El Zopilote Permaculture Farm at Ometepe Island offers a sustainable experience of travelling that respects the nature and honours it.

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Cassandra Assis

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Eric Quade

from Nicaragua, March 2020

"Yoga with Cassandra "

The yoga retreat was exactly what I was looking for. Yoga is offered twice daily at el Zopilote and the private lesson was once a day Cassandra was a great instructor and set me up with a daily routine specific for my body needs. I really enjoyed working with her. She was very patient with me and helped me with proper body alignment. The setting is beautiful on the island of ometepe. A nice breeze everyday

Food was great. Entire staff was helpful. Highly recommend the yoga with Cassandra!! She’s awesome to work with

Lyle Robinson

from Canada, March 2018

"Awesome program"

Cassandra knows what she’s doing...she comes extremely prepared and very quickly homed in on where my strengths and weaknesses are, and has developed a program to address them. And she’s highly professional, and relentless in her pursuit of form and feedback, and extremely persistent and disciplined.

Cassandra Sanderson

from Canada, January 2018

"4 day Yoga Intensive"

I loved every aspect of it. I especially liked the one on one classes where I could ask any questions at any given time about if I am doing a pose correctly and Cassandra was constantly adjusting as well. The massage was amazing the highlight of my trip and the guided meditation was terrific as well. I also particularly liked how she created our routine based off what we normally practice. So she incorporated poses we don't normally do in our classes to balance that. We also received a paper copy of our routine including visuals and names of the poses and how to do the correctly. She also made us a necklace from a coconut shell with a person in downward facing dog which really was special to me. The whole experience was amazing, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a shorter, inexpensive yoga intensive.

Magda James

from Nicaragua, October 2017

"Imaginative, personalised yoga in spectacular surroundings"

I went to Zopilote for what I thought was four days of yoga, what I got was much much more. I met new friends that taught me so much, I lived in an environment that was so thoughtful and special, completely respectful and in tune with nature, I explored truths about myself I didn't know existed, I ate incredible fresh food and slept better than I have in months. I came worn out and left vibrant.

Tess Bregman

from Panama, April 2018

"Great way to start Hatha yoga for beginners"

I really enjoyed my 4 yoga sessions with Cassandra. We met the first day to discuss the plan for the week. I could choose when I wanted to do the sessions. It was 1 on 1 so therefore you get a lot of attention and feedback from the teacher. Cassandra is very calm and pleasant to be with. She helped me correct my posture during the poses which will help me to do it myself. The massage on the 2nd day was amazing! We ended with practicing my own routine that she customized for me to do at home.

The permaculture farm at Zopilote was nicely located, it's all in the nature and the platform was pleasant between the trees. Definitely recommend this retreat!

Bente Hout

from Costa Rica, March 2018

"Kind teacher who has learned me a lot in only 4 days!"

I really enjoyed staying at El Zopilote, it was a very cool place to be, with a nice atmosphere. I loved the yoga sessions I did with Cassandra, she was very kind and patient and in only 4 days she learned me a lot. As I'm relatively new to yoga it was wonderful to meet her and have her introduce me to yoga.