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Nina Coates

from France, October 2021

"Absolutely Wonderful Experience!"

Absolutely everything was wonderful on this yoga holiday.

The location of the retreat is stunning. The area of Mani is wild and mountainous with rugged unspoilt landscape, with a few tiny villages spotted around. It really felt like being away from the rush of everyday life. The beach is a just a couple of minutes walk away through olive groves; the black sand beach is vast with a dramatic setting between the mountains. There was just a few locals having a swim on an otherwise deserted beach.

I really liked the fact that there were few distractions from bars and shops. It was relaxing to be in a quiet village away from it all. We ate in a traditional Greek family run restaurant just next to the hotel and the food was excellent. Fresh produce, healthy and lots of it!

The hotel is traditional Greek and family run. My room was lovely, spacious and spotless.

I’m a yoga teacher myself so I can be trusted when I say that Bhavani is an excellent teacher. She is a Real Yogi. She is committed to her practice and is keen for you to actually learn about yoga, whilst genuinely experiencing the benefits of the style that she teaches. The meditation aspect of the practice was the most profound part. After each session I felt amazing and Bhavani is to thank for that.

I highly recommend this retreat.

Kavita Ghisiawan

from Canada, October 2021

"Absolutely Amazing Experience "

Wonderful location, the beach is a short walk surrounded with beautiful trees. Most of all the

Yoga and meditation by Bhavani was lovely, her positive energy and care for her guests goes above and beyond. Love the experience and will

Visit again in the future ❤️


from Great Britain, October 2021

"Powerful experience and excellent value "

I loved the balance between the set activities and free time. The accommodation was very good for the price paid and I liked it was family run (along with the cafe next door). Bhavani is an excellent teacher and helped guide my mediations, spoke about philosophy and improved my flexibility through yoga.

Stefan Lekovic

from Great Britain, October 2021

"Peaceful retreat with incredible sea and mountain backdrop"

Early morning yoga sessions will leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed. Bhavani has very calming and joyful presence and manages to balance calming meditations and then introduces active asanas which help you to feel a boost of energy for the rest of the day. The day is very well structured and paced with a yoga session to go with sunrise, and a healthy and tasty breakfast after this. There is plenty of downtime in the afternoon to absorb the morning practise, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, go to the beach, travel to see local sites, or to do whatever you feel like doing. The location is simply excellent for relaxation and surrounded by beautiful olive trees, mountains and fabulous sea views. In the evenings there is often a social feel and Bhavani is keen to organise a great experience for those who wish to take part, with a lovely seaside town nearby with very nice restaurants. There is also joyful atmosphere with nights of guitar music with Bhavani playing both well-known and spiritual songs that I will definitely take with me. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Hana Quinn

from Greece, September 2021

"Shining Presence"

I was amazed to see that meditation can be part of yoga practice to such an extent that it is fully integrated. I'd expected separate meditation sessions from yoga sessions but quickly got used to both being taught at the same time. Never having done any meditation, this was probably the best way to be introduced to it. My ability to practise awareness rapidly grew thanks to Bhavani's inspirational guidance.

The vegetarian food was nicely varied and really tasty but it was also served in a warm environment of the family business - mum and dad with two grownup daughters, all very friendly and each a lovely individual.

The highlights of the week for me were the two special sessions, one doing our practice at dawn on the beach which gave rise to super pictures taken by one of our midst, who generously shared them with all of us, the other an evening with singing on the beach late at night with Bhavani playing the guitar and singing while showing her soft, playful nature and varied talents.

The location of the hotel too was perfect, being so close to a magnificent beach. The hotel itself was very comfortable, each room having all mod cons and offering privacy and super views of the sea.

The three dinners in local restaurants were also a great success, whether they were in the picturesque setting of the nearby village or a more sophisticated environment of the closest town.

Our group of seven or eight blended well, so we all had fun as well as an ideal opportunity to grow. Super

Kristina Hints

from Sweden, June 2021

A combination of yoga/meditation practice and deep talks that connected all of us who came to the retreat. Life-changing experience.

