Durga’s Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism offers training courses for yoga teachers that meet YAI and YA standards for 200, 300, and 500 hours.

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28 Day 200-hour Tantra Yoga Shamanism Teacher Training in Quito

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    Instructors (15)

    Daniela de Girolamo

    Iris Disse

    Nicolas Cambas

    Fanny Simbaña

    Catherine Ayer Gresham

    Wind Malin Disse

    Christoph Baumann

    Christian Marti

    Marcelino Peralta

    Carolina Cruz

    Jhocelyn Escobar

    Nicole Bravo

    Carmen Iten

    Felix Schellenberg

    Bettina Steinle -Vossbeck

    Reviews (24)

    Michael Kent

    from Switzerland, September 2021


    Durga's Tiger's Workshop allowed for my physical/emotional healing required to support personal life stresses in the age of COVID, family abroad issues & challenges, mitigating life as an “Auslander” in der Schweiz; as well to find support & tools that I could take back and incorporate daily to be my best, healthy and fully engaged with my professional self. I found with this Yoga/Medication workshop under the professional, personal & heart-felt care of its highly trained Leaders, Christian & Carmen, EXACTLY what I was searching for – to recover and rediscover my deep and full inner strength and presence. The Durga's Tiger School workshop uses a multifaceted approach that supported my; as well as the other participant's, wellness using tools of Kaula Tantra yoga, breathwork, meditation, evening singing by the fire circles, nature connection – utilizing the amazing beauty of the Jura Region, non-structured movement & dance, various specialized activities/forums to support optimal self-grounding and balance. Lastly the use of the “talking stick”, something new for me, supported shared inner wisdom & courage -- all alternating with the recommended silent and stillness times. Not to forget to mention that the food and/or nutrition provided as part of the course offering is superbly vegan and by the end of my four days my gut was singing too!

    I HIGHLY recommend this EXCELLENT Yoga-Meditation-Emotional Healing 4-day workshop. I have resigned up for the next offering!!!

    Chelsea Snedden

    from United States, June 2021

    "Life changing, beautiful, and everything you need"

    I loved everything about this program! The teachers were so knowledgeable and caring! They made this experience so beautiful and welcoming! The facility was gorgeous living in the Illalo! The food was great and Nancy was adorable! Everything they put together is well curated and meant to have you go deeper!

    Nicolas Ruhard

    from Ecuador, March 2021

    "An amazing experience for your spiritual path"

    I really enjoy the diversities of the program, is more than a basic Yoga Training Teacher...

    It's a profound personal development... Everyone must try this opportunity if they want to take responsibility of their life... And be a sovereign human being!


    Josefina Lopez

    from United States, March 2021

    "Life changing retreat! "

    The most amazing experience you will ever have in your life! Your life will never be the same after doing this comprehensive training that makes your body hard and your heart soft.


    from United States, February 2021

    "Well-rounded curriculum "

    The variety of knowledge offered at Durgas is unparalleled to other programs I have participated in. Durgas touches on asana practice, incorporates nature, shares philosophy and pranayama practices. Everyday was magic, especially the food and lifestyle at the school. Perfectly intense for those who have been practicing for years and wish to go deeper, and amazing for those looking for a true challenge!

    Ophir El-boher

    from United States, January 2021

    "Incredibly transformative experience "

    The program was a full, thoughtful, holistic set of meditation, yoga and shamanism classes, that allowed a deep dive into one's healing path, while also giving the time to ease and relax in the beautiful little surf town of mompiche. The organizers and hosts were absolutely sweet, providing all participants with all the essential needs for a wonderful vacation, the support required for one's inner journey, and good advice for touring the area.

    The yoga classes were really unique, including both hata yoga and kaula tantra yoga. The hata was more body challenging while the kaula was soft on the body but more challenging on the mind. They complimented each other perfectly.

    The shamanism portion was absolutely transformative for me, it literally opened my heart and soul and allow me to see things in myself I wasn't even aware of.

    It included all sorts of ceremonies such as cacao ceremony, tree ceremony, tobacco ceremony and many more, each learned from a different indigenous tradition.

