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7 Days Detox and Yoga Retreat in Ecuador

  • Casa Kiliku, Rumihuaico Alto, Lote 169, Segunda Acequia, 170184 Tumbaco, Pichincha, Ecuador

Yoga Retreat Ecuador

Join a unique detox and yoga retreat in the Andes of Ecuador and recharge your body and mind! Through the work with yoga, meditation, mindful nutrition, pranayama, art, and shamanism, you will experience a program in which you will flow through a process of emotional and physical detoxification. You will leave with a feeling of deep healing and transformation by purifying your being and unifying with the universal spirit.


  • Daily yoga practice
  • Ancient shamanic ceremony
  • Meditation and pranayama sessions
  • Expressive arts and massage workshops
  • Free time to join trips to hot springs, mountains, and waterfalls
  • Vegan and raw food workshop
  • Daily healing organic meals
  • 6 nights’ accommodation
  • 6 days with instruction
  • English
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Casa Kiliku is an ecological place created by artists. The houses are built by materials from the nearby volcano, with bricks or adobe and wood. Every space is unique. You can stay on the big terrace and chat with others, or just lie in the hammock and read or meditate on treetops dancing in the wind.

It is pure luxury to offer a retreat place in a rural environment at the edge of the ecological reserve Ilaló and so close to the center of Quito. The venue is made with ecological local materials and a sustainable way of living is promoted.

The main focus of the retreat is in mindful nutrition and detox with yoga and pranayama techniques to complete the process of cleansing.

The yoga techniques you will focus on are Tantra yoga and Kundalini yoga, which are specifically helpful in cleansing processes thanks to relaxation and meditation in movement. In Tantra yoga, practitioners learn the feeling of flowing into the asanas without struggle, developing a deep form of a deep yoga meditation. This technique is completed by the practice of bandhas, pranayama, mantra chanting, sitting meditation, and Kundalini yoga kriyas. Through the Tantra teachings, students also learn about the energetic exchange between Shiva and Shakti, the two polarities, and how to integrate sexual energy into their yoga exploration.

Tantra yoga

Tantra yoga is a holistic cosmovision which contains not only the exercises of asanas or pranayama; arts, medicine, and astrology also form part of the tantric way of life. In Durga’s Tiger School of Tantra Yoga Shamanism, different approaches are taught to work on the physical part, while also offering a vision of a tantric lifestyle.

Work with asanas, bandhas, pranayama, mudras, and mantras in traditional Tantra yoga is based on the teachings of Bhagavan Shanmuka Anantha Natha.

Tantra yoga asanas are derived from the Vedas, the most ancient metaphysical writings available to man. These asanas are designed for adepts to balance their intrinsic energy system (prana) and to root themselves in infinite consciousness. Sincere practice leads adept students to release deep-seated tension and fears, and to express their true selfhood from a place of love and freedom. Ultimately, adepts experience a shift in identity and learn to view themselves and the other as a divine being. While this yoga naturally increases strength, flexibility, precision, and health, this is not the primary focus.

Kaula Tantra yoga is rooted in Uttara Shaivism, or Kashmiri Shaivism, one of six Siva traditions. Students approach the asanas from a place of relaxation, care, and love for themselves.

This yoga series is hence practiced in a slow and flowing manner to build patience and awareness. Each asana is held gently for a period of time to allow students to relax into the posture. This way, individuals find their own unique way of expressing the asanas without the pressure of competing or ‘performing perfectly’.

Tantra yoga facilitators approach students as whole human beings and discourage ‘isolating’ or forcing muscles. Their priority is to hold a space of acceptance and love, with only minimal guidance where necessary. Over time, students learn to meditate in the postures to connect with the Divine. This yoga specifically cultures the diaphragms and thus balances every area of life, including sexuality.

Please note that classes do not involve nudity or sexual contact. In the advanced stages, deeper pranayama practice, nandhas, and mantra practices are incorporated to culture Kundalini energy. The advanced levels are taught at Shri Kali Ashram in southern India.

Kundalini yoga

The science of Kundalini yoga is a holistic system of body and energy work. The combination of dynamic exercises, breathing, and relaxation techniques have been proven for centuries and are adapted for today’s age of information and communication. The method of Kundalini yoga is based on the experiences and findings of the yoginis and saints of the past.

