Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat offers yoga classes, yoga weekends, yoga vacations, yoga retreats, and yoga teacher trainings in Thailand during the whole year.

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Rhampoey <Lek> Yimyaem

Helen Purperhart

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from Vietnam, April 2019

"Best Yoga Retreat for the Soul"

The family atmosphere as thought even one on their on path was accepted.


from Netherlands, February 2019

"rise & shine !"

Stayed for 6 days. Highlight of my trip through thailand. Yoga is taught with the heart in this place. No matter what level you are you feel welcome and the lessons bring you in a supportive way to the next level. Food is awesome like you are in a very good restaurant. Nature is overwhelming and the vibe among the guests very nice and friendly. The outdoor activities are well organized and of great variety. I for sure like to recommend this place, regards, Joris

Mette Birk

from Denmark, January 2019

"A hidden gem"

I thought I came for the yoga but it turned out that there was so much more to Ecologic than this. It was a week I will never forget.

Katherine Humphreys

from Thailand, December 2018

"An amazing yoga retreat for all"

Eco Logic is a wonderful place. Ingrid and her staff put care into every aspect of my stay. The space and landscape are absolutely beautiful, a great setting to relax and unwind. I particular enjoyed eating dinner with everyone in the evenings and playing card games chatting with new friends. My yoga teacher was Ariel for the week and he was fantastic, he took care to meet the levels and needs of each yogi. All of the staff members were so sweet and helpful and enjoyed practicing my Thai with me :) I had a lovely stay here and recommend it for all!

Petra Peters

from Thailand, August 2018

"Hidden Paradise supporting a good cause"

The Eco-Logic retreat offers a wonderful experience of yoga & activities in beautiful natural surroundings, including waterfall hikes and visit to relaxing hot springs. The centre is self-sustainable growing organic produce and runs a school for local special needs children. They also provide a Saturday school for local children where visitors are welcome to teach or share a skill. I taught English for a couple of hours to a group of keen and very well behaved children. All profits from Eco-Logic support the School so as well as having a relaxing yog holiday in an idyllic setting, I was also supporting an excellent cause. What could be better karma?

Emma Jorda Stanford

from United States, July 2018

"Life-changing experience at Eco-Logic"

Eco-Logic really lives up to the expectations of what a retreat should offer: respectful and peaceful environment, time to rest (no Wi-fi in the rooms helps a lot) and put life into perspective, falling asleep with the sounds of the river and nature etc. The staff I spent time with there, were ALL inspiring human beings; the children, the local teachers and staff. Learning about the incredible TCD Foundation and visiting the school personally brought me hope and happiness to my heart too. A memory I will not easily forget was joining the children in making soap and farming work on Friday. Finally, eating and cooking a wide variety of fresh Thai food every day definitely added to the whole experience. Kob kun ka for this week! Emma Jorda Stanford

Alec Santha

from United States, June 2018

The hospitality of people and nice locations

Jennifer Lee

from United States, May 2018

"Beautiful getaway, beautiful view, beautiful mission"

So much to love at Ecologic. The living space is nice and they have options for different budgets/preferences. The food was all so delicious and so fresh. They serve 3 meals a day but you’re able to order other items outside of those meals if you wish since they have a restaurant. A lot of the food came from their land and was super fresh and vegan/vegetarian friendly! The staff was so wonderful from the time I got there all the way through, there was nothing but love and respect. 2 yoga sessions a day with time to do other activities led by the retreat or to just chillax. Another amazing part of the retreat is that the profits go to supporting the TCDF school for people with special needs and you can also help/volunteer at the school which makes this such a fulfilling getaway! Definitely worth the value. Thanks so much to everyone at Ecologic for making my first yoga retreat an amazing experience I’ll never forget. I would definitely come back.

Sabrina Difoullous

from Australia, May 2018

Everything was just amazing , I felt really relax and surrounded by my family from the staff crew to the people which was at the retreat also.