Babette Arends

from Netherlands, June 2021

"Mooie verbindende ervaring"

Bhavani was een zeer open en kundige docente, die iedereen op zijn eigen manier kon laten zijn, groeien en van iedereen in de groep het hart wel een beetje gestolen heeft...

De locatie is rustig, omgeving heeft iets magisch en de hotel eigenaresses doen ook alles voor je. Zeer nette schone kamers.

Golan Mishali

from Israel, October 2021


It was one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. I got to yoga week, I did not know what to expect. The group was diverse and the people were wonderful. The teacher was wonderful she has life wisdom and body wisdom, she taught us meditation and yoga classes and I was surprised that it is really pleasant and important to the body and that it really caught me and I have no doubt that I will continue more yoga ,. The hotel is nice, rooms are simple and very clean. The food was very tasty, very varied and delicious. Thank you to the wonderful teacher and for a wonderful yoga week. golan mishali

Adrian Silenieks

from Netherlands, November 2020

"I learned a lot about my self"

It was a bit different than I expected but definitely an amazing experience. I learned a lot about my self and how I approach life. I learned about my thinking patterns and learned tools how I can slow down my mind. I really enjoyed daily catch up with Teacher Martin. His guidance really helped to navigate through this journey. And without Ravi I wouldn't even made it there. He was so helpful to sort out how to get there and back with all Corona restrictions.

Top experience and recommend to everyone who is ready for Vipassana, but be ready that Vipassana is work and commitment.


from Switzerland, November 2020

"the most heartwarming vacation in a long time"

Bhavani is an absolutely loving and patient Person.

For beginners it was a wonderful entrance into this world.

I couldn't have felt more comfortable. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Malki Shenfeld

from Israel, October 2020

"Outstanding everything ❣️"

Everything, the place, view, food, better than 5 star hotels. The host Adonas is very generous and kind. The workshop-Basu is tolerant and conductor the retreat in a very special and pleasant way. Couldn't ask for better location and meaningful workshop and wonderful people ❤️

Lara Strehlke

from Germany, October 2020

"exactly what I needed"

I hadn't really had any expectations beforehand as this was my first retreat of that kind but it became clear very quickly to me that I was exactly at the right place:

The accomodation was absolutely lovely, I felt welcome right away (thanks to Eli and Antonis!).

The people from the group were big-hearted, open to share and exchange (and we were given the space to share and exchange by Basu!), interested and compassionate. I really made friends there.

Basu was a wonderful guide and he has a great sense of who needs what, of which questions to ask in which moment, of when a good laugh is needed and when to be silent. He opened a door for me and I cannot thank him enough for that. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and humor with us, Basu (and your guitar skills :-))!


from Israel, October 2020

"Sometimes wonderful things are found in an unexpected place "

I happened to be at the end of one group, to the middle of a second group.

Although they were different in nature, it was clear that the place attracted people who were looking for something different ...

The atmosphere, the beautiful beaches and the mentoring of Bhavani ...

all becomes a deep sweet memory

Mascha Völker

from Germany, October 2020

"Everything fantastic "

- the calm location

- delicious food

- Basus knowledge and skills

Liz James

from Ireland, October 2020

"This experience has changed my Life for the best. "

I found everything to be positive this was my first time at a yoga retreat ( even though I wasn't a yoga lover) I have arthritis in both knees and had a fall the week before arriving and came on crutches so felt very disheartened as I thought I would not enjoy the retreat but the moment I arrived bhavani our teacher made me feel so welcome she was warm and friendly and just couldn't do enough for me I felt at home straight away. I loved the classes and used a chair for some sessions she always found a way to help you do the yoga rather than been forceful. I left the retreat a new woman I left my crutches behind as I had no pain and the baggage I've carried for so long is not as heavy anymore thanks to finding myself learning to relax and breath and not be so judgemental this experience is life changing only if you are open to learn and absorb the teachings that are available I guess it's like you put the work in to get the rewards. I also had a 2 hour massage for 50 euro by a man who had hands like velvet his energy and spiritual believes made me feel so relaxed and free from the stresses of this crazy world. Finally I am home in ireland but the friends I have made at this retreat were the best we laughed everyday but most of all the connection with beautiful bhavani our teacher is something I will treasure for ever x

