The EarthSea Yoga is the balance between the two to find the zero points thereby connecting mind, body, and spirit through movement in harmony with the breath.

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11 Days 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Samui, Thailand

September | October | November | January, 2019–2020
    from US$2,000
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    16 Days 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Koh Samui, Thailand

    September | October | November | January, 2019–2020
      from US$2,200
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      Suriani Sam

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      Mo Wing Kit

      from Hong Kong, July 2019

      "Perfect yoga experience "

      Suriani is so nice and teaches with patience. I learnt so much from her, not only yoga postures or teaching skills but also her attitude.

      Carly Norris

      from Great Britain, April 2019

      "200 hour yoga teacher training in Koh Samui "

      For me this trip was all about the teacher training and it was excellent. It’s very efficient and great value for money. You learn an amazing sequence which has influences from bikram and ashtanga and for me this is so helpful to have a package to roll out when you get back and the confidence to amend the routine as and when you need to.

      Yani is an amazing teacher she will go above and beyond to ensure you’re well supported. She gave her evening up to help me with my practical assessment after training us all for 11 hours already that day. She got a work man in to put up a mosquito net in my room when I got a couple of bites. Nothing is too much trouble.

      The standard of the training is excellent. You’re taken on such a journey the people on my course were awesome and we all became great friends and we’re super supportive of each other. I would highly recommend it and I know the students over here in the U.K. are going to love the Earth Sea Yoga method. Yani is affiliated with the Yoga Alliance so your certificate will have YA on it. There are 4 books to pre read and some coursework to do after but this is by far the most time and cost effective course I’ve seen especially in comparison to others I’ve seen here in the U.K.

      Inin Wu

      from Hong Kong, April 2019

      "The best yoga teacher training!"

      Thanks Yani, our teacher, gave us this wonderful experience.

      Before I applied this program, I messaged Yani so a couple of questions and her response was really nice. I could already feel that she wanted everyone enjoyed the program with her maximum effort. I mentioned I had to arrive a bit late for the first day. So she said she could have some modification of the schedule so as to suit my need.

      All along the training, Yani cared about all of us well. The training was intensive. I was tired everyday. But I could still be so energetic in the every next time starting with morning meditation at the beach. Yani managed to train us to be a teacher so well. Everyone could hold a class at the end of the training! We were so proud of ourselves!

      Apart from the training, we did have a lot of fun in the rest of the time!. We went to the Fisherman Market, had Yin yoga at the beach with the sunset, enjoyed the SongKran festival, went to the waterfall for photo clinic. All of those amazing memories!

      The food is really good! So balanced and healthy.

      Un Pang

      from Hong Kong, February 2019

      "The best choice I've make. Thanks for the amazing YTT."

      Start from the day I sent the enquiry Suriani showed her passion throughout the whole journey and make us feel like spoiled. Green garden is like home. I love Suriani's "go with the flow" style yet she structure the course very well. Everything is just fit. The course is intensive (11 days with no rest day) but Suriani managed to balance the teaching, theory, posture clinic, satsang and we even have some extra activities to make the trip much fun. Food is the best, super thanks to Roland and his family. We could practise teaching everyday bit by bit to gain our confidence. Love the arrangement. Lots of inspiration from Suriani, thank you so much, it's much more than a 200 hr certificate.

      Ara Fernezian

      from United Arab Emirates, February 2019

      "A true community filled with Passion and Dedication"

      The entire experience from the first day till the end was fabulous whether the morning meditation, to the yantra to daily yoga and teacher training . It’s a real community feeling with commitment and fun.

      Suriani’s commitment and dedication is one of a kind , with all the passion and love she gives to her student is the real value and the community she is creating you always feel home.

      The food prepared daily by Roland and Yana are so tasty and balanced to fit the program.

      It’s worth our money and time.

      Thank you from the heart for the whole EarthSea Yoga team

      Natalie Harper

      from New Zealand, February 2019


      Yani is an amazing instructor and was such a gracious and kind host to show me around Koh Samui. I loved our Satsung discussions and learning about yoga philosophy and I feel this experience has left a lasting impression on me. I feel i am a safe and competent instructor and my personal development was immense. I didn't want to leave.

      Marion Christensen

      from United States, January 2019

      "Beachside teaching getaway "

      Loved the interesting and international group of people this ytt collected. The focus was on gaining confidence in teaching by learning a fixed sequence, eventually learning how to teach a 90 minute class. The food was amazing, the discussions were fun and interesting, the class size was intimate. L

      Chinyere Knight

      from United States, December 2018

      "Pampered training experience"

      The small training group facilitated an intimate learning community where each person was able to develop at their own pace with one-on-one direct instruction and teaching. Extra curricular activities included Thai cooking classes by NaNa (an excellent host and cook), visiting local cultural and natural attractions (i.e. Fishermen Village, Hin Lat waterfalls and Wat Phra Yai Big Budda). Transportation to and from the airport along with transfer to all events were included. I felt like I was with family the entire time. Suriani is very attentive to her students. The curriculum is balanced and challenging. I am grateful to have participated in EarthSea yoga teacher's training program!

      Paisley Oshea

      from United States, August 2018

      "EarthSea Yoga Teacher Training Dream"

      This was such a life changing experience!! Not only have I expanded my practice, but I have grown as a person as well. Suriani and her team go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and supported. You will not regret this family style training in the slightest! I would do it a million times over if I could

      Sandra Herrmann

      from Germany, December 2018

      "Don‘t just consider it - do it!"

      Doing the teacher training at EarthSea Yoga with Suriani is an experience that I don‘t want to miss anymore. Before I booked it and even after that before I met her, I was insecure if I had made the right decision, not being into Yoga for very long, just knowing how much it had given and shaped me and wanting to pass that along by being able to teach others. This insecurity melted away each and every day a little more, until it was completely gone. The way Suriani meets her students, how she welcomes them into her life and her studio, and how she accompanies them along their way, is very special and makes you feel not only a student, but a friend and family. So if you want to become a Yoga teacher or are even only considering it - don‘t hesitate. Do it! ☺️