanse. Best during the juice fasting.

What's included

  • Accommodation for six nights
  • All food and drinks from arrival to departure
  • Juice and superfood smoothie fast
  • All activities including Yoga classes
  • One Colonics Hydrotherapy treatment
  • One Ka-huna Healing Massages
  • Two food preparation classes with our Raw Food Chef Extraordinaire
  • Sound Healing session with Soul Fire Music
  • Unlimited use of the Infrared Sauna
  • Unlimited use of resort facilities
  • All workbooks and lecture notes
  • A gift bag on arrival containing lots of free goodies valued at over 100 AUD

What's not included

  • Transport, phone calls, and extra services are at your own expense
  • Optional Emotional Release/Healing Sessions

How to get there

Driving directions from Ballina Airport

Tallows Beach Houses is located at Byron Bay on the North Coast of NSW, about 30 minutes’ drive north from Ballina Airport.

Follow the Pacific Highway north and turn right into Broken Head Road after 18.5 kilometres.

Follow Broken Head Road for 9.5 kilometres.

Turn right into Clifford Street.

Take the 3rd left into Alcorn Avenue.

Tallows Beach Houses is at the very end of the street. Use code 1780# to enter the gates.

-Arrival by shuttle

The easiest way to get to Tallows Beach Houses from either Airport is via Byron Bay Shuttle Buses. They have regularly scheduled services that can drop you at the door of Tallows for between 30 - 40 AUD.

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