Andrina Stauffer

from Switzerland, October 2020

"All I needed and so much more"

I booked this retreat knowing very little about meditation. Basu provided us with the most amazing insights, instructions and exercises throughout this week. Don't know where else you'll get all this magic. Very grateful for this amazing experience. I had a lovely stay, met beautiful souls and never left the dinner table hungry =)


from Belgium, October 2020

"Wonderful experience"

Wonderful experience. I learned a lot on myself and met amazing people and amazing teacher. The location is just as paradise. Thank you so much Bhavani! The seed is there...;) and we will stay alert.

Ana Relvas

from Portugal, December 2019

"It was a life changing experience."

Martin was a wise and caring instructor and introduced me to this vipassana technique which will be part of my daily practice for sure. It was one of those experiences that I know will change my life.

The room was comfortable and Ravi spoiled us with wonderful food.

Thank you all!

Edward Khoury

from United States, December 2019

"very good first retreat experience"

Had a great experience with Martin and Ravi! Definitely will do the longer retreat again!

Frida Öhrn

from Sweden, December 2019

"Life changing"

This was one of the best things I ever did. I gained much more than I could ever imagined and exactly what I needed. If anyone ever feels like they might need to go, they most definitely should.

Susanna Pereira

from Great Britain, November 2019

"silent meditation experience"

The location is in a dreamy town /village Paleros. From the house you have breathtaking views - ocean and mountain.

Ravi the host makes every effort to make it as cosy and comfortable as possible. He is a talented cook, and he has the fire going at breakfast and again fire going at dinner. No effort is to much.

Martin our teacher went out of his way to support and encourage the students with great respect to everyone's individual abilities. He gains trust by being such a kind and patient teacher and at the same time so unassuming.

I left the retreat just KNOWING it is a goal for me to go back again and again.

Panayiota Christodoulou

from Cyprus, November 2019

"Beautiful experience "

I had no expectations besides one, to enjoy the ride. But what I found was everything I didn’t know I needed and more. I found parts of me I didn’t know I have. I found a house that became home and I found strangers that became friends in a so much different and beautiful level! Ravi, a gentle, kind and beautiful soul has given us his support and amazing delicious food! An amazing host! Thank you Ravi for making me feel like home! And finally, Martin Pack, a teacher who, with his long accumulated wisdom in combination with his right to the point sense of humor, can draw you in, in every word he is saying, captivating! His methods and approach couldn’t work better with me, always there to support me and he really cares! Martin, I can’t thank you enough, I know we just scratched the surface with this amazing tool (philosophy) you gave us, but it’s a tool I’m taking home with me! Looking forward to the next Vipassana retreat!!

Junnon Merigoux

from France, October 2019

"Real contents"

Given by Greek person which was my choice. The retreat was not western appellation of Hatha yoga. For a great surprise, it was a real Hatha yoga of India. Definitely going back.

Andon Bojaxho

from Albania, October 2019

"Positive way of life"

The group was fantastic

Very positive and the experience was great

Personally will strongly suggest this place

Eloise Le Santo

from Great Britain, September 2019

"A chilled retreat with plenty of time to enjoy the beach!"

Beautiful setting, lovely teaching and (perhaps most importantly!) delicious food! :)

Vesna Nikolic Ristanovic

from Serbia, September 2019

"Great retreat at great location, review by Vesna from Serbia"

Morning meditation and yoga at the yoga deck with amazing sea view was so powerful. Palairos itself as well as entire retreat are great place to do different activities or just relax. Bhuvi is great teacher and person, takes care of everything and everyone. I had everything I needed for my stay, and the brunch is deliciouse. Warmest recommandation from the deep of my heart❤️

Caroline Lennartsson

from Sweden, August 2019

The Place, yoga, instructor, food, arrangement, rooms:)

Denys Vincon

from Italy, August 2019

"Beautiful and deep experience"

It was a great and deep experience. The group I was part of was very warm and balanced and it gave a lot of good energy to the practice and the retreat in general. The teachers were all great and very attentive to everybody.

