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Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism

Durga’s Tiger School for Tantra yoga Shamanism offers training courses for yoga teachers with YAI and YA certification for 200, 300, and 500 hours.

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22 Days 200-Hour Tantra Yoga Shamanism Teacher Training in Germany

June 30-July 22 | June 30-July 22, 2019–2020
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    Instructors (15)

    Daniela de Girolamo

    Daniela was born and raised in Italy. Between 2005 and 2010, she completed her studies as Ayurvedic massagist, Shiatsu operator and facilitator, qigong master teacher. Between 2011 and 2012, Daniela traveled to India where she practiced Hatha yoga in Sivananda Ashram in Neyer Dam. She arrived in Ecuador in 2013 and started training in Tantra yoga with Iris Disse while assisting with the creation of Durga’s Tiger School. She is now a master yoga teacher in the school, giving classes in meditation and Tantra yoga. In 2016, she certified herself in Ovarious Breath and 100-hour pregnancy yoga.

    Iris Disse

    Iris Disse is the founder of Durga’s Tiger School. During her yoga teacher training, techniques from yoga, Tantra, shamanism, and art come together and create transformative processes. She is a master yoga teacher and has been teaching for 17 years, talking about topics such as love, spirituality, and sexuality at workshops, festivals, and the Andina University in Quito. Her Durga’s Tiger School is an internationally acclaimed institution for yoga teacher training. She is an author, actress, lecturer, and prize-winning producer of audio plays and documentaries in Europe and Latin America.

    Nicolas Cambas

    Nicholas is an Argentinian artist and experimentalist who works with the investigation of art and therapy, mainly using different aspects of improvisation and experimental languages in theater, clown, dance, music, and shamanism. Nicolas has been investigating and creating over the last 10 years, developing his personal style in performance, stage direction, and pedagogy. He has also explored different body techniques and languages, such as the circus, contemporary dance, instant composition or sound painting, Capoeira, yoga, and fencing, among other things.

    Marcela Camacho

    Born in Medellin, Colombia in 1980, Marcela relocated to Ecuador 1989. She has studied acupuncture, healing humanism, and healing-creative theater in the Neijing School of Quito, Ecuador. Marcela explores performance techniques such as physical theater, clown, art comedy, storytelling, stage, and theater of the oppressed. She also applies these techniques in different social scenes, developing each project with individual and group exercises.

    Fanny Simbaña

    Fanny comes from one of the native families of the mountain, the Ilaló. Her family has actively supported community life on the mountain through many generations. As part of the shamanism program, Fanny will share a little bit of her knowledge of the traditional medicinal plants that grow on the volcano. Fanny’s knowledge of medicinal plants was handed down to her by her mother and grandmother, as it has been from generation to generation.

    Hector Villavicencio

    Hector graduated in Political Science with a master in Business Administration (MBA). After few years working in what he studied, he decided to change his profile. He started meditating and then practicing yoga in 2004. He practiced and explored deeply different yoga styles, such as Hatha yoga, Vidya or classical yoga, Rocket yoga, Power yoga, Anusara yoga, Dynamic yoga, and Kundalini yoga. He has being giving yoga classes from about 10 years ago. He also practiced different meditation styles, including Osho, Zen, Taoíst, and Vipassana.

    Tatiana Davila

    Tatiana was born in Ecuador. In 1999, she studied Plastic Arts and at the same time Initiation Psychology based on the teachings of Karlfried Graf Dürckheim. Thanks to this, she empirically experienced art as a therapy. She started doing workshops in which she worked on the human development using art and the play as the main tool. In 2015, she realized a master with IASE of Valencia, Spain in Art Therapy. In 2007, she finished her studies in Humanistic Psychotherapy Gestalt with the IHPG School of México. She has been working as a psychotherapist from 14 years ago.