Their direct insight into the mystery of life allows them to recognize that everything created is of complete perfection and holds the capability to enable persons to fully unfold their potential on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to experience thorough inner happiness.

Knowledge about the functions, structure, and self-expression of the natural life force and its manifestations is based on experience that was passed on to a small, elite, and privileged group of yoginis over generations - a golden chain of teachings that were only transmitted by the spoken word.

In 1968, this tradition changed when yogi Bhajan started to teach the method of Kundalini yoga for the first time outside India, in the Western Hemisphere. Since then, it is possible for anyone to practice this body energy work and realize their full potential for growth, improved health, harmony, and happiness through formal study.

Kundalini yoga applies asana (body positions), bandha (body locks), mudra (hand gestures), pranyama (focused breathing), mantra (sound), and meditation in the context of special krijas (transformation vehicles) in a synergetic and dynamic way. As a result of this process, a powerful, natural, and organic impulse unfolds in the practitioner that ideally balances their life force. This experience provides a deep sense of self-awareness, unity, and an appreciation for the gift of life.

Retreat guests will have the opportunity to participate in the following activities as a compliment of their retreat.

Termazcal, “The Purification Lodge”

In this ancient shamanic ceremony, reconnect with nature, spiri,t and your centered self. It helps you leave a lot of old weight behind you and open the door with your other yogis to new experiences.

Expressive arts of the being workshops

Through dance, voice work, body expression, clowning, and theatre techniques, students will explore themselves and experience the liberation of emotions which is part of the Tantra philosophy.


Each student will receive a Limpia (energy cleansing), a cleansing ritual made with local medicinal plants by a native healer woman from the Ilaló mountain.

Massage workshops

%During these workshops, you will learn about Ayurvedic foot massage (related with the Tantra yoga practice), reflexology, or a basic Ayurvedic medicinal Abhyanga massage.

Partner yoga

A gentle way to deepen the Tantra yoga asanas. Working with a partner helps you get in contact with the other person using all senses and feeling supported in the practice. It helps develop trust in the other person and work opening your heart.

Daily sample schedule

  • Morning meditation, movement, and yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Morning session of theory and practical learning (hands-on kitchen workshop, learn recipes)
  • Pranayama
  • Lunch and afternoon break
  • Afternoon session of theory, practical learning, and workshops
  • Yoga practice
  • Dinner
  • Mantra chanting, dancing, and special arts events (once or twice per week)

The detox and yoga retreat will take place in Casa Kiliku, in the Ecuador’s Andes, close to the capital city of Quito and on the edge of a natural reserve. You will be located near the village of Tumbaco, surrounded by high trees and mountains. The Kiliku is a little hawk living here on the volcano, the Ilaló. For the locals, it is the symbol of freedom; as it is seeing reality from high above, it means that this place helps yoginis distance themselves from their everyday life to fly into the experience of living in a yoga ashram, enjoying the green garden, and relish in the flowers and old trees.

Nearby places

  • Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO) - 45 minutes' drive
  • Quito - 25 minutes’ drive
  • Tumbaco, 3 kilometers
  • Hiking trail nearby
  • Massage
  • Shopping nearby
  • Temazcal
  • Bar nearby
  • Caf nearby
  • Dining area
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Hammock
  • Kitchen
  • Multilingual staff
  • Terrace
  • Yoga studio
  • ATM/banking nearby
  • Car rental nearby
  • Currency exchange
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Local market
  • Shop nearby
  • Tour assistance

Discover a new way of eating with an alkaline and anti-inflammatory nutrition, learn to apply detoxification practices, learn hands-on how to make delicious vegan and raw food tasty dishes, and discover a new way to relate with food and your own body. You will explore the power of self-healing with local products, plenty of vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants. Discover the art of healing through food!