It was the first time of this kind of experience for me. The best part of the retreat was how deep and powerful can be such a practice of yoga - especially the Nidra one I didn’t know before - and meditation in such a small time if you let it act. In few days you will feel the transformation, but I recommend at least 2 weeks. However, even one week could change the way you look at life.

The place is very nice and welcoming and the location, Paleros, is beautiful, authentic and smooth. Moreover you can enjoy some other activities as kayaking and hiking, and also small trips in the surroundings that you can organize autonomously.

It is definitely worth the trip to this retreat in this small village :)

Maria Hashemi

from Great Britain, August 2019

If you want a quiet, restful holiday where you can practice yoga and mindfulness, friendly atmosphere, read, walk, swim, eat good food, hiking, boat trips and generally chill out and visit local beaches near by this is for you. The restaurants are within a short distance of walk and most of them are great - fresh fish off the boat nearly every day.

Teresa Botelho

from Portugal, August 2019

"We had a great time and the retreat was amazing..."

We do recommand this retreat!!!

We had a great time and meet incredible people from all around the globe.

The energy of the place and the learnings are incredible, for sure we will return.

Thanks a lot Bhuvi for all the help on aranging always the best solution for our program...you were very kind and loving.

Thanks Bazu for all the classes and the meditations...We do feel more focus and more present after the week of practice...and the daily pratice will be a must for us.

Our experience was amazing!!!

Jozef Miskolci

from Slovakia, August 2019

"Really an amazing experience. Strong recommendation ;-)"

I loved the whole experience as a package. Palairos is not touristy at all, feels like the time stopped there and the beaches are gorgeous, with pristine turquoise water. I loved my stay in its strengths as well as in its imperfections. The combination of swimming in the sea, yoga, mindfulness meditations, contact dance and the people in the retreat was just amazing. It had a spiritual aspect, physical, as well as very social. Yoga and meditations can be rather individual experiences but the contact dance gave it relational and bonding element. I really appreciated it. I mean, do not expect luxury of a 5-star all-inclusive hotel. However, the accommodation was clean and provided a homey atmosphere. The brunches and dinners were enough to sustain me for the whole day, and they were amazingly delicious. Really! I mean I would prefer if they were entirely vegan not just vegetarian, but most of the time I could choose the vegan dishes and if not, I knew that the food was prepared with great skill and lots of love, so my body didn’t mind it actually. Overall, when I arrived I had my doubts, but towards the end of my stay I literally didn’t wanna leave. Personally, I can only recommend it. Big thanks.

Marcela Nemcova

from Czechia, August 2019

"Charismatic place with open friendly community atmosphere"

Great place to stay with excellent healthy food

Place enabeling easy networking and meeting friends from all over the place

Connection of mindful yoga, meditation and dance on a stage in nature with sea view

Beaches easy to approach

Quiet non touristic place

Slavica Djukic

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Little haven "

The whole place have a positive vibe , with very friendly and helpful yoga teachers

Annie Freres

from Germany, July 2019

The yoga deck is amazing... peaceful and the view stunning. The structure of the morning practice is great to start the day mindfully... the brunch is always so beautiful and absolutely delicious... every day new and creative dishes homemade with love... thank you to Bhuvi, Lara, Chiara and Charlie for a wonderful stay!!

Rachel Clark

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Everything was great "

Beautiful location, at the retreat and also at the deck where we did yoga and the surrounding areas. The food was really delicious. Bhuvi was really kind, helpful and taught me some real insights into mindfulness meditation. The yoga was not a practice I was used to but I really enjoyed it. A really wonderful experience and I would happily do it again

Angela Brucato

from Italy, July 2019

"Beautiful reconnection with yourself"

This yoga retreat was everything that I was looking for.

Simple and calm with a very good practices and teachers.

The food was amazing and I learn a lot to live in the present moment.

Thanks to Buviji and Lara.

Love you all.

Danijela Hrunka

from Great Britain, June 2019

"What a pleasure!!!"

