Ellas Retreat

Ellas Retreat is a yoga meditation center: offers Kriya and Kundalini yoga, Vipassana, Contact dance, Hatha yoga, Tantra, Meditation, and various other courses.

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Basu Deva

Basu began his sadhana in 1997 and in 2002, he was initiated in Kriya yoga by Swami Shankarananda Giri. He has been received and practiced in the presence of several respected teachers in India and Thailand and has developed deep experiential understanding in Kriya yoga, Kundalini yoga, Tantra, Qigong, and mindfulness meditation. In 2008, Swami Shankarananda Giri gave him the allowance to introduce and guide others into Kriya yoga. He has been giving courses and retreats in India, Thailand, Greece, and Austria since 2000.

Teona Papadopoulou

Before practicing yoga and Tantra, Teona was involved with shamanic practices and rituals. After being encountered with the science of Kriya yoga, she realized that yoga was her way for to live the truth she had experienced. In 2013, she began her yoga and Tantric sadhana, and after a year, she took a Hatha yoga teachers training course in Sivananda Yoga. She lived, served, and practiced at the Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Center in Berlin for about a year and in 2017, she was initiated into Kriya yoga by Swami Shankarananda Giri and into Tantra by Guruji Raj Kumar.


Ann fell in love with Contact Improvisation in 2010, while she was studying contemporary dance and improvisation and composition in Oslo, Norway. After some years on and around the performing arts scene, her interest turned to yoga and Tantra. Since 2015, she has studied with meditation teachers in Ireland, Greece, and India, and been teaching in various yoga teacher training in India. At the same time, Contact Improvisation has been an ongoing love story. The playfulness, honesty, connection with other dancers, and the joy of movement are what bring her back to the dance floor.

Daphne Assimakopoulou Assimakopoulou

Daphne is a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and musician. She holds a Bachelor (BA) degree in Music (classical piano) and Dance (Bryn Mawr College, USA, 1994) and a Master (MA) degree in Dance Studies and Choreography (Laban Center for Movement and Dance, London, UK,1997). Her passion for West African dance and music inspired her to travel to many places (Guinea, Mali, USA, France, UK, Germany, Italy) to learn from experienced teachers and talented artists in the field. She has studied African dance, song and percussion (doundoun and balafon) with members of Ballets Africains

Reviews 58

Evgenia Soldatkina

from Russia, July 2018

"Beautiful people, beautiful practice"

I could not imagine that I met so many beautiful people in one place in one moment. Concerning the practice the technic that offered Teona (variety of Vipassana meditation) is really helpful. Practice of yoga is not very complicated, just general asanas, but nice and stretching. Sea, beach, relationships between people are wonderful.

Теона говорит по русски, абсолютно своя, практику проводит на английском, но все понятно.

Emilie Mordal

from Norway, July 2018

"A lovely week"

Met some great people here. The food was great, and the volunteers working there were wonderful.

Palairos is a small town with nice people and good restaurants, and the most beautiful beach is a 15 min walk. You can rent cars or boats to go to lefkada, which we did on the Tuesday (the day off).

Practicing quotes from "The power of now" each day, was a nice way to try to be more present and I will keep practicing that back home.

Malcolm Mclean

from Great Britain, July 2018

"booked for one week, stayed for three. "

Lovely location, village not overrun with tourists. At least one very nice beach close by and plenty choice of restaurant/cafes/supermarkets. Morning meditation and practice is perfect. The yoga deck overlooking the ocean is breathtaking. Couldn't recommend more!