Sonja Flynn

from United States, April 2018

"Incredible Ecologic "

Everything was incredible! I wanted yoga in nature with culture and I got it all! Sopit “Ton” was so knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating.. a great guide as was “bar Ton” very sweet knowledgeable gentlemen. Koy has amazing energy and makes you feel comfortable and welcome at greeting. Rainy was an awesome instructor with really great energy and an infectious smile! The location is perfect with beautiful 360 views, magnificent creatures and the food, I couldn’t be happier with the vegan options, to drool for! And if that’s not enough the cause you support is beautiful!

I’ll be back!

Paul Schroder

from United States, February 2018

Staff and other travelers were fantastic. Helping the kids though staying there felt good.

Ann Wypych

from Thailand, April 2019

"Yoga und Kultur ♡"

Jeden Tag gab es 2 Yoga Stunden mit Meditation. Sehr einsteigerfreundlich und entspannend.

Alle Mitarbeiter sind super nett, freundlich und hilfsbereit. Fast alle sind Locals, sodassman gut mit ihnen in Kontakt kommen kann und die Kultur kennen lernt.

Das Essen ist jeden Tag super lecker und die Drinks ebenso.

Das Dorm Zimmer indem ich schlief, ist sehr einfach gehalten. Genau so wie das Bad. Da man aber nur zum Schlafen drinnen ist, ist das in Ordnung.

Es wurden viele Aktivitäten und Trips angeboten. Jeden den ich mitgemacht habe, hat sich absolut gelohnt. Meistens war selbst da eine Yoga Stunde, wie zum Beispiel an einem Wasserfall oder auf einem Viewpoint.

Jedes Geld mit denen sie Profit machen, geht in die Thai Child Organisation, weshalb man sich gerne das ein oder andere mehr gönnt. Wenn nicht gerade Ferien sind, kann man in die Schule gehen und sehen was die Kinder davon haben.

Stéphanie Fourain

from France, July 2018

"Une impression d arnaque"

Le site, sauvage et écologique.

Les lieux de vie.

La qualité des repas .

La qualité du massage.

La gentillesse de la responsable et de l équipe des cuisines.

La qualité du bungalow

Topaz Glazer

from Thailand, May 2019

"Heaven on earth "

My week at Ecologic and the Thai Child Support Foundation was nothing short of amazing. Everything about this place is thoughtful, inspiring and nourishing. The organic food comes mostly directly from the farm and is amazing and always beautifully presented. From the moment you walk in the staff and founders at ecologic treats you like family - Tom, Ingrid, Bea and the rest rest of staff are brilliant and are always there to cater to anything you need. The accommodations are simple and elegant more than met my expectations. The grounds are beautifully kept and the jungle/ river as your backdrop to yoga or breakfast is the best. Practicing yoga twice a day with bea has been lovely - the tours, massages and other activities organized are all brilliant. You could tell I’m every interaction that there is so much love and thoughtfulness poured into this place. Visiting and volunteering at the farm and school had been the best and most inspiring part of my week - highly highly recommend this place for anyone and everyone.

Jonathan Stuart

from Great Britain, March 2019

"Lokra, Samasta, Sukinho, Bavanttu"

The lush Thai green surroundings, littered only by the sound of the trickling river. Quaint, unintrusive and comfortable lodgings. Sustainably sourcred produce for social meal times. Kind, Courtiess and warm staff who offer daily smiles and help instill peaceful mindset.

Asuka Julia Riedl

from Myanmar [Burma], March 2019

"Beautiful place with an amazing concept!"

The surrounding is just beautiful! The food is unbelievably delicious, all the ingredients come from their gardens or the nearby village.All organic, no chemicals.

Their educational program for underprivileged kids is well developed and every penny you pay goes for the program!!

I had an amazing time there with the lovely and friendly staff. I absolutely have nothing to complain about and couldn't recommend it enough!

