Eco Detox

Eco Detox offers juice detox retreats at a beautiful country house set among Cava vineyards, forty minutes outside of Barcelona.

Instructors 6

Juli Borras

Juli is the founder and director of Vegetarian Cooking School. He is a Gestalt therapist which graduated from Barcelona Institut Gestalt. He is in training program for SAT with Claudio Naranjo.

Diego Arnold

Diego is the founder of Vitarian Attitude (conscious veganism). He is also the director of Go2ld (breathing techniques for companies), the facilitator of Sungazing (pranic meditation), and a professor of yoga Nidra.

Joseba Apesteguia

Joseba is a post-graduate of Naturopathy. He has certification in dietetics and human nutrition. He is a professor and coordinator areas natural therapies at the University of Cadiz. Besides, he is also a professor of nutrition and diet therapy in Gremi d'Herbolaris de Catalunya. He is a professor of nutrition and health at the Escola de Restauració I Hostalatge Barcelona. Lastly, he is a co-director of Vegetarian Cooking School in Barcelona.

Carolina Harboe

Carolina is a food technologist. She has a master degree in dietetics and nutrition and holistic and emotional Kinesiology. She is also a holistic nutritional therapist.

Caro Falcone

Caro is a Kundalini and Hatha yoga teacher. She is also a voice and yoga specialist.

Deborah Davies

Deborah is a Hatha yoga teacher. She is also a theatre workshop facilitator.

Reviews 24

Kari-ann Whitbread

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Lovely location and great retreat team"

Loved the yoga sessions with Debbie who is really a very special yoga teacher. The yoga is quite gentle but when detoxing, this is perfect and Debbie knew just how to tailor the classes to suit everyones ability and energy levels.

The biodanza was new to me and despite my scepticism I really enjoyed it. Go with an open mind and heart and you will get the most out of this retreat.

Sharon Lalljee

from France, October 2017

"Inspiring experience, fabulous team and beautiful location!"

I took part in a 4 day detox with Eco Detox in a gorgeous location west of Girona. The team (Diego, Debbie and Julie) were so welcoming and inspiring. They made everyone feel part of an extended family (and most of us didn't know anyone there). An added bonus for us was the inclusion of the 5 rhythm dance program (run by the lovely Irena). The sunrise and sunset meditations were magical. The yoga was fabulous - made even more special by being able to do it outside in beautiful sunshine. I've done a number of detox programs before, and these guys met (and often exceeded) all my expectations. Most people I was there with had never done one before, and they were given plenty of support and information. My only regret was that I was unable to stay for the full program. I'd really recommend Eco Detox and the team to anyone considering a retreat like this. :-)


from Hong Kong, July 2017

"juicing and laughter in our own spanish castle"

Everything. At first it might seem a little hippy-fied or rustic, but go with it - what you get in return is a great mind, body and spiritual detox, surrounded by great people. The people on this retreat (18 in total) where from all walks of life, of all ages, mostly Spanish but with hearts of gold. I came away with great friends and so much love. And I cant even count the number of heart-felt hugs I got off people I had known for a few days. The activities included: yoga, mediation, dance, singing, mantras, child's play, walks, sun-gazing and you could drop in and out of what you wanted. Most of it was translated into English and I rarely felt I had missed out. The biggest thing I got from this was laughter - I have never laughed so much in ages - from the activities, to chats around the juice - people were truly lovely, genuine and you felt you could be yourself without judgement

Lucy Cheyney

from Spain, June 2017

"A stunning escape."

The location was beautiful, so perfect for this type of retreat. The workshops and classes were wonderful and the schedule well organised. Lovely and friendly staff. I was made to feel at home immediately. I came home feeling refreshed, happy and alive. Thank you very much :-)

Sandra Llorens

from Sweden, July 2018

"Buena experiencia "

La relajación y La Paz

Milly Van Praag-lopez

from Netherlands, September 2017


This was my second detox abroad and I loved it! The location was so picturesque, so peaceful, just what I was looking for. I had a very comfortable room, the juices were delicious and the activities were varied as well as of a high standard. You were totally free to create your own program which is what I did! Last but not least, and actually most of all a few words about the organisers, Diego, Debbie and Juli you are just the BEST! Such care, such devotion, so much love! I felt I spent a week with very close and dear friends which is what you all became! See you again!

Rocio Sanz Pastor

from Spain, June 2017

"Masía muy bonita y compañeras muy agradables pero insuficientes talleres"

La comida y las compañeras

Testimonials 5

Tatiana Romania

Eco detox website

"The retreat with Eco Detox has completely exceeded my expectations. I have had a very spiritual experience, really beautiful, much more than I could have imagined. Here I have connected with myself, and it has helped me to get back my self-esteem. I found a lot of inner peace. I am already planning when I can come back!"

Roser Sales Spain

Eco detox website

This my second retreat with Eco Detox, and I will come back again! It is always an experience that surprises me - always an enjoyable one to share with others and I have felt very well accompanied throughout the process. I thoroughly recommend this retreat to everyone!!

Maria Lujan Spain

Eco detox website

"I couldn't have asked for more, the team, the care, the dancing, the freedom...I leave feeling great and full of peace and health"

David Carnicero

Eco detox website

It has completely surpassed my expectations, it has been simply great. It's an amazing journey full of new experiences, all of which are very powerful and profound. I have particularly enjoyed the connection to nature and the relationship with the group has been very special, it carries you to your essence, to your inner being. This is an incredible environment and I recommend everyone to come and live this experience!

Elisabet Italy

Eco detox website

This retreat is a gift we should all give ourselves once a year... the fasting process in a group has been fantastic. I have discovered that there are wonderful people in this world and that nature heals!"

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