    Rosa Maria Cisneros

    Rosa is a sociologist and during different years, she gave private counselings as manager of market research. In 2012, she trained as a Kundalini yoga teacher, and from that moment, she began to go in-depth with themes such as conscious pregnancy, upbringing without attachment, and breastfeeding. Now, she gives yoga classes for pregnant women, people who are trying for a baby, and women who just gave birth. Another one of the themes she works with is the couple and she gives workshops for couples.

    Barbara Stützel

    An actress and musician, Barbara teaches in many countries as a specialist for community processes and group communication. In her courses, she shares tools about artistic group communication to solve knots in students’ emotional fields. Barbara is a psychologist and psychotherapist with studies in psychodrama and cognitive behavioral therapy. She has also had long-term stays in Latin America. She has been a member of ZEGG community since 2001. Apart from art, her passion is to create spaces where the truth of every human being can expand and thereby support healing of people and systems.

    Thomas Ritthoff

    Thomas facilitates drums classes and he is in charge of the temazcal ritual. He is in the path of the dance of the sun and the soft medicine of the Twisted Hairs. He also trained in Korean martial arts in Shinson Hapkido. The path of the Twisted Hairs unifies the spiritual knowledge of different tribes and magic traditions. Thomas shows this path with a lot of heart and humor.

    Zula Hoffmann

    Zula is a dance therapist, performer, and contact dancer. She does Tantra dance with Durga’s Tiger School. Zula holds titles as an educator, a teacher for creative children dance, and an arts therapist (dance, action theater, painting, creative writing) from the Tamalpa Institute. She has created many performances, both solo acts and with other professionals. She performed in “Screaming Mamas,” a play by Iris Disse, in Budapest together with Kretakör, the famous theater group from Hungary, and in the ZEGG community with German artists.

    Ena Rivière Feder

    Ena has lived and collaborated in different intentional communities, mainly in Spain and ZEGG. Her training background lies in different formal and non-formal settings, including dramatic arts, dance, healing therapies (Shiatsu, Gestalt), group processes (group facilitation, Nonviolent Communication, active listening, process work, forum), natures rites, gender work, and diverse yoga styles (Iyengar, Hatha, and Ashtanga). She also has a glyph: BA qualification in social work and anthropology. In July 2017, she completed the Tantra yoga teacher training in Durga’s Tigers School.

    Catherine Ayer Gresham

    Catherine-Ayer Gresham was brought up in North Carolina, US. She has been practicing yoga for seven years now. She completed a 200-hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training with her teacher Lexi Hawks at Longwave Yoga in 2015. After completing her training, she still felt there was something missing in her practice. She left to travel for the next couple of years where she continued her personal practice as well as teaching along the way. In January 2017, she completed the 500-hour training at Durga’s Tiger School. Bringing her back into her body was a homecoming. She now enjoys the Tantra practice.

    Wind Malin Disse

    Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Yoga Alliance RYT 500

    Wind Malin Disse was born in Berlin, Germany. From the age of he has been living in Ecuador with exception. Wind's path as an anthropologist, artist, and certified YA and YAI yoga teacher, leads him to be seen as a cultural mediator, a bridge between worlds. He has been teaching the traditional Tantra yoga in many workshops after having completed his 200-hour teacher training in January 2016 and having finished his 500-hour in 2018. From 2009, Wind has been learning about the shamanic tradition of the Cofán-A’i and ended up being accepted as apprentice by the shaman Don Avelino Quenama.

    Roberto Calderon F

    Roberto Calderón was born in Quito, Ecuador. He has practiced Zen and Vipassana meditation, Hatha yoga, Feng Shui, Reiki, and Acupuncture. His later studies included: Mesoamerican calendars, I Ching (Geomancia), and classical philosophy. Roberto has done three vision quests so far in the “Camino Rojo” (Red Path). During the seven years in this shamanic path, he learned about most natural ways to prepare chocolate starting from the raw cocoa seeds.