  • Day trips to hot springs, mountains, and waterfalls or to the Otavalo market
  • Work with a shaman and medicinal plants of the jungle or the Andes
  • Yoga exploration laboratories, during which students discover other yoga techniques

The retreat includes one massage workshop. Other optional treatment are available:

  • Marmas massage
  • Personalized Qigong practices
  • Reflexology
  • Relaxing massage
  • Tantric counseling about love, couple, and sexuality
  • Zen shiatsu treatments
  • 6 nights’ comfortable accommodation
  • Arts and massage workshops
  • Cooking workshop
  • Daily healthy vegetarian meals
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Pranayama classes
  • Shamanic ceremony
  • Tantra and Kundalini yoga practice
  • Day trips
  • Work with a shaman and medicinal plants
  • Yoga exploration laboratories

Arrival by airplane

Please book your to arrive at Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO).

Driving directions from Quito

  • Enter in Tumbaco through the Interoceánica, you will see Santa María supermarket on your right and you just follow straight on for about one kilometer more
  • Turn right in the Guayaquil Street on the opposite site of “Gasolinera Primax” (gas station) by the traffics lights
  • Drive towards the “Colegio Pachamama”, crossing a bridge over “Ruta Viva” Highway, until you get to a big football field in Rumihuaico area (Comuna Leopoldo Chávez)
  • Go straight up to the hill, after 100 meters the street makes a Y split; keep right (the opposite direction from Pachamama) up hill on the new paved road
  • Follow it for 1.5 kilometers approximately and on the right side there is a blue house; Casa Kiliku is directly behind it. Look for the little sign that says “Casa Kiliku lote 169”

Driving directions from Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO)

  • Arriving from the airport through the Interoceanica, once you enter in Tumbaco, you will find the Primax gas station on the right
  • Take the Guayaquil Street on the left; in this case, as there is not possibility to turn left you have to turn right in Guayaquil street and make a U so you can cross the Interoceanica and enter in the correct side of the street
  • Drive towards the “Colegio Pachamama”, crossing a bridge over “Ruta Viva” Highway, until you get to a big football field in Rumihuaico area (Comuna Leopoldo Chávez)
  • Go straight up to the hill, after 100 meters the street makes a Y split; keep right (the opposite direction from Pachamama) up hill on the new paved road.
  • Follow it for 1.5 kilometers approximately and on the right side there is a blue house; Casa Kiliku is directly behind it. Look for the little sign that says “Casa Kiliku lote 169”
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Verified reviews

  • N
    Review by Nicole Breedlove from United States

    Loved all this

    CONS Cons: 💙

    PROS Pros: The property the people pure magic

    2017-Jun-02 12:54:16

  • A
    Review by Anonymous

    Intens, amazing and heartopening journey

    CONS Cons: The kundalini yoga wasn't my type of cake, but taught me to take care of my own boundaries and in that sense gave me good lessons.

    PROS Pros: This was such an amazing experience. The course was beautiful, deep, heartwarming, opening and so much more. A journey through the body and mind. The blends with shamanism exceeded my expectations. The work with the local Tati and Ruben were so beautiful. How they supported our journey, took us to different places and showed us so much. Nico and Magdalena's classes were very well set up, thought through and opened me up. Pushed me to improve and discovered myself, express and experience. So wonderful. The yoga and partner yoga was very opening aswell. I loved it. I love the course, I would recommend it to anyone willing to go deep within themselves and take the bold journey of discovery through the mind and body. -Alex

    2017-May-17 02:51:43

  • R
    Review by Rory Mathias from United States

    2017-May-02 17:27:55

  • Review by Flor Khan from United States

    "I have searched far and wide for a yoga community that surpassed the commercialized fitness regime many yoga studios have become to normalize worldwide. I was happy to find that Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga was well organized and promoted health, fitness, and creativity for individual growth. The program was beautifully put together, incorporating detox, Kundalini yoga, meditation, and art workshops for students to connect with their most inner selves, both inside and out. The teachers took very special care of each student and fostered a real sense of community and love. I highly recommend Durga's Tiger School for students who are looking to dive deep into meditation and connect with their body and spirit. Without a doubt, this program will leave you feeling born anew." website, edited

  • Review by Angelina Peluso from United States

    "Durga's Tiger School was very welcoming and a peaceful retreat with great food, friendly staff, and meaningful workshops. The location was hard to find even for some locals, but they have a friend who drives a taxi for them and you can arrange it when you need. I highly recommend this place for your trip! " website, edited

