Drishti Journeys

Drishti Journeys hosts wellness vacations and yoga retreats around the world, offering inspiring journeys with an adventurous, cultural, or epicurean emphasis.

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Reinier Voorwinde

Reinier has a hospitality management degree from The Netherlands. He has consulted on numerous wine programs and specializes in food and wine pairings. Reinier discovered his yoga practice six years ago, when he walked into Haute Yoga Queen Anne in Seattle, Washington. Originally from Amsterdam, he became an avid yogi while exploring the musical influences on the body and mind during yoga practices. Moving forward, Reinier became a resident DJ at Haute Yoga Queen Anne and now he brings his distinct DJ talents as DJ Drishti to yoga studios and music festivals throughout the United States.

Emily Kasman

Emily believes that yoga has amazing ways of bringing feelings, discomfort, and authenticity to the surface. Every person’s yoga is about something different, through it, everyone seems to be uncovered to their true self and allow themselves to just be. Understanding that nature brings a sense of liberation and joy, Emily has created many retreats that combine adventuring outdoors and practicing yoga away from the studio environment.

Tina Templeman

Along with her comprehensive yoga, anatomy and massage training, Tina has the innate ability to quickly determine the needs of an individual or room and modify her approach in real time, to better encourage and leverage every moment as an opportunity to grow. She encourages her students to pay close and constant attention to the philosophies, practices, and poses that most resonate with them because she believes such inquiry will help them discover the best teacher of all, themselves.

Elli Yokochi

Elli is a spiritual energy healer, yoga instructor, and modern day shaman. At her core, she is an ambassador of love and light and is passionate about raising the vibration of the planet. In her teaching, healing work, and presence, it is her sincere intention to be a clear, open channel of love, energy, and information. Elli has been practicing yoga since 2000. Elli's yoga classes are authentic, creative and intelligently sequenced. She teaches mostly vinyasa and yin styles of yoga. Her vinyasa classes are not only challenging and invigorating but will nourish your soul.

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Leah Zaccaria

Drishti Journeys website

I call Reinier the International Man of Mystery. He has had so many worldly experiences that you will easily see this in him from the moment you meet him. Because Reinier is such a well-traveled man, he offers and shares his experience with others in such a dynamic way. He has an undeniable talent for food and wine. Some of the best meals of my life have been prepared by him. He will always bring a party through his music, DJ-ing epic sets. His sweet spirit and funny nature cater to all personalities. Reinier is not only a yoga student but also a good friend of mine that has expanded over the years. We are now leading yoga retreats together. It's an unforgettable experience.

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