Bhuvi (Bhuvanesvari) and Lara are beautiful souls running the retreat. Food is amazing. Rooms are very comfortable. Very chilled out atmosphere. Yoga deck which is a few minutes walk away is in a beautiful location with views of the sea and the mountains. Plenty of free time to do whatever your heart desires. Kayaking trip was also amazing and highly recommend it!

Also highly recommend habing massages here!

Thank you soo much for the great time!

Elsa Havas

from Greece, June 2019

"Experience that we'll remember for a lifetime!"

The place, beautiful rooms, garden with hammocks, cute village of Palaeros with friendly locals. Staff of the retreat are amazingly helpful with arrival and all things you might have during your stay. I lost my yoga mattress on the way to retreat and I had tight schedule with arrival of the bus but the owners helped me with everything. The place for daily yoga sessions was stunning, view to the sea. The schedule was perfect since you had time together with others but a chance to have time for yourself too. We had amazing deep conversations with the group while having daily brunch together. I couldn't recommend this place more. Please do yourself a favor and go there!

Hayley Read

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Great experience! "

Ellas retreat is located in a beautiful area away from the bustle of the normal tourist spots. I loved the local feel to the area with a small bakery, supermarket and places to eat and enjoy a coffee.

The yoga deck with its view across the sea is spectacular! Bhuvi and Lara are wonderful teachers and really spend time making sure you feel comfortable in your practice and also during your free time as well. I had a great week and met some lovely people as well!

Miroslava Sandmann

from Germany, June 2019

"Na Increadible week"

Yoga retreat was something we wanted to experience for a long time. Practicing yoga while enjoying the sea view and letting sun touch the skin. Refuel the body. Having this all week was an incredible start of the day🧘🏼‍♀️Though, we found this retreat far more than this. We refueled not only the body, but we helped our soul as well. Lara and Buvi shared a lot of powerful experiences which we are ready to implement to the way of thinking. Thank you for that.

The peaceful village, beautiful homestay and amazing sea view empowers the feeling of total relaxation. The brunches were excellent!

And of course there is a lot of fun too! Opportunities to go on the trip and explore the land, as well as meeting a lot of wonderful and interesting souls :)

Gratefull for all of this.

With Love

Mirka and Petra

Carly Bayford

from Great Britain, June 2019

"A wonderful week!"

It was a totally different experience, holiday wise, I loved getting to know people and start the day off with yoga and meditation!

David Jones

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Fantastic yoga by the sea"

First and foremost the yoga and yoga teachers. I visited with my daughter, who was suffering from anxiety. It is fair to say the week was such a positive experience for her that it has changed her outlook on life. The classes are a perfect start to the day and brunch is fab, such amazing tasty vegetarian food that keeps you going until dinner.

The yoga deck looks out over the ocean with a stunning mountain backdrop. It’s incredible value for money and birth myself and my daughter will be back again.


from Belgium, June 2019

"Amazing week at Ellas Retreat! "

Thank you for an amazing holiday in beautiful Paleiros!

The location, food, people, accommodation and yoga/meditation practice were simply wonderful.

Kriya Yoga was completely new to me but I really enjoyed this style of yoga that is very different to my usual, more physical, practice.

Also, I feel that I got the tools from Bhuvi to continue my mediation and mindfulness practice at home.

Priyesh Mistry

from Great Britain, May 2019

"The practical way"

The teaching the environment the food

Aashna Puri

from Great Britain, May 2019

"Incredible experience"

Martin was an incredible vipassana teacher who generously offered one-on-one time to every one and ensured a tailored experience for each one of us. He was patient and took the time to answer all of my questions, which I appreciated greatly. In addition, the food was amazing. It was simple but fresh, prepared with so much kindness and absolutely delicious. I also loved Paleros as a town. While the meditation house can be busy, I found it the perfect place to practice my meditation and acknowledge the variety of things going on around me.

