Elanda Villa is a wellness center that offers yoga teacher trainings, various courses (Pilates, yoga, dance, and meditation), massages, and happiness coaching.

Testimonials (2)

Persephone Fitzpatrick

Elanda Villa Facebook page

I am very grateful to have discovered Elanda Villa and only wish I had come across it sooner - I would like to say now, thank-you. Having recently moved to Monaco, attending classes has made me feel mentally and physically stronger. I also have tried the boxing and aerial yoga classes which is a first for me! And I can only put my bravery down to the fact that the studio is a welcoming, open and calming place to be.

A beautiful studio, location and excellent teaching. Go and feel good.

Thank-you to Marion and Elanda Villa!

Johanna Rossi

Elanda Villa Facebook page

Thank you Marion for creating such a haven of peace... Beautifully created and designed Elanda is one of a kind and the perfect place for anyone needing a place to feel centered and grounded to practice their yoga & meditation.

Huge congratulations to Marion and her family for all their hard work, it certainly paid off. Go check out Elanda for yourself!...