  • Review by Kevin A. Whelan from Ecuador

    "I had the pleasure of staying at this wonderful school in a fabulous location overlooking Quito for four days. While there, I met a great crew of people who were studying for their teaching credentials. Although I am much older than most of them, they welcomed me with open hearts and friendship. I was so happy about this because sometimes when you travel alone to a new place it can be a bit difficult meeting new people. The staff here are lovely people, so warm, happy, and willing to help out with any requests. I enjoyed morning yoga activities and there were many things to do, which of course, you have the option to participate in or not. The daily meals were delicious. I am not a vegetarian but could easily become one after enjoying the food served here at mealtimes. My accommodation was very comfortable and I slept well and peacefully every night. I would highly recommend this yoga ashram to anyone who is looking for a quiet retreat from the stresses of everyday life or to people who wish to further their yoga experiences and learning. I cannot stress enough what an awesome experience this was for me." website, edited

  • Review by Emilie

    "I was very pleased with my seven-day retreat, so much more than I had hoped for. The food was excellent and the classes were fun and informative. I made new friends and feel refreshed. I highly recommend it!" website, edited


  • Review by Asha Moore
    10 out of 10

    "Two and a half months later, 500 hours of yoga, and it is finally here, our last day of yoga school! Wow! What a journey! I am abundantly grateful for every moment, every emotion, every lesson, every tear, every conversation, and every second I experienced here. It has been the highlight of my trip and my life. So much love to my tribe, let us go out with a bang! I found my path."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Cody from United States

    "What I learned about Tantra yoga is that it is not only a relaxation technique or yoga style, but it is a tool for transformation. This transformation begins at the cellular level of our being. Tantra yoga is a powerful and indispensable tool for change."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Sophie from France

    "From this course, I learned to feel myself from inside, to be with myself without feeling, and to feel so much alive, either laughing or crying, but so much here to my being. I came also with a big and heavy question for my development and I got the answer. I know how to care of myself and when to go for the next step. I learned how to be one with my emotions, understand that they are mine and we are a team, not enemies. I learned how to feel my power, create my aura, and create my vital space outside myself."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Harry from United States

    "From this course, I will take with me the sense of peace within my yoga practice and an expanded sense of awareness in my body. My body is as flexible as it has ever been and I find a space of no rush being increasingly present in my practice and my life as a whole."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Joselo from Ecuador

    "During this month, I enjoyed Tantra yoga a lot. I also enjoyed dancing and putting the heart and soul into it! I received master classes about conceiving myself as a being of light and share knowledge in a community. I learned to love me and be gentle with myself. Casa Kiliku - Durga's Tiger School is a magic place where you feel the love and energy of all beings living here. It is a place where you come to empower and discover yourself."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Sage from United States

    "After this training, Tantra yoga in this moment means a very intentional yoga practiced which is centralized on relaxation, meditation, and rejuvenation of the body. It helped me become aware of my witness and observer. Tantra classes reminded me to slow down and enjoy and use all of my senses."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Victoria from Colombia

    "One of the best experiences for me this month has been the discovery of myself, to identify with clarity things I want to improve and change in order to be a better human being! Tantra yoga represents a lifestyle for me; it means to learn to feel every step we make day by day. It means also opening your heart to love and be loved. It is living the present moment!"

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Erica from United States

    "This school speaks to the core of my being! Much of what I learned at Tiger School will stay with me for life. I learned how to stay inside of my own power, to be strong, and to take care of myself. I learned to be vulnerable and open with others. The course is intensive and at times, exhausting but it broke me open in that way. I do not believe I could have dug as deep without the intensity. If you are looking for a strict, quiet, reserved yogic community, look elsewhere. Durga's Tiger School is meditative and healing, but the energy is very high and wild! This is why I love Dani, Iris, and David. The way they have developed their program is honest and allows you to exist inside of the real world instead of floating inside of a yoga bubble reality where everything is perfect and happy. They encourage you to reach inside and understand yourself, including the darkness that you may encounter. To ignore this would create an unbalanced practice. I have begun to share the Tantric series and philosophy with my friends, family, and people in my hometown and have received an immensely positive response. I am excited to continue my relationship with Durga's Tiger School and see where my new path leads me! Aho!"