Melania Bzowska

from Poland, January 2019

"Little paradise"

This place is unique, do not hestitate to come as you will fall in love with it from the first moment:). Staff, food, yoga, facilities, massage - all was just perfect! Experience went beyond my expectations and hopefully I will be back one day!


from Australia, December 2018

Fabulous staff

Noelle Auger

from Thailand, October 2018

"Welcoming, flexible and friendly"

Lek was excellent. She made sure to check my comfort zone so the yoga classes were not too difficult or too easy. She also gave an excellent Thai massage- the best I've had since moving to Thailand.

Angel r

from Philippines, August 2018

"I wanted to go back even before I left! "

The place is very relaxing. While it is quite a remote place, it's very easy to reach. Plus the staff were very helpful with directions/travel options prior to visiting the place. The onsite staff were so friendly, accommodating and helpful (P' A, P' Ton, and P' Puy).This is a good place to really get off your phone and disconnect with the city life and online world. You can have good conversations with the other guests, just relax or do meditation by the river. You never ran out of anything to do! You can read, play the guitar of you know how, make mandalas, play board or card games with other guests, practice your yoga poses and so much more!

It was such a shame we didn't get to meet and teach the kids that Saturday cause it was a holiday and the rain was almost nonstop. I will definitely visit again to do this. :) Alternatively, they showed us around the area, the farm and recycling house. I showed myself around the clay houses as it was near my room

The yoga was really good! Khru Rainy is a great teacher. She gives excellent instructions in English and corrects your poses when needed. She also helps you with poses that you want to work on. Too bad I went during the rainy season so we didn't get to do the yoga class by the river.

The best part of this retreat was the food! It was superb! I always looked forward to the next meal. Also, you can get additional orders for reasonable prices. I bought a jar of peanut butter and pineapple jam, soooooo goooood! :))

Olivia Andrews

from South Korea, July 2018

"Beautiful and relaxing "

The staff was exceptionally kind. They made sure we were comfortable and entertained even in the rainy season. The yoga was relaxing yet challenging.

Tereza Stefkova

from Czechia, July 2018

"Great retreat in Thai mountains"

It was a great experience, better than you could even imagine! I really love the yoga lessons, promises are really cute and pleasant, food was delicious, all staff very very friendly and ready to help you with everything. I spent there absolutely amazing time, which is almost impossible to discribe by words. Thank you for opening my heart! I hope to come back one day.

Flávia Fersil

from Thailand, July 2018

"Chill weekend at Eco-Logic"

The nature is beautiful, the food is fresh and delicious and the staff is very friendly, they spend a lot of time with guests and make sure we're ok, it made me feel like I was being welcomed in their home. The other participants I met were also very nice, the idea of "eat and greet" makes it for a great atmosphere. Time flew by really fast. The best part is that it is all to support their project with the children, Thai Child Development. I got to spent time with them on Saturday during an hour of their English class, which was adorable, and followed the special needs children on their activities on Friday. It was priceless to see the smile on their faces as they accomplished their tasks, caring for the garden, taking care of the animals etc. I also left with some delicious peanut butter and recipes! Overall a good weekend and I'm happy to have participated, thank you for having me!

Joanne Bell

from Australia, June 2018

"Yoga retreat "

What an amazing experience. The hosts, the yoga, the location the food and the great support for the local children & families was just fabulous. Can't wait to visit again.

Marie Watson

from United States, May 2018

I had the most amazing 6 days in this little piece of paradise. From the staff to the surroundings, the food, the vibe, our amazing yoga teacher, the chats with Ingrid "one of the founders", meeting the kids the list goes on. I would like to say a massive thank you to all for making my stay one i will treasure. Keep up your amazing work and good luck with your future projects.xxxx

Would highly recommend it.

Samira Kenward

from Bangladesh, May 2018

"Mini yoga"

From the hospitality to food to the sessions ..we found it extremely organised and of exceptional quality.

Katie Lavallee

from Thailand, May 2018

The opportunity to contribute to the Thai Child Development Foundation was the most rewarding aspect of my stay. It accomplished karma yoga to my souls delight as the children were a pleasure to teach. Helping & witnessing them tend to the land in the resorts farm was enriching and inspiring.

