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Elemental Yoga Therapy

The Elemental Yoga Therapy has been facilitating yoga teacher training and yoga therapy training programs, retreats, workshops, and private classes and courses since 2010.

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Jai C. Salt

Jai C. Salt is an international yoga therapy teacher and a qualified and registered natural therapist with 15 years of experience using the five element medicines such as elemental yoga. He has students worldwide who are creating reliable results with this form of yoga therapy and has been practicing yoga, Qigong, and meditation for 20 years.

Testimonials 5

Karli Kuruz

Elemental Yoga Therapy website

Each yoga class was a gift, a beautiful energy experience that helped me to integrate and release old habits and patterns that were holding me back. These yoga classes have completely revolutionized my ideas of what yoga is and the profound effect it can have on people. After finishing this course, I feel the most complete and satisfied that I have felt in years. Before this course, I was turning into a bit of a ‘course addict’, always seeking a teacher outside of myself to help me to better understand myself, understand the way of the world, and how to help others. This training showed me the way back to the teacher within myself and the ever-present, always supportive, and unconditionally loving teacher within Nature. I am leaving the course with the wisdom of simplicity and a deep understanding of myself on every level. Jai has a wealth of knowledge and genuine experience in Holistic Medicine and Yoga Therapy, which he makes available through simple and powerful techniques. Jai is someone who really lives what he is teaching and it is such an inspiration to see what this living philosophy really looks like when put into practice over the course of one’s lifetime. He keeps the course light and playful while also creating a sacred and safe place for deeply transformational processes.

Emilie Maynor

Elemental Yoga Therapy website

‘Don’t be confused between advanced yoga and deep yoga’ – Jai said during the first lecture. Then he spent the next month giving us that experience over and over. The yoga allowed me to explore depths which other yoga practices did not reveal. I felt completely alive and in my body for the first time. Every aspect of this course exceeded my expectations. I’ve practiced yoga for 10 years and taught for 7 years, but no program or training has given me such simple, but profound tools to connect with myself. Jai has created a holistic educational journey so deep, to the point that you often don’t realize how much you’re learning. I feel like I have the tools to keep myself on track and that I gained a new trust for my future. Jai has a remarkable gift and ability to create and hold space. The ebbs and flows of this course felt intentional and meaningful down to each moment. The attention he gave to each individual to make sure we all had a chance to experience our own energetic depths was admirable. He showed up fully present each day and held space for us to feel what it means to be conscious and subtle.


Elemental Yoga Therapy website

I have been turned inside out, wrung out and transformed to the physical, emotional and spiritual woman I was meant to be. Each Elemental Yoga Class awakened my senses and energetic body to give me a deep appreciation of the elements. I had no idea when I signed up for the course how life changing it would be. I am excited to share my new appreciation for nature, the elements, the energetic and subtle body, to those I meet and hopefully illuminate their lives to their highest potential.

Nicole Gibbard

Elemental Yoga Therapy website

To be able to totally surrender to a yoga experience of pure energy movement through a truly multidimensional medicinal philosophy, gave me with absolute faith and confidence in nature’s wisdom. This is the teaching within Elemental Yoga. To feel the physical body move effortlessly from an energetic source rising from a deeper connection than only my breathe and my discipline is a life-changing practice. It allowed the full force of nature to heal the deepest issues of mind and body. This was the second time I’ve done this training and after 20 years of yoga experiences I realize that this time I have not only been able to see this training through new and wiser eyes, but also enforce my absolute faith and confidence in nature’s ability to remain present and giving to those wishing to receive.

Erika Sloss

Elemental Yoga Therapy website

I feel confident in the potency of this yoga therapy to transform my physical and emotional obstacles. I also feel confident that I will be able to take what I’ve learned and help many different people with the kinds of health imbalances that are becoming common in our world. Jai’s yoga classes are powerful experiences which build emotionally intelligent yoga sequences which direct healing energy to where the healing is needed. By really connecting to the cycles of our body and environment, it has awakened my innate healing wisdom within me. Going through each element, different imbalances came to the surface and I was able to deal with this through the yoga practices, instead of needing help from others. I was able to heal from the inside out, which is wonderful gift and a powerful form of natural therapy.