Here you can experience the traditions and feelings of "Ayurveda" the science of life & "Yoga" the science of body on the banks of river Periyar facing.

Yoga Retreats (9)

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11 Days Refreshing Yoga Holiday in Kerala, India

Available in August, September & October
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3 Days 3-Hours Daily Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in India

Available in August, September & October
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Instructors (1)

A.J. Solaman

Reviews (10)

Olivia Todd

from New Zealand, April 2018

"Peace and Quiet "

Swimming in the river, trying new Kerala food, drinking fresh juice, great yoga sessions, and day trips to explore Kerala; this place was near perfect.

Mary Shannon Teague

from United States, December 2018

"I want to go back right away! I love Elephant Pass!"

I loved the people. So funny, so kind, so considerate. Very welcoming and warm hearted! The yoga was incredible. Mr Solomon is true Yogi who has studied many many years and can be as gentle or as intermediate- as you like it. He is an incredibly good teacher. The food was perfect! Not too spicy so you can enjoy everyday and never get sick! The Ayurvedic doctor was genius. Best treatments I’ve ever had. Please come here and support my new family in India!!! I love them!!

Karen Bjoern

from Denmark, March 2018

"A fantastic place with fantastic prople"

The good was so nice

The staff seemed to anticipate your witches and needs ever before you were aware of it yourself and tried to fulfill all your needs in the most perfect manner

Julie Isabelle Liliane Houdement

from Taiwan, August 2017

"Three days that passed as a glimpse"

Such a great place to disconnect, meeting genuine people, being taken care of and making the most of every single moment! 3 days went actually as a glimpse and I would really recommend your place around! Thanks for arranging such a nice stay from pick up all the way to drop off!

Jana Wieskötter

from India, May 2017

"Great people, great location"

Amazing location in nature, next to river where you can bath.

The people (Vineesh, Bobby, Jiju make the difference here). Thanks for being there all the time and doing all the best to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

Food is simple, but great, vegan and biological.

Yoga with Solaman was amazing!

Ayuveda Treatments nice.


from United Arab Emirates,

Elephants Pass Ayurdeva and Yoga Retreat was exactly what I needed. I booked this retreat as a getaway from work, stress and to relax and have some quality alone time. What I got was much more than that. The location of Elephant Pass was perfect, with a breathtaking view just out of my room's door. I had breakfast at my terrace every morning, just to take in the view and it couldn't have been any better. The Yoga sessions were refreshing and rejuvenating, a much needed work out. The Ayurvedic massage treatment was a bliss. People who work there will not only make you feel welcome but will make you feel like family. Each and every one of the amazing team of Elephant Pass will go the extra mile to ensure that you are fully satisfied and happy. Although I wasn't a big fan of Indian food before, but their vegetarian curries were scrumptious!! I definitely recommend this retreat for anyone who needs a break from life and needs to destress, and I myself would definitely come back again next year.

Catherine Bradley

I wish I could get a refund. I tried to make the best out of a bad situation but then on the morning I was leaving I was given a bill for the 2000 R for the transfer from and to the airport. I showed the manager the site where it states "Arrival by airplane. Please book your flight to arrive at Cochin International Airport (COK). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Elephant Pass Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat will pick you up from the airport. He said that is not from them, Elephant Pass. It was no good trying to discuss this matter with them. This place is not a yoga retreat, it is a place that can provide yoga to clients. As well it is not luxurious as the advert states. Maybe by Indian standards it is. All linen and towels were stained, old, mismatched, etc. There were a lot of outlets that were uncovered, holes in the wall. There was nothing Ayurvedic about the meals, whatever that is supposed to mean. It was vegetarian, often very oily. I tasted it. Although I asked for Juicing Detox only and they said they could provide it. They couldn't. As I said it is not a retreat, there were very few clients there and the ones that were there were just regular clients. If I am on a retreat I do not want to see other people eating crisps and junk food. I went to another retreat in Turkey and although I didn't expect it to be of that standard, I expected at least a retreat. To be honest I could go on about all the things that were wrong with this place. I had a week off for my vacation and I am so disappointed. Over 1000 US dollars wasted. The staff were nice and tried their best.