    Most classes were practiced at the retreat location on the yoga deck, or the sun deck, surrounded with beautiful garden and jungle views. For a few classes were went to some of the neighboring beaches and practiced in nature- these were the best!

    Lastly, the retreat attracted some amazing individuals, like minded people on a deep journey into their souls. The group was a really important component of the success of this experience for me.

    Martine St-onge

    from Canada, May 2020

    "Deep soulful inner work"

    I loved the entire experience and I am so grateful to have had this unique opportunity to grow and blossom from home while this pandemic is preventing us to go anywhere. The choice of course is perfectly and meticulously chosen to make a super rich 100 hours of knowledge. The discovery of Kaula tantra, Kundalini, shamanism, Durga’s tiger dance, Playground theatre and the deepening of Ayurvedic and Chakra knowledge were a great discovery and rediscovery for me. Although I much rather the warmth of real human contact, It is supervising how we can connect so deeply with souls around the glob without even leaving your house. It was a beautiful experience all in all. I can’t thank you all enough. I love you! Namaste.🙏🏼💜✨

    Maja Sobieska

    from Cyprus, March 2020

    "Best 6 weeks of my life "

    I have grown like never before. I got to know what I am and I met so many beautiful people here. It's not just a yoga school, it's a school of life. You will not be the same person after you leave.

    I learnt that I am so loved and that there are many wonderful and conscious people in the world. I am not alone. I learnt that we are all very similar being who want similar things and have a range of the same fears. Life is beautiful!

    The classes are amazing and different each time. You are always being stimulated and invited to dig deeper into who you are and what you want in life. The teachers are ONE OF A KIND. Beautiful souls, who really care about you your wellbeing. You will fit right in, and feel at home. Don't think about it. Just book your spot already.

    Leeana Conley

    from United States, January 2020

    "Amazing school! Best experience of my life!!"

    Every single thing!

    This is by far the best yoga school on the planet!

    Completely changed my life.

    The education of a lifetime!

    The best teachers ever!!

    Most beautiful school and location.

    Everyone at Durga’s is amazingly kind, brilliant, kind and lovely. ,


    from United States, August 2019

    "Yoga in its Spiritual depth lives here"

    I love the yoga!!! It is integrative for working with trauma and blockages, yet is gentle for all audiences. So in love with the tools I’ve been gifted from this place!

    Phil Magill

    from Poland, April 2019

    "Fantastic journey to within . "

    Made friends for life . With myself too . I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get connected to the amazing life we create


    from Romania, April 2019

    "A soul rehab. A place for a complete restart! "

    I’ve been been there for 500h and already made plans for going back!

    The teacher are inspiring people, they easily become your family and by the time your “soul rehab” is over you will find a completely bew person inside yourself!

    Aleksandra Holub

    from United States, December 2018

    "Life changing, experience of my soul"

    It was a beautiful immersion of Kundalini, Tantra, Sahmanism, and dance. I feel joy, warmth, the connection to my body, all elements, animals, the volcanic land.

    Tantra yoga got me in touch with my own body and my own energy on a deeper level.

    Ginnie Perry

    from Canada, December 2018

    "Life Changing "

    There are few words that can fully express the magnitude of what I received in my 6 weeks at Durga’s Tiger School ...but the 300 hour Yoga Teacher certificate was only part of it! If you are looking to rediscover yourself in order to live your best life (and offer a part of that new and improved self to your students through your yoga classes), you will not be disappointed here at Durga’s Tiger School!

    I will definitely return to complete the 500 hour training!

    Inneke Vanlinthout

    from Spain, April 2019

    "Excellent good experience"

    It was a nice experience for me. The teachers are very good. The vegetarian food was very tasty. Thank you Nancy. The courses are well combined, many thanks to Iris. We had a wonderful time ... We were just one big family... :)

    Inneke, Spain

    Fue una buena experiencia para mí. Los profesores son muy buenos. La comida vegetariana era muy sabrosa. Gracias Nancy Los cursos están bien combinados, muchas gracias a Iris. Tuvimos un tiempo maravilloso allí ... Éramos una gran familia... :)

    Inneke, España