Dhyana Yoga

Philadelphia, United States

Dhyana Yoga is a yoga studio and school that focuses on experience and knowledge. They have been operating since 2002 and offering the best Ashtanga Vinyasa training.

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  • Veronica Armstead-Williams

    Dhyana Yoga Facebook page

    All the staff here were really friendly and made an effort to remember everyone's names. The teachers have their different flows, which means there was something to learn and focus on in each class such as arm balances with Dave, backbends and core strength with Bruno, discipline and drive with John, fundamentals with Diana, and transitions with Lori. I feel stronger, happier, and have a new flow because of Dhyana Yoga.

  • Gabrielle Finch United States

    Dhyana Yoga Facebook page

    Dhyana Yoga is a place where you will find spectacular teachers, great classmates, and also a wonderful all around atmosphere.

  • Dawn Woodward United States

    Dhyana Yoga Facebook page

    As a first time participant, I have to say Its a wonderful place, everyone is so welcoming and there is always a cool vibe. It is one of those places where you just have to come back.

  • Chrissy Pappas United States

    Dhyana Yoga Facebook page

    I've been to Dhyana Yoga three times already over the last year and a half. The teachers are varied, knowledgeable, and motivating. Some of the best teachers and practices I ever had were at a Dhyana Yoga studio. Just be prepared to sweat! I'm sure I will be back soon.

  • John Vitarelli United States

    Dhyana Yoga Facebook page

    From start to finish Dhyana Yoga classes have everything that you might need: great teachers, empowering classes, and knowledgeable courses.

  • Karen Elizabeth Hamill United States

    Dhyana Yoga Facebook page

    This is my favorite place to practice and learn. Dhyana Yoga is not only classified as a yoga studio but also as a school. Come here to deepen your practice, share with the amazing community, sweat, and also to have a great time.

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