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Oleg from Estonia

    "I have become more flexible. I now feel clearly how energy flows on me and I have power to direct it. I sense even more how our outside world is a reflection of our inside world. I have deepened my understanding of life and death, being able to feel my sexual energy flowing and rising from my roots. Also I have experienced a great balance between my feminine and masculine energies. The evening Tantra gave me a better understanding of relationships between man and women and how it is possible to be more free in the relationship and also how to make relationship more special and being it on another level."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Erica from United States

    "The most important thing I realized in this month is that I can be with others and not have to give my power away to them. I understand that I have the power to heal myself and can choose to be around loving people. I have had the experience of being able to truly relax my mind and allow my body to communicate what it needs. I have learned how to breathe deeply. The most important aspect of the Tantra courses for me was learning to trust and give to others in a reciprocal manner. The group experience we did last really helped me to access my subconscious."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Lisa from Germany

    "I have learned to stop controlling the future. I want to trust the universe and not miss arising opportunities. I want to go with the flow! What I love about Tantra yoga is that I was able to listen to my body rather than concentrating on the perfect alignment. I love the flow of the asanas and the breathing."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Jaanika from Estonia

    "I feel I am freer, more in touch with myself. I have let go of a lot of emotions. I have found this silence in me, where there are no thoughts, no nothing, it just is. I feel how the energy is flowing in me. I have learned how to really relax and how to let your body sink on the floor and just breathe. I have learned to meditate in the posture and really enjoy it."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United States

    "I learned how to be completely immersed in the present moment, allowing your true self to flow freely without ego expectations or limitations, trusting in this. Accepting in what is and finding beauty and lessons within all things people and situations."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Maeve from United States

    "I do not have any words to express my gratitude for my experience here this summer. Thank you so much! Will be back! With love."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Sanne from United States

    "I arrived here not believing in any god. I just believed after death there would be something. Now I know that also during life there are spirits supporting me. It gives me so much confidence and support. Before, everything was my own responsibility and it put so much pressure on having everything under control. Now I can let go more easily and be grateful for the miracles in life."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United States

    "I learned to open up to a creative process that is collective and collaborative, to let go of fears relating to imperfection, to play without thinking just in a mindful, feeling way, and to use creative processes as a way to explore and learn about my own fears."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United States

    "The most important thing I learned this month is that you might think you understand your mind body and soul but you can always go deeper. Kundalini rocked my world. The most interesting thing about Tantra is that the journey is more important than the start and the finish."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Maddison from United States

    "The most important thing learned this month: I hold onto my emotions and reactions. I am very stubborn. I felt chakra classes and mantras. From Tantra, I learned that I really need touch from people. I want to be more open and welcoming to new people in my life. I find it important to connect mind and body when practicing yoga; the physical is spiritual and important to me."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Kayla from United States

    "During teacher training, I learned to create a vessel for love, the importance of loving myself and accepting loving kindness from others in order to heal myself so that I may heal others, and being embraced by the womb of the mother earth. I have more direction for my own path as a healer."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Skyler from United States

    "I learned a lot about myself and my shadow while at Durga's Tiger School. I witnessed the habitual patterns of my ego, the critical, negative, easily distracted tendencies; and gained a stronger resolve to stop feeding energy to these patterns."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Shadia from Ecuador

    "In Tantra, I make the practice of presence a priority, setting the intention to be fully present within your practice and within yourself, to have a deeper connection to your inner world, and thus, a greater understanding of the world. For me, the most important of the experience has been learning to respect my space, value the silence, and know myself, connecting with myself and feel my feelings waking up, getting rid of emotions inside that do not allow me to wake up!"

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Jacky from United States

    "I was the most representative of my experiences: the personal growth, new experiences that feed you, the opening to the uncertain, enforcement of our knowledge, discipline, sharing with new people, the evolution, understanding Tantra as a way of life, the opening of our senses, and the awakening of inner confidence were all life-changing. Tantra now is a key in my life. Love, practice, and love."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Valentina from Ecuador

    "It was really helpful for me to recognize the energy movement through my body and transform it into something very subtle and sublime. Feel the change path to the light and the possibility of a new (and old at the same time) way to communicate and stay in happiness enjoying life. Thanks to you all!"