Tom Grant

from Belgium, April 2019

"The most positively life changing week of my life"

Everything. You reading this will do nothing for you to explain how great I feel, 4 days since the retreat, and I suspect for the rest of my life. It can only be experienced on the retreat.


from Netherlands, October 2020


Ravi has a lot of knowledge. He is really kind and helpful. So that helped during my proces.

The food was amazing. Everything was fresh cooked and vegetarian.

A experience I would never forget.


from Netherlands, October 2020

"Hele mooie fijne ervaring "

Super fijne ontspannen yoga lessen. Veel focus op de ademhaling wat heel leerzaam was. Veel van de lessen opgestoken! Bhavani is ontzettend aardig en behulpzaam. Fijne accomedatie en heerlijk eten.

Melanie Kühl

from Germany, October 2020

"Meditation Retreat"

Super Lage in einem wunderschönen kleine Ort. Nur 5 Minuten bis zum Strand. Einfache aber gemütliche Unterkunft mit toller Terrasse für Yoga Einheiten. Sehr nettes Restaurant für die Mahlzeiten (super Frühstück).


from Germany, October 2020

"Entspannende intensive Meditationswoche am Meer "

Die Lage ist perfekt, direkt am schönen Strand mit klarem Wasser. Es gibt viele tolle Strände in der Umgebung, die mit dem Auto nur 20 min entfernt sind.

Das Essen war herrlich. Die Terrasse zur Mediation sehr schön. Man kann sehr gut entspannen. Die Lehrerin und die Leute sind super nett und lieb und persönlich.

Véronique Ruez

from France, October 2020

Une retraite dans un vrai esprit spirituel...Basu est un excellent éveilleur de conscience et sait trouver les mots pour faire évoluer dans le bon sens pour l eveil a l instant présent...je recommande vivement

Ulla Bansch

from Austria, September 2019

"Bester Urlaub seit langem... "

Es war ein durch und durch perfekter Urlaub und eine tolle Erfahrung. Superschöne Unterkunft, herrliches Essen, alles mit viel Liebe gemacht, herzliche, interessante Menschen und eine wirklich sagenhafte Yoga und Meditation-erfahrung mit Bhuvi. Ich bin so froh, sie kennen gelernt zu haben und freue mich schon auf meinen nächsten Aufenthalt. Thanks Bhuvi for being there.

Arianna Bertoia

from Spain, August 2019

"Magical place "

It has been a really beautiful experience for me, so emotional and deep.

The teachers, Basu and Bhuvi, were great and attentive to everybody.

The view at the yoga deck, where you practice every morning, is just amazing!

The meditation and the yoga practice were great, and in a few days you will feel the transformation..

I met incredible people, shared experiences, discovered the beautiful Paleros , still so authentic, and many beaches nearby..

And the brunch was delicious! (grazie Chiara!).

Grateful and blessed for the beautiful experience.

Definitely recommended!

Laura Ly

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Sejours paradisiaque!"

- Vue magnifique depuis la platforme

- Paleros est une ville super mignonne

- Brunch varié delicieux!

- Options d'activités en plus (chants, kayak, danse...)


from Italy, August 2019

"Ich bin sehr froh darüber, diese Erfahrung gemacht zu haben "

Der Ort (nur 25' vom Flughafen Preveza) liegt nahe am Strand in einer kleinen, ruhigen Ortschaft mit netten Lokalen und doch wenig Tourismus, alles also angenehm ruhig. Die Strände und das Meer sind wirklich, wirklich super.

Die Unterkunft ist einfach, aber okay und das Essen war toll. Täglich kamen neue Leute hinzu und andere reisten ab und es waren gerade diese Menschen, die Begegnungen, die neuen Freundschaften, der Austausch, das gemeinsame Erleben und Reflektieren mein riesengroßes Highlight.

Diese Art der Yogapraxis (in der die Meditation und das meditative Erleben im Vordergrund stehen) war erstmals sehr ungewohnt für mich. Mein Tipp: einfach mal machen, offen sein und die Benefits dann ernten, die gibt es nämlich mit Sicherheit.

Ausserdem: Bootstrip organisieren, also Tagesausflug zu kleinen Buchten!

Marika Dostie

from Canada, August 2019

"So much love!"