Kornel Kromy

from Laos, April 2018

"Wonderful place"

We spent there 5 nights and really enjoyed it. Ingrid and her staff was very hospitable( Especially Ton from the reception) and helpful! The hotel itself is very charming and a good example of the sustainable living, the food is really tasty(I didnt really like the dinners because I couldnt stop eating:P and it was a bit too late for me{7pm} long story short, absolutely recommended!!

Nick Bansal

from United States, April 2018

"Pure bliss and tranquility "

It’s hard to summarise my experience in a few words, but I’ll try my best....

Location - the location is in the middle of the jungle, far away from the tourism that engulfs Thailand, if you’re after a pure Thailand experience completely different from the norm then choose this place! It’s also easy to get to from ranong

Staff - the most friendly, attentive and welcoming people you’ll probably meet in Thailand...

Food - all organically grown from local produce. You will receive food 3 times a day and I haven’t eaten so well in a very long time! The food is delicious, delectable, delightful

Yoga - hard work but very rewarding with a great teacher!

Experience - this place is the most beautiful place I have visited. The concept is amazing! All proceeds helping a local disabled school and villages... it was truly an amazing sight and one I am thankful to have witnessed!

Thank you very much ecologic for the memories and experience you have given me... I hope everyone who goes there comes away with the same effect! As I’m sure you will!

Thank you guys! And all the best for the future!

Jenna Gurvis

from United States, April 2018

"Not really a yoga retreat"


- The food was home-cooked and most of it grown from the garden right outside. It was incredible. We ordered coconut smoothies one day and the chef went to the tree, chopped down the coconut, and made the smoothies (they were amazing). We got a tour of the gardens and saw where the grow the mushrooms, bananas, etc.

- Most of the staff was really friendly and accommodating.

-It was really pretty and relaxing. On Saturday afternoon we walked to the river and went swimming (it was a 45 minute walk though and no one offered to drive or pick us up haha)

- super inexpensive

- they support a great cause

Niamh Kenny

from Thailand, April 2018

"Amazing time at Ecologic."

I had an amazing time at Ecologic, I did the 6 day mini-yoga retreat and stayed four extra days, I really didn't want to leave. The place itself is just beautiful, I stayed in a bungalow (Bungalow 3) which was beautiful, quiet, clean and had a very comfortable bed. There was no aircon, but I didn't actually need it, in fact I didn't even need the fan most nights, The food was delicious, and it was nice having shared meals as it meant I got to know the other guests, who were a wonderful group of people. Yoga was fantastic, especially the early morning class. What made it really special though was the wonderful staff who go out of their way to help the guests, they really couldn't have been nicer, and also the fact that the money from the resort goes to their school for children with special needs in the local area. Ingrid, one of the co-founders gave us a tour of the resort and school to explain all the amazing work they are doing. Overall a wonderful stay, I feel really lucky to have found it and I hope to return one day.


from Thailand, March 2018

"100% recommendation if you love Thai culture, yoga + nature"

the atmosphere was amazing! really nice people and very good food! the yoga was also amazing, especially the stretchung in the morning! I would 100% recommend it to everyone :) (++ all the profits go to a good cause!)


from United States, March 2018

"A slice of paradise"

We stayed for eight nights so really got to know the place and the people. As many have noted, the food is wonderful - fresh, varied and delicious. The area is remote but so beautiful and peaceful it is worth every minute to get there. Everyone of the staff are so warm and friendly. We did yoga twice a day every day and loved every class. Rainy is such a creative, talented and loving teacher. We got to volunteer our time in both the gardens and with the children - both fantastic experiences. The bungalow we were in was simple but perfect and a nice walk from the main area so we felt like we had a private oasis. We had many chats with Ingrid and her passion for the cause surrounding Eco Logic is unfailing. There is such a true love in this place for what they do and provide, that is contagious. You walk away from here a changed person. It is truly a stay we will never forget. Can not wait to return.