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Cari from Ecuador

    "Integration, expansion, love, sharing, transformation, liberation, inner growth, end of a circle and starting another one, synchronization, let myself be surprised, everything is perfect, let go the control, flow from love, security, empowerment, gratitude, presents!"

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Becky from United States

    "The most important thing of the teacher training for me was understanding how much I want to express myself, yet how hard I make it on myself. Somehow, I have made communication way harder than it needs to be. I need much work in an area I thought I was good at. Thank you for exposing me to this giant hole in me!"

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Akire from Ecuador

    "The teacher training of Durga's Tiger School is a space where you can really go deep into yourself, whatever your day to day life is. You need to make a pause to notice if you have what you truly need or if it is just because it is there. The mind is so strong, what you believe becomes true. That is why it is so important to learn how to control the mind, the body, and the spirit and be aware of your goals starting from their roots."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Gaby from Ecuador

    "In my opinion, the experience was something unique that brought me to dive deeper into yoga and its universe. Living in the ashram, I was able to experience it in a much deeper way and could live an authentic place away from my comfort area. I could connect strongly with myself and with my surroundings in a real and profound way and I could absorb more easily all the information that I was receiving."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Nuria from Ecuador

    "Doing a teacher training is a privilege that few can accomplish. It is a small break in your life that allows you to experience a full immersion into a practice that demands surrender, love, and discipline. Although the art of teaching improves with the years and the experience, the teacher training is really a magic door from where you can start your training as a teacher. And even though your goal is not to teach, you can still go deeper into your practice and interchange ideas with people that have the same passion and interests as you. Personally, I have had the chance to practice with extraordinary teachers for many years and starting from my experience in Durga's, I can start to offer the same gift to others. The most important part for me has been to lose my expectation rigidity and connect with a more fluent structure and live a personal process outside of my house (and without my sons). I could experience Tantra (a concept that I was afraid of) and I could be closely and differently connected with teammates and teachers. Release, flow, and recognize these processes as a point from the beginning of the change."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Ivan from Ecuador

    "The time that I shared in the ashram, I really enjoyed the space of harmony, peace, and goodness of all the people, especially the teachers that lead us during the training. It was an excellent opportunity to know widely and practically different yoga traditions. Even though the physical practices were intense, I could handle them and I also had time to relax. It was really interesting to live an experience where the physical exercise is only a door to enter a wider development of the consciousness where I could meet with myself and progress towards a way of living more harmonious with my surrounding."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Grace from Ecuador

    "Yoga is to be present. In this phrase, I can resume what I learned in the teacher training. Present here and now with all that I am and have, this is the foundation of happiness. It is always good to take a time for yourself, to do what you like, and to empower yourself, and finally to be able to share with the others."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

  • Review by Jaquelline from Venezuela

    "I could participate in the first 200-hour training of Tantra and shamanism, a perfect combination and not only as a student but also as a teacher, sharing my knowledge and experiences with a lot of humbleness and respect but also acknowledging my path and my efforts. The results of all this experience have been infinitely full of gratitude. Iris Disse is the founder of this school, who I deeply thank for her openness, energy, disposition, and her creative source that is inspiring for many. For me, this has been a laboratory of living experiences that blend the native ancient wisdom of this land with the traditional wisdom of the yoga as the Tantric teachings. This was a real gift for me, it cleared my path; this experience in the ashram for one month really changed my life. I could connect with my source and senses and I could let them be so that they can manifest their divinity, their empowerment. Tantra forms part of me and now that I can understand a little bit more, it integrates the many parts of me that were scattered and separated before. Talking about energy domain this training is really well oriented, it looks for a balance between the feminine and the masculine, of your creative energy Shakti, and our consciousness Shiva, which exists inside of us. And this understanding is eternal, it is always with you only that sometimes it is sleeping. Thanks to this and to many more things, I recommend this training that will be unique for each moment. The group is very important, because you are not working only on an individual level but also on a collective one, as a whole, which is in the end yoga, union. Again, I express my infinite gratitude to Durga's Tiger School, of which I am part and all we pass there we become part of this beautiful Tantric tapestry. Namaste."

    Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism website, edited

Tumbaco, Ecuador

Durga’s Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism offers trainings for yoga teachers with YAI and YA certification for 200, 300, and 500 hours.

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