Jane Freemantle

from United States, July 2018

The setting is very peaceful and tranquil. Breakfast was amazing especially after 3 hours of uplifting yoga. The instruction was really thoughtful and informative. The village is small but there are plenty of restaurants and bars. The sea was beautiful even if negotiating the pebbles to get in was a bit of a challenge! I really felt like I had been in a bubble for a week and have returned home very relaxed with the batteries recharged. Overall a fabulous experience

Victoria Kenny

from Great Britain, July 2018


Teona was absolutely incredible and really made my trip very special. I loved every moment of my trip. The yoga is fully accessible to all levels and Teona is very supportive through out the practice. I came to the retreat with very little expectations and was so over-whelmed by the beautiful location, the incredible people and of course the beautiful Teona. There is no pressure to be a super yogi - everything is at your own pace. The meditation was wonderful and the consideration of mindfulness was so welcomed and insightful. You will not regret visiting Ellas retreat and will most definitely not want to leave. Go ahead and treat yourself - even if its just for the food alone! Brunch was a highlight every day, such amazing food shared with love all vegetarian/ vegan. The accommodation is great - I was in shared accommodation which was max 4 to a room/ mini apartment ( 2 per room). Great for both solo travelers and couples/ friends. There are plenty of restaurants near by to see you through the week. Take the chance, book the retreat and reap the rewards :D

Giorgio Priveato

from France, July 2018

"Life is good in Ellas retreat"

Clean and nice quality accomodation, beautiful mediterranean location totally immersed in the nature, good quality of meditation and asana classes.

James Mcwilliams

from United States, July 2018

"Wonderful retreat in an restful seaside village"

What a wonderful place to go to if you're looking for a welcoming and loving retreat which is great value-for-money. Teona is a kind and generous yoga teacher and host, and my fellow yogis were a joy to spend time with. The views from the yoga deck are spectacular and the food is delicious (you won't need to eat much until later in the evening after the brunch provided each day). There is a gorgeous, quiet beach near by (it felt almost private!) and be sure to eat at Cathy & Chronis' restaurant next door to the retreat during your stay (they rock!). Felt very sad to leave so soon (7 days wasn't enough for me)! Thank you Teona!

Jacquie Blazey

from Australia, July 2018

"Beautiful Experience"

The retreat was amazing. I loved everything about it. The location was amazing, the brunch in the morning was delicious, the meditation and yoga was perfect for me. The people I met were so friendly. You had the option of spending the day at the beach or exploring the local area. There are plenty of excellent restaurants to choose from for meals in the evening and the prices are much cheaper compared to Athens for example. The facilities in the rooms were great. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Alexandra Nakelski

from Netherlands, July 2018

"Teona...a soul sister"

I actually went for clarity and to detox from life! THe yoga was too early in the morning and I found myself missing classes...but that is OK because the people there and the beach helped me achieve my purpose...Teona was the best...I feel that she needs more administrative help at the retreat because she had to do EVERYTHING and I think it would be best for her to concentrate on her passion and what she is amazing at..the meditation and yoga and people...but I cannot believe it was a one person show!! She did it all though and was great.

Mary Henry

from Ireland, June 2018

The place was very welcoming and relaxed. Teona was very knowledgeable and warm in her approach and practice of yoga. There was a lovely dynamic that included everyone on the retreat. I came away with some new skills and tools for my life. I thought Teona was a compassionate and kind teacher and facilitator and will

definitely go back

Deborah Martin-king

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Relaxing and energizing "

I stayed in one of the double rooms which was clean and comfortable and looked out onto the very pretty retreats garden. I enjoyed my weeks stay as a solo traveler and found the people I met there lovely:)) It was a good mix of early meditation and yoga practice on the yoga platform with a spectacular view of the Ionian sea. You then walked back for the communal brunch which was delicious. The rest of the day and evening was then free. 10 min walking distance to quiet pebbly beach and some great restaurants/cafes etc. I personally would have liked a late afternoon /evening

yoga session. However you are able to use the platform anytime which I did for my own practice. All in all it was a good value retreat/holiday and I wish Teona and her team bright blessings for the rest of the season.

Keith Bradshaw

from Ireland, June 2018

"A slice of paradise in rural Greece"

I loved this retreat! I'm back a week from the most beautiful sojourn I've had in the longest time & I'm still blissed out!