Ellas Retreat was an amazing experience for me. It allowed me to understand meditation to another extend, to meet incredible people, to experience Greece culture through delicious food, kayak trips, hikes and of course yoga :). I smiled so much that my cheeks hurt and I loved and was loved so much that I ended up getting a matching tattoo with Bhuvi and another friend to have this unconditional love marked on my skin forever. Thank you to Basu, Bhuvi and Lara for making this yoga experience so beautiful. Yam!

Christine Johansson

from Bulgaria, July 2019

"Good Experience... BUT!"

Definitely the Food , the sea, nature.

Myriam Werner

from Switzerland, July 2019

"schade, dass es schon vorbei ist"

Basu hat jeden abgeholt wo er steht, sehr gute Atmosphäre, viele neue liebe Menschen kennengelernt, super food, gut strukturiert und ein wundervoller Platz.

Céline Maes

from Belgium, July 2019

"A wonderfull week of relaxation"

I recommand Ella's retreat. Everything was great. A good combination between mindfullness meditation/yoga and free time to relax and discover the area. Some activities like an evening mindfull walk or kayaking on the sea are proposed with a supplement and I am really happy to did them. I made beautifull meeting with people all over the world and you feel there like at home. Bhuvi is really nice, she do her best to make your journey really beautifull. Thank you for everyting you did for me. For sure, I'll come back !

Esther Peskens

from Netherlands, July 2019

"Highly recommended. Heartwarming and fulfilling experience"

The retreat is a warm and loving space contained safe by the instructors. Everybody can learn about yoga and meditation at it’s own pace and expand consciousness. I took a lot of new tools with me back home. My heart is filled with joy and love. The rooms, location, yoga space are beautiful. Thank you Bhuvi Lara and Vassia for creating this special place.

Susan Seifert

from Germany, June 2019

"Auszeit für Körper und Seele"

Ich bin mehr als dankbar für die Erfahrung. Es war mein erster Retreat und mein erstes tieferes Befassen mit Mediation und Yoga und ich war bei Buchung wirklich nicht sicher, ob diese Art Erholung für mich geeignet ist. Doch ich wurde eines Besseren belehrt und möchte die Tage überhaupt nicht missen.

Die Herzlichkeit der Gastgeber ist beispiellos und begann schon vor meiner Ankunft. Bhuvi kümmerte sich liebevoll um die Organisation meiner Anreise vom Flughafen zur Unterkunft - trotz fortgeschrittener Uhrzeit und Kurzfristigkeit. Die Unterkunft ist einfach und mit viel Liebe zum Detail arrangiert. Ich fühlte mich sofort wohl in der von Blumen, Pflanzen, Kräutern und Farben gesäumten Umgebung. Regelmäßig trafen neue Gäste ein, was dem Gruppengefüge und Zusammenhalt keinen Abbruch tat. Vielmehr bereichern die unterschiedlichen Persönlichkeiten und Lebensläufe die Gruppe immens.

In die Meditations- und Yogakurse wurde ich als Neuling gut eingeführt, alles wurde genau erklärt und jegliche Ängste, etwas falsch machen zu können, wurden mir vom ersten Tag genommen. Ich durfte einfach nur sein, spüren, erleben.

Der Zeitplan ließ zudem noch Platz für eigene Exkursionen, zB einen Ausflug mit dem Seegelboot (Delfine!!! :-) ) Bhuvi und die Crew unterstützen auch hier uneingeschränkt mit Empfehlungen und helfen bei der Organisation.

Liebe Leute, eine definitive Empfehlung! Lasst euch darauf ein.

Lisa Bosch

from Germany, June 2019

"lovely people, peaceful place and perfect journey"

I had a wonderful time in Palairos, learned a lot about myself and met lovely souls.

We practiced Yoga every morning (expect Thursday) and had brunch all togehter after the Yoga class. It felt like I spend some time with my new family of different nationalities and cultures which made this trip extraordinary and very special to me! We all went through different emotions and learned a lot about ourselves. Bhuvi and Lara gave us the support we needed and the possibility to learn more about their approach to life. Also they shared some interesting experiences and offered different ideas for spending the time around Palairos.