Mireya Avila

from Vietnam, February 2018

"Unexpected bliss"

EcoLogic has an amazing set up as a social enterprise and sustainable business I was so happy to find it during my time in Thailand. The mini yoga retreat was perfect and the staff was super accommodating , I had amazing meals, was able to work on my practice, and made some unexpected friends along the way.

Laura Baldwin

from Great Britain, February 2018

"Everyone must stay here"

I have had the most perfect week. Nothing is too much trouble. The location, activities, food, staff and most importantly the yoga was amazing. If you are looking for an escape and would like to be involved in a worth while cause then do not hesitate to stay here. The work that eco_logic do for the local community is inspiring. Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner is a vegan friendly buffet and absolutely amazing.


from Thailand, February 2018

"Incredible "

This place is amazing and everything it stands for. Just by visiting you are helping a phenomenal cause.

Sarah Hogan

from Thailand, February 2018

"Yoga experience "

I was made to feel instantly welcome as soon as I arrived. It was great to see and find out more about the project.

I have never tried yoga before and as a complete beginner I was given progressive moves that I can work on after my stay. I will definitely continue with yoga now.

And not to forget the best part of it all, I was in the most beautiful surrroundings.

The list is endless of all the positives. But the above were my favourite of all. I would definitely suggest everyone staying here and trying something different.

Andrea Rusnakova

from United States, February 2018

"Quiet paradise full of nice people "

I loved our yoga classes, food, but also management and all the people around this retreat... this is more then retreat: it is charity, special school, eco garden, slow food... great coffee and beer upon request... this is such a nice surprise! Everyone who attended swear to come back at certain point. I was lucky to meet nice people in this retreat.

Meetali Gupta

from India, February 2018

The peace, the tranquility and the ideology....its perfect!!

Joao Olavo Figueiredo Quelhas

from Australia, January 2018

"Perfect place to relax and practice yoga"

The whole idea of the place is amazing. The auto-sustainable concept is fascinating. There is a lot of contact with nature and local people. The staff were so friendly and helpful! They are the reason for this place to be so great!

Sonia Lopes

from Thailand, January 2018

"Heart and Soul."

Ingrid is a wonderful host. A gorgeous view from the restaurant sharing deliciously prepared garden fresh meals with old and new friends. The special needs school supported by Eco-logic is full of heart and soul. Ingrid and her partner provide a deeply satisfying and safe place for these very special children.

Matias Waisgold

from Thailand, January 2018

"Great experience"

Doing yoga in the middle of the jungle

Knowing the founders and discuss with her about the amazing project they are running there

The excursion to the temple was very nice!

Franziska Ott

from Germany, March 2019

"This place is everything"

This was the best week in my whole Thailand stay. No better place for yoga and relaxing than this place far off all the touristic places. The view from the restaurant over the rainforest and the selfgrown food is simply amazing. But the best thing was actually the atmosphere. I felt like in a little family the minute I got there! Also all the money of the retreat goes into the farm and the thai children foundation.

Anne-laure Jeannez

from France, February 2019

"Super semaine! Que du bonheur <3"

Super semaine à Ecologic Resort : apprentissage et aide dans les jardins le matin (aquaponie, recyclage, compost, jardinage, etc) + des activités exceptionnelles (thai Boxe, cascade, visite de temple, bains d eau chaude naturelle...) + un logement d exception en pleine nature et une nourriture bio juste exquise ! Je recommande à 200%


from Germany, February 2019

"Nice experience in the jungle "

The resort provided a unique experience. Everything was handmade and minimalistic but still pretty. Fresh cooked meals every day with lots of veggies and local staff. I felt very relaxed after my short retreat.

Nomi Pegel

from Vietnam, January 2019

"Heerlijke week gehad"

We hebben een geweldige week gehad bij eco-Logic! Geweldige staf en eigenaren! Prachtige bungalows op een serene plek

Gerlinde Koch

from Germany, December 2018

"Entspannung pur!"