If you are looking for a pampered, fancy club-med style yoga retreat - then this is not for you! But if you are a little bit independent & open minded & looking a more organic, slightly Spartan affair, with wonderful experiences - then this is for you!


6.45am - Morning gong.

6.45am - 7.00am. Tea in silence

7.00am - 7.10am Potter to the breath taking Yoga Deck!

7.15am - 10.00am Mindfulness & Yoga

10.00am - 10.15am Potter back to Retreat in state of bliss

10.15am -11.00am Gorguous Vegetarian Breakfast

11.00am - 11.20am Minduflness Card Discussion


Teona was really very good. She was our instructor for the week. she has a firm but fair maternal vibe that wants the best for everyone! She provided the mindfulness & yoga mornings, along with the occasional mantra chanting evenings - which were surprisingly enjoyable!

Little touches like the guided meditation, when we discuss our experience and mindfully observe our progress every morning on the stunning yoga deck that overlooks the ocean, were much appreciated. That and the mindfulness cards that were handed out after breakfast each morning, to be discussed the next day- helped to keep us in the now & practice what we were discovering!


The rooms were all spotlessly clean with good air conditioning & mosquito nets


No veggie, but I loved the food!

Parviz Chatur

from Canada, June 2018

"Yoga retreat at Palairos"

Accommodation was great. It was clean and comfortable. Bed was comfortable and environment was quiet and soothing. Lots of small restaurants of different varieties. Ocean and beach beautiful except beach had rocky pebbles rather than sandy. But beautiful view and lovely beaches.

Samantha Kolkmeijer

from Netherlands, June 2018

The wooden platform on which the yoga was performed had a stunning view on the bay and sea!

The village is lovely. Not much to do there though. Great cheap restaurants.

Kelly Nunn

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Ellas retreat"

Teona was very experienced and a great teacher.

The rooms were comfortable and set in beautiful surrounding garden.

Great for encouraging socialisation with other retreaters or peace and quite time to yourself. Whatever you need you would find it here.

Loved the way the classes mainly focus on mindfulness and meditation with the yoga stretches an added bonus. The platform in which we had our practice had the most stunning views off the surrounding sea and mountains.

Great for solo travelers/ friends or couples.

Great base for seeing some of the most breathtaking coastlines in Greece. Hiring a car is a great option and easy to do from the local village.

Food in the retreat was well prepared, creative, healthy and delicious.

Food in the village was also healthy, tasty and mindful of vegetarian/vegan diets. The new mill being a must go to restaurant in the village. Off the coastline, but more than makes up for that with its rustic charm and best food in town.

I will be returning to this beautiful place along with my partner who enjoyed it as much as I did.

Helena Fale

from Belgium, May 2018


Everything was excellent: the meditation and yoga practicing while enjoying a wonderful landscape; the tasty and healthy brunch (congratulations, Noemie! :)); the sharing of inspiring thoughts and experiences; and the free time to enjoy the wonders of the surroundings. Really great

Amy Wyron

from Israel, May 2018

"Great escape week"

Teona is wonderful, the food was delicious, the location is gorgeous and relaxing, and the meditation and awareness practice was very grounding and refreshing

Moyin L'esperance

from Seychelles, October 2017

"Yoga and meditation ...and the beach =happiness..."

Relaxed friendly atmosphere ...met a lively and beautiful set of people...


from Great Britain, October 2017

"Such a beautiful place "

I did the one week hatha yoga retreat. The location is absolutely perfect. Beautiful beaches with stunning scenery, sunsets and stars at night. Teona was a lovely instructor who was very committed to her practise. Good value for money. Amazing food and the local places to eat are also wonderful. I really enjoyed the yoga and meditation - a perfect introduction for a beginner or at any stage.


from Netherlands, September 2017

"I'll be back!"