    Reviews (13)

    Ginnie Perry

    from Canada, December 2018

    "Life Changing "

    There are few words that can fully express the magnitude of what I received in my 6 weeks at Durga’s Tiger School ...but the 300 hour Yoga Teacher certificate was only part of it! If you are looking to rediscover yourself in order to live your best life (and offer a part of that new and improved self to your students through your yoga classes), you will not be disappointed here at Durga’s Tiger School!

    I will definitely return to complete the 500 hour training!

    Aleksandra Holub

    from United States, December 2018

    "Life changing, experience of my soul"

    It was a beautiful immersion of Kundalini, Tantra, Sahmanism, and dance. I feel joy, warmth, the connection to my body, all elements, animals, the volcanic land.

    Tantra yoga got me in touch with my own body and my own energy on a deeper level.

    Ruth Duque

    from Colombia, July 2018

    "Great yoga training in Ecuador!!!"

    Everything was well organized. The training was intense and it was a great experience. The instructors were well prepared. Their skillful guidance was of great benefit for all, for the people who had extensive yoga training and for the ones that had some yoga experience. Learning about Shamanism was very interesting. The arts were introduced step by step in such a way that it was not an external experience but it was more a time for an introspection, it was time to look at our deep essence and discover what was there. The setting was beautiful. Accommodations were sometimes personalized and that really helped people who had special requests. The food was grandiose, it was healthy and tasty.

    Heather Gjerde

    from United States, March 2018

    "The perfect leader for our group "

    C.A. was an amazing leader for our group at Durga's Tiger School! I was fortunate enough to experience two groups of people coming through the school. C.A. gracefully guided us along our journey and provided insight when needed.

    Aimee Sadie

    from South Africa, March 2018

    "A life changing program "

    The experience I have had through Durga's Tiger School is one that I will cherish for a lifetime. All of the teachers are so passionate about what they do and they all do it with the utmost patience and love! If you are not looking for the average yoga teacher training and want to go a bit deeper and have a complete and amazing experience then this course is for you! You will laugh, you will cry, but mostly you will love and learn and grow!

    Nicole Breedlove

    from United States, June 2017

    "Loved all this "

    The property the people pure magic

    Alejandra Alarcon

    from Aruba, December 2017

    "Más que un profesorado... una experiencia única!"

    Todo me encantó....

    Llegué con la expectativa de mejorar mi práctica personal de yoga y de saber cuál era mi propósito en la vida…. y me voy con un conocimiento mucho más profundo de mi ser y de lo que realmente importa en la vida.

    ..... Me voy con los pies bien puestos sobre la tierra, con mi corazón abierto, conectada con mi alma y con un profundo agradecimiento por todas las experiencias vividas en este lugar.

    …. Y por supuesto no sólo mejoré mi práctica personal de yoga sino que me siento totalmente empoderada, tranquila y con confianza para compartir kaula tantra yoga con otras personas.

    ..... En mi experiencia, esta no es una escuela que enseña un estilo de yoga, ni forma profesores para repetir una serie de secuencias y entregar un certificado. En esta escuela he visto un firme propósito de facilitar a todos los estudiantes herramientas que de verdad ayuden a sanar y a reconectar con nuestro ser, ya que solo a través de nuestra propia experiencia y nuestra propia sanación podemos volvernos maestros de nosotros mismos y en consecuencia podemos compartir esta sabiduría con los demás.


    from Netherlands, May 2017

    "Intens, amazing and heartopening journey"

    This was such an amazing experience. The course was beautiful, deep, heartwarming, opening and so much more. A journey through the body and mind. The blends with shamanism exceeded my expectations. The work with the local Tati and Ruben were so beautiful. How they supported our journey, took us to different places and showed us so much. Nico and Magdalena's classes were very well set up, thought through and opened me up. Pushed me to improve and discovered myself, express and experience. So wonderful. The yoga and partner yoga was very opening aswell. I loved it. I love the course, I would recommend it to anyone willing to go deep within themselves and take the bold journey of discovery through the mind and body. -Alex

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