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  • Heather Loeber NJ

    2014.DragonFLYoga website

    I had the good fortune of spending a week at Selva Armonia with Heidi for a yoga retreat this winter. I love, love, loved it! I am new to yoga and was somewhat tentative of signing up for a yoga retreat. It turns out a week spent under Heidis wing was just what I needed. She created a great atmosphere where I was willing to let it all go and just give it my all. I learned a lot and walked away a week later feeling energized and more grounded. Heidi has a wonderful presence. She is encouraging while not being demanding. She is authentic while very humble and honest. Where I come from yoga is almost a competitive sport and it was refreshing to practice with someone that understood and practices true yoga. Yoga is not just about being bendy in your body but also, and more importantly, having a little bend in your soul, having compassion and being grateful and open. Heidi embraces and embodies all of that. She is a beautiful being both inside and out! I think of my retreat daily. I think of Heidi daily. Selva Armonia is a very special place to be and Heidi is a very special person to be with.

  • Denise Dambrackas CO

    2014.DragonFLYoga website

    I've been practicing yoga for over 15 years and Heidi Michelle is one of my favorite teachers. This is why I chose to participate in her retreat this past summer in Costa Rica. Her style speaks to and calms my busy mind, every time. As she opens class I feel myself dropping in, effortlessly. I find that I enjoy what I call an athletic approach to yoga, always pushing my edges. Heidi encourages this by calling my attention to aspects of a pose, maybe a subtle physical adjustment, internal sensation or state of mind, that I hadn't ventured into before. Her instruction has, on a few occasions, helped me to find new edges and triumph over my own perceived obstacles. She has a gentle and playful style that puts me at ease, so if I choose to wiggle, touch down for balance or float unexpectedly into the fullest expression of a pose I feel supported by her mindful and caring instruction. I can't wait for my next session with Heidi!

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