Very relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful environment. Enough time to enjoy the beach and sun. :)

Veronika Pechová

from United States, September 2017

"Little bit of India in Greece"

I had very special time in Greece with Teona, Basu and all other amazing people I met during this retreat. Yoga practice was nothing I expected but during all course I felt like it was designed for me. I must admit that I feel like I found very natural way of doing yoga and learnt so much every single day. We did yoga in the morning on a deck with a view over the sea and if we were early enough we could meditate during the sun rise.

Brunch with Teona was always delicious. I couldn't believe the variety of meals. Every day we tried something new and different, everything vegetarian and mostly plant based.

The place itself is situated in a village, with few restaurants and shops where we could find everything we needed. It is not a very touristy place so lying on a beach was very relaxing and calm.

The retreat is a great way to spend your vacation as a solo traveler as there are always very friendly people. Also you can always choose to spend time alone or resting and talking with others on a garden. Overall I feel very grateful to spend my vacation in this special place. Love first.

Pam Wood

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Love Your Way!"

The intelligent and informational inspiration of Teona & Basil's guidance enabled in me in a deep way to reconnect to the core of me. I liked what I saw.

Sisi Yang

from Great Britain, August 2017

"The experience purifies my life! It's more than a holiday!"

If you're looking for modern (California) yoga and learn challenging yoga poses, this is not the place for you.

But there is so much more than just the yoga technique. Yoga is about love, life, happiness and living at present. You'll experience these while here.

We had 3 hours meditation, hatha yoga and nidyi yoga early morning, then a heart warming breakfast and sharing session with the fellow yogi. During the day, there's plenty of choices for leisure, beach and food to keep us occupied. The most significant though for me is the support and love from Teona, Basu, Emil, Julian and from every other people I meet during this trip.

The yoga/meditation session, the instructors and the small town environment just purify me completely. Wish I can stay longer!!

Kashmir Rai

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Exhilarating experience! "

I came to the retreat with my mother and we did not know what to expect as this was our first yoga retreat. Upon arrival, we knew we choose the best place. Teona and Basu were extremely welcoming and truly magnificent teachers. The daily brunch was delicious and there was always something different cooked with a variety to choose from. The location of the morning yoga/meditation really allows you to immerse yourself into the practice.

The surrounding village is quiet and everyone we met was very friendly. The close proximity to the beach allowed us to try a new restaurant every day with an incredible view. Lefkada was only a drive away where we tried kayaking and saw some beautiful sea caves. Another short car journey away is Vathiavali beach - my personal favourite, as it had a great atmosphere and was not over crowded. The food and drink in the small bar/cafe were also great.

The time really flies at Ellas Retreat so embrace and learn from every moment.

Emma Mak

from Great Britain, August 2017

The whole experience was beautiful! It was a perfect retreat to disconnect and to just 'be'. Teona was amazing, and her food is a massive bonus. Would highly recommend

Lisa Boddenberg

from United States, August 2017

"Ellas retreat "

Teona was very kind, accommodating and made the experience much better. She answered my questions promptly before I arrived and also made sure that there were plenty of selections for breakfast for my vegan diet.

Marika Ristanovska

from Great Britain, July 2017

Beautiful place and beautiful people

Elizabeth Lewis

from Great Britain, July 2017

"A grddd"

The area is great - the outlook from deck on which we did the meditation/yoga is so beautiful. I loved the accomodation - comfy beds, good quality bed linen, great shower, balcony. I loved the brunches after the yoga sessions, preparing the food together and eating on a big table in the shade. There is a fabulous beach nearby. The area is reasonable its not touristy. At first I found the yoga part of the sessions to slow and not dynamic enough - but that wasn't too important - the meditation was relaxing and holding the poses for several mins was the yoga / asana challenge. I met an interesting bunch of people. Last but not least Teona is a lovely person and very endearing. Thanks Teona for a great week I hope to see you again.

I found BookYogaRetreats website clunky to use and I needed to phone a few times to check on the booking, but each time I spoke to a really charming person who sorted my query immediately.