Die 8 Tage bei Eco logic waren Entspannung pur. Nicht nur die Yoga-Stunden zweimal an Tag, sondern der Ort, mitten im grünen Dschungel Thailands, tragen dazu bei.

Die Mithilfe im Garten und in der Schule ist freiwillig, aber auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen, um mehr über die Pflanzen und die Kultur Thailands kennenzulernen. Außerdem sieht man auch direkt, wo das unglaublich leckere Essen zum großen Teil herkommt, das man täglich dreimal genießen darf.

Es gibt viele Ausflüge, die man während seiner Zeit dort machen kann (Hot Springs, Wasserfall, Strandtag), falls man etwas Abwechslung möchte.

Ein großer Bonus ist, dass die Besitzer mit den Einnahmen eine von ihnen gegründete Schule finanzieren, für Kinder mit Einschränkungen, die sonst nicht beschult werden würden.

Arno Van Der Hijden

from Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba, November 2018

"Little peace of heaven"

De ontvangst, het eten, de accommodatie, al de mensen die er werken, de gastvrijheid, de rust, de eenvoud, de yogalessen, de kookcursus, dat alles heeft me besloten om IPV 8 dagen 2 maanden te blijven in deze parel van het zuiden in Thailand. Lots of love

Martin Schachenhofer

from Thailand, November 2018


it was absolutly perfect...

Klaus Leutsch

from United States, September 2018

"Wundervolles und inspirierendes Erlebnis"

Das ganze Projekt ist umwerfend und Ingrid ist eine unglaublich beeindruckende Frau. Hier kann man von gelebtem Karma-Yoga sprechen und die Yoga-Kurse sind dabei nur zweitrangig. Wer Yoga als Sport sieht und ein Artistik-Retreat sucht ist hier sicher am falschen Ort. Wer ein authentisches Thailand im Dschungel kennen lernen will, dabei etwas gutes tun möchte und was wirklich besonderes jenseits vom Mainstream sucht ist hier richtig. Ich zumindest war überwältigt.

Anne Peters

from Netherlands, August 2018

"Geweldige ervaring"

- Heerlijk en puur eten

- Afwisselende yoga lessen

- Enthousiast, vriendelijk en behulpzame medewerkers

- Veel contant met lokale bewoners

- Rustgevende omgeving

- Gezellig met de anderen gasten


from Austria, August 2018

"Hidden paradise in the jungle"

Staying at ecologic is really a marvelous experience, the scenery is more beautiful than the photos could express, the food is absolutely amazing (especially if you are a vegetarian), the people working there are really nice and helpful, and the fact that this retreat supports a foundation and a school, which are funded by you just staying and spending money there is one of the things that I'm missing in most parts of the world. Ingrid and her partner really are making a difference for children in need of education, I hope that they continue on this path, and look forward to staying there again when I come back to Thailand!

Richard Coindre

from France, August 2018

Gente y lugar

Laura Van Loon

from Netherlands, May 2018

"Eco-logic, best experience ever! "

De mensen die werken bij eco-Logic maken dat het een geweldige plek is om te verblijven.

Nina Daxberger

from Vietnam, May 2018

The organic homegrown food was very delicious. The staff is very friendly. The kids in the school are gorgeous and also the Yoga classes were good and professional. We could also do Partner Yoga and Chakra Yoga. I would highly recommend the retreat to everyone. It‘s affordable and you support the Thai Child Development Foundation.

Bernd Mross

from Germany, January 2018

Familiaere Atmosphaere und Unterhaltungsangebote in der Anlage!

Thijs Bosgoed

from Thailand, December 2017

"Absolute must do!!"

Sleeping in the middle of nature with great jungle sounds all around this place is a must visit for a short break. With their support to the local community and giving them a much better future they do a more than fantastic job. Just by your stay you’ll support this project. The people are great, the food delicious and the location fantastic. It was far beyond my expectations when I booked and based my opinion on Just some pictures.