The food was outstanding! Thanks a lot to Pedro, who made the brunch every day and to Bhuvi, who cooked two times in the evening. We only paid 5 Euro for each dinner (brunch was included) and it was so delicious!

The rooms were nice (quite simple but there was nothing I missed) and it was great to have some people around you didn't know before. You were always able to spend your time in a group or just be on your own. I already miss the beautiful people I met there, it was a pleasure to meet all of them.

Stay in the present moment and say "yes" to life.

I will come back!

Sylvie Schillaci

from Belgium, June 2019

"Plus beau voyage de ma vie "

Tout m'a plus, que ce soit l'accueil et la gentillesse des hôtes, la nourriture vraiment vraiment délicieuse, la maison et la communauté sont vraiment relaxante et dépaysante. Je suis partie pour la première fois seule et j'ai adoré. Les cours de yoga le matin devant une vue magnifique. Les gens du village sont vraiment sympas et gentils. Je le conseille à tous. De plus on ne se sent jamais seule grâce à la bienveillance des hôtes. Et la Grèce est magnifique de tous les côtés. Un énorme merci, je reviendrai. Sylvie BELGIQUE


from Germany, June 2019

"Wunderschöne und inspirierende Auszeit"

Wunderschöner Ort in der Natur, direkt in den Bergen und absolut ruhig, sehr angenehme und familiäre Atmosphäre - einfach zum Wohlfühlen, tolles Yoga- und Meditationsprogramm mit viel Inspiration und auch (theoretischen, gedanklichen, philosophischen, spirituellen) Hintergründen zur Praxis, sehr leckeres, gesundes und mit Liebe zubereitetes Essen, sehr tolle Lehrer. Einfach rundum eine sehr schöne Erfahrung und Zeit.

Eva Griffioen

from United States, November 2018

"Great experience that cannot be put into words!"

I enjoyed the (guided and non-guided) meditation, the teaching and the yoga very much! I've kept on using the mediation methods at a daily basis. The food was really good and the people preparing it were all very kind. Also the lady cleaning the rooms was really sweet. The view from the yoga deck was really spectacular and I also loved the walk from the retreat center to the beach for an afternoon swim. I've had a great time at Ellas Retreat!

Christine Roggors

from Germany, November 2018

"1 Woche Yoga und Meditation "

Meiner Freundin und Mir gefiel alles sehr gut!

Kurz vor dem Hinflug bekamen wir Info über ein Upgrade. D.h. wir hatten anstatt eines gebuchten DZ dann ein luxuriöses Appartment mit 2 separaten Schlafzimmern, Küche, Wohnzimmer, Terasse mit Blick auf Berge, Olivenbäume und Meer. Nur ca.5 min zu Fuß vom Yoga Haus entfernt. Total idyllisch.

Morgens hatten wir immer eine halbe Stunde Mindfulness Meditation,

danach superleckeres, gesundes, vegetarisches Frühstück (im Preis inklusive) , und nach einer Verdauungspause folgten gute 2h Yoga (meist auf dem Deck mit herrlicher Aussicht auf das Meer). Den restlichen halben Tag genossen wir bei gutem Wetter meist am Strand. Für einen Tagesausflug mieteten wir uns ein Auto im Dorf und fuhren auf die Insel Lefkada für einen Stadtbummel in der City Lefkada und verschiedene hübsche Strände dort.

Im Yoga Haus fand zeitgleich ein Retreat statt. Spontan durfte ich in ein paar teachings von Basu reinschnuppern.

Wir fühlten uns sehr wohl und gut aufgenommen von der Gruppe.

Das Essen in den Restaurants in Paleros ist sehr empfehlenswert und preiswert. Nette und zuvorkommende Leute.

Wir fühlten uns nach dieser Woche gestärkt und vollgetankt mit neuer Energie. Ich versuche, die Übungen/Meditationen seither so gut es geht in meinen Alltag zu integrieren.

Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Urlaub!

Andrea und Christine