Kerry Dixon

from Great Britain, July 2017

"Perfect place to reset and reconnect"

The guided sunrise yoga and meditation was excellent. Teona's lyrical, relaxing voice settled the mind.

Post breakfast discussions led by Besu and Teona were so interesting

Relaxed atmosphere

Yoga deck is an amazing place to have the learning.

Monica Ruiz

from Great Britain, July 2017

"Perfect spot to switch off and connect with yourself"

This is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever been in the Mediterranean. Small lovely fishing village with all amenities you need (ATM, restaurants, supermarket and souvenir shop) all at walking distance. A quiet place to enjoy the beautiful and clear waters, the blissful sun and rejuvenating yoga practise. You can always rent a moped / car and explore the area in case you want to see more, but for me it was just what I needed.

Teona and Basu and the team were amazing and I will definitely recommend the retreat - be aware the practise is mainly focused on breathing, meditation and traditional Hatha - which for me was perfect as I have been lately used to do a more dynamic type of yoga, so complemented wonderfully.

Until next time Teona, thanks again for having me xx

Gemma Lindsay

from Israel, July 2017

"Out of this world yoga retreat!"

Deciding to do the yoga retreat in Palairos with Teona was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Everything was brilliant! The accommodation was lovely - comfy bed and big room with ensuite shower/bath. The garden was beautiful and the location was great - only a 5 minute walk down into town where there were all the shops that you could need - supermarket, bakery, pharmacy etc. The restaurants in town were all delightful with delicious Greek food - Anna's was my absolute favourite - cheap and delicious with impeccable service overlooking the sea.

The 'private beach' is about a 15 minute walk away - the nicest beach that iIhave ever been to. The beach in town is also nice - and you can get food and drinks bought to you there from the restaurants.

The yoga retreat itself was great - on a deck overlooking the sea every morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga - I felt myself improving every day especially with the deep breathing and meditation. Doing yoga in the morning sets you up for a great day, especially with the brunch afterwards.

Teona's cooking was wonderful - I had no idea that vegetarian food could taste that amazing! I had a fantastic stay and met some lovely people - I even extended my stay there!

Thank you for everything Teona, I will definitely be back!

Farah Rahman

from Netherlands, June 2017

Teona was a great teacher, guide and cook. She really cares about you and does her best to make it a personal and comfortable experience for all.

I loved the quaint little seaside village with just enough entertainment and warm people.

Most of all i loved the community spirit that grew almost naturally as we did many activities together ; even cooking together.

Overall it was a great experience that encouraged me to grow.

Grace Flavin

from United States, June 2017

"Stop what you're doing and go to this retreat "

I loved everything about this retreat. Teona is a great instructor and leader for the retreat. I loved walking every morning to the yoga deck and being able practice in such a beautiful area! You have the rest of the day to do whatever you like in the village or elsewhere. Many beaches close by and cabs are easy to find. The food is amazing! Teona cooked for us two nights and we went out in the village the other nights. The water is clean to drink, but everywhere offers free bottled water and bread :) I traveled by myself and stayed in the 1 bedroom 1 bath. Everything was clean, fresh, organic and you can feel the love of having an authentic experience in Greece.


from Canada, June 2017

"Retreat full of peace, perfect for relaxing and reflecting"

The little village has pristine rocky beaches and crystal water. Everyone was very friendly, the accommodations are basic but nice and comfortable. It's a great retreat to go to alone. You can make friends or spend time alone if you like. The breakfast was delicious and I'm glad I got a chance to deepen my meditation practice.

Ilze Kiers

from Netherlands, June 2017

"Best place in the world!"

I loved everything about this retreat. The hostel had a great vibe and I loved staying there, also a lot of room! The yogadeck at the sea was a wonderfull place to start the practice in the morning. Teona is a great teacher and lovely person. Would recommend to everybody!!

Iuliia Kryvenok

from Ukraine, June 2017

"The best yoga retreat ever"

Whole days were full of yoga, great meals, understanding, support and love

Else Rosenboom

from United States, July 2018

"yoga with Teona in Paleros"

Het yoga platform uitkijkend over de zee was magnifique!

