Durga Yoga

Los Angeles, United States

Durga Yoga offers yoga and philosophy workshops in Ireland.

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  • Carlos Pomeda United States

    Durga Yoga website

    Dearbhla is one of those rare teachers who combines great dedication to her practice with a sharp intellect and an uncanny ability to present traditional wisdom in strikingly modern ways. While she is definitely serious about her practice and her teaching, she also brings a light touch to her communication abilities. I highly recommend her workshops.

  • Terri Schuster United States

    Durga Yoga website

    Your class, your time, your presence, your adjustments, and your very being helped to begin to reopen me to my center, my roots, and offer me some realignment that I have been struggling with for months. After feeling very constricted in my neck, hips, and very being, I am today for the first time feeling in and of my body and much more straightened than I have for a while.

  • Fred Meyer United States

    Durga Yoga website

    Dearbhla brings a high level of intention and energy to the class, is very attentive to the students learning needs, and provides detailed hands-on corrections, which are invaluable.

  • Marci Tousey United States

    Durga Yoga website

    Dearbhla's classes are the perfect balance of intensity and gentleness, strength and release, fun and work.

  • Meg Galarza United States

    Durga Yoga website

    We thank you for showing us the beauty of forest yoga and reminding us of the importance of reverence to the core.

  • Alison Clare Steingold United States

    Durga Yoga website

    I want to thank you for being so supportive and nurturing, and for making me feel safe, so I can soften into my practice and into myself. I was able to make tremendous breakthroughs today, get to blockages that have been previously numbed out that I would not have accessed had I not been coming to your classes. What a gift.

  • Gina Farias-Eisner from USA

    Durga Yoga website

    I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed practicing yoga with you. You are a tremendous teacher and person. Your inner joy and passion for life is contagious through your teaching. I know you will continue to touch the lives of those around you through yoga and your other endeavors.

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