Eastover Estate and Retreat

Lenox, Massachusetts, United States

Eastover is a sanctuary and holistic healing center. Through mindfulness practices like Qigong, Taichi, and yoga, they provide a unique healing space for post trauma growth and renewed happiness.

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  • Jill P. U.S.A.

    Yelp website

    My husband and I just attended a lovely weekend workshop at Eastover. The grounds were stunning, the accommodations were super comfortable (to the point of luxury!) and the exemplary Eastover staff graciously sought to serve all of our needs. The workshop which focused on the healing modalities of Eastern Medicine included many excellent classes including Sheng Zhen gong classes taught by Master Li. Needless to say we are returning home refreshed and with open hearts!! Thanks Eastover!!

  • a traveler from United States

    Eastover Estate and Retreat website

    It’s with my deepest gratitude that I accept all your generous and abundant offerings. That will be of enormous assistance as I can appreciate your talented staff and their high standards of art quality. The flyer you sent me is absolutely gorgeous. I give you full permission to promote me as part of that event. Thank you for your unconditional love and support! I’m so privilege to have the incredible opportunity of opening doors to endless possibilities. I’m so looking forward to our journey together that has already started! Sending you all my love.

  • Andrew United States

    Eastover Estate and Retreat website

    Greetings. Hope you are well and prospering. Thank you again for your kindness in hosting our retreat. We had a marvelous time and people truly enjoyed as well. The response was positively overwhelming. Let's talk more about doing a two day retreat of this same kind in the future.

  • a traveler from United States

    Eastover Estate and Retreat website

    Here is some feedback from the retreat: awesome, excellent food, and the staff was so polite and courteous. The tour was wonderful and the food was terrific - amazing, delicious and big portions, well served, and abundant in all respects. Loved everything about the place especially the vibe.

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