Teona kan goed yoga les geven.

Tanja Spinger

from Germany, July 2018

"Tief entspannende Yogawoche am Strand "

Die Meditationen und yogastunden am Morgen sind eine tief gehende Erfahrung ! Palairos ist ein total entspanntes Original griechisches Dorf direkt am Meer !!

Jennifer Harder

from Germany, July 2018

"place of silence"

place of silence, near by the sea.

Lovely vegan and vegetarian food. Nice people.

Tanja Weippert

from Germany, June 2018

"Toller Yogaurlaub in zauberhafter Lage!"

Der Ort in dem das Yogaretraid stattfand war wunderhübsch, mit viel griechischen Charm.Die Lage so schön und die Leute liebenswert und freundlich.

Wir waren in einem separatem Apartment mit großer Terasse untergebracht, welches neu und sehr liebevoll eingerichtet war. Das Frühstück war der Hammer- so gutes, für alle ausreichendes regionales veganes und vegetarisches Essen an dem es an nichts fehlte.

Der Yogaunterricht war so aufgebaut, dass es zu erst eine Meditation gab und dann 2 verschiedene Yogarichtungen. Ich konnte mich dadurch super gut wieder auf mich besinnen und habe wieder gelernt den Fokus der Achtsamkeit auf mich und meinem Körper zu legen und kann das gut mit nach Deutschland neben. Vielen vielen Dank dir Tiona.

Meine Freundin hat vorher nie Yoga und Meditation praktiziert und hat einem gelungenen Einstieg gefunden in die Meditation und das Yoga. Sie kann sehr viel mitnehmen für sich und den Alltag. Teona hat durch ihre wunderbare Art uns ihr Wissen zu vermitteln alle inspiriert, egal ob Yogaanfänger oder - fortgeschrittene. Die Atmosphäre dort im Retait war Achtsam und fröhlich gelassen, aber nicht künstlich, alle waren sehr autentisch.

Wir haben uns sehr sehr wohlgefühlt und vermissen es jetzt schon. Gerne würden wir wieder kommen!!!

Tausend Dank an Alle!

Vassia Le Moller

from Greece, June 2018

"Beautiful experience"

Teona is so sweet, the yoga deck with the view, the house and its yogi/artistic spirit, the quality of the brunch, the practice and the amazing people i met made it all perfect.

One love!

Barbara Von Münchhausen

from Luxembourg, May 2018

"Yoga -Hostel in griechischem Örtchen "

Die Yoga-plattform in allerschönster Lage,der tolle meditationsuntericht von Teona,das internationale Publikum,meistens das Frühstück,

die Nähe zum Meer.

Die liebevolle Herzlichkeit und das zugewandte Gastgeber sein von Teona und allen,die da arbeiten


from Switzerland, October 2017

Walk the talk - das trifft für das ganze Team von Ellas Retreat voll und ganz zu. Glaubwürdig und echt. Basu führt die Teilnehmenden klar und strukturiert in die eigenverantwortliche Praxis.

Chloe Synajko

from France, September 2017

The place to do the yoga, the garden to relax together

Nicola Needham

from Great Britain, October 2017

"Yoga practice "

Teachers were truly excellent, knew an awful lot and were very passionate about their practice. Questions were encouraged. The location was okay ; but for me quite noisy as dogs were barking almost continually , l felt it a great distraction . The practice was half in the locations garden , the noisy space; on the beach was a somewhat quieter practice. The food was beyond brilliant ; covered most diets ; raw, vegan, glutton free and so forth ; HUGE thanks to David who happened to be passing through , lucky us !!! Accommodation better than basic , able to make drinks any time , good fridges in the rooms , hot showers , comfortable beds . Felt the yoga was more important than the business side , a good trait to have . Airport easy easy ! Was picked up as arranged.

Aleksandra Sokolova

from Latvia, October 2017

"Kriya yoga course"

I've been in Ella's Retreat in Palairos course and although I didn't really understand what I've signed up to, I'm glad I did. It was the first time I practiced actual yoga, not just acrobatics. We meditated and talked about yoga a lot, which gave a wee glimpse on how drastically daily life can improve if kriya yoga became a daily practice. Love the views from the yoga platform!

Nicola Kew

from Great Britain, September 2017

"Truly Healing"

My perfect retreat, I met the most amazing people and such a warming environment. I've been drawn to shamanism for many years, coming to this retreat has made me realise why. We also had the option for yoga and meditation on the platform which for me was just perfect. Also learning a lot from Teona such a beautiful soul

Anastasia Vainshtein

from Israel, September 2017

"Such a nice and deep experience"

That was my first trip to this magical place. It was so amazing! Our teachers (Basu and Ann) are great people! I could feel their positive energy and unconditional love sharing with us all the time. The program was intensive and after 7 days retreat I could really noticed a lot of changes in my mind and my body. A very special gratitude to Teona, she is a very nice person. Her food is very tasty, she takes care a lot about people are staying there. I'm looking forward to come to Ellas retreat again and spend as much time as I can! Thank you my dear friends, it was a special period in my life!


from Germany, May 2017

"Great experience, absolute beginner as well as advanced levels are we "

Everything about it.

The nature, the environment, the teachers, the schedule, the facilities and last but not least THE FOOD!

Tanya Collins

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Total Bliss"

everything! the teachers were amazing full of information, love and understanding. the course structure was perfect and managed very well. the food was just amazing with vegetarian and vegan and gluten free and dairy free. the location was perfect quiet and serene. accommodation was amazing also. the whole retreat was just the best if ever been on and hope to join again many times in the years to come.

Sabrina Perivier

from France, October 2017

"1st unforgettable yoga retreat!"

L'ambiance générale, les plats végétariens cuisinés avec amour, les organisateurs de cette retraite, Basu, Teona, Antonis, Daphné et les volontaires. Un groupe inoubliable rempli de bienveillance, de compassion et d'amour. Je conseille vivement cette retraite à toute personne qui souhaite éveiller sa conscience et progresser dans son développement spirituel.

Testimonials 5

Georgios Zolotas

Ellas Retreat Facebook page

I have completed two Vipassana retreats with very good results there with the invaluable encouragement and guidance of Martin Pack. Food was very good and nature around the house very beautiful. There you can find the ideal conditions for that kind of deep inner purification in harmony and peace.

Marin Markuze Latvia

Ellas Retreat Facebook page

Amazing place Beautiful people Great super healthy food Wise teachers Life changing practice THANK YOU!!!

a traveler

Antonio's Guest House website

It has been a wonderful and life-changing experience. Everyday the food was a gift of love from the organizers! I would absolutely recommend this retreat! It was a great experience and I wish to everybody to have a similar one, especially in a difficult time of their lives. I would not change anything, for fear that the output would not be equally good.

a traveler

Antonio's Guest House website

Highest quality Vipassana practice and teaching. Health beyond expectations and lots of variation. If you look for a retreat that can open you to yourself this retreat will do it.

a traveler

Antonio's Guest House website

Well organised. beautiful setting, well cared for and very well fed. Too eat this type of healthy food, i would normally be a little skeptical. But i can honestly say that all the hard work that the organisers put in to create this type of was more than worth it. I was recovering from a sickness when i arrived am i am convinced that the food had a major part to play in my recovery. The benefits one gets from these types of retreat are vital for our spiritual growth. I know sometimes it can bring up difficulties but i also know this is what i need to work with. I know this is deep practice where they say no pain no gain. For me the gain was having the difficulties, seeing them and working with them. I think this vipassana practice is a must for all those who want to learn about themselves. I would have stayed longer. The meditation space for me was a little too dark, I think i would have liked this space